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Natalie LaForte

Natalie LaForte

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Name: Natalie Priscilla Genesis LaForte
Aliases: Serenity Loveheart (Formerly), Crazy Lady (Formerly), Darth Mara (Formerly)
Affiliations: The Sith Ascendancy (Formerly), The Sith Empire (Formerly), The Commenor Systems Alliance (Formerly), The Intergalactic Monetary Fund
Titles: Lady (within Mygeetoan jurisdiction), Knight of the Sith (Formerly), Chief of the Archives of the Great Vaults of Cato Neimodia (Formerly), Senator of Cato Neimodia (Formerly)
Nationality: Alderraanian
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Force alignment: Unaligned
Languages known: Galactic Basic, Runic Sith (written, fluent), Huttese
Alma Mater:
833 ABY - 839 ABY - Unspecified primary school
839 ABY - 846 ABY - Unspecified secondary school
846 ABY - 847 ABY - Royal Alderraan University of Social and Liberal arts
Major - Associate degree in fashion
Minor - Associate degree in anthropology


: 27
Sex: Female
Species: Human/Sanguinius Vampirika
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 120lb
Force sensitivity: Trained force user
Force power equivalent: Trained Knight/Untrained Master


Hair colour: Raven-black/Emerald
Eye colour: Sulfur yellow
Complexion: Pale white
: Natalie's canine teeth are unusually large. Natalie's body, when not masked by make-up or an illusion is littered with various Sith Runes which she uses as conduits of power when she utilizes the force, illuminating a sickly purple or yellow effervescence. Typically, she sports a long gown or robe of some sort.


Tropes: Corrupt corporate executive, Vampires are rich, Evil Overlord


+] - Vampirism - [The benefits of vampirism, while enumerable, are highlighted in increased vitality, reflexes, durability and regenerative capabilities]
+] - Negotiator - [Natalie's background in running her company has lent her to become a cutthroat negotiator]
+] - Force connection - [Natalie is force sensitive, and is quite potent in using some techniques]
+] - Defense orientated - [What little training Natalie has with weaponry is focused entirely in a defensive posture]
+] - Ritual magic - [The majority of Natalie's force powers are channeled through Sith Runes embedded in her body, enabling her to bend the flow of the force to her will more efficiently]


-] - Sunlight - [Hurr durr my skin burrrrrrns]
-] - Apathy - [Growing older and a tad more wiser, she is apathetic to most causes]
-] - Melee combat - [Natalie is exceptionally poor at offensive melee combat and will be easily overwhelemed by even a novice who is capable in this regard]
-] - Ranged combat - [Natalie was never particularly trained in deflecting blaster bolts and suffers from a weakness to such weapons]
-] - Ritual magic - [Ritual magic is bound by pre-determined 'spells', while they are more potent they also lack a certain aspect of creativity]


Natalie, Priscilla Genesis LaForte, born a much less interesting name to the bureaucracy of a government lost long ago, was a child brimming with absolutely no talent or passion for the majority of her life. She achieved nothing but mediocre successes, and that's including anything non-academic. Where her sister, Carina LaForte shined in quite literally everything, she was the opposite, never amounting to much. Infact, her most favourite past time was simply just thinking. Getting lost in her imagination for hours on end. To that end, despite her completely inartistic nature, she excelled in fashion design though not really in a truly conventional sense. Couture for herself was her forte, and if somebody wanted one of her costumes she was flattered more than anything.

Alas as all stories go she was a victim of circumstance. Well, circumstance of her conscious. During her final years of secondary school, she committed a murder and plead guilty to 1 count of manslaughter, sentenced to a psychological institution for the 'socially challenged' by her mother. Her original family's name was one of great honour and repertoire, a guild of freedom fighters, of great poets, chefs and soldiers and anything inbetween. Unsurprisingly being associated with a murderer was something
even a loving set of parents could not overcome, and she was disowned and created a new identity for herself under the alias 'Serenity Loveheart.'

Under the tenureship of various masters, including the elusive 'Miss Blonde' and the looming Darth Abyss, she did develop however. As opposed to being left on the streets as a vermin of Nar Shaddaa, her force powers grew and was officially accepted into a growing Sith Order, eventually becoming knighted under a strange ceremony where she was presented with a series of potential futures for herself. The one which she chose was a little unexpected.

Apart from that, she also grew up to some extent. Where she was once filled with a strange passion for chaos and destruction, she matured by way of experiencing the 'real world'. Finances. Death. Loss. It all had a mark on her. Not necessarily life changing, for she still sought pleasure in killing people, but developed a utilitarian approach to her moral decision making, even if she couldn't put it in such big words.

A vision cast into her future showed not the power she could inherit, but the dangers of becoming indoctrinated into a dogmatic ideology. Rather than fall into that way of thinking, she began to see the force as not something to fixate over, but a tool like any other in her arsenal to help her peruse for life. Soon after, she began to take the prospect of this more seriously, and established the Intergalactic Monetary Fund, an intergalactic weapons trading conglomerate now turned holding company, with which she still retains full ownership. During her administration, she weaved herself into the fabrics of various civil administrations, most notably that of Cato Neimodia, and was entrusted as the Chief Archivist of the Grand Vaults, becoming her duty to guard the many artifacts stored within its hallowed halls.

Not long after, she was slated by many public officials claiming there to be a conflict of interest in her corporate ties. Rather than sacrifice her character and reputation as a cutthroat negotiator, she officially resigned from public office and began to further expand IMF.

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Natalie LaForte

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[ Act I - Legacy threads ]
[During these threads Serenity was officially affiliated with The Sith Ascendancy]
Sith Arc:

1. The all seeing eye - Serenity first being introduced to the dark side of the force
2. Rules of Survival - Serenity being taken to a prison to be further taught
3. The Serenity of Darkness - Serenity being fully initialized as a Sith Knight

The Blonde Arc:

1. Trial by giant killer robots - Serenity is discovered by Blonde as a street rat, eventually to be taken in
2. Middle men - Serenity is taken by Blonde to uncover a living ship and score big
3. Big trouble in littla Hutta - Serenity is betrayed by Blonde, nearly dying in the process but is saved by The Sorority for Liberty

The Abyss Arc:

4. The Prophet's hand is endless
5. The hand that mocked them

Operations with The Sith Ascendancy

6. Assault on Bastion
7. Operation Empire Ascendant
8. Operation Warlord's dominion
9. You call that a Sith? - Retrieval of the Amulet of Equilibrium
10. Appartum - IMF's first major contract


11. Sat Treasure Hunt - Serenity raids a space station and captures scientists for... personal endeavors

Natalie LaForte

~The Ghost watches~
[ Act II - IMF ]
[During these threads Natalie was officially affiliated with Commenor Systems Alliance/The Confederacy of Independent Systems]
The Intergalactic Monetary Fund

1. A Sweet Melody - Developing Melody, an A.I
2. Pulchritudo - Natalie seeks assistance in developing a new clothing line
3. Facilus Exitus - Natalie uses her model to try on her star-studded dresses
4. Aedificium - Natalie seeks a contract to construct IMF's corporate headquarters
5. The next big hurdle [ABANDONED]
6. Multum
7. Post eum - Continuation of the above
8. Droidic Serenity
9. Dulce Vindictae
10. Darker dealings [ABANDONED]
11. Solito Negotium [ABANDONED]
12. Tertius autem temporum lempora
13. A commonly overused pun - IMF secures a deal with the Commenor Systems Alliance
14. A collective consilum
15. A visit to the purse worlds
16. The Chiss way of doing things [ABANDONED]
17. Operation Trade Con
18. In scintillam vitae
19. Buckle up, y'all!
20. Unknown Identities
21. Sandy shores
22. Took longer than expected
23. A Metallic meeting
24. A sporting chance
25. Procurement meeting

Vampirika Arc:

26. What would you give for years? - Natalie is bitten and transforms into a vampire
27. I would give a lot - Business and pleasure
28. The Bastion of Lacia - A bit more pleasure, but still sort of business
29. Remedium - Sunscream!

Commenor Systems Alliance

30. A common charter for all
31. Building a common foundation
32. A common want - Natalie competes in a fashion competition
33. Pacifism and politics - Natalie expands IMF's facilities
34. The chronicles of Asteria
35. An uncommon sight


36. On a stormy night (?)
37. Abyssus abyssus invocat
38. Reawakening
39. Defectus spem
40. Sorenn-Syrush White Tie Formal
41. A return to Recopia

NOTE: I know for a fact that I've missed some threads in this section

Natalie LaForte

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VALK-X1 Battle suit [X]

Weaponry (Personal/Mounted/Starship mounted)
Z-Light gun [X]
Pacifier Assault Rifle [X]
Pacifier Assault Rifle V2 [X]

MK-1 Fusion cannon [X]
Z-Protector cannon [X]

Z-Missile array [X]

Z1-MCD [X]
Z2-MCD [X]
Z-3 MCD [X]

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