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Twilight of Prophecy [TSE Dominion of Voss]

The Two Who Were One
When the Silver Jedi ran from the Tion Cluster, not all of their soldiers, Jedi, and bureaucrats ran with them. Hardened by war and embittered by their comrades perceived cowardice, the remnants of the Silver Jedi reorganized themselves into the League of Voss; a guerilla-style militia dedicated to repelling and removing any Imperial influence within the Tingel Arm.

Though many pledged their support to the League, most of these converts were disenfranchised old soldiers, eager young men, and morality bereft zealots who had no qualms with carrying out even the most unethical of orders.

As the campaign continued on, the League constantly found itself on the back foot as repeated attempts to meet the Sith Empire in open combat ended in utter disaster. The Sith Empire was simply too strong for the League to compete with, its navies bolstered by the factory-worlds of Kol Huro and the shipyards of Yaga Minor and Jaemus. So the League reworked their strategy and started launching hit-and-run raids on civilian assets on the growing border of the Empire.

This bold new strategy earned the ire of the Imperial populace and drove them further into the hands of the Sith as they vied for control of the entire Tingel Arm. An emphasis was placed on the organization’s destruction, and decisive blows were dealt at Ciutric IV and Raxus Secundus. With almost half of the League’s leadership either killed or incarcerated by the Empire, the remaining leaders sought to pull back their remaining assets and fortify both Voss and Mon Cala.

A fatal mistake.

Now as the Empire’s vast armadas converged on the former Silver Jedi capital of Voss, the League would learn first hand why their struggle against the Empire was nothing but pitiful folly.


The Super Star Dreadnought Behemoth emerged out of hyperspace in view of the planet Voss, over fifty other support ships blinking into existence around its titanic frame; mostly comprised of Marr-class Star Destroyers and fighter carriers.

One of the bridge commanders of the Behemoth scoffed derisively as his eyes filtered over the hastily put together League defense armada, which hung in loose formation above the planet’s atmosphere.

We’ve caught them in the middle of their mobilization, your Eminence.

The monstrous throne at the back center of the command bridge was home to only one creature, his muscular body clad in the foulest of armor as piercing eyes, black as the void of space, arrested the sight of the League fleet with a cruelty unmatched by any other.

Excellent work, Commander. Prime the autocannons and target their largest warships, we will cripple their meager fleet while we deploy our armies on the surface.

I will see to it that your will be made manifest, my Emperor.

The Commander bowed and turned to relay the Emperor’s orders across the entire fleet. Several Defoliation-class Battlecruisers, mobile siege and weapon platforms almost as half as long as the Emperor’s dreadnought, moved into attack position against the enemy fleet. Each of these mighty warships possessed two orbital autocannons slung underneath the ventral hull and were considered verified fleet-killers.

Latent energy vibrated throughout each battlecruiser as the autocannons groaned to life, angling into attack position before bursts of destructive red energy erupted outwards on precise trajectories towards the largest of the League vessels.

Their shields provided little resistance against the tremendous power being levied against them, and several of the League’s warships exploded into balls of white flame and smoldering debris. With the path cleared, rivers of fighters and Legion transports began their advanced towards the planet’s atmosphere.

None dared to stand against the Empire, and those foolish or brave enough to try didn’t stand for long.

The League would learn this painful lesson soon enough.

Objective I - Voss-Ka
The capital of Voss has been converted into a fortified League stronghold over the past several months, with reinforced walls, turbolaser emplacements, and various other defenses that will make the taking of Voss more of a challenge than originally anticipated. Join with the mobile armies of the Imperial Legion in storming Voss-Ka, and claiming the Tower of Prophecy for the Sith Emperor.

Intelligence reports that the inhabitants of Voss-Ka will fight to defend their home from any foreign intrusion, so it is highly speculated that they will resist the Imperial Legion alongside the League.

Permission to eradicate any obstacle in the Legion’s path is permitted.

Objective II - Gorma-Koss
Whereas the Voss have been welcomed into the League with open arms, the League has been less cordial with the other inhabitants of Voss; the Gormak. Radicalists and, Voss supremacists among the League have attempted to eradicate the Gormak species, viewing them as an abhorrent and lesser species in regards to the more regal and beautiful Voss.

Several Imperial sympathizers among the beleaguered Gormak have sent envoys to the Empire for aid against their oppressors, promising to willingly submit to the Emperor’s authority should the League be overthrown.

The Gormak capital of Gorma-Koss is currently under heavy League persecution, with a mass cleansing currently undergoing as the Empire conducts its campaign against Voss-Ka. Rush to the Gormak’s aid, and destroy any who would seek to eradicate them.

Objective III - League Jedi Temple
When the Silver Jedi abandoned Voss, they meticulously dismantled their Jedi Temple on the outskirts of Voss-Ka. Ever since Kokkim and his followers have re-occupied the planet, they have worked equally as meticulously to rebuild it in its near entirety. Notable differences include an increased militant design aesthetic of the interior, such as several war rooms, armories, and stockpiles of munitions assembled by the militarized Silver Jedi remnant.

As the Sith attack Voss-Ka, the reconstructed Jedi Temple becomes a secondary target.

Tasked by the Emperor himself, Darth Prazutis has been given the authority to lead the charge against the Jedi Temple. Intelligence reports confirm that Master Kokkim and his most loyal, resourceful, and dangerous followers reside within the inner sanctum. Accompany the Shadow Hand in ridding the galaxy of this menace once and for all.

Objective IV - BYOO

Darth Morrow

Queen of Horror
Valeska Daeranthe

Objective: Voss-Ka - Kill the Resistance and take the tower.
Location: Steps before the Tower of Prophecy.
Enemies: League or its native allies.
Allies: [member="Darth Carnifex"] | Any of the TSE or their allies.

Heavy fire was currently being exchanged before the steps of the tower, quite a few losses had been felt on both sides and the pressure was being kept as the Empire continues their assault. At the lead of these forces was Valeska Daeranthe, newly returned to the eyes of the world and ready to kick butt and take names. With nothing but her light armor, blaster, saber and a few knives, she continued to defend their front line, behind her, several new initiates along with some native deserters.

"What is needed right now is not a push from the front, but another entrance, there has to be another way in." She yelled the words back to her compatriots, however it was still clouded under the rain of fire.

"Yes Ma'am, there's another towards the rear though I'm sure it's heavily guarded as well." A sheepish young man spoke up from the small group behind her.

With not even another word, Valeska waited for the next blast then broke off, a few following behind as she made a break for the rear with wide a wide berth at incredible speed.

Saber in hand, she cut several blaster shots from the air as she approached, and quickly found cover behind a construct a few hundred feet from the entrance, reaching for her comlink, she would send a message out to the emperor.

"There an entrance in the back of the tower as well, tell them to send forces this way and we will take it in no time, I'm in position to start a rear assault."

Mulokhai Zarandur

Dragon's Wing
Objective: 3 - League Jedi Temple
Allies: The Sith Empire
It was good to be home.

Mulokhai had to almost wash the stink off of him after he'd spent so long in Alliance space. Masquerading as a run-of-the-mill smuggler wasn't much better; you rubbed shoulders with the type of degenerates that the Sith had thought to have left behind back when he was a child, when he finally came to Sith space. There was one thing the Sith offered to those that swore loyalty that others could not, and that was freedom. If he were a soldier in the Galactic Alliance, or even worse, a Jedi, would he have been able to fly from their territory as he pleased, having earned the right to trust with his ability alone? He never would have. Of course, he had left subtly so as not to concern those whose power he coveted. Certain cards had to be kept in your sleeve.

The Acolyte watched from behind a pilot's seat as they entered the atmosphere, the shuttle rushing past blaster fire and other craft as they zoomed past, the League of Voss disorganised, almost caught without their blasters drawn, in this case. Soldiers of the Sith Imperial Legion waited patiently and were rewarded for it when the doors of the transport burst open, meaning they were finally on the surface of this world. It was odd to be here, of all places. On Voss, as his first real time back with those he could consider real brethren. Perhaps it was a sign of things to come. He'd be happy with that.

He stepped out of the shuttle, breathing in the air, the bright yellow eyes of the Pureblood darting around at every sight around, the sound of blaster fire and yelling carrying across the air. There was an odd, primal beauty in it all, and he was almost glad to not be sitting in a cockpit for this engagement. He had been granted a great privelige to be part of the Shadow Hand's assault, and he wasn't going to squander the chance to take advantage of this front row seat.

Fiolette Fortan


3 Days Before Voss
[member="Taeli Raaf"] | [member="Darth Prazutis"] | [member="Darth Carnifex"]

The Dark Palace.

Quite the charming place Fiolette thought as she strode through its cavernous halls. The Lady of Secrets ahead of her, leading the pair and a number of guards through to meet with the Emperor himself. Her memories went to the Sith Empire of old, the one that preceded this one. Thoughts dotted through her time in the Atrisian Empire followed by the One Sith. Lastly Fiolette recalled her last days as an active naval commander with the First Order. Her jaw tightened, heart rate increased, she was nervous and who wouldn’t be.

One need not be Sith to feel the darkness throughout this place and as Fiolette took a deep breath and exhaled. Her shoulders felt tense, she felt tense. The emblems on the banners as they hung over the massive frames. The guards that they passed, the lifts they entered. All served to remind her of where she was, and just who this all belonged to. Part of her wanted to turn and run, but the other knew it was far too late. The Lady of Secrets had vouched for her personally to the Emperor and the Shadow Hand themselves. Fiolette’s records and personal being had been looked into with great depths. No longer would she simply be a privateer, or contracted naval force, no. Fiolette would once more don the naval uniform of yet another empire. This time with more personal connections than the last.

The sounds of the doors as they opened punctuated the chorus of foot steps as they drew closer to the Emperor’s chambers. Her uniform felt tight, maybe it was the tension once more that kept her nerves alive. Wordlessly the Lady of Secrets led them through a set of narrow corridors. Fiolette wondered just how often the other woman had been down here. Questions for another time and place she suspected, boots pressed against the floor as they moved to his worship’s chambers.

When they had arrived and the doors had opened, Fiolette stood with her shoulders square. Posture in place her stance like that of a proud Imperial ready to serve their Sith Lords. A feeling of deja vu fell over her, as if she had done this before - and perhaps she had, in another life. She looked straight ahead as the massive throne revealed itself with the long stretch of carpet that led there. This was not simply a chamber room, no - it had been the throne room. The Lady of Secrets did not turn and Fiolette did not move forward. She only watched as the brunette approached his lordship and began the introductions. It was only when the Lady of Secrets had turned to step to the left of the Emperor did the admiral catch sight of the other woman’s eyes.

A glimpse at the broken spiral-like Sith markings that radiated beneath her violet eyes. Fiolette’s azure gaze broke their stare with good timing as she was called forward the guards marched her toward his presence. To the right stood another dark lord, presumably the Shadow Hand if she recalled correctly. Her breathing was steady, as she stood firm at-attention before the Emperor. She did not blink when he shifted in his throne, nor did she bat an eyelash when he moved again.

Slowly he rose from his throne, a man of massive proportions took his time as he stepped to look at the woman personally. “Fiolette Yvarro.” The Emperor spoke her name coldly, his voice seemed to boom and echo throughout the throne room. His robes pooled at his feet, armor was a painful sight in and of itself. Although she supposed that was the point of it.


It was as he ordered.

Fiolette knelt before him both knees touched the throne room’s floor. The guards moved away every so slightly as the Emperor approached. He knew of her records, he knew of her service but he did not care for them. If the mortal naval commander wished to pledge her services to him. Who was he to deny her, his growing Empire had need of loyal servants, and he was sure that the Lady of Secrets would keep her in line.


“I will honor the Empire in my thoughts and actions. I will obey my superiors and I will never shirk from my duties. I will complete every mission without hesitation, ambiguity or mercy. I recognize that the Empire is greater than myself and be willing to die in its service. My duty and service will be to the Empire and to you my Lord.”


She rose without word, standing straight as she had when she walked into this room. Fiolette felt the eyes of the Shadow Hand fall upon her, her secrets had been revealed to them all. The Galidraani knew this and it still did not offset the feeling. And still, she would not trade it away, the redhead knew the price of service.

It was done.

Fiolette had sworn her fealty to the Emperor and just as she had entered she would exit. The Emperor returned to his throne as the guards turned about face the Galidraani followed suit. And they marched to the exit their reflections drew across the floor. Her azure gaze hardened as her thoughts went to the day she made the decision to return service. No more would she put her own personal men and women at risk. No, she would put the people of the great Sith Empire to risk. To fight on behalf of their Emperor, and to remind the people of this Galaxy just who would rule it.

The Sith.

In View Over Voss.
Present Day.

Fiolette's eyes scanned the view before her. "Commander Galeway."


"Eliminate them."

Galeway strode across the bridge of their star destroyer as it moved across the depths of space. "Target lock, fire." The woman ordered and watched with an enigmatic gaze as the promises of death swept through the stars. A crewer called the direct hit and both officers could see it for themselves. Rear Admiral Yvarro crossed the command trenches hands at her sides as she marched to her command station.

"Move the corvettes to cut off escape routes, launch the fighters."

A silent nod of acknowledgment as Galeway carried out the orders. Fiolette watched with amusement as the League of Voss withered beneath the might of the Sith-Imperial Navy.
Dark Lord of the Sith
The Super Star Dreadnought Goliath emerged out of hyperspace alongside fifty other escort vessels rounding out the total force alongside its sister ship ‘Behemoth’ to be over a hundred. The escort fleet frantically gathered to oppose them was insulting, gathered in a loose formation in an attempt to stem the tide approaching.

“Your excellency the enemy is mid moblization. The Behemoths escorts are priming their autocannons.” A bridge commander said to the towering armor clad giant that sat atop a monstrous throne at the back of the command bridge.

“Excellent. Tear this pathetic fleet asunder and let loose our transports, all ships are to begin sending troops to the ground.”

“Your will my hands your excellency.” The volley from [member="Darth Carnifex"]’s ships was joined by the massive piercing annihilator beam of the Goliath, as well as it and the full might of its escort fleets autocannons. What managed to survive the intense barrage of its sister fleet was obliterated in the second assault.

But the Shadow Hand wasn’t around to witness the display of firepower. He had already left the bridge to join with the Blackblade Guard chosen to lead the charge on the Jedi Temple. The League of Voss’s leader and symbol Jedi Master Kokkim was there and all intelligence confirmed it. The honor of bringing him down was his, and his alone.

For such an operation he brought out the legendary runeblade Daesumnor, the Blade of Hunger. A weapon crafted by the greatest alchemist the galaxy had ever seen first wielded by the infamous Darth Kryptus, was now in the hands of the Lord of Lies. Today Master Kokkim would join all of the thousands of other victims locked away in its vault for an eternity of suffering.


I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge
Location: Voss, near Jedi Temple
Objective III: Extinguish the hypocrisy of the Jedi.
Allies: [member="Darth Prazutis"] | [member="Mulokhai Zarandur"]

Order from Chaos and Unity through Strife.

It was from these dichotomies that their Empire was forged. An Empire that destroyed its enemies to protect its people. Waged war abroad to maintain peace at home. Adrian had never cared for war, but he didn't question the necessity. As an avid student of the Dark Side, he knew that nothing ever came without a price. If the price for the safety and prosperity of the Empire's people came at the expense of outsiders, then so be it. Whatever the cost, whatever the effort, the rule of law would be restored to the Galaxy; the Empire brought death, but in its wake peace flourished.

Except there were those who would stain the very core of their great undertaking with their vile actions. There were those who would tear down everything the Sith had built and replace it with their own twisted brand of anarchy. They called it freedom, he called it pandemonium.

Today, there would be no mercy. They would die... or they would wish they had died. He held no ill will towards them, not the common grunts. The sheepish followers. There were fanatics, loyalists, and devotees on either side. Men and women that cared too much about a cause and too little about themselves. These Jedi were different. They had the Force. They had the potential to rise above and yet they chose to wallow in the muck. To spread a tide of toxic ignorance, a wave of dissent aimed at carving out the heart of their great Empire. At bringing an end to the peace and prosperity legions of Sith-Imperials had died to establish.

No, today there would be no mercy. Adrian had never cared for war, but this was different. This was no senseless butchery, but a controlled purge. These Jedi had chosen to fight their foolish war against the Empire and numerous Sith-Imperials, military and civilian alike, had paid the price. Now, it was their turn. They had lost before, but this was different. Today, they would be pulled out by the root, the beating heart of their organisation ripped to shreds and fed to the hounds.

With a soft thump, the shuttle touched down. Around him, a small group of soldiers. Behind them, his most recent creations. They had been a disappointment, at the time. A crude instrument, suited only for the most brutish of carnage. Today, they were exactly what he needed, as the League deserved nothing more. They deserved no honour, no courtesy. They had earned and would receive only pain, blood, and death. A fitting end to the stain upon the Galaxy that called itself the League of Voss.
Objective: 2 - Liberate the Gormak
Location: Enroute to Gorma-Koss

It felt good to be publicly able to do this again, to lead Sith forces in a campaign to crush their enemies. In this case however, she was essentially leading a liberation mission. The Gormaks had called for Imperial assistance in the face of the Voss and their allies attempts to wipe them out. The only reason, as far as she could see, that the Gormak had survived as long as they had was their technical knowledge gave them some advantage over their enemies. For a time. If the Sith had not arrived as they were now, it was likely the main Gormak enclave would have perished within the week.

As it were, as the dropships cut through the Voss sky and the Gormak enclave came into view, it was clear just how badly they needed the Sith reinforcements.

"Approaching designated landing zones, sensors are detecting heavy Voss commando presence and League of Voss units."

Cracking her neck, she drew her lightsaber as the dropships neared the ground. Yes, this was going to feel so good.

Tabigarashu Madara

Good things come in smol packages
Location: Serenity Valley
Nearby: [member="Kalak the Raykkan"]

Hirou ran as fast as they could. All four legs hitting the ground, nearly flying along at a frantic pace. They could hear the heavy breathing, the hard pounding of footsteps behind them. Sometimes it felt like the Nezumi could feel the the hot breath on the fur of their back and it would force them into a new burst of speed.

The Saaraishash agent had gotten separated from their landing group. It wasn't a surprise. Sometimes people forgot that the small creature was even there and by the time Hirou had realized it, they had been left behind by the long strides of significantly bigger folk. Hurrying to catch up, rustling through the tall grass without real concern, however had attracted something. While trying to catch up, Hirou had done a very non-Nezumi thing in not watching and being careful....

And now they were paying for it.

Hirou skidded around a stone, tail reaching out to clasp around it and propel the Nezumi in a new direction in a heartbeat. They heard the beast behind them scramble past and then change course as well. It wasn't a lot of space, but it gave them another second or two between them.

What good would it do? Maybe enough to find a bolt hole, somewhere to hide. Something.


Vyk Girani

Well-Known Member
Refugee Camp, north of Voss-ka

"The League is just as bad as the Sith, or the Empire!" Qade's voice rose, he could feel his pulse pounding in his temple and his nostrils flaring. The situation on Voss was getting to him more and more. "Niska, forgive me, I do not want to lose you to their madness. They are slaughtering Gormak, who have now turned to the Sith Empire for aid. They have lost their way."

The League of Voss filled the void when most of the Silver Jedi Order left. At the time, the League had seemed like an offshoot of the Silver Jedi. Then the first culling of the Gormak happened. Qade tried to stop it, and the end result was him being imprisoned in Voss-ka. He'd been able to free himself, but he stuck to the outskirts and hinterlands, helping where he could without encountering the League. Niska helped where she could. She was a former healer with the Silver Jedi, and now a healer for the League. Qade trusted her, she helped him with the refugees that fled the League's wrath, augmenting his healing abilities with her own.

"Qade, I know the League has good at it's heart. The darkness within it can still be defeated." Hope was something that was never far from Niska's eyes. It was part of what drew Qade to her. "I can help cha..."

Explosions in the distance were followed closely by the sounds of screaming. Qade leapt up from where he had been sitting, cresting the rise between his camp and Voss-ka wo a gruesome sight. The defensive batteries around the city were alight with power, firing back at an enemy Qade had hoped he would not see coming for the planet that had been his home for nearly a decade.

"The Sith have come...we must get as many people off planet as possible." Qade turned from Voss-ka, a city he had once lived in, people he had eaten with and trained with, who were now on the precipice of their own dark sides. Between the League and the Sith, Voss was lost.

For now.
Objective: Methodical Exploitation
Location: Serenity Valley
Nearby: [member="Tabigarashu Madara"]

Penetration of the Voss market had proven more problematic than Kalak had first anticipated.

At first the Raykkan had assumed that it would be relatively easy to establish a grounding within the wilderness of the planet. Just grease the cogs, lie, pay what was necessary and then just go about the business as a Raykkan would. Except... that wasn't how it had gone. The Voss were annoying. He had first assumed that their ability to see the future was just something overblown.

Except that his permit had been declined before he could even send it.

That was his first tip.

A handful of missions send by him had been returned to him. His people dazed, but not hurt. Apparently the Voss still believed in some sort of pacifism. Then, of course, everything changed when the Sith Empire attacked- or would attack. The event was so large, so gargantuan, so all-consuming to their seers that little, smol events? Well, they hardly mattered then, did they not?

Once that invasion had popped up on the horizon it became relatively easy to touch down on the surface world and set up a camp in the wilderness.

Kalak scowled at the beauty of the place- lush forests, clear air that was sickening to the nose-holes, his skin drying out already at the rays of the sun. "Bah, I wonder if we can get the Sith to agree to plant a few factories here and there." Kalak asked, more to himself than anyone else. "Desmond, what do-"

That was when a smol mouse suddenly erupted through the forestation. "Hmpf." Then two seconds later a cat rumbled through on the hunt. His mind brushed both and found something interesting. One was intelligent.... the other was certainly not. The slick, wet and soppy presence of Kalak's mind brushed against Hirou, murmuring softly into their ears without the Force.

Just by the presence of will.

"Now aren't you quite something, mister....?" Hirou would suddenly hear a screech and a yelp behind them. The cat had been crushed by a tree trunk. One that moved and was looking rather sad.

"Thank you, Desmond, very kind."

Blackblade Guard

Artillery and flak filled the skies above Voss-Ka, adding to the grand symphony of war that played across Voss' atmosphere. Though the orbital defenses had been quickly neutralized by the Empire's sudden arrival and the quick actions of the Emperor's servants, that had not changed the situation planetside. Many of the hills and woods surrounding the Voss capital were thick with enemy entrenchments and pillboxes that were rumored to hold dozens of League guerilla fighters in underground holds.

Any of the normie Legionnaires might've been shaking in their boots at the very idea of such extensive trenchworks but to the elite butchers of the Blackblade Guard?

The children of Togoria would've provided more of a challenge.

A single MAAG flew lower over the treetops, its hull painted black with sensor-scattering ferrosphere paint and its spotlights turned completely off as more explosions detonated overhead. Much of the initial vanguard had already made it to the city limits of Voss-Ka, but that had only incensed the League defenders to retaliate by deploying more artillery pieces into the surrounding forests to dissuade any further atmospheric insertions. Not only that, but they had lined the roads and clearings with mines, pitfalls, and anti-vehicle hedgehogs that made the movement of any Imperial vehicle difficult if not outright impossible. With most of the Empire's resources dedicated to setting up defensive perimeters and assaulting Voss-Ka, the Emperor had dispatched his own elite soldiers to remedy the immediate situation outside of the capital.

The MAAG came to a stop above a stretch of forest hidden behind an outcropping of rock, momentarily shielding it from any League guns that might have been training on her. The back bay door slid open, revealing an assembled platoon of forty Blackblade Guardsmen. They milled above the loading ramp for but a moment before grappling lines were lowered to allow rapid debarkation of the entire platoon to the forest floor, the MAAG retracting its bay door before flying off to rendezvous with the supply ship in orbit.

++The̛͜ ̷҉f͝i͜r̀͜s͞͏͟t̷̷̨ ̡͜ta̕͞r̸ģ̕et́ ͢҉i͡s͠ ͞͡á͜͠ ̢͘k̶̨l̵͘i͝c̸̨k̕ ̴͘a̷͟n͜d̢͟ ̡a̢̨ ̷͠͡h̶̷͞a̛͏l͝f̶̷ ҉҉n͜͞ò͜r̵͞t͟h̸̵͘ ̵͏o҉̨̀f ҉̛o͘ur̸ ̵c̛u̸̵͞r͞͝r̀͜͠ȩn̶̕t ͟͜p̕͏́os̶i͡͠t̡͟iǫǹ̷.͠ ̶̢̨A̕͢ćti͠v̕͏͞a͡͏t̨̀e ̷͞͠y̶o͞ur̷͜ ̨҉͢P͏C͘͞͏D̛s̨̢ ͘a̡n͘̕͟d҉̧҉ f̧́a͏҉̶n̸͢ ̸o͢͞u̶͞͞t̡̕,̴͏ ̧͢͝è͘l͟i͏m͢i͢n̶a̛͘t̢e ̧͢a̸͟n̢y̸̸ ̛ţa̧͝r͞g̸̶͞e̷̡ţ͘s ͡o̷̢̨f͡ o̷p̴pǫrt̵͞uni̧͢t͏͠y͘.͡ ̵҉́++

The Blackblade's helmets scrambled their verbal communication, which could only be descrambled by the other Blackblades when tuned to the right frequency. Silently they all confirmed their acknowledgment of their orders and quietly disappeared one-by-one into thin air.
The Two Who Were One
The grim tension was palpable, almost as if you could reach out and touch it.

They had always feared this day, for the Voss Mystics had told them that there would come a day when death itself would rain down from the heavens. Despite this morose certainty, the Jedi Covenant of the League of Voss did not waver in their charge, and they continually dedicated themselves to aiding the systems left behind by the Silver Jedi in resisting the encroaching arms of the tyrannical Sith Empire. Though they had given everything and had sacrificed friends and family alike in the pursuit of justice, it seemed like their efforts were for naught.

Emperor Zambrano and his vile sycophants appeared unstoppable...

Yet none of that broke the fierce determination and youthful vigor exuded by Master Kokkim, and he viewed the data readings of the Empire's invasion with anticipation. "So, the Emperor and his proxies have come to Voss at last... This is the day we've been preparing for, my brothers and sisters in the Light Side of the Force. The shroud of evil clouds the skies, but we must not relinquish hope! We will either drive these monsters from this world or we will die with a smile on our face, knowing that we made them pay for every inch of Voss soil with hundreds of their dead! Long live the Light, long live the Jedi!"

His minor speech managed to embolden their spirits, if not in part by the aura of valor that surrounded him and his Jedi companions. Several Jedi Captains would surge out from the Jedi Temple to reinforced their Voss and League allies at Voss-Ka and Gorma-Koss while he would remain deep in the Temple's sanctuary, directing military assets and his Jedi underlings from a large command table.

Waiting patiently for the Shadow Hand to make his move.

[member="Darth Prazutis"]

Tabigarashu Madara

Good things come in smol packages
Objective: GOTTA RUN FAST- oh okay, that's better
Location: Serenity Valley
Nearby: [member="Kalak the Raykkan"]


The feeling of a mind brushing theirs was not alien. But the mind itself?

That certainly was.

Even for someone who worked with the Sith, the particular sensation of this one was deeply disturbing. Thick and oily, wet and heavy. While not a Force user themselves and unable to pick up on the nuances, those things were like being covered in a blanket soaked in cold grease and Hirou almost went bolting in the entirely opposite direction.

Didn't, but almost.

Prey drive was difficult at times to turn off, especially when one was already in that state of mind.

Instead, Hirou managed to come scampering to a halt. Rearing back up on their hind paws, nose and whiskers quivering, they looked, wide eyed, at what used to be a cat. The Nezumi had gone running right past the being called 'Desmond' and hadn't even realized it wasn't just a tree. Dark gaze turned toward Kalak. Though the little creature was still breathing heavily, they stood up straight and made a small bow at the waist.

Though they were panting and disheveled, their little jacket torn in several places, it was clear that normally they would have cut a very fine and sharp little figure.

"Thank you!" Came the relieved and excited squeak. "Thank you thank you!"

Hirou had honestly thought they were a goner.

"I am Tabigarashu Madara, called Hirou," they said, bowing again. "And you have saved my life! I am eternally grateful!"

Darth Rixas

Unto the Knife
"Approaching designated landing zones, sensors are detecting heavy Voss commando presence and Leage of Voss units."

A soft sigh followed the statement from within the transport, appearing to have come from the figure clad in sapphire and obsidian beskar'gam, near the main viewport of the ship. Arms folded across his chest, it appeared as though it took far more strength to remain still, to keep his hands free of his weapons until it was time to utilize them, then to wait patiently aboard the freighter. The Dar'manda kept his silence in the midst of the shuffling, chants, and clinking of armor and weapons being readied and pursed. Although, he thoroughly disagree'd with the unit's main objective.

The Gormaks deserved to die, Oron decided. Could he have devised the means sooner, the Sith Lord would have sought to eradicate both the Voss and their prey. The former for being enemies of the empire and the latter for being weak enough to be saved in the first place. The indirect aid, the kindness, that would be perceived in the aftermath of the day's conquest was something Oron wished to vanish. If they were to be eradicated then so be it. But, the orders were given directly from the Emperor himself. He'd contemplated the consequences of going against the Dark Lord's orders, and found the outcome to be the tale of a story he'd be remiss to reveal. Helplessness was a foreign sensation, yet it beat down upon him like a great wave- One that attempted to drag him down into the depth below. The only life raft to pull his head above water was the compensation of slaughtering at least the Voss.

And there would be no equal footing from this union. As much as the Gormaks were the stepping stones between factions, their loyalties were clearly towards the Sith. Their heros to be.

As the transport descended to the kiss the earth below it, Oron moved to the exit ramp, snatching a lightsaber from his waist as he stomped for the opening. The sudden rush of heat and dirt could be felt even through his armor as the sound of blaster-fire and explosions could be heard in the short distance. Sliding in lane with one of his allies, Oron found that he could not meet the canary eyes of [member="Taeli Raaf"]. Her gaze was focused on the scene ahead and the Sith Lord's posture spoke of a heart that could not be cooled and calmed by the tides of peace, but one that would rather be stoked by the fires of death and despair. Oron's own twisted into a knot of painful lust for violence that grew ever tighter the harder he gripped the hilt of his lightsaber. He wished to bloody the edges of his weapons as quickly as possible.

The spiders had come to play with the flies.
It's Real to Pretend
Voss Orbit
Objective: Eradicate the Voss navy

The Greater Maldrood was never one to pass up an opportunity to test the latest in Sith technology, and now was no different. Voss was in fact the capital of the League of Voss - those Silver Jedi who had chosen to continue the fight against the Sith. At almost every opportunity they had been beaten back, and this one would be no different. Now would be the official debut of the Silencer-class Dreadnought - a refit of the Harrower Mk III long used by the Sith - and the recently completely refitted Eightgun-class Fighter. A full complement of the ships were there - they as Alpha Squadron would be working in concert with Forge-class Interceptors of Beta Squadron, who would be able to use their extreme maneuverability to handle any enemies that tried to get into a turning fight with the Eightguns.

The squadrons were working in effective pairs - one Forge to one Eightgun. From the hangar of the Ablution​, they would be entering the battlefield, the great Pluton-class Battleship's guns charging up and opening fire on the Voss fleet from long range. It was alone today, though reinforcements were nearby if they were ever needed.
Objective: Methodical Exploitation
Location: Serenity Valley
Nearby: [member="Tabigarashu Madara"]

If there had been any thoughts of frying the smol Nezumi alive to see how they would taste that initial consideration was quickly waved away by two thoughts.

First and most importantly: Tabigarashu Madara, called Hirou, was exceptionally polite and Kalak firmly believed in rewarding such behavior whenever possible. For this reason the bow was returned with a similar bow and a bright smile that showed rows upon rows of sharp teeth. "You are very welcome, Tabigarashu Madara, called Hirou, it was my pleasure to be of assistance. Desmond was equally eager to help, yes?" The Dalan was silent for a moment and then bowed too. The leafs rumbling just a bit in the wind, before they paced away for some other duty.

The squelch of the cat's corpse being trampled further was pointedly ignored by Kalak.

"I have heard some formidable stories from what I believe is a mutual acquaintance of ours, Ao-" His ears flicked. "-Xian." The Xykan had become rather infamous within the Empire of the Sith. Formidable... beautiful and all-powerful compared to the regular Sith. His proud knew no bounds.

"Is it true that you single-handedly foiled an assassination attempt on the Lord Inquisitor of the Saaraishash?" Kalak inquired politely while overlooking the spot of vegetation that Hirou had leaped from. What was a high-ranking Saaraishash agent doing here out of all places? Wouldn't it have made more sense for such a competent smol presence to be at the capital?

What sort of mission had they been occupied with?

His mind was already exploring the possibilities.

Tabigarashu Madara

Good things come in smol packages
Objective: A pleasant chat with an unpleasant backdrop
Location: Serenity Valley
Nearby: [member="Kalak the Raykkan"]

Hirou kept their attention on the Raykkan and not on the squishing sound behind them. They were deeply grateful but also a bit unnerved. It was, after all, very messy and going from running for ones life to suddenly safe was a turn around that was difficult to process quickly no matter what. While their heart rate was slowly returning to normal and their fur was slowly laying back flat against their form, it was a process.

"You know Ao-" Hirou's tail flicked in the appropriate direction "-Xian?"

In truth, the Nezumi and the Xykan had very few interactions. They worked in different ways, for the good of the Empire.

And honestly, she usually looked at Hirou as if she were considering making them a snack. Hirou didn't take it personally, and appreciated her restraint, but it was still uncomfortable.

But they certain knew of each other. Ao'Xian had been a student of [member="Darth Saarai"]'s and as the Saaraishash leader's protégé, it would have been shocking if they had not crossed paths.

"Oh!" Hirou's ears flicked back in a expression of modesty. "I merely warned him of the danger in time. Lord Saarai saved himself."

They looked up, head tilting slightly.

"I apologize, but while you seem to know of me, I do not know you. May I have your name sir? So I can know who I owe such a debt of gratitude to?"
Objective 2 - Liberate the Gormak
Location: A few klicks from Gorma-Koss

Allies: [member="Darth Rixas"]

Descending the ramp, the other Sith Lord next to her, she took in the scene better... drinking in all those dark emotions that war and death created in the Force. She could feel the bloodlust radiating off of the man next to her, his desire to slaughter their enemies. Fair enough, she could understand that. She felt it too, the need to crush the enemies of the Empire under her heel... but she would keep a tight control of it. One must master their emotions, not let them by the master.

The Sith Legionaries were preparing for assaulting the enemy siege lines in the rear. A transmission had been sent to the Gormak to counterattack when the Sith struck, catching the League of Voss and their allies in between the two forces and utterly crushing them.

"Advance and bring glory to the Empire and your Emperor," she ordered. A battle cry rose up and the attack began, the armored troopers running to crest over a ridge and fire upon the enemy, walkers and tanks deploying to support the attack.

"My Lady, we're receiving reports that some Jedi have left the temple and are moving to reinforce the enemy here," a trooper yelled.

Interesting, she thought. They must have slipped out before the Shadow Hand and the Blackblades began their assault. It would take time for them to reach the valley that was the Gormak enclave. Turning to her companion, she said, "Go have your fun, my friend."

Fiolette Fortan


HIMV Illustrious
RADM. Yvarro + CMDR. Galeway
Obj. IV - BYOO, Fleeting

Fiolette watched with an amused interest as the Sith-Imperial Battle Squadron moved swiftly.

Comprised of two attack lines and one pursuit line with the Illustrious as the sole star destroyer in the squaron. The League of Voss continued to fight valiantly she gave them that, but it would be to no avail. The battle squadron moved like a pair of heavy hands set to choke the life from the system. "Escape routes cut off, shields are holding throughout the battle squadron. Fighters launched on intercept course." Commander Galeway reported.

"Excellent, leave no one alive."

"Acknowledged." Galeway turned to give the orders as the streaks of turbolasers were let loose from their barrels. Torrent of fire was return from the League of Voss, with the Sith-Imperials on the left, the right and center they would form to charge the armada. They would not go quietly, well aware of the stakes as the light was eliminated from the galaxy one by one at the hands of darkness. Hit and run tactics would no longer work they were cut off and cornered so their ships moved to reform as the fighter pilots began to swarm throughout the void.