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Vael'roth Kon

Zahori Denko
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Dire night, fire bright,
The first soul I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Burn the soul I see tonight.
Name: Vael'roth Sartaius Kon
Title: The Sun King of Thustra
Species: Sephi
Age: 43
Gender: Male

Faction: Sith Empire
Rank: Sith Knight
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Force Alignment: Dark Side
Force Sensitivity: Confirmed


Charismatic - Vael has a silver tongue. He speaks with the utmost respect to anyone and everyone.
Aspirational - Vael wants to learn everything he can that will make him a stronger being. He wishes to be feared and respected throughout the galaxy and will do almost anything to achieve his goal.
No Fears - Vael fears nothing. He is willing to complete any mission or task without hesitation.

Dragon Slayer - Vael has an infatuation with the killing of dragons. He spots one, he immediately drops what he is doing to hunt down the beast. He sees them as a blight on the galaxy that must be purged.
Addict - Vael has an addiction to many drugs including Pleezer, fantazi mushrooms, and stimpaks.



Vael is a tall Sephi male with long blonde hair and artificially green eyes. He is averagely muscular and his upper body is covered in various tattoos, some from prison, some from places he worked, and some just cause.

Vael'roth Kon was born into a rich Sephi family on Fondor many years ago. He was a troubled child due to his parents never being around to guide him. He started his life out doing petty crimes like pickpocketing, muggings, and soliciting. As he grew older, he grew worse. He then traded his petty crime life for the big crimes. He committed murders, heists, drug deals, and male prostitution. Around the age of 61, Vael grew tired of the criminal life and decided to get out of it by escaping to Bothawui. There, he began his new life by joining the Templar Order after discovering he was force sensitive.


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Zahori Denko
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