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Tund Sorcery (Republic Dominion of Tund)

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
Republic Campsite
Sixth Hour into Plague Epidemic

The campsite was in chaos. Republic forces had not only been here for a full twenty four hours before the first signs of sickness began to show. Soldiers and Jedi alike were sprawled over the dark, harsh earth, as they thrashed about in pain, their skin blistering while healers rushed to their aid. How had things gotten this bad? Tund was another of the many planets the Republic had set out to conquer after the Sith Empire's disbandment, the Shi'ido had thought this would have been one of the more simpler ones, she had thought wrong. Tund had been under Sith control until only a month ago, when suddenly all Imperial forces had abandoned the planet, leaving it easy pickings for those who wished to swallow it up into their own faction. The Republic had gotten there first.

Tund had an extremely dark history, with the Sith corrupting the planets past on many an occasion. Not only had it been an ancestral home of the Sith species at one stage but it was now also home to a powerful dark side sect group, the Sorcerers of Tund. Force-Users who although not as powerful as the Sith, still contained the same merciless beliefs as their Sith cousins. The group had nearly brought upon the destruction of their home world, instead leaving it a ruined, radiation-filled world, with only pockets of livable areas, and even fewer areas of lush rain forest. It was also these Sorcerers who had cast a powerful plague over the Republic forces who were trying to occupy the planet. It had been in the middle of the night, Rasu's forces had just finished setting up their base of operations, going over their plan of attack for the following morning, when a young Jedi Healer had run in, gasping for breath as she informed them of the sudden outbreak. It had struck with startling speed, many beings had to be sent back to the nearest off-world medical facility to be treated, weakening the Republic task force.

But some recent news had brought a flicker of hope to the Republic's occupation of Tund. One of the Toong settlers had captured a Sorcerer, giving the Jedi Knight a chance at curing her people at wiping out the dark threat that was the Sorcerers of Tund. Opening up the tent flap, Rasu walked in on the already commenced interrogation of the human Sorcerer. The Toong settler already had begun, a tray of lethal looking tools lay at his side, which the Jedi hoped he never had to use. The man being interrogated already had sustained numerous bruises and injuries from the Toongs harsh methods, so walking forward she interrupted the beings questioning, asking one of her on, persuading the man through the Force to give her the answer she desired. "Tell me, is there a cure to this dark plague you have placed on us?" she waited, watching as the man contemplated his next answer. "Yes there is, but I would never tell you where it is, Jedi filth!" he said, spitting in the Shi'ido's direction.

Sending a surge of persuasive Force energy, along with added energy from her desperation, she shouted at the smug-looking man, "TELL ME WHERE TO FIND THIS CURE!" Everyone in the room jumped in shock at the normally calm Jedi's sudden outburst. Again the man thought deeply before answering, smiling slightly up at the flustered woman, "You'll have to journey across the planet Jedi, to one of the rare pockets of rain forests east of here. You'll find a small clearing with numerous flowers in bloom. Take any of these flowers and bring them back to me and I'll make this cure for your pathetic friends." Turning on her heels, she was already beginning to organise a strike team through her comlink before she was interrupted by the man. "I'm only saying this Jedi, as I hardly believe you'll survive this, my brothers are waiting for my return in this clearing so I'd be careful if I were you." An evil grin grew upon the mans face as Rasu left the camp. Sending only a short message to all those able to accompany her.

Prepare your speeders, we're off to the rain forest. Be ready for a fight.


Came in like a wrecking maul
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Saki listened to the man as he spoke and continued to breath through the mask. There was many things you could do but making her sixk wasn't a good idea it would just be another reason to smack you around and break something. Her eyes flick over to Rasu while the rebreather was on her face. THankfully it still let her speak while clenching a fist. "Come on then lets go crack some skulls, I'll break a few of them and see if they think a little plague can stop this democracy train." Saki moved going towards her speeder and making a face as she sat down with the others, a sight to behold but she slid the robe off. It was too stuffy right now instead wearing her vest and ready to go.

Sören Ré Átras

A True Gentleman
Six hours. Barely six hours had passed, and already so many were sick. It seemed to terrify so many of the Pub's forces, leaving some wanting to abandon the planet. That wasn't an option anymore. We can't leave until the cure is found and our people are all safe. As much as I'd like to stay with the sick to protect them, I knew every able body was needed to kick Tund ass. Without the cure, the people at camp will be doomed. Even with an injured knee I was still stronger then them right now.
So with a sigh I readjusted my mask, pulled my jacket tighter around myself, and hobbled towards the speeders. My cane made the endeavor much easier. Plus the lovely lad was good for bashing unsuspecting fools' heads in. In this case, those fools would potentially be sorcerers. Which meant I had to be extra careful. Fine by me, I do carry a lightsaber for a reason. No Jedi is complete without one- even if I'm just a mere padawan.
"Do we know the coordinates, or just a general area?" I asked no one in particular, not exactly sure who was in charge. If we weren't sure where the cure's ingredients were, we could be running around for days before we found them. Splitting up might be required. But that would spread our forces even thinner then they already would be... Damn.
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Just under the upper hand.
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Yinch for once was serious and rushed toward the speeders as soon as he had heard the command. His ears were flat as he sprinted. He hopped here and there with the aid of the force to keep up with the others.

He was one of the first to reach the speeders and began running by and making sure they had their medpacks and survival gear.

Satisfied With his checks he hopped on a speeder and grabbed the controls.

"Ready I am" Yinch said into his commlink.

Ayumi Pallopides

Heir to the Emperor, Senator of Denon
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This was one of the things she had feared happening on the worlds, a foreign virus with no cure but thankfully the jedi had worked to prevent it and keep it contained. That at least earned them some point in her book aside from the whole contracting it in the first place but looking at the captain Ayumi gave a nod of her head while speaking and sitting in the chair. "Knight Gan, we're sending down a quarantine unit, the Republic is laying pulsemass generators to block off the planet. Should you fail there can be no risk taken of spreading the virus. Good luck."


The Crown
Approaching Drop Zone

Tund was a curious little planet. Alachei had learned quite the bit about it from the last little exchange with Circe Savan, wife of the girl she and the Enclave once hired on a whim of Force insight to handle things while the queen was on much needed leave. In light of their debatable engagement and new child, Alachei had done the girl one favor. A favor for a favor, that is what finally ended up happening. Only, that unexpected return came in the form of copies of ancient Tund documents. Between learning the lore of the Council and studying these documents, she was arguably the closest thing to a sorcery specialist the Republic had on that side of the galaxy. That, and recent news of their hindered attempts to seize the planet, drew Alachei's attention.
A large purple wedge exited hyperspace, the only one of its kind and one of the only individual ships not turned into a Republic Navy vessel during the joining. Beside the Crown on either side were the two wingmen Glaive E frigates which the Crown went nowhere without. A now suited up Alachei entered the main launch hangar to prepare for a launch to the planet. Naturally, several LAAT/r's were prepped and packed with medical supplies and clean food for the sick; four in total. Four modernized MAAT's were also on the launch deck, carrying under them Osprey light battle tanks to use as hard scouting units. Once the deck was cleared, maybe Alachei could even get a few fighters out in the air to scout the world from up high. She climbed in the back of one of the cherry-red LAAT/r's and crossed her arms as she commonly did, her feet latching on to the floor. It was going to be a long day.
"Alright, men. You know what you are here for. We're here to do our civic duty as members of the Galactic Republic, help them as an act of good faith from the Monarchy. However, I am just as interested in what's been hindering them as I am about themselves. If you find anything - or anyone - worth taking or interrogating, secure it and bring it back to the drop. Are we all clear? Pilot, get a message out to the ground for me."
Republic Forces on Tund,
This is Queen Mnemenos speaking. I could not help but notice our recent interest in Tund. I have brought food, encampment and medical supplies in light of the recent news. I have a small ground unit dispatching and will be landing soon. These sorcerers can be dangerous. I've studied it, and I am willing to assist in any way I can.

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Van Cleef

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"Well this will be something to report." With a look at the comlink and projector, the man made a face while sitting in his quarters and wiped a little at his head. There was much happening and at the moment at least he had the time to make sure that the report to Serenity went through. The director would need to know so the databanks could be updated or possible missions informed. "Director, we are at Tund and there seems to be some issues, the jedi and republic soldiers on the ground have become stricken and are going under quarantine procedures. I'll keep you informed of what happens."


Twilight Fae
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"We should be quick then and make it there and back." Quenladose looked up while she hoped on the speeder and well she made sure as she was sitting there she got some weight on her with a vest. Enough to hold her in place so when they went really fast she didn't get blown away weighing as much as a stick or a wet piece of tissue paper. All that mattered was finding a cure and if fighting would lead to a cure then she would be with the others fighting as Knight Gan prepared to lead all of them. "Lead the way Knight Gan."

Marakai Al'Orren

Primal Savagery
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The holovids she'd seen as a small child on Felacat, she mused, pulled a colorful shimmersilk cover over the stark reality of what it meant to be a Jedi in service to the Republic. They were already stretched thin throughout the galaxy, but with the collapse of the Sith Empire and the race to safely take planets under their protective wing...things had only gotten stretched further. But they were nothing if not a creative and resilient group of sentients, who would inevitably find a way to get the job done.

"He said one of the rainforest pockets east of here. Coordinates would be a blessing...but I doubt we'll be so lucky." Mara replied, tilting her head to glance at the others, amber eyes already shifted to a slitted pupil surrounded by burnished gold. She sat atop a speeder and checked on the lightsaber hilt strapped to her left thigh, and the IR-5 on her right. There was little she could do here at the camp, in spite of how resistant her peculiar genetics seemed to make her. She would be better be able to help going out after the remedy and the Sorcerers hidden away in a pocket of lush rainforest.

After all, what better to send on a hunt in a jungle than a shape-shifting predator?

Jack Sheltrak

Senator of Zeltros, Former Supreme Chancellor
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Harkness looked up from his office when the reports came in. Using the network Alli Wren had sold them was proving the most effective and he could get the information from Tund, more importantly he got some troubling news about the sickness and had a face that he was not enjoying about the situation. Bad enough they were trying to plug in gaps left by the empire but right now he was going to have to make sure the dangerous element of it all was kept safe from this sickness. "Contact the jedi and tell them what has happened if they don't already know and send what doctors we can."


Nimir-ra to Iella
The jedi master moved about the ship and paced, he hadn't been expecting this outcome at all and should have. The sorcerers were a dangerous group even if they weren't sith. All darkside cults were and it had been stupid. He should have sent more shadows down to deal with them and not let Rasu get her people sick but there was hope at least. He could sense through the force nearly everythign on that planet and moved about wit a nod of his head to that. They could easily to all they needed to do and he would make sure of it while speaking to some of the crew. "Alright when the times comes remember wear your suits and work to stop the sorcerers we'll at best only get one good chance at this."


The eight shuttles steadily flew overhead as they descended. They were practicdally skimming the treeline now, running horizontally towards the designated LZ. The sounds of the repulsors echoed throug what little left there was on the bruised planet. The flight had split off into two groups; the first heading for a landing zone at least a kilo from the main camp, the other preparing to drop the Ospreys in a far off clearing. They scouted ahead to try and get a better bearing for the queen.
The four landing craft touched ground just over eight hundred meters away from the camp. They were all wholly scarab red, distinctifying them from a private or Republic craft but of the capital Guard. All of the guardsmen there were in sealed battle armor, so their chances of contracting the infection through natural means was unlikely. That would only last them so long though, as it was hard to eat or sleep with a suit of armor on. Immediately the unit poured out from the ships and secured the perimeter whle they worked to unload all of the supplies. Several netted tents were quickly set up including a half-dug in headquarters. Everything else was on lift trucks and ready to be towed by the Ospreys to the sick and needy allied forces a half mile away.
Alachei was the first to arrive on the scene. She could feel the pain and despair, both of the forces and of the once-decimated world itself. With a sliht mental gesture, the polygonal diodes that made her sealed visor folded into one another, parting wonderfully like a sea of light until it was no more to be seen. She would be protected from any sickness by the Force for now, confiding the risks to her unique knowledge and strength.
"Find out who is in charge here. Get these supplies unloaded immediately," she ordered. Her comm opened up so that she could ask the collective group of Republic occupants for a sitrep. "The Mnenchei detatchment group is here and medicinal supplies and food are ready to be unloaded. Who is in charge of local operations here? It is urgent."
With the imminent quarantine coming, those LAAT/r's and everything else weren't leaving any time soon unless she could find out more about the situation and see it resolved. It was the last place anyone, perhaps besides herself, wanted to be stuck.

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Just under the upper hand.
Yinch looked behind him to see some of the other Jedi ready and his speeder was full. So with out delay and before anyone could make him leave the pilot seat he activated the repulsors. The speeder whined to life and hovered in place.

"No time to waste." He said over the engines "ready are you (@someone)?"

With that he revved the engine and sped away toward the patch of jungle in the distance. He had to adjust his grip and footing as they went but he kept the speeder steady. Soon they would face this threat and find the flower needed for the cure.


Artificial Intelligence
@[member="Van Cleef"]
"This is very interesting, Please keep me updated on the status of our troops and upload all relevant data into our databanks, I will begin to compiling and providing all relevant data as we treat them. Please be careful, as you are an organic and thus susceptible to this illness. "

She said as her processors began whirling and compiling and magicly providing the field medics with all relevant data, and observing what they found to be useful and not useful, and then looking at the data it self for user error on whether it was actually useful according to her own analyses.


Jedi Janitor
His eyes twitched when Rasu Gan's interrogation took longer than it should have. The man wasn't being cooperative, but that all changed when he got the slightest sense of the Force being used in her voice as she yelled at him. Quite the unexpected thing from the Headmistress. But it seemed like doing uncharacteristic things got you what you wanted.

He heard the call and he leapt up onto the closest speeder and he turned it on. He knew where to go and he was prepared to go at that moment. He made sure his lightsaber was upon his belt and he put the helmet upon his head. It felt awkward wearing a Hazmat suit over his jedi robes, and sitting on the speeder, but it seemed he didn't have to be comfortable to do his duty as a Jedi.

He spun the speeder around and set out to the east, where the rainforests lied. It was going to be a long day.

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Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
Rasu was pleased with the sudden willingness to help that had sprung from the troops that had accompanied her to this dark world. Several bleeping noises were emanating from her wrist communicator, but she ignored them for now. Her top priority would be to organise a team to retrieve the essential ingredients for this cure. Making her way over to the designated area for the speeder bikes, she meet up with the already organised team. All wore the proper equipment, face masks and a radiation suit, which was relieving to see. All eyes turned to her as she approached, asking questions as she sat herself down upon one of the bikes. Massaging her temples, she closed her eyes quickly for a brief moment of peace, the day had been extremely stressful for the Shi'ido, she was almost on the edge of her patience.

Holding her hand up for silence, she answered each person's question, "Yes at the moment we have no exact co-ordinates but I've narrowed it down to one of two nearby rain forest pockets." Bringing out her comlink, she brought up a small holo-display. Two flashing dots flared on the map, indicating the area she had narrowed it down too. "We'll split up into two groups, I will lead one of these groups, while Knight Saki will lead the other. We'll stay in constant communication with frequent updates from both groups. I don't want anyone getting lost or ambushed by the sorcerers today." Switching off her comlink, she assigned the groups, making sure to have equal amount of the more experienced Jedi in each group. She placed Soren, Van Cleef and Quenladose in Saki's group while she assigned the remaining Padawans to her own, Yinch, Marakai and Antares.

"Saki send your team off to this location." she said indicating the closest rain forest pocket. "If you find nothing, regroup with us in the other pocket. Good luck and May the Force be with us. Go." Watching the four speeders shoot off, she quickly turned to her wrist communicator, listening to each message as it came through. "Understood Ayumi, we'll try our best. Thank you for the warning." Ending the message there she returned her attention to the second message, one from an Alachei Mnemenos. "I'm the one in charge here Alachei, thank you for the supplies. If you could, please send any medical staff you have to the assigned tents to assist our own medics. If you would like to hep some more, I'm just about to leave with some of my Jedi to find a cure. Would you like to accompany us? If so I'll attach a tracker to my speeder so you can catch up to us. Otherwise thank you for the supplies and the assistance."

With that done, she returned her gaze to the three Padawan's, giving a reassuring grin as she adjusted herself in the speeder seat. "Let's head off, May the Force protect those afflicted until we return with the cure." Dust rose as the four remaining speeders shot off into the Tund wasteland.

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Finally, some news came through. Interestingly enough, a party was about to head off into the wilderness to find a cure. This presented a crossroad to the queen, as she could ride an Osprey with them and offer much better support cover or stay behind and begin to heal the sick. The latter sounded much more entertaining and, assuming not a wild goose chase, could be tenfold more productive. She took the risk and decided to join their search.
Enough men joined her so that the two Ospreys she'd take with her were fully manned. Everyone else stood behind, guarding the camps and helping the Republic's medics and healers however possible.
"Captain, find that tracking signal. Keep us as close behind them as you can. Osprey One and Two, there is no guarantee your TJR suits will hold out radiation or corrosive material for long. The faster we find this cure they speak of, the sooner we can all return. Alert the unit if your armor takes a breach. Move out."
Just like that, they were off. Alachei had no clue what hey were looking for, but something told her she'd know it when they all saw it. She removed the bacta tanks from her right hip canister to make room for whatever she may need to bring back.


Jedi Janitor
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The Jedi Padawan looked to his grouping. He got off of his speeder and bowed to the Master. And only in a few moments he got back onto his speeder as if he had never left it. It was polite to do things like that, bow to a Jedi in greeting. It wasn't as if the group was under fire or anything like that.

"Lead the way Master Gan." He said, and he smiled slightly from behind his Hazmat suit, and flashed the same handsome smile to the rest of the Jedi in the company. It wasn't right to show any dismay in any situation, or else your force will be demoralized. And that was why, Antares Windu conveyed an aura of confidence through the Force.

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Marakai Al'Orren

Primal Savagery
Team Gan - Rainforest 2
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The young woman remained silent as was only proper. Slender fingers checked her radiation suit as she perched, ready, atop the speederbike, ensuring the seals were in tact and the readings on the small wrist screen were within normal ranges. Everything was good to do, and as she looked up, she caught Antares' smile. He was certainly handsome, she mused, and might have had a chance of turning her head were she not already spoken for. She flashed a bright smile in return and turned her attention to Knight Gan, her thoughts carefully guarded.

Knight Gan spoke briefly and succinctly, a fact for which Mara was grateful. Some people would have given a florid speech and wasted time on pretty words. There was a time and place for that, and now in the midst of this crisis, was not the time. The other team soon shot off on their speeders, and their own group, with Knight Gan in the lead, took off across the wasteland.

Were they not pressed by a lethal curse that was stealing people away from life in such a ruthless manner, the feline might have enjoyed the mad dash across the wasteland. Not so much for the scenery which was stark and unforgiving, but for the rush of adrenaline that came from the speed of their flight.


Just under the upper hand.
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Yinch was nearly ripped from the speeder as he hit the accelerator. Had it not been for his grip he would have been left flailing in the air on his way to a speedy encounter with the ground.

Calling on the force he rooted him self on the seat.

"Heh heh." He laughed. Even imminent death failed to break his good humor. The air rushed by his head and pulled at his long green ears. He checked his gear and he knew they would be close soon.

"Sense life ahead I do." He said in his odd voice and confused grammar, "Be there soon we will."