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Two New Staff Members & Staff Voice Conference Announcement

1. I'd like to thank @[member="Akio Kahoshi"] & @[member="Tobasu"] for taking part in our "Meet the Members" Staff Voice Conference, where two members were selected to be a part of and take part in the bi-weekly SWRP Staff Voice Conference.

2. I'd like to welcome @[member="Fabula Cavataio"] as our new Factory Administrator. She will be a new Administrator, with all the powers and authority of a normal Administrator with a focus on the Factory.

3. I'd like to welcome @[member="Jay Scott Clark"] as our new Learning Center moderator. As a Forum Moderator, Jay will be treated as a volunteer who helps the board but not a normal member of Staff. Still, in the forum of the Learning Center, we ask that he be treated like any other Staff Member and has been given the powers of a normal Moderator in that particular forum.



Check Ins: Staff has been told to judge the monthly major faction check in's with more scrutiny and has been given authorization to disqualify any members they determine to be inactive or otherwise ineligible for checking in. These judgements are to supercede the current ruleset for checking in. This is to combat "alt-padding" a major faction's check-in member count instead of creating more rules.

Character Creation: It is to be encouraged that members do not post multiple bios for the same character, and instead add on or request edits for previously created bios. Furthermore, it is strongly encouraged that a member completes his bio before role-playing. Staff reserves the right to ask any member to complete their bio before continuing to role-play, and incomplete character bios may be reported if the member begins role-playing without completing it first.

Tagging Threads: It is strongly encouraged that members tag their threads, both in the Factory and role-plays, with pertinent information pertaining to the thread (it'd be cool if you added what planet you're on as a tag). Tags show up as a default under the role-play and will help with both the search function and for new members finding role-plays on planets they wish to role-play on.

Factory Sub-forums VS Factory Prefixes: The debate continues, though we will begin expanding and enforcing the "Factory Armory Manifest" rules for Major Factions to make it easy for players to search a Major Faction's technology and starships.

Tricia Kalamack

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Way to go Fabula

Ashin Varanin

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Fabs, Jay, someone once told me this when I was given a church assignment, and it applies just as well to staff promotions. There's only one appropriate thing to say: "Congratulations, and my sympathies."

Delila Castillon

@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]

I wasn't aware becoming a lesbian was a choice. Although your statement does frighten me and almost makes me glad we are no longer in the same faction together. Now if you excuse me I need to hide from your lecherous gaze.


Jak Sandrow

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.... diddly-diddly
There they are standing in a row!

(congrats u two, nice work)