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What if your characters met?

Daniel Imura

Enter snowman
Pit two of your characters together. What would happen? Would they kill each other? Would they become best friends? What would become of them if they met in any given situation?

If I were to put Akon and @[member="Gherron Vael"] together, it wouldn't be too pretty. Akon would tell Gherron what a little boy he was and how he couldn't take anything like a man. Gherron would likely see this as a threat and try to start a fight. It would end very badly for him.


Multipurpose Advanced Infiltrator
I think if MAI met @[member="Salina Aviner"] the two of them would talk almost days on end about the concept of life, being alive, religion, all the big name subjects that philosophers and the like constantly argue over. I think they'd get along just fine. lol


Like Lightning
If I were to put Darren and Morna together, They might fight, or they might team up. Its really a coin toss away from which way they would go.


That one kid
If @[member="Strask Ak'lya"] ande @[member="Tresk Ak'lya"] met, Strask would treat him with respect and love, like his long lost son, and Tresk would treat him with a combination of disdain and honor.

A classic Father-son relationship, don't you think?
Belle of the Brawl
Codi Zrgaat & Fabula Cavataio: Codi would probably hit on Fabs immediately. Fabs would blush and wave her off, and Codi would move on to more enticing prey.
Codi Zrgaat & Elizabeth Sunrider: They'd probably be on opposite ends of the same fight. Liz would get her butt kicked for a few minutes, then surrender.
Codi Zrgaat & Razelle Breuner: Uninhibited, physics-breaking sex. For hours. For days, maybe. Both of them have n+1 libido and are extremely tough.
Elizabeth Sunrider & Fabula Cavataio: Lawl curbstomp.
Elizabeth Sunrider & Razelle Breuner: Lawl curbstomp.

Now, for the interesting one...
Fabula Cavataio & Razelle Breuner: Chance has it that these two are required to fight in this instance, and what a helluva fight it'll be. A little like Batman vs Superman, Razelle's chances at victory improve dependent on how much time she has to prepare. If thrown into a situation without her gear or any planning, Fabs would probably beat her into unconsciousness in the space of fifteen, maybe twenty minutes. If she had her standard field gear but was otherwise taken off her guard, it would probably wind up being a tie; Raz is trained in anti-FU tactics, and Fabula can outheal blaster damage/martial arts injuries/knife wounds.

But if you give Raz about twenty minutes and some resources, Fabula would be the one down in a few minutes. Razelle is brilliant and has years (centuries?) of experience and specialized training in taking down Force users. She fights dirty, ambushes, goes for overkill, and thinks on the fly to use her surroundings to her advantage. Fabula could withstand a couple of shots, a few hits, but when she gets buried in a landslide, riddled with blaster bolts, hit with a series of K'tara nerve strikes, and blown up with a grenade? Batman Razelle wins.
Maelion would want to process all of them.
Phylis would want to lecture all of them.
Shadow would want to destroy all of them.
Anya would like to display Eldorai superiority to all of them.
Kaelin would have liked to brutally murder them all…but she’s dead.

Nala Tu

Kamionan Jedi
Nala and Aela: Would not get along because Aela hates Jedi. Whether or not they fight is a matter of if Nala is in Aela's way.

Nala and Satine: They'd fight for sure. Hard to say who would win because both are so powerful.

Nala and Salina: They'd get along nicely since Salina could tell Nala had a good and strong heart.

Nala and MAI: Likely have a quick adventure or two and be friends who say they'd keep in touch but barley do lol.

Aela and Satine: They likely have a love hate relation before one hit on the other lol

Aela and Salina: Aela would show respect to her, especially when she reveals the pain of her past and possible future.

Aela and MAI: Would work with her for a mission before trying to find the pleasure protocol on her lol

Satine and Salina: They may try to work together or at least respect each other, but Satine would likely screw it up somehow.

Satine and MAI: Same as Aela lol

Already said between MAI and Salina in different post.
This post was originally gigantic but I closed my window and must have posted in something else, thus removing the save it may or may not have had. So I'm going to shorten it considerably with less in depth detail.

Individual Analysis's
Voracitos vs...
  • Hutuun'Kyramud=Monumental Victory
  • Stone Hermes=Monumental Victory
  • Iron Giant=Laughably Monumental Victory
  • Triam Akovin=Unthinkably Laughable Monumental Victory
  • Old Man=Most likely Victory if they don't become partners (mainly for plotting reasons that haven't happened yet)

Hutuun'Kyramud vs...
  • Stone Hermes=Tie
  • Iron Giant=*Coin Toss if they are on opposites sides, he could probably tolerate her if she was an ally on the battle field despite his technophobia
  • Triam Akovin=Probable Victory if they are on opposite sides, they could be acquaintance's if not friends.
  • Old Man=Defeat (again for future plotting reasons)

Stone Hermes vs...
  • Iron Giant=Victory
  • Triam Akovin=Victory
  • Old Man=Defeat (plots)

Iron Giant vs...
  • Triam Akovin=Probably Victory, though it's likely they'd be friends or at least acquaintance's.
  • Old Man=Defeat (plots)

Triam Akovin vs...
  • Old Man=Defeat (plots)

*Coin Toss: Coin Toss is different from a tie because it can go either way depending on situations or variables, a tie indicates they are evenly match in most if not all instances.
Short Answer/Recap:

  • Voracitos has total dominance over every other character with only one potentially being a threat and/or friend, and every character is likely to want to kill him; most however would be below him to even consider fighting.
  • Hutuun'Kryamud is fairly even with the majority of characters and has a chance of tolerating/acquainting/befriending a few characters, but faces defeat with the forcies of the group.
  • Stone Hermes fails against the forcies, and comes out on top or even with the others.
  • Iron Giant fails against the forcies, is even against some and fails against Stone Hermes, but wins against Triam Akovin who could be a friend, and could be tolerated by Hutuun'Kyramud.
  • Triam Akovin fails every single one, but has lots of room to make acquaintances/friends.
  • Old Man wins every single one (due to a plot that has yet to unfold/occur) with the exception of Voracitos, depending on how his plot turns out.

Can you tell that I've thought about this???

Steph Zenima

Oh gosh!




Karin Dorn would flat out ignore Steph Zenima. She wouldn't deal with such scum.
If Lilith Mae Lancaster and Equa Dominator met, Equa would probably talk about Inner Peace and Chaos... Most likely he'll try to vonvert Lilith to the Jedi again.

Actually it's a great idea... Maybe I'll do it as the endgame of ACT II?

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
I think Rasu and Khantor would get along quite well, probably trailing off into the night while they talked.
Rasu and Hadzu'ska on the other hand... Hadzu would probably attack Rasu straight away just because she is a Jedi.


@[member="Darren Shaw"], Morna owns Darren. Just saying. Lol.

Personally, I think the best would be @[member="Penumbra"] with @[member="Northstar"]. It would be a battle, and Zaiden would lose. Horribly.
Preliat would stare at them all.

Lancer would probably shoot Animus.

Animus would break Lancer's neck.

Doc would try to help them all.

Tracyn would just sigh in contempt and then cry about all the poodoo that's happened


After Penumbra vs Northstar, I'd say next best would be Hood vs @[member="Rex Inferno"]. Despite Inferno being ancient, Hood would decimate the old man.


Like Lightning
Hood said:
@Darren Shaw, Morna owns Darren. Just saying. Lol.
How so my friend? Darren is very well versed in Lightsaber, and swordplay. Yet Morna is not. Darren also is one of the people on the site with more extensive knowledge of Lightning. Which is harder to dodge than fire. Electricity moves to anything that is grounded, while fire only goes in one direction. However, Morna is more force oriented using a mix of Shaping powers and normal force powers, He could overwhelm Darren from a distance. However, Darren is very fast and could get close to attack letting fury of attacks with two, three, maybe even three sabers+Sithsword while all that Morna can use is a sword, and lightsaber. If darren got close enough, he would shred Morna.
Valde of the Vitae
Zarro took in Vulpesen as a child, so they would likely share a brief hug before talking about whats been going on in their lives... they actually did meet just a little before I made @[member="Zarro Verres"], though I think I only referred to him as "Master". That was when Vulpesen made his saberstaff.