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[TSA] Operation Warlord's Dominion (T2 Dom for Yaga Minor and Kalee)

Ascendant Circle Hall
City of Ravelin, Capital City of Bastion

(Post 1/20)

Packed to capacity in a fashion rare even for the Sith of the Ascendancy, the Ascendant Circle Hall was filled with black-, red- and even purple-robed individuals, all armed, all projecting a presence in the Force that would be sensed a mile away by others of their kind. Collectively, theirs was a beacon of darkness, concentrated and powerful, a nexus of tempestuous energy that could be experienced in few places within the Galaxy. That they all stood silently, waiting, spoke to the importance of the gathering, an opportunity to learn of their next step.

A holoprojector rested in the centre of the circular hall, having risen from beneath a concealed portion of the floor, extending upwards so the image it projected appeared large above the seats of the Lords in the circle, and visible therefore to those standing towards the sides of the chamber. Standing in plain relief, cast in soft blue light above the hall: two planets, each visibly different to the other. One was a technological world, surrounded by an artificial ring: a vast station intended to serve as a means of building ships and weapons of war. This was Yaga Minor, one of the most highly-prized planets in the area, wealthy and capable of providing significant advantage to the faction that held it.

The second planet was far less fascinating: a green-blue world of jungle foliage and broad oceans, peaceful by all appearances, yet possessed of a strong, warlike population that had a tendency to wage war to prove their dominance: qualities that the Sith could very much appreciate. If such beings could be subjugated, conscripted into service but not broken by it, they might prove a valuable asset for the Ascendancy. This was very much at the forefront of the Circle's thoughts as they planned their newest offensive.

"Behold: Operation Warlord's Dominion," Tirdarius observed, gesturing towards the holoprojector. "A two-front operation designed to capture two worlds valuable to the Ascendancy, and also one that will allow us to mete out a little justice for recent injuries done to our people."

The holoprojector adjusted, the two planets vanishing, replaced by a single image of Yaga Minor, vast, inviting, an excellent choice of target. During their last operation, securing several key worlds vital to the Ascendancy's future, their forces had come under assault by beings known as 'Force Hunters'. Intelligence had tracked a number of them as having come from Yaga Minor: the primary reason for which the Sith had now turned their attention to the prosperous shipyard world, perhaps sooner than it otherwise might have done.

"Since we established ourselves on Bastion, we have met resistance from rogue Mandalorians calling themselves 'Force Hunters', beings pledged to wipe us out and remove the Sith from the board," he continued, a slight scowl forming on his features. Only those with an inflated sense of self-worth could place their own preferences above the good of the Galaxy. Threatening the Ascendancy was only seeking to add to the chaos, rather than embracing the order that the Circle sought to impose. "Lord Krest's operatives have traced one of their cells here, to Yaga Minor."

The image zoomed in, now showing an Ascendant battle fleet in detail approaching the planet: Star Destroyers and smaller support vessels, along with squadrons of starfighters. The shipyards at Bastion had been working tirelessly, day and night, in order to churn out the mighty vessels that would enable the Ascendancy to carve up the Galaxy and impose stability and rule of law on worlds that had so frequently been forced to fend for themselves, or simply used as pawns by factions that cared only for their own power, and little for the people trampled underfoot. A thing we mean to change.

"Our operation will have two phases: the first, led by myself, will take an attack force to Yaga Minor, to root out the Force Hunters based on the planet, and also to secure the shipyards in orbit for the Ascendancy." As always, the Lords would select their own assignments, and choose Knights and Acolytes best suited to aid them in this. Tirdarius would oversee the Yaga Minor assault, but others would take control of their forces on the ground, in order to assault the Force Hunters and teach them a much-needed lesson. "Contrary to our past engagements, this will be a full military assault with both fleet and ground elements. Yaga Minor must be taught a harsh lesson, and made to understand that we are not to be trifled with."

Finally, the holoprojector shifted again, now showing Kalee from a distance, as it might be seen on approach by any ship having dropped out of Hyperspace. It was a beautiful planet, truly, and one that Tirdarius intended to see join the Ascendancy, contributing crops and valuable troops to the ranks.

"Lord Carnifex will be taking his forces to Kalee. The inhabitants are a warrior race, well-known for their prowess in battle, and their respect for those who can match them," he noted. The projector now showed an image of the native Kaleesh: fearsome reptilians, with faces that would terrify any enemy, clad in armour and wielding primitive but deadly weapons. "Those Sith wishing to prove themselves in single combat might benefit from challenging the Kaleesh, and may accompany Lord Carnifex in the field, if he so approves."

A wave of his hand, and the holoprojector shut down, descending into a niche in the floor which was then covered by a marble plate, becoming indistinguishable from the rest of the floor once sealed. The lights around the hall rose in illumination, brightening the darkness that had flooded the hall.

"See your designated superiors for your assignments, and bring victory to the Ascendancy. Go now. This gathering of the Circle is at an end."

Darth Osano

Post: [01/20]
Location: Fort Amaranth
Objective: Mind Your Own Business

The hologram of Commissar Isewitz looked rather grim. Stern and calm, but grim. Being tipped off to an impending invasion rarely put anyone in a sunny mood, especially if it was his planet that was going to be invaded. "How long do we have?" He said rigidly, adjusting the collar on his suit. At the end of the day, there was very little the Commissar could do to impact either side in the pending battle. He was the head of the Agricultural Commissariat. What was he going to do? Sow them to death?

There was not very much the Commissar could do about this except follow the orders of his handlers in the Helix Syndicate. The Syndicate had, of course, assured him that the surest way to guarantee his survival, the survival of his family, and select subordinates through both the upcoming battle and subsequent crackdowns, was to follow their orders to the letter. They had also made it clear that he was the only one who would be getting this deal, since he was the only one in the Yaga Minor Commissar Council on the payroll of the Syndicate. Better not waste the opportunity, then.

"You have enough time to be moved." Maleagant replied. The Shi'ido did not look terribly sympathetic. Then again, he never looked terribly anything. "Gather your family. You will receive a list of some of your employees shortly. Ensure they and theirs are ready to leave as well."

"The... Workers? Why?"

Maleagant leveled a glare that indicated to Isewitz he was better off not asking any questions, just doing things.

Isewitz was able to pick up on this and nodded curtly. "Alright then. Sure."

"My men will come by to pick you up. Don't pack anything."

Maleagant was not pleased with the decision to invade Yaga Minor. The Sith Ascendancy were taking a sledgehammer to a planet that required a scalpel... Though perhaps he was biased, considering the property he owned on the planet. Maleagant was not the one calling the shots, though. The real estate the Helix Syndicate operated on Yaga Minor was already having to lock down in response to this bumbling. A great deal of money would be lost because of it. Aggravating, but he wasn't ruined yet. There was no way for him to change Ascendant policy at the moment. He could only move the pieces he needed off of the board so they wouldn't be destroyed. When the smoke cleared, they would be quietly reintroduced into the restructured government.

The call ended and the hologram of the Agriculture Commissar flickered off. Transmitting through the elusive HSNET would ensure the dialogue remained a private one. Maleagant sighed and began dialing the head of the Justice Commissariat next. This was his role now - making collect calls so less imaginative Sith didn't make a mess of his things.
Post: 1/20
Location: Kalee
Objective: Superiority

It was ironic. [member="Tirdarius"] was currently detailing the plans back in the Sith Council and utilizing the information the Intelligence Agency had gotten for Yaga Minor. Normally this would mean Krest would lead some sort of stealth operation, utilizing the Agency to it's fullest potential under his orders. But not this time. He walked through the jungle of Kalee, a steel sword on his hip, and a smile on his face.

For once he would not be in the shadows, but on the front lines.

Each step he took had him closer and closer to one of the many villages of the Kaleesh. They were a proud warrior race, something few could respect. As the King of Iridonia, he had that respect. [member="Darth Carnifex"] would host the mission, perhaps descending down on the world with his armies, but Krest would do it a different way. Each village he would go to he would challenge the strongest to one on one combat. When he won, they would follow him. Their honor would demand it.

But that would take too long. He wasn't on this crusade alone. No, this time he enlisted a friend, an apprentice, that needed an opportunity like this. [member="Kaalia Voldaren"] . Her mission here would be the same as his. Defeat the strongest, unite the tribes, and eventually meet up with Krest along the way.

The red man stopped outside his first target, already greeted by rifles leveled for his head and angry shouts filling his hears. He smiled wide as he spoke in their tongue.

"<I challenge the strongest.>"


Well-Known Member
Ascendant Circle Hall
City of Ravelin, Capital City of Bastion
Post 1
Silently the girl's eyes soaked up the imagery being projected to the congregation. She not only knew the power which resided here, she could feel the very tendrils of the Force - held back like a raging river by a dam, a mere trickle of power emerging upon the other side. It coursed through her too. The excitement, the anticipation of the days to come. It had been no small feat of the Sith Ascendancy to rise through the murk that had once been a loose conglomeration of Sith Lords and those who claimed the name of Sith but now, united under a common banner they had achieved much. In short time they had struck several blows to their enemies, risen and declared themselves the victors over the domain of Bastion. The war machine pressed onward now, Yaga Minor and Kalee in their sights.

Cautiously she shifted beneath her robes, her fingers finding the hilt of her sword and gently gripping its hilt. Though only an acolyte, she had learned much from simply observing Lord Tirdarius, in fact she had even begun to pick up a few of his subtle mannerisms of speech. No longer were the days long and cumbersome - now she felt they were too short with far too much work to be completed. Her eyes traced around the room, faces both familiar and foreign burned into her memory. It would do her well to remember their faces, remember their names where she could. The sword had become almost a comfort for her, its shortened blade and solid mass complementing her less than imposing stature - it was suited to her preferred method of fighting.

From beneath the cowl of her hood, the brunettes dark eyes peered towards the center where the Sith Lord stood. She would be recovering her instructions from him, though whether she was to remain at his side as a strategist or join those who would wage war both in space and on the surface of Yaga Minor - or even further, follow the Dread Lord Darth Carnifex to face the proud Kaleesh. She would find out soon enough. As the Sith Lord released them to their business she took a short step from where she'd been standing. Making her way carefully and slowly towards the center of the room, she would wait patiently - a hand reaching up and removing her hood in the presence of those far her superior.



тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
Location: Aboard the Mystic Veil​ (Orbiting Yaga Minor}
Objective: Yaga Minor Theatre (Destroy the Force Hunters' Buildings and Belongings}
​Allies: None
Enemies: Force Hunters
Military Might: TAIC x 400, TSA TIE Liberator x 1 squadron
​Posts: 1.20

​Once more the mighty juggernaut known as the Sith Ascendancy had turned their eyes to a new set of worlds, Yaga Minor and Kalee; both planets offering up different resources to the Sith. With so much interaction taking place throughout the galaxy with several establishments making bids to claim worlds, the Sith Ascendancy could not afford to rest on their previous success where they managed to bring several new planets under their protection. The game of survival was strong at work, and the Circle knew this game better than most. The Sith, historically, had always struggled to maintain the survival of their beliefs and philosophies, always forced to rebuild and regrow and redefine themselves. Each new generation of Sith who held a collective outlook always found themselves starting over in different sections of the known galaxy; some survived for centuries while others faltered in months. The Circle, and those that aligned to their cause, would not let that happen again.

​Orbiting Yaga Minor, the warship Mystic Veil​ positioned itself properly in the event a blockade was required; but their priority mission was to act as a command center between itself and the soon-to-be ground forces that awaited in their shuttles in the hanger bays. Reports of those notorious Force Hunters had established a foothold on Yaga Minor, and the Lords wanted them removed permanently. The Force Hunters, who were not recognized citizens, held a judgment of execution over their heads.

​Entering my own shuttle, void of soldiers, I gave the order to the two pilots to take us down to Yaga Minor. The other shuttles would follow us in a jagged formation to prevent those Force Hunters lining us up like ducks on a pond. I had previous dealings with these renegade Mandos before, and I had an understanding of how they thought. They wouldn't reveal themselves during a planned ambush if they couldn't wipe out the entire enemy lot in one swoop; unfortunately for them, we knew where they were. The problem was getting to them, which meant heavy fighting. But I brought along air support that would keep these hunters from getting to comfortable in their own skins. The advantage was in my favor.
Location: Kalee
Objective: Bring to heel
Post: 1

The jungles of Kalee were a first for Kaalia, although she no stranger to such an environment. It was not the location that had her count every step she took, but the reason she was here in the first place. To come to the aid of the Ascendacy, but more specifically [member="Krest"], was the why she had come here, but she very much knew she was by no means a known face to anyone else. The woman had counted her blessings that her objective meant she was working alone and later with Krest only. She had made sure absolutely nobody else knew of her ties with the Sith for as long as such a measure was necessary, but if she had been tasked to cooperate with others that would have forced her hand. Instead she walked through the green environment on her own, her task clear. One by one bring to heel the villages of Kalee by defeating their strongest, giving them no choice but to follow. And so she would.

The two saber hilts on her hips swung gently as she traversed the naturally created path, but the pair of weapons she carried were not the usual combination. Her first lightsaber, Mirari, was not seen on her left hip as it normally was. Today, it was not to be used. It was not the place, not the time, not fit for the mission. Today she was Sith, and so she carried the weapons used by one. Instead a hilt of simple but elegant design with an electrum finish. A gift from the Sith Lord who had sent her on this mission, and one she gladly carried. When the weapon was given to her its blade was pure white and at first Kaalia was not sure what the reasoning behind it was. That question was answered as the crystal of the saber, and as such the blade, shifted towards a red color more everytime she used it. Perhaps it was a test of sorts, but she did not pay it much mind. The weapon that was to be used in her right when compelled to utilize Jar'Kai was a role still given to Cruentis Cor, however.

A village came into view, signifying it was time to start fulfilling her objective. Kaalia stepped into the clearing to quickly meet the hostile nature of the natives. She stood unflinching at the threats, spoken in their own tongue, that were hurled her way and calmly replied with the words she had learned beforehand aimed at doing what she had come to achieve in their own language. ["I seek your strongest. I wish for a duel."]
Ascendancy Circle Hall
City of Ravelin, Capital City of Bastion

Darth Carnifex, Warmaster of the Sith Ascendancy, watched the debriefing with outward indifference. He'd had formulated much of this plan with his fellow Lords, he knew the gist of the operation. He would let the others take Yaga Minor, his destiny lay with Kalee and with its warrior people. He above most knew how these people thought, how their minds worked, for he was of a warrior society as well not so dissimilar from that of the Kaleesh.

They even shared the same classification of planet.

As the meeting wound to a close he briefly took aside [member="Tirdarius"] to wish him best of luck in his part of the campaign, "Be wary, my old friend. These Mandalorians are no mere brute zealots, they have a cleverness to them. Underestimate them at your peril, and may the Force ever serve you." There wasn't much else to be said, Tirdarius had seen Carnifex's battle reports following the skirmish above Mygeeto. The Warmaster trusted the man to use his head when he finally cornered those worthless rats in their hole, and he somewhat lamented the fact that he wouldn't be there to witness them burn.

Darr Itah-class Grand Battlecruiser, Blade of Fate
En Route to the Kalee System

A mighty host thundered through the turbulence of hyperspace, a great multitude of warships and carriers following in the wake of the Blade of Fate on their way towards the homeworld of the Kaleesh. Around them were a congregation of MAAC/iv dropships, each one filled with soldiers and Imperial bipedal walkers. As they exited hyperspace over the healing forest world, the larger warships would take defensive position around the world while the dropships made a beeline for the surface. Several MIGs would be launched to monitor hyperspace traffic in and around the system as their first line of defense against incursion, especially from those reviled Force Hunters.

The Blade of Fate would take chief position among the assembly of warships, its mighty prow cutting through the inky blackness of space to hang above Kalee like the headsman lining up his axe for the killing blow. From the ship's bowels would emerge a wide-winged ship escorted by two Imperial fighters who began to make their descent towards the planet below.

Old scars still marked Kalee, the remnants of an atrocity perpetrated by Darth Krag during the waning years of the Old Empire nearly twenty years ago. Some of them were so horrendous they could still be viewed from space, great stretches of plains and mountains reduced to nothing more than badlands coated with the ashes of countless dead. Nature, however; was slowly reclaiming what had been despoiled, and it was calculated that Kalee would eventually make a full recovery in due time. Only now the planet was permanently saturated with the Dark Side of the Force, and even in the upper atmosphere Carnifex could feel the agony of those who had been so callously butchered by Krag.

A prefabricated garrison was already in the process of being installed on the planet's surface by the time the Warmaster and his host had arrived, he'd wanted to be prepared and have his forces housed by the time they had made planetfall. Nothing killed a campaign faster than by being beset on all sides by the native populace without a cemented fortification, and even if the Kaleesh posed no significant threat to his operation he didn't dare leave anything to chance. But he did not plan to outright conquer them either, the Kaleesh were a warrior people who respected strength just as much as his own Epicanthix did.

He would show them the strength of the Sith and with hope incorporate them into his ranks.

Kalee, The Shattered Lands

The world had suffered atrocities the likes of which few survived. A near barren wasteland was the remnants of much of the world. The Kalee that survived were hardy folk, capable of surviving most anything. They were also very quick to fight, as Leos understood it. It was for this reason that, as the MAAC/iv he was in landed, the full force of the Vermilion Guard was deployed. No a small contingent as was normal, but the entire group. And along with them? Soldiers. Not of the Sith Ascendancy this time around, but soldiers of Horizon PMC, the personal army that he controlled and lent out to those who had need of their protective services. These were battle hardened soldiers, remnants of old armies, and young bloods that had slogged through severe training to become part of Horizon. They were not without ability.

Leos and Mae were both integral parts of the cargo, to be certain, but the real prize were the Kyber crystals, and the people that huddled around them, mostly resting on cots. Volunteers, each one of them dying. The role in what was to come was integral. Here was an opportunity for Leos to test the mechanism he and his teams of scientists were hard at work in perfecting, and he intended to make the most of it. The ship carried a lot of equipment where normally it would carry walkers, but they wouldn't need such machines for this trip.

"They are brave in their agony," he said to Mae, indicating the volunteers. "I don't even know for certain it will work, and neither do they, but still they volunteer."

It took a brave soul to do what they were doing. He was immensely proud to be standing near them. As the ship landed, and the troops disembarked to secure the landing site, Leos turned and stepped off himself. Dark robes swirled about him as he looked out over the planet. By now it had been long enough since devastation was wrought on the world that there was little danger from radiation. He'd even heard that the former Imperial Remnant that had dominated their sector of space had made efforts to recuperate the world, though they hadn't survived long enough to see it come to fruition. If what they had brought managed to work, they wouldn't have to wait years to fix a large part of the planet. But it was a big if. His orange eyes turned to Mae.

"What do you think?"

[member="Maelasi Eramar"]
[Post 1]


Saint of the Damned
Location: Yaga Minor
Allies Nearby: [member="Darth Sarcophago"]
Objective: Destroy Force Hunter buildings and crush any resistance
Post: 1

A drop ship gently drifted to the surface of Yaga Minor, slowly decelerating as it made it's descent to the industrial world below. Lark lounged in one of the seats, legs stretched out in front of him, head rested on his shoulder. His rose-colored hair gently rested in front of his eyes, and he idly picked the cloth off the chair he lay in. He let the small, ripped pieces of dark fabric fall to the floor, reminding him of small scraps of ash that fell after he had slain the Queen of the kinrath hive on Dantooine. Other soldiers looked at him with an intense skepticism, unsure what to make of the pallid Sith Acolyte. "Is something the matter?" He asked quietly.

"N-no sir," one soldier stammered. They were clad in the traditional dark armor that Lark had become so accustomed to seeing. The armor had done little to protect them from the claws of beasts, perhaps it was better suited to shield them from blaster fire. Lark fidgeted with the hilt of his enchanted sword, scratch marks covered everything but the cerulean blade itself.

"Good," he muttered through closed lips, nearly inaudible. "Because I believe we've arrived." He stood up from the shredded seat, walking towards the lift as it dropped down, and emerging onto Yaga Minor. Securing the shipyards would be vital for strengthening the Ascendancy fleets, and the Force Hunters continued to be a thorn in their side, one that must be removed at all costs. The purge of the Hunters would be sudden, they would not receive the luxury of preparation.

Leaving his troops behind, he quickly scaled a building, climbing several stories in the few minutes he had left before the battle began. When he reached the top of the building he gazed outwards towards the city, forming a mental map of the area in his mind. Alleyways that could be used for flanking, optimal positions for snipers, Lark cataloged them in his mind. For a brief moment the thoughts of the coming battle left his thoughts, and he curiously wondered how many workers, tired of their menial occupation, lept from the very spot he stood. While Lark's story prepared to enter it's next chapter, how many tales ended right here?

But what did it matter? All tales came to an end eventually. Most things in life never happen, but death was an eternal constant. Only then, after one passed on into nothingness, were they truly at peace. Only in death are we truly equal.

The Force Hunters would soon learn that, as the battle reached it's birth.
Location: Yaga Minor
Objective: Blockade Planet and secure Orbital Shipyards
Allies: [member="Tirdarius"] TSA Forces
Enemies: Yaga Minor forces.

Ascendancy Naval Commander Norin Kellarov stood on the bridge of the Reformation Class Dreadnought as the Task Force popped out of hyperspace. Their goal this day was two fold. One was to blockade the planet and prevent anyone not a member of the Ascendency invasion force from entering or leaving the planet. The second objective was to secure the orbital shipyard. Their role in that objective was to soften any station defenses so a boarding action could be committed against the station.

Norin turned to the communications officer.

"Ok open up a line to all ships in the Task Force."

Waiting a minute before continuing.

"All Task Force vessels break off into your assigned Blockade positions. Launch all fighters and set up screens."

Motioning for the line to be cut Norin turned to his bridge officers.

"Raise the shields and warm up all weapons. and get me a line to Lord Tirdarius."

A few minutes later Norin once again spoke.

"My Lord, Commander Kellarov. We have arrived at Yaga Minor and are moving into blockade position. We expect to be running operations against the shipyard in..........five minutes."

In the hangar bay fighters were going through final flight checks before launch. This was Norin first operation with the Ascendency and he would do it by the numbers.
Post: 2/20
Location: Kalee
Objective: Superiority

The guns weren't lowered at the challenge. In fact, they were raised slightly higher, as if the guards were insulted by the red mans words. An outsider speaking their tongue, challenging them as if he had a right to. Krest could feel their anger, their hate, but he never let his calm smile fade. If they were like any warrior from his own planet they would honor this challenge, regardless of the outsider.

It was when they pointed their guns away from the Zabrak that something amiss was felt. The Force whispered of an unnatural danger and as the Kaleesh parted to allow Krest through the feeling only got stronger. Ahead wasn't what he expected of the strongest. He was not tall, not broad of soldier, not intimidating in the slightest. He wasn't even a he. The woman sat within a stone lined circle, most likely the arena, armed with only a sword on her lap. Her bone mask was was lined with brightly colored beads and paint, a contrast to the masks of the guards that had let the Sith in.

"You as an outsider demand combat, and I shall provide. What is the name of this man I am to kill?"
Post # 1
It was the one thing his master asked of him time and time again. Acolytes were to know their place within the ranks of sith. Like all great orders, eventually there would be failure. When the dust settled from the collapse of any regime, something new would arise. In this case it was the Sith Ascendancy, an order that comprised itself of those faithful to the cause. Still, Orion wasn't aware of the new order until he had arrived weeks ago. He had been sheltered from the world forced to train under strict orders from [member="Krest"]. He was a hidden weapon, a growing monster ready to be fed the failures of the opposition. Orion waited patiently for months, completely off the gird, thanks to Krest's resourcefulness. In the months of hunting and learning the ways of the sith, he had moments of loneliness and anger. This, of course, only fueled the darkside stirring inside him. Even still, he waited for the calling, obedient and unwavering, like a dog.​
Orion's long absence had granted him trust with his master, proving he was a worthy component to the cause and ultimately, himself. The Sith Ascendancy wasted no time in utilizing him, per his masters orders, he was to take a ship with a unit of Shadow Troopers and infiltrate the shipyards. It wasn't something he thought was going to be carried out be him and him alone. In fact, he thought he would be going with his master to Kalee. Instead, the log specifically called for him to operate without and without, he would. Orion knew that there was no room for failure, with a quick stroke of his hand, he snatched his dark, black cloak and walked through the blue lighting from the hologram in front of him. Reaching the center of the small ship he threw his cloak over his shoulders and looked at the small projection of Yaga Minor. His chrome mask glistened as he stared at the slowly gyrating planet, almost lost to the display he was forced back into reality.​
"Sir, we've almost reached the blockade. We aren't sure if we'll make it in time to slip through." The voice was clean and held a youthful tone.​
"Then make time." Orion snapped.​
"Very well, I'll tell the pilot to continue with haste." The uniformed man said, hesitating to say what was bothering him.​
"What is it Lieutenant? Spit it out." Orion demanded.​
"Well, you see sir, um... we have no pods equipped to the ship. I hate to tell you this, but there is no way into the yards without docking...which would get us all killed, respectfully sir, I urge you to join the blockade and assist them." The Lieutenant explained.​
"Do you take me for a fool, Lieutenant Addley?" Orion asked, already aware of the current situation. Addley swallowed with a nervous twinge.​
"No sir, I mean...surely you understand the urgency of our current situation. I only meant to..."
"You only meant to point out my inexperience and report back to my master, all to gain another medal. So before you think you can advise me on the situation, why not thoroughly go over the manifest I've created for this exact scenario." Orion finished and slammed a small black pad into Addley's chest. "See to it that you relay the details to everyone. We are close, I can feel it in the force."
Orion made way for his unit of Shadow Troopers, equipped perfectly for his strategy. They would descend from space and latch onto the orbital shipyard. Finding a way in was going to be the difficult part. He turned the corner as a small, narrow curved hallway greeted him. It was dim and when he reached the farthest door on the right a vibrant red hue touched him. Orion stood in the doorway as he looked in. Their they were, a dozen of them all still and silent. Their armor was glossed over and a dark silver. What was more important were the SAR-41 multi purpose assault rifles strapped to their backs. These would be useful if they ran into serious resistance. Orion scanned each of them, until he reached the singular trooper at the front. Orion walked lightly towards the trooper and grinned.​
"Squad Leader RN-7." Orion paused. "Is there anything I should know about before I trust you all with my life?"
The Shadow Trooper stood motionless until Orion spoke. It's head shifted and a electronic voice crept through. "We will dive towards the structure at a complete forty five degree angle, if not we will falter. I do, however, would like to extend a backup, if you will." The shadow trooper's voice sounded feminine and confident. "I suggest we dive before we are within the blockade, we'll be catapulted towards the structure quicker and we'll never be noticed by their infrared sensors. They'll never know what hit them, sir."
Orion smiled, whoever she was she was smart. Even sith could be wrong in their assessments.​
"Very well, we dive in sixty seconds, be ready and may the force guide you."
60 Seconds later...
The door behind them sealed shut as Orion looked to the large red button. He no longer had his traditional gear on. In order for the stealth mission to work he too looked like a normal Shadow Trooper, only one difference, his two sabers latched to his sides. The suit made him feel confined, almost claustrophobic, luckily he had no such condition. His heart began to pound as the ventilation system forced him to hear his own breathing. He shifted his glance to the Shadow troopers behind him and lifted his arm. White decompressed air slammed into them from above as the door slowly drifted ajar. The vast emptiness that greeted them all was breathtaking, but cherishing such a sight wasn't on the agenda. As the door fully lifted, Orion waited till he saw the string of ships creating a wall to keep others out. He had been patched through to the other side as he announced his presence.​
"This is Orion Darkstar, here on behalf of the Sith Ascendancy. I request that you allow our ship to assist you and allow myself and twelve others to descend onto the shipyard." Orion couldn't remember the name given to him, then it clicked. "I repeat, Naval Commander [member="Norin Kellarov"] we are free diving onto the shipyard, allow our ship to assist you while we carry out the mission."
He gave the warning, he waited only a few more seconds until he shut down the comms. He looked back at the unit and smiled underneath the gray helmet. They already waited too long, Orion tapped the side of his suit and the floor below released him as he pushed off with his knees and darted for the structure. The shadow troopers and their leader RN-7 followed in suit. Orion's heart began to speed up, the adrenaline made him excited as the large ring came into view. His mind was free of fear. Like a murder of crows they flew through deep space, an omen of death silently approaching.​
Post: [02/20]
Location: Yavvitiri City
Objective: Mind Your Own Business

The black-gloved hand of a Helix Syndicate Enforcer pounded several times on the door of the mansion. Judging by the various belongings still strewn about the yard, the mansion's security and servants had long since abandoned their posts. Hopefully the Commissar was still present. The three Enforcers currently standing at the doors had been ordered to take the Commissar and his family to the designated safe zone, a private bunker out in the wilderness. It would reflect poorly on all three men if the Commissar was either missing or dead. Fortunately, that was not the case. After what felt like an eternity, an exhausted but dignified looking man pulled open one of the doors. He had not shaved recently and his suit was sloppily worn. Someone had not been sleeping.

"Ah..." He said, looking between the Enforcers. The Enforcers looked back blankly, bull's-eye helmets betraying nothing. "You're here."

"We have a shuttle waiting for you, Commissar." One of the Enforcers said. He stood to the left and was a little shorter than the rest. "Is your family ready?"

The Justice Commissar smacked his lips nervously. "I... I had a, a change of conscience."

A woman's voice could be heard somewhere behind the Commissar. Older. Probably his wife. "Tell them, Rodger."

The Commissar, Rodger, straightened up a little bit and tried to look proud. It didn't work. "I am the Commissar of Justice for the right and honorable government of Yaga Minor. I will not be driven into hiding by a war band of Sith. If I am to be captured, tried, and executed for remaining loyal to my government, then so be it. I am a servant of the people, and it is my solemn duty to- Hey!"

Two Enforcers abruptly grabbed the Commissar by both of his arms and hauled him from the doorway. Rodger attempted to hold fast to the doorknob and almost dragged it closed as he was pulled off. His wife yelled once in shock and then started berating everyone present with a litany of profanity. While the Commissar was taken, kicking and screaming, to the waiting shuttle, the shorter Enforcer attempted to apprehend his wife. Ultimately he had to wait for a fourth Enforcer to exit the waiting shuttle to come and assist him, as there was no other way to bring her along without having to inflict grievous injury. Once they were locked into the back of the shuttle, they quieted considerably and made no further efforts to get out of the impromptu restraints. This remained true for the entire flight.

One could guess, accurately, that they were privately grateful that their attempt at martyrdom had been overruled by a higher power.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
Location: Yaga Minor
Objective: Yaga Minor Theatre (Destroy the Force Hunters' Buildings and Belongings}
​Allies: ​[member="Lark"]
Enemies: Force Hunters
Military Might: TAIC x 400, TSA TIE Liberator x 1 squadron
Posts: 2.20

​The dropships landed, spewing the infantry from the mechanical transports. The first of the troops quickly set up a defensive perimeter allowing for their brethren to exit the ship unimpeded. If there were any Force Hunter scouts in the vicinity, they would have undoubtedly sent back reports of the landing party; alerting their comrades that a major offensive against their positions was underway. The Force Hunters were strong, tough warriors but even they would find the numbers against them; which as Mandos they would perceive this as a challenge to their warrior pride.

​Stepping off the shuttle, I looked to the surrounding region for any signs of a potential ambush. Back on Bastion I fought them in the forests where the terrain worked in their favor, but here at this landing zone I robbed them of that opportunity. I chose a landing site that was open and void of defensive barriers, which would equal the playing field if they attacked. These Hunters may be some of the best in the galaxy, but even they would not be foolish to attack in such a open view setting. And had they attacked, one simple call to the warship and those fly boys would have a field day.

​The two company commanders joined my side, where we went over our game plan. With the conclusion of our small meeting, we gathered the troops and began marching toward our first objective; an ancient ruins where it was reported a small band of Hunters were using as a staging point.
Location: Yaga Minor
Objective: Blockade Planet and secure Orbital Shipyards
Allies: [member="Tirdarius"] TSA Forces
Enemies: Yaga Minor forces.

Norin closely monitored the Hangar operations. Once the initial requesting to launch were coming over the comms Norin nodded.

"Tell all vessels to launch fighters at will weapons hot."

Norin and his officers watched the scanners as a total of 156 fighters came screaming out into the black. It reminded Norin of his days making gun runs for troops on the ground. He even allowed himself to crack a smile. It was however a smile that quickly evaporated as the comm sparked to life. Norin listened shaking his head.

"Who the feth is [member="Orion Darkstar"] and who authorized a black ops mission in the middle of a blockade without warning friendly forces."

Norin himself walked over to hit the Task Force wide comm channel.

"All Task Force force be advised you have friendlies in your field of fire I say again you have friendlies in your field of fire. All fighters disengage......... I say again all fighters disengage."

Norin looked at his bridge officers and took a deep breath.

"Somebody get me everything you can on this Orion Darkstar.............reassign all fighter to overwatch patrols. Let's hope who ever they are they are blaster proof."

Norin moved over back to the Captain's chair taking a seat and another deep breath.

"Blockade status?"
Location: Yaga Minor
Objective: Capture the space station
Allies: [member="Darth Sarcophago"] [member="Lark"] [member="Orion Darkstar"] [member=[URL=""]Norin Kellarov[/URL]]
Enemies: Yaga Minor forces
Post: 1/20

There were only two life forms in the entire contingent that was now exiting hyper-space. Serenity, and her sister. The only other being was a droid commander who accompanied the 3 in standing on the ship's, "main deck", that being a holo display of the immediate battlefield vicinity, and given that the ship literally had no windows or means of seeing outside, it would prove useful in the upcoming hours.

Soaring in a triangle like formation with a swarm of various ships infront of them, and probably to act more like cover than for offensive capabilities. In a silent phrase, her sister grunted and left for the stasis pods. She didn't want to see what was about to happen, and the possible millions of credits about to be wasted in the name of war.

"Ma'am, are we commencing the assault?"

"As far as I'm aware.. it's a blockade." Looking to the projector which was displaying outlines of various ships moving into position.

"Charge the shock cannons would you?"

"That would render us defenseless."

"I'm aware. Just do it."

A hum of energy could be heard as all 3 of the ship's shields disengaged and the tails began to move into position. In turn, the fighters began to make holes in their movements, in fact, stopped moving at all to allow the ships to fire.

"FRIENDLY LIFE-FORM DETECTED. DISENGAGING." A seemingly omnipresent voice spoke throughout the ship, before the weapons disengaged and the power was restored to the shields.

A sigh emitted from the girls' mouth. "Did you try and fire at the blockade?"

"No, there appears to be Ascendancy vessels moving in on the space station." Moving its finger to point to the Shadow Trooper's ships who were attempting a landing. Slamming her fist down and opening a direct comm link with every Sith vessel in the system.

"Could I be informed of which idiot launched their dropships before the entire task force is ready to engage?"
Post: 3/20
Location: Kalee
Objective: Superiority

"I am Krest, though I hope death isn't the outcome of this duel." He grasped the hilt of his sword, slowly drawing it from it's sheath as non-aggressively as possible. He was hoping to exchange words before the battle would begin, but that delusion was quickly broken as the woman before him sprang to her feet and charged him. She was much faster than he had anticipated, reaching him just as his steel sword was freed from it's sheath. With mild surprise he caught her lethal arc against his blade, only to find his single handed block easily knocked away.

With his blade knocked high she came around again, her blade slashing for his chest with fury. He had underestimated her only because of how the Kaleesh were. Woman were trophy wives. Krest should have known as soon as he saw the woman that she was no such prize. With a wide grin back on his face his mechanical hand came around, catching the blade in it's durasteel grasp.

"Haha! You fight well!"
In many ways, the Kaleesh were not dissimilar from the Epicanthix. Both species' culture revolved around war, and the glorification of the warriors who protect their families and their flags. They were not a people to be underestimated, and Drios was well aware of that, for the Kaleesh had survived traumas which would cripple a lesser race. The Kaleesh were to be respected, even in death. It would be a pity to slaughter a number of their ranks, in fact Rapux and the infantry he was accompanying would do their best to avoid it. The Ascendancy would benefit greatly from the influx of soldiers Kalee would bring them.

Objective: Impress the Kaleesh
Enemies: Anyone who opposes the TSA
Allies: Any Sith in the area

The sound of marching was the only warning the Kaleesh recieved as Drios arrived. The village the Sith and the soldiers had been landed near was a large one, stocked full of angry men and women. Children were ushered into their homes and the doors were bolted as the unit marched through the street. Rapux could sense the fear, and the anger through the Force and a twang of glee was depicted on his face. He would enjoy this.

The commander raised his hand and the marching stopped, and the ranks split to allow Drios to take place in the lead of the group. The commander's voice rang out to reach the ears of every able-bodied warrior within the group. "Here before me stands an aspiring Sith. He is a warrior, not unlike you. Defeat him, and your village will be left. If you lose, we gain control of your land and you become citizens of the Ascendancy." There was no movement, or even sound for a moment before a single male approached Drios with an electrostaff.

Drios' saber ignited with a snap, and he began to run at the warrior with his blade held before him in one hand. The two weapons met with a fierce shriek of Drios' blade and a flurry of spark were shed onto the ground.
Location: Kalee
Objective: Bring to heel
Post: 2

It seemed the people that had surrounded Kaalia weren't very fond of her wish. She didn't react to their shouting and more physical threats however, simply standing in their midst, her adrenaline building unbenknownst to the others. A fight was coming, whether it was in the way she wanted or not, and she was more than ready. Her hands were inches away from her sabers and slightly swivelled her head back and forth with an expressionless face. She was ready to strike the second one of them did, but that turned out to be unnecessary.

"And what makes you think you deserve such an opportunity, outsider?"

A man in an elaborate gown, for the standards of the village at least, stepped through the circle of warriors that had surrounded the redhead. The hint of a smirk formed on her face, taking in the features of the man she was set on making bow down to her. "Not only that, but a woman? You are foolish for thinking you can best me." Kaalia's smirk turned to a broad smile, amused at the attempt to talk her down. "Then, if you are so sure I am no match for you, why don't you show me personally?" There was an allure to her voice, the persuasion attempt likely aided by the dangerous scar she bore at her left eye. "I don't think I have to explain to you what it would mean if you won our duel," the man replied, "but I owe nothing to an outsider. I demand a prize would I win. That prize will be you." A hearty laugh was heard coming from the woman at the condition before answering. "I was going to spare you, but you just signed your own death wish." She unclipped the saber she had been gifted by Krest and ignited it. "Or is that unfair?" The man's answer was quite direct as he revealed a hilt of his own from his gown. Two warriors helped him take off his garment, revealing a combat-ready outfit, and ignited his green-bladed weapon. "I have killed one of your kind before, outsider. I will gladly do so again."
Post: [02/20]
Location: Bridge of the ANV Retribution, in space above Yaga Minor
Objective: Oversee the conquest of Yaga Minor

| [member="Maleagant"] | [member="Lyra Naerys"] | [member="Darth Sarcophago"] | [member="Lark"] | [member="Norin Kellarov"] | [member="Orion Darkstar"] | [member="Helix Syndicate"] | [member="Serenity Loveheart"] |​

A foreboding vessel of silver-metallic alloys vast in the shadow of the nearby planet, the Retribution watched in silence, the sizeable ion engines silent as the ship drifted slowly in orbit. Others were present, of course: this particular operation was as much a signal to the Ascendancy as it was a cold threat to the government of Yaga Minor. The Ascendant fleet had reverted from hyperspace in mass formation, foreboding vessels descending upon a world that could not repel them.

True, there were the orbital weapons platforms: Golan Space Defense Platforms, several of them arrayed at varying positions around the vast shipyards, prepared to protect the planet against true incursion. Had the Ascendancy arrived with guns blazing, undoubtedly they would have had a fight - one that Tirdarius was certain they would win, given that the Golan platforms were older technology, far less advanced than the ships designed by Ignus and the other research teams at Bastion. The shipyards there had been working non-stop for months, and the results were nothing short of meeting every expectation. Had Yaga Minor decided to fight, they would lose.

Not that the incursion by the Ascendant fleet was designed to be bloodless: the initial blockade had already been launched by Commander Kellerov, an ambitious naval officer, but one that had executed his orders quickly enough. The fleet had moved into position with the rapid efficiency that the Sith had come to expect, the discipline of their personnel evident in the way they simply took charge. Shuttles and fighters had already been launched from the capital ships, heading down to the planet, the larger vessels transmitting a single warning to the population of Yaga Minor: Don't get in our way, and you won't be harmed.

After all, the Ascendancy had not come here for them. They had a very different score to settle.

[member="Krest"] had provided them with intelligence regarding the whereabouts of Mandalorian enclaves on the planet: those fools had thought to simply engage Ascendancy forces and run into hiding thereafter, not expecting vengeance to follow. How little they understand of the Sith. Tirdarius had only needed to see the lists of names of those that had died in the attacks on Muunilist and Mygeeto to know that only one decision had to be made: a lesson needed to be taught, payment to be exacted, revenge to be taken. Those troopers had fought for the Ascendancy, died for it, and their families deserved to know that the ones responsible had paid the price in kind. [member="Darth Sarcophago"] was already on her way down to the surface to see to it. In some respects, Tirdarius had been rather tempted to join her.

Still, that wasn't their only purpose here: the shipyards needed to be secured, and the government of Yaga Minor made an offer by the Ascendant Circle. Planets like this were used to a certain amount of autonomy, and the Circle would grant them that, provided they agreed to live by Ascendancy law, and place their production capabilities into Sith hands. And, in return, the fleet you see orbiting your planet will be used to protect you, and provide you with all the contracts you'll ever need to keep your world prosperous. A tidy deal, if they would respond to communications and allow it to be made.

"Communicate my compliments to Commander Kellerov and instruct him to begin sending troop transports down to the shipyards," the Sith Lord noted crisply, turning to his aide, who had been standing nearby at a respectful distance, awaiting orders while doing her best not to intrude on Tirdarius' musings. "Any overt resistance should be quelled, but I would prefer that the shipyards be secured without incident. I want reports every hour."

Taking the shipyards wouldn't be the problematic part: their forces could achieve that with a few squads, if it came to it, though there were far more aboard the Ascendancy vessels. The difficulty, as he saw it, would be ensuring compliance from those on the station, and convincing the planetary government to co-operate. And that's always the hard part. Once we launch troop ships, we'll be a hostile force, and we may have to fight to prove our superiority. That would place lives in danger - on both sides. He could only hope someone down there on the planet would show some sense.

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