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Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork
The Southern Systems Business Bazaar
Narayana Galactic Trade Station​
Neutral Territory

The Southern Systems Busines Bazaar was always an event to look forward to. Not just for businesses alike but for the many patrons who are interested in seeing the latest deal and perhaps, coming away with amazing savings on products that normally would be priced at retail value.

The Bazaar exposition had its start on Tatooine several decades ago, growing every year from the ground warehouses to a vast orbital chain of space stations above the desert world of Twin Suns.

This year, however, Arceneau Trade along with the Southern Systems Business Bazaar would be hosting the main exposition with distinct flair; on the Narayana Galactic Trade Station.

Constructed along the same plans as The Eye, the Narayana is a vast megastructure exemplifying the growth and resources of the trade conglomerate. At 40 kilometers in diameter with a double ring of starports and vast hangar bays, it was the embodiment of what one would consider being a trade world. The entire metastructure was created to house warehouses, fuel ports, restaurants, cantinas, residential hotels, entertainment parks, amusement parks, casinos, coliseums, spaceports, production facilities, headquarters, and building sites for thousands of businesses and corporations with Southern Systems Business Bazaar membership.

Much like The Eye, a small star is the actual source of power for the entire facility, enhancing the utilization of a sustainable energy source with solarium technology. Large botanical gardens and PharmaTech biodomes provided a sustainable resource for food. Holographic amusement parks in line of Hologram Fun World gave a place for patrons and visitors to relax and enjoy themselves.

For now, the main crowds could be seen flowing towards four key areas: The Exposition, the Double Ring Space Ports, the Auctions, and entertainment and food quarter. Among these were several VIP booths and locations for those seeking a more private setting to discuss business. SSB L3-37 Protocol Droid was at hand to help any visitor with questions and directions.

Connections to the SSB Marketplace as well as the Galactic Marketplace were available throughout the entire trade world through the SSB Galactic Trade Terminal , allowing easy access for communication for barter or trade.

As a neutral entity, all weapons are required to be registered and patrons are asked to please keep them locked with safety on. Dark Water, Shriek Hawk, Omega Pyre, and other local security and mercenary companies would be providing security. For any issues or concerns, please contact your nearest L3-37 droid or security agent for assistance.

The Exposition


For food and drink, contracts with the new Mandalorian brewery for their ale and the tried and true Whyren’s from the Corellian system ensured that there would be plenty of liquor flowing so that the Expo patron’s credit chips within easy access. Yum Bunnies Restaurant & Bar, McYodas, as well as other local ventures that catered to the more upscale palate, provided an expansive buffet for anyone wanting to sate their tastebuds, finger foods delighting one and all, ensuring that folk were kept mobile so that they would be able to go from holobooth to holobooth at their leisure.

For those that were not going to be there in person, Danger ensured that the best holo-network slicers and technicians were on standby to provide a seamless holo-graphic browsing and buying experience. Every attendee interested in participating in the SSB Auctions would receive a SSB Auction Wristband, allowing them to access and participate in the event from anywhere in the 'verse. Those who were unable to attend the main Exposition were able to join through the SSB Holonet Shopping Network or their local SSB Station.


Air conditioning would ensure that the temperature was kept nice and cool, with plenty of water also set out for anyone wanting to hydrate themselves. Booths upon booths from several businesses lined up and down the warehouse, with thed double space port rings available for anyone wanting to show off their goods in a more tactile manner.

Danger also set aside special firing ranges for anyone wanting to conduct sample test firings of weapon systems and aircraft.

Ain’t no expense spared for Narayana's grand opening of the Expo and Auctions of the Southern Systems Business Bazaar.

Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork
Expo list uploading...

Expo HoloBooths [ Discounted Items and Wares, New products]
This will be an actual roleplay thread where everyone can mingle, browse products, make contracts, and network. Sell your wares, make a few deals, and find people readily available to help you get the item you want!

Tier 6

Vanir Technologies
Expo Booth
Select items at a 20% discount. Contracts through Vanir Technologies welcome and available.

Sasori Research and Design + Sasori
Expo Booth
Storefront booth showcasing everything available. Expo contact booth here.

Expo Booth
Starship modification and salvage; May produce submissions up to semi-unique using the Restricted Material 'Pyronium' as a Tier VI specialty.
Contact workshop booth for products and items available.

Aurora Industries
Expo Booth

Expo Booth
Pharmaceuticals - Booth here

Browncoat Arms
Expo Booth
Discounts - Booth here

Textiles and Materials

Tier 5

Primo Victorian Shipwright
Expo Booth - booth here
Shipwright Company
Expo: Mark III Imperial Lot
Dagger III-type, Fast Frigate
Bolt III-type, Picket Corvette
Raskova III-type, Heavy Corvette
Muhktiar II-type, Anti-Starfighter Corvette
Talon III-type, Assault Frigate

Mara Tibx & Fuels
Expo Booth
Discounts - Booth here

Energy Solutions & Fuels
Terraforming & Decontaminating

Tier 4

MandalMotors + Daw Motors + Shriek Hawk Mercenaries
Expo Booth

  • MMI-SB7 Starbird-Class Interceptor - No Discount, Exclusive First Time Sold Outside of Mandalorian Empire
  • Rawl-Class Heavy Fighter - 35% Discount When purchasing in full squadrons

  • Vhetin Cataitr - 40% Discount when purchasing 3 or more "Packs" of 5

  • AP-76 Besom-Class Light Freighter - 35% Discount Promotional Sale! Comes with free issue of Ka'ra Tal Issue 8 and a sneak peak Holo of MandalMotors' upcoming luxury Starfighter

  • Puruudii Mk.2 - Anniversary Blowout Sale! To celebrate the Puruudii's 12 Cycle birthday and MandalMotors' 100th birthday (since it was refounded during the Gualg Plague) we welcome our Survivor's Birthday Blowout where you can get an incredible 65% off MandalMotors' most popular Starfighter, the Puruudii Mk.2, when purchasing in full squadrons and a solid 45% Off when buying matching pairs. Thank you for your support all these years, and thank you to House Skirata for aiding and sponsoring us to drag us out of the Gulag Plague and into the light of this new Galaxy!
  • Both MandalMotors and Daw Motors are also having a storewide 30% discount on individual items. Bulk discounts negotiable for certain parties. Come check us out!
  • Shriek-Hawk Mercenaries is looking for talent and contracts!

Incom Corporation
Expo Booth
Discounted items

U-Wing Transport (60T)
Description: the workhorse transport for any ground force. Can deploy squads right into the heat of battle and provide close air support.

XJ-7 Elite Fighter
Description: built to order for each customer, an exceptional Starfighter for exceptional pilots.

Y-Wing Bomber
Description: dependable bomber with more advanced energy and stealth features. Export restrictions apply to this model, discuss with us before placing an order or week prior approval from Alliance or Alderaan representatives.

X-83 TwinTail V2 Starfighter
Description: excellent value Starfighter for all needs.

Aegis Class Heavy Dropship
Description: can deploy a large walker into dangerous territory. Exceptionally well armed.

A-36 Sleuth Starfighter
Description: an excellent reconnaissance platform or long distance personal transport.

B-Wing Bomber
Description: Multirole bomber. Capable of engaging a range of threats.

All items 20% off.

In addition, Incom intends to release two new starfighters aimed at the private market during the Expo.

Sith Inquisitor
Expo Booth
  • Advertising and media
  • Ergonomic assessments

Blas Tech

Tier 3

Expo Booth
  • MandalArms SR-9 Hunting Rifle
  • MandalArms SR-17 Heavy Pistol
  • MandalArms SR-47 Light Machine Gun
  • MandalArms SR-52 Assault Rifle
  • MandalArms SR-100 Autocannon
  • MandalArms MP-1 Personal Absorption Shield
  • All at up to 50% off for all orders placed at the MandalArms booth during the Expo

Corellian Engineering Corporation
Expo Booth
Expo contact here
  • All Products at 20% off (Found HERE)
  • Classics catalog at 30% off
  • Contracts with C.E.C.for new product or supply of current are to be at 15-50% off (dependant on exact terms)
  • Kits & Components at 40% off
  • HBD-300 Series Droid: 25% off when sold in lots of 5x droids
Current & Classics Catalog found HERE

Haven Shipyards
Expo Booth
Discounted Prices for the following Service Vehicles

  • AT-360 Light Freighter - an extremely fast, highly customizable Light Freighter similar in function to the famous YT-1300
  • Animus-class Assault Courier - Highly suited to atmospheric combat. With the right wing/tail configuration and maximum effort from the repulsorlifts, it can stop on a dime. Its atmospheric speed is considerably higher than most space-capable vessels, as it prioritizes aerodynamics. Without deflector shields, it can reach 1,600kph; as such, it is a true-supersonic craft.
  • Lwhekk Aleph-class Manufacturing Ship - An updated Lwhekk-class manufacturing ship, for converting the loot of a thousand worlds into something useful.
  • HS-1 Tug Drones - Drone tugs for easy of use with various transports or large mega structures. Sublight capable
  • HS-2 Tug Drones - Drone tugs for easy use with various transports or large mega structures. Hyperspace capable.
Fuel Transports
Ship Upgrades:

Tier 2

Harley's Land Combat Solutions (HLCS)
Expo Booth
Discounted Prices - Booth Here
  • AP-JT: A heavily armored walker anti personal walker that's useful for scouting and other patrol like tasks, 83'000 credits Open Market.
  • AT-XRT: A remake of the Old AT-XT, decent all round walker and SPG to boot, just not as heavily armed, 63,000 Open Market.
Hover Craft
  • HAT-NR3: A combination between the AAT and Enforcer Class Snail tank, good for front on assault with good armament and can carry a few people to the front lines with booster, Price-52'000, Open Market.
  • SPzNo1: A hover APC/Troop transport with the ability to swap out it's main armament for AA, useless for most combat situations, 45,000 credits. Open Market.
  • PzNo8 "Maus": A heavy tank destroyer packing a huge punch and able to take a hefty dealing back, armed with rockets and anti-personal weapons, 200,000 credits, Open Market.
Weapons and Add ons

FAW line

Kurt Meyer

Let Me Push That Button
Narayana - Southern Arm

Kurt sat quietly on the edge of a small stone wall that had been built around a fountain, water gently tumbling down from a statue of some sort of person that he couldn't quite identify. There was a slight smile on his face, his eyes settled on the sign of a Yum Bunnies that had been placed here within the massive Trade Station's upper arm.

He had come here mostly for the fun of it.

His first year at University was up, and somehow he'd managed to pass all of his classes. He was sure that it was mostly because of help from Jamie, his father, and of course his mother, but he took some of the credit at least. Before he'd left the friends he had made throughout the year had gifted them the project they had been been working on; The Eve. The ship was a beautiful one, and Kurt had decided it's maiden voyage would take him here. He'd gotten tickets to the events from the University, and since Jamie was so busy on Naboo he had decided to bring her a souvenir.

He knew exactly what she would like, though finding it in this massive place would prove a challenge.

Still, for a few moments he lingered where he was.

The sign, the restaurant as a whole in fact, reminded him of someone he hadn't spoken to in a while. They sent messages back and forth, true, but they were few and far between. Kurt knew why of course, she couldn't just go around talking willy nilly, but the truth of it was that he missed his friend. For a moment the former Courier closed his eyes, letting out a sigh before quietly standing from his place. He reached into the small bag of roasted almonds he had bought, flicking one of the candied nuts into his mouth before he slowly began to walk away.

He hoped she was doing well.


SSB Protocol Assistant Droid

Narayana - Exposition
The representative for MaraTibx, PharmaTech, Blas Tech, Browncoat Arms, and Haven Shipyards

There was already a large crowd of Bazaar patrons weaving to and fro the many booths set up buy various companies. On the West Sector, Arceneau Trade had set up MaraTibx, PharmaTech, Blas Tech, Browncoat Arms, and Haven Shipyards. Various L3-37 droids were darting back and forth, assisting would be customers with directions as well as information on the products available for purchase.

Large holoscreens across the Holonet Shopping Network kept a scrolling timetable for the various shows and auctions dates and time. A key item that many were tracking to make sure they had plenty of opportunities to join.

L3-3752 stood by the booth, awaiting to see if anyone might come to inquire about any products.

Jorus Merrill

is mek bote
Wasn't often that Jorus got to play with a holobooth as shiny as the one SSB had provided. Therefore, he'd gone interactive.

See, the Wretched Hive offered mainly chop shop and aftermarket services, tweaking ships within an inch of their lives. He couldn't very well fit the hardware in here, not enough to give a good idea of how he did business. So now a three-metre-wide Geonosian freighter dominated the booth in holographic wireframe. Jorus amused himself, and educated customers, by swapping out parts and structural elements. Side panels reflected how new components changed key indicators like thrust, cargo lift mass, and shield power. The best part? Customers could do it themselves -- mix and match aftermarket modifications, plug them into the holographic freighter, and get a sense of the possibilities.


Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
Oh this was the place to be, whenever it came around she tried to make sure they had a place and more then that... tried to ensure a spot at each auction to realy see some of the things people brought to the table. Standing at the booth they had well no discounts, Sasori had worked and always tried to maintain barter and value to what was given in exchange for their products. Credits were for contracts with governments and providing means for them to do anything. One of the newest products they had was the chance to sign up for an academy. With school uniforms and the promise of the best educational centers and opportunities they could get. There was also well the holo image of the Shangri-La, Sasori's massive luxury liner for holding millios of people and letting everyone experience the wonders of the galaxy.. Hmm she might have to stop over and see [member="Jorus Merrill"].... He might have ideas that could have went into the ship. He had given her some ideas about how to fix the Tengu.

Isaiah Dashiell

Warden of the Sky
Narayana - Exhibition Hall

Maybe it was growing up in the Outer Rim on space station after space station, but walking around with an unmodified blaster pistol with his safety one made him feel uneasy, naked even. It wasn't even a Heavy blaster pistol! But rules were rules, and it wasn't like he expected trouble, it just made him feel better. Danger had done well for herself, growing up on Tatooine had made her tough, not that he knew her personally...It was just something that everyone that grew up in the Outer Rim knew. To survive you needed to be tough, but to flourish like Danger had...She had to be a cut above the rest. If it wasn't for his gig with GUIDE he probably would have scamed her out of her Speedster, but those days were...sort of far behind him. He might have a respectable job now but he loved getting pissed and racing junky starfighters and swoops as much as the next Outer Rim boy.

His boots clacked on the durasteel surface of the exhibition hall, the stack of flimsi and bag of databads hanging in his shoulder bag snapping him out of his introspective monologue and back into reality. He wasn't a smuggler or a con artist anymore, he was here as part of his job, kind of. This had been his idea. Donations from some of their benefactors had began to slow making data collection difficult and slowed GUIDE's income to a trickle. Some had stopped their pledge all together due to lack of results and Mags was, well she needed to get off of BOB and back into the Galaxy. Live a little. He had heard about this through the holonet, he was sure she'd seen things about it as well, but he took the initiative and dragged her along. He had posed it as a way for GUIDE to find new sponsors and maybe even new tech to help Pathfinders like him out in the field but really?

He was here to get out and get piss drunk.

It seemed like the perfect place to do so for a rich girl like her. Safe, far away from the sleeze bags he knew, and at least he'd be here when the poodoo inevitably hit the fan. But that was his secret.
Keepin Corellia Weird
Across the aisle from [member="Jorus Merrill"] sat a man who surely couldn't be in charge of such a company as Corellian Arms. Let alone the vaunted and venerable Corellian Engineering Corporation. He was clothed in a grease marked olive drab flightsuit with a tropical patterned shirt overtop of it in a vain attempt at formality. Caladan, or Cal as most knew the shipwright, was able to be formal. He just hated to do so. Comfort for him was in the cockpit, or behind a spanner, or in the bays working a new design with his engineers.

As it stood, multiple designs were projected from the booth, and from repulsor cams he had brought. Most of them were prototypes. Pressor systems to remove debris trails for stealth operations. An emergency thruster working on TiabanaX and some other mixtures for a silent, sudden thrust of speed or as notes stated to be converted to larger silent running speed-engines. Some others were there, notations on 'invisible' firing blaster guns for ships, and new models of fighters, freighters, frigates and beyond. All of it was sleek, but with the classic lines of his people and company.

For the moment, Cal sat beneath a banner displaying the logo, chewing on a holoquill as he sketched out a blueprint after talking to a customer.

First time in such a capacity. Now to see how he fared.


Makai Dashiell

The Idiot
Private lounges. Concierge. Separate entrances. Lodging. One could argue that the following made for a complete VIP experience at the Southern Systems Bazaar. Not for Makai Dashiell though. Best part of being a VIP was the expanse of food that could be found at nearly every corner of the Expo. He had ate his way through the breakfast buffet (leaving no breakfast item unsampled) before roving around the more family-friendly entertainment areas, sampling fried cakes and odd candies from all corners of the 'verse.

All this before lunch.He was a growing boy of course.

Plans had been set to mingle with the Arceneau Family later. He hadn't missed a Southern Systems Bazaar since he was five years old. It was tradition. It was where [member="Danger Arceneau"] first saw him and took an odd sort of shine to him, instantly transforming into a lifelong presence. He was a little sad about the Expo no longer being on Tatooine but it seemed his scales were thanking him for it. Wouldn't have to worry about dehydration before he got finished with the first hall.

Having to conduct some business on the behalf of his father, Makai wandered to the Western Sector first.
As many stories as there are stars
Chito sniffed and rubbed his nose with a gloved finger, the smell of worn leather filling his nostrils. A yawn, a shrug to readjust his blaster strap. This was probably the easiest job he had ever had. Breaking up petty disputes between rich folk just put a smile on his face. Especially if they were drunk. With a sigh he slipped his helmet back on. When he joined the Red Legion he never imagined he would be...Actually Mandalorian. He had grown up on Ord Mantel, same as Azrael, Gil's successor but he was a strong advocate against the Mandalorians when they came, but his family needed money and all he knew how to do was rough folks up so he joined the Red Legion, a group of Non-Mandalorians who volunteered to be a part of the Mandalorian Clans' standing military.

And now he was here.

A full fledged Mando'ade. His armor was brick red just like his old uniform.

<Look, I'm not trying to say I'd never mess around with one, I'm just sayin' those head tails freak me out, especially when they're striped.>

<The striped ones are Togruta, dikut! Jeez.>

<Hey, dikute, your mic's hot. Get focused.>

Chito chuckled as Diego's voice cut the two younger Mandalorians off in their discussion. This was going to be a fun night. He could tell.
GUIDE Founder
She wasn't want to be told what to do by anyone, normally, but Isaiah had a way about him that she sometimes found difficult to ignore. Specifically that pushy sort of thing he did where he literally bullied himself into the middle of things and left her no alternative.

This time it happened to be the "I'm not letting you out of your room until you've agreed to go to this Bazaar," sort of thing.

Which didn't work very well with her schedule. Magda had purposefully filled it with things to do that did not include herself going to the Southern Systems Business Bazaar in the flesh. She was perfectly happy to send along some employees, Isaiah being one of them, but he'd apparently had other ideas.

Magda was uncomfortable for more reasons than one.

First and foremost, the woman of the hour at the Bazaar was the very same woman who had gracefully turned down GUIDE's request for a grant back when it was first getting its commercial legs. She'd been very clear and specific, GUIDE had to prove itself worthy of a grant.

Now here GUIDE was, in the midst of the worst economicaly unsponsored rutt it had seen yet, and so far away from deserving ATC's attention that they'd likely forgotten all about the little startup. Rest assured, Magda did not want to be here.

She also did not want to be here in this dress, but Atheema had assured her it was both tasteful and stately.

With a tug on the hem, Magda followed a few steps behind [member="Isaiah Dashiell"] trying very hard not to scowl. Mostly she just succeeded in looking like someone who had missed the last flight home and was both worried and irritated about the inconvenience.

Isaiah Dashiell

Warden of the Sky
Contrary to Mags who had the fashion counsel of a Companion, or any at all really, wore not his stolen armor but a leather jacket over a plain button up white shirt and a pair of cargo pants. Probably not the best get up to get rich people to give you credits, but that was why Mags was here. Speaking of...

"Shouldn't you at least be walking with me and not behind me? You are the face of GUIDE after all. Don't want future investors we're a group of scruffy looking freighters and freight haulers do you?" He didn't wait for her to respond, he just slowed his walking pace to match up with hers, as painfully slow as it was. How could she be so down? All around them were wonders from every corner of the galaxy. He was pretty sure he had even seen a Glaucus flaunting his wares, or at maybe his boss'. Either way even super exotic species an people were all over. How was she not in total nerd mode right now?

It was time to change that.

"Did you catch that Glaucus at the Kornova Corp back there? I always wondered why they have those weird mandibles...They don't even do anything except try to convey emotion."
[member="Magdalena Lethe"]

Harley Fenstermacher

remeber it's not personal, just buiness
HCLI: Ground Combat Units

Though still a relatively young company compared to the others present here Harley had a geed feeling that the addition of ground combat units would catch peoples eyes. Why you may ask? probably because of the fact no one else was bringing in ground units. Sure many had small arms, the rest having fighters and ship but ground combat, walkers repulsion life and tracked tanks where quite lacking these days, on the open market. Sure many companies still made them but often enough such machines of war where closed market, Harley on the other hand did not give much mind to who purchased his wares, only that it does not bring bad reputation down the line.

For this little expo the young company had brought out display models of all it's current vehicles, the AP-JT and AT-XRT, both put together, a kind of 2 in one bundle as both walkers where quite the team when put together. The HAT-NR3 hover tank, looking like a combination of an AAT and a NR enfrocer tank, along with the SPzNo1 apc, not much on first look but the array of anti-personal weaponry made it quite the practical took. Lastly was the IX-1 combat car, nothing really fancy but it might have an appeal to people that like to go fast. Then the pride and ship of the line tank on main display was the PzNo8 Tank Destroyer usually just refereed to as the Muas, basically a land battle ship.

Though mainly pushing forwards it line of ground combat craft Harley had brought some system tech along, sporting the FAS line of equipment including the targeting computer, tactical display, navigation computer not to mention the new Life Support system, and if need be the FAE-1 turbine engine. As for those looking at weapons, well there was the FAW line, a little jumbled but but still enough to go around, having the medium turbo battery and heavy turbo battery available, but those where under tight wraps.

Delila Castillon

Delila didn't actually want to attend the Southern Systems Expo. Wasn't her scene, a pack of rich corporate types looking to scam their fellow business owners. Yet she was going to have to tamp down her distaste and deal with it. Word had it [member="Jorus Merrill"] was in attendance. Dells needed to speak to him but her old friend was hard to track down. Forget trying to navigate the Kathol Outback, she'd be lost for months.

An idea had been percolating in her mind for a bit, first planted by Merrill but it had slowly been gaining traction. The idea of going into business for herself remained strong, especially after the attacks on Alderaan. Reality was she was growing older and getting more and more tired with her current situation. If she went into the security business for herself there would be the ability to pick and choose.

Problem was a ship. [member="Xin Boa"] was currently using the Crimson Dahlia originally gifted to her by Merrill. The Dahlia was more or less a home. She needed a workhorse, something to haul around a small contingent of employees and various gear. Thought was Merrill could give her a bit of advice or perhaps had a lead on something he could potentially salvage for her. Being a life-long soldier didn't exactly leave her with a pile of credits to toss around.
GUIDE Founder
Magda frowned. There was nothing wrong with scruffy looking freighters and freight haulers, something she'd come to learn over her years out in the far reaches of space, but it didn't stop her from wishing Isaiah would have at least taken the time to shave and get a haircut before coming. All the more evident now that he'd forced her to walk next to him instead of behind him.

She resisted the urge to straighten his shirt, which she noticed after a few steps had been buttoned crooked.

Instead, Magda refocused on his efforts to distract her from her troubles. With a sigh, she gave a short glance back towards the indicated direction but failed to see the supposed Glaucus, "They're like eyebrows," she replied distractedly, "for their chin..."

Her gaze wandered over to a three-meter-wide projected display of a ship slowly turning on an axis at a booth labeled The Wretched Hive. The person manning the station ([member="Jorus Merrill"]) looked equally as scruffy and, she decided, was a bit more her speed at the moment.

"Have you ever heard of them?" she asked Izzy, slowing to a stop to peer at the booth through the crowd filtering around them.


"Three for the price of one..."
For now the droid wished to be on his best behavior. His long coat was nicely cleaned and ironed. The ribbons and medals on his chest gleamed brightly in the light, clearly recently polished. Sadly though his company at the moment was little more then a passion project in a garage. So even if they were recognized by the ATC and SSB their booth would be little more then him, Dute, and some Geonosians standing around with some signs. Utilitarian Robotics, the soon to be a droid and arms manufacturing company currently had no products to sell but once they kicked off SN would hope their new line of droids would do well.

However, right now it was just SN and his companion Dute managing their way around the booths to see what was on sale. Nothing at the moment had really caught the droid's eye. But Dute on the other hand couldn't contain his excitement. It was all Untinni this, and Untinni that. Walking from one booth to the other and being in awe of what he saw. Being amazed with some of the things companies could make compared to a some dusty old sand crawler. His excitement also had more to do with the fact they were looking at technological products, and SN knew that was just one of the many departments that had products for sale.

The droid did know there were also more shady businesses that were at work here. Meaning that this event was being used in more, less then legal ways. From his understanding there was slave trading that went on here. Not that he'd purchase any, pessimistically for work, he had plenty of help from the locals around the workshop.

So for now SN and Dute made there way around the expo, trying to see all that there was.
Narayana - Exhibition Hall

She didn't often do this coming-up-for-air thing, but it was more than that - she needed a change of pace. She had been training hard for years now, both in the self-improvement vein, and giving what had been put into her back to others; it was all on the basis of an old promise, and driven by slight ambition, that she had in effect gone missing from life writ large. Powerlessness could make a woman angry at herself, but that same anger gave her purpose and sprouted goals. It also put significant wear and tear on a ship that was already ancient by the time she had gotten her hands on it, in her younger years, for all the travel, running, gunning, and whatnot that characterised her life at various points.

The Mitternacht was a stock YT-2400 that was in poor shape when it came into her ownership, and she'd dropped a chunk of credits into overhauling it at the time; ever since, it had been maintained to the best of her ability - she was no engineer, and an amateur mechanic at best, solely knowledgeable about her own ship, and with grudging trust put in others when an issue was beyond her limited expertise. But that was well over a decade ago when it had become hers, and in other quite plain terms, she felt it was time for something new. Not 'new' to her, but new new. Credits weren't an issue - hell, Salyna had learned her on investing early on, and the eventual receipt of her inheritance after the liberation of Corellia (and investment of that) were things that both went a long way - but barter wasn't likely. She'd been living small for so long.

Sel tugged down on her leather jacket, fingers coming away to brush across a hilt, out of habit, and a cordial smile formed on her lips. She knew none of these people, outside of how they were characterised in their corporate profiles, as put out by the Expo. Nosing through that had given her a good idea of what she'd be looking at, though, and even if she didn't buy anything today, she might come away with some ideas. Maybe some connections. She noted the chop shop (The Wretched Hive? She wondered at the name...), and again her thoughts went back to the ol' girl she'd been flying all this time. There was nothing saying she had to be rid of it, but that train of thought came with a whole other bucket of considerations.

Like putting down roots. Eugh? Maybe?
Narayana Trade Station

It had been some time since one of the vaunted ATC Expos occurred, but now Taeli was starting to understand why. Danger had been looking to impress, and she had by and large blown anything previously done out of the proverbial water. In her opinion, this was a MUCH better place to be than Tatooine. That planet was irritating to her, for many varied reasons, but this was much more comfortable. It spoke of the power of the Queen of Trade, and the connections she had forged in her long career.

Taeli had elected to not be at Aurora's holobooth itself. Instead, Jaxson was the one showing off the latest Aurora products to passersby. Perhaps not as big a reveal as the last expo, when Aurora had unveiled its Sianium technology, this expo was more about showing off the company's early next stage tech. It wasn't everything though. Taeli was not allowing prototypes to be shown off yet, but the Aureal frigate was a dominate part of the booth. Trilamnium was also officially being unveiled, along with the successor to the BurstStreak blaster and Aurora's first new starfighter. All in all, it was admittedly a modest showing for the company, but that was fine with her.

Walking around the station, taking in the sights and stopping every once and awhile to observe some booth, she just allowed herself to enjoy the day. There was an ever so slight twinge in the Force, something trying to tell her that something of vast significance to her was here, but she couldn't for the life of her figure out what it might be... yet.
Coopers Cooler
Narayana - Exhibition Hall
MandalArms Booth

An extensive display section with disarmed models of all the SR-series firearms made up the first third of the MandalArms booth in the colossal exhibition hall, filled with beings of all kinds, spruiking their wares. The MandalArms booth by comparison was fairly basic, with tables of display model weapons, posters of some of the more outlandish creations to come out of the MandalArms labs, and well-presented assistants to greet customers and onlookers and demonstrate the company's wares.




Further back from the display sections were smaller tables where visitors could have a one-on-one chat with a MandalArms representative to discuss their unique requests and place any personal level orders, or corporate level contracts. At each table sat a friendly MandalArms rep, with caf and water and several glasses and cups for the visitors to enjoy.


At the very rear, behind a pair of partitions that walled the section off from the public area, sat Kaine Australis and Yomaget, enjoying the live Holonet transmission of the Meshgeroya championship semi-finals, beamed in live from Manda'yaim. Between them on a side table sat three bottles of tihaar, and two mugs. Both men were sharing loud banter, and were racing each other to get roaring drunk.

She didn't stand out too much, nor were too many glances cast her way after she made her way off of the shuttle in her street clothes. A pair of comfy black pants and a white top was her mode d'etre, nothing over-the-top, nothing that hugged her body too hard - the redhead had made a head start in wearing more comfortable, practical, clothing over the designer clothes she normally sported. Over the course of the next seven or so months she wouldn't really be able to fit in them anyways - now that she was expecting. The Tetan wasn't showing yet, not with how early along she was, but if the doctor had been correct she was only a couple weeks away from that. Clothing aside, the child she was carrying was entirely the reason she was here in the first place - not that she would have missed a chance to meet her favorite stepmother, of course.

There had been some concern about the safety of the child, and her, with her appearance in such a public place - given her relationship with A'sharad - but, given the fact that sending messages were potentially capable of being intercepted and traced back to their estate, it became more or less a moot point. At the end of the day her refusal to stay home had won out, and, after a day of traveling in a nondescript shuttle that she didn't even make, Lily had arrived on Narayana Trade Station. A force disperser around her ankle, disguised as an anklet, passively concealed her presence in the force while a pair of green contacts kept the amber of her irises hidden. She was another year older, and, despite all attempts to the contrary, it was beginning to show that the youngest twin was getting older.

Lily walked by stands offering alcohol and the like without much notice - she'd sworn off even her daily glass of wine after she had found out she was pregnant - and instead scanned the crowds of people for the woman that organized this expo.

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