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Marakai Al'Orren

Marakai Al'Orren

[:] P R I M A L [:]

NAME: Marakai Peradun Al'Orren
RANK: Rogue Master
SPECIES: Felacatian/Shi'ido
AGE: 32
HEIGHT: 5' 9"
WEIGHT: 170 pounds
EYES: Amber
HAIR: Sable



...my body is a weapon...
The one good thing living on a hostile planet amidst people that loathe your existence - you learn to defend yourself real fast. There's nothing like experience to hone your reflexes, nothing like near-daily fights to perfect a hard right-cross. I stay in shape to stay a step ahead, and also because my feral side demands it. It keeps me sharp on every level. I'm also heavier than I look...so I pack a heck of a punch.

...with every beat of my heart...
I have a big heart. Somehow, in spite of the disaster of my short life so far, I still have emotions. Positive ones, at that. Though it takes me a while to become comfortable with people, when you gain my trust you gain and ally and a friend for life. I will raze mountains if it means coming to your side in the midst of peril, no matter the odds of our survival.

...beneath the surface of my skin...
I'm learning to appreciate my feline side. She demands much, but she's worth it. She's the other half of me, the one that becomes ascendant when I shapeshift. It is an ability of the Felacatians to shed their human form in favor of a massive feline predator's shape. But as a half-breed, there is a visible difference - the lethal spikes lining my back are fewer in number and shorter, as are the saber-like fangs. My senses in my feline form are not so refined as a full-blooded Felacatian's would are, either. But in my human form, I retain my feline senses, some of the incredible balance and speed and strength. It also means that in my human form, I'm heavier than I look because my feline form stands over a meter tall at the shoulders. My other half is Shi'ido, another shapeshifter, though again, limitations apply - I can't take a shape that isn't humanoid.
Still though, it's good to be me, baby.


...with every beat of my heart...
That same caring heart is also a weakness at times. I can care too much, love too much, and be pushed beyond reason if enough pressure is applied to the proper point, be that a person I hold or a place I consider sacred.

...when I lose track of time...
Here's where I critically differ the most from a full Felacatian. Most of them learn to endure hyperspace and travel quite extensively without being forced into their animal skin against their will. I'm hoping someday I get to that level of control. My Shi'ido physiology allows me to deal with travel without being forced into my feline form. But she still needs her outlet, so every four weeks, I have no choice but to spend at least twenty four straight hours in my feline shape. I can sometimes push it longer, if necessity dictates the need, but if I'm forced into my feline form - whether I lose track of time or I hold myself in human form for too long...well. I can't always control my predatory instincts.



Mara is a shape-shifter by both sides of her lineage, and as such, has a number of natural abilities that do not draw on the Force at all (scent, hearing, tracking, physical strength, agility, dexterity). Her Felacatian abilities are the strongest, and her feline form the most comfortable. Her Shi'ido gifts are relatively minor. She cannot fully shapeshift into anything other than feline forms, and she does not possess the special Shi'ido version of telepathy. She can, however, alter her hair color, skin color, and manipulate her body in minor ways (make herself look like a Zeltron? sure. a Twi'lek? ain't gonna happen). It is most likely that her Felacatian genetics kept her Shi'ido side in check until she matured physically, with this new slate of minor abilities coming upon her shortly after her 18th birthday. Also, given her peculiar genetics, she is completely sterile and therefore unable to bear any children.



Standing five feet, ten inches tall, Marakai has a deceptively slender, toned figure. Some would call it a dancer's physique, with slender, supple limbs and toned muscles. But she is heavier than her appearance would lead you to believe, weighing it at one hundred seventy pounds where she doesn't look any more than one twenty soaking wet. Her unique half-breed physiology demands that she be heavier in her human shape in order to support the shapeshifting she is capable of.

In her 'human' form, waist length curls are a warm auburn, while her eyes are a warm amber. She possesses a
tattoo that takes up most of her back with its tribal-style lines and delicate blossoms. She has several scars - the most visible of which are the ones that have marred the skin of both wrists. Deep punctures on top and garish slashes across the bottom look as if a desperate predator had grabbed hold with its teeth and violently shook its head. Second is a similar looking scar across the back of her neck, the scars spaced farther apart, resulting from the maw of a much bigger predator.

In her feline form, she stands a meter and a half tall at the shoulders, with warm auburn fur the same shade as the aforementioned curls. Her eyes flash to a burnished felinoid shade of gold, complete with slitted pupils. One final difference between her half-breed physiology and the full blooded Felacation...in her human form, she has no fur and no tail. She does however possess a decidedly sharp set of canines that isn't always obvious at first glance.



Let's get this first detail out of the way - I am a half-breed. Tainted blood. The pollution in my mother's pristine family. My mother, may the blessings of the gods follow her in the afterlife, loved me fiercely in spite of her family.

I was born to Ansharrrra Miarren Peradun, on the planet of Felacat. She was forced to live away from the embrace of her family, in a tiny house on the outskirts of the outskirts of town. It was just the two of us, unless someone from the family came over to lecture her on her sinful ways and worthless half-breed cub. But she didn't care. My mother was strong and she had a spine of durasteel. She told me she didn't care what they thought. That I was a blessing, and that she loved me, and that my father, though she never named him, would have loved me as well. It was clear even when I was very little that my mother had loved my father something fierce, and that when death took him away from her, she would have followed had she not had a piece of him in me to will her to live and thrive.

But...back to growing up on Felacat. It was...aside from the haven of our little house, difficult to say the least. My cousins all hated me (mother came from a family of several siblings and lots of cubs) because their parents told them it was the right thing to do. "We don't like the half-breed. She's an insult to the family name, and she looks like a filthy human." Needless to say, Felacatians don't really like Humans all that much, thought most of them manage to at least put on a polite face when dealing with them.

When I was born, I should mention, I was born in human form. I couldn't achieve a full shapeshift into my feline form until I was eight. But I learned how to partially shift - like, letting my fingers lengthen into claws, or changing my eyes so I could see in the dark. My senses would get easily overwhelmed with all the input that my brain had to learn to deal with, where a full Felacatian would have dealt with things on an instinctual level.

Things...well, they just sort of continued on. Nothing ever changed...at least, not until the day my mother died. Then, suddenly, she was welcomed back into her family fold. But I was instantly exiled from the only home I'd ever known and not even allowed to attend her funeral. I suppose, frankly, that I should be glad I was at least allowed to live.

It's been about a year now, and it's been hard. Earning credits enough to live has been interesting, to say the least. But fighting is at least putting food in my mouth, and a roof - such as it is - over my head. Someday...something will change.


So, it's been a few months since I've been here. It's...been interesting, to say the least. I have a relationship...ok, had, I guess, considering he 'needs his space' and needs 'time to think' and he decided that I apparently need time to 'focus on me' because he feels like he's 'holding me back'. Force help me it hurts to write that out. I can't imagine my life without him, and now I suppose I have to start.

No, it's not the only thing that's happened. Just...just the most painful and most recent. Apparently, in addition to finding my place among the Jedi, I discovered I have a half-sister. Her name is E'vi...she and I have talked a couple of times. Apparently her mom is a Chiss archaeologist, and our dad is a Shi'ido Mandalorian. Well, dar'manda, she tells me, is what it's called when they're....uh, excommunicated? She explained it, but I honestly don't remember it much. Anyway. So E'vi lives on Mandalore...which means visiting her to get to know her is sort of out of the question with the recent...hostilities. She even apologized that our dad was around to raise her, but abandoned my mom.

I didn't know what to make of that, honestly...I mean, its not her fault. But at the same time, I have to admit its made me a little bitter, even though I know it won't do me any good. I'll let it go eventually, though...I'll have to. It's nice to know I have a sister...oh! And a nephew! E'vi has a son, named Cade. He's three...and he called me Auntie Mara on the comm this morning...that was really sweet.

Right...kark, I'm running late. Diana's waiting...more soon.


Ok, so looking at the time stamp of the last entry, maybe it's not so soon. Diana's gone...died on Dromund Kaas. It hurts like hell still, and it's been a good several months. I think it...no, I'm certain it affected Avalore more than anyone else outside of her family. I'm still too broken on my own for it to really sink in. I'm not worth the Knighthood she conferred on me after we lost Coruscant to the Sith. I don't know what to do to fix this mess I've made of my life.
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Marakai Al'Orren

[:] P R I M A L [:]
@[member="Meta"] - Aren't you sweet ;)

@[member="Sarge Potteiger"] - Thank you kindly :) and, I must add, the sig in your rotation with the smileys on top of the soldiers just makes me giggle every time it shows up :D

Sarge Potteiger

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Nice job. I'm looking for a few threads to busy myself with - would you be up for one? You resemble an Admiral that Sarge used to work with, and it amuses me to have him meet people who remind him of people he used to know.