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The Promise

Some had come from beyond the Reach. Others were simply natives of Ession.

Their point of origin did not matter, only their purpose. The Grand Temple was now empty, the refugees it had housed now moving on to greener pastures on Ventooine and Neelgaimon. In their stead came members of the old order. At first, they trickled into this place of reverence in small groups. Over time, that trickle had grown into a steady stream, until there were enough individuals visiting daily to justify calling them together.

Unlike previous gatherings, this one wore a shroud of formality. There was a heaviness in the air, the spark of quiet purpose reverberating through those that had gathered. All knew why they had come.

The old order had been declared on Eol Sha. It was there that the training of new initiates had begun, and it was here that the organization would be reborn as an official entity. All had been invited to attend.

The group met within the central hall of the temple. It was the only chamber large enough to house the lot of them comfortably, and Cedric had a special disdain for enclosed spaces. Clad in the traditional plate armor of the Essonian Archlord, he looked a bit overdressed for the part he was to play. Though his visage was hidden by his mask, one could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke.

"Hello friends," he bowed ever-so-slightly. "We all know why we have gathered here today. The order was declared on Eol Sha, and now it is to be made official. A form of the council is to be chosen, alongside its sub-chambers. As Archlord of the Dominion, I will sponsor the order by giving it this temple, as it served the Jedi Knights of the long past."

He paused for a moment, "We must announce ourselves before we begin. All may have a word, though only when it is their turn. Hopefully by the end of things we will have chosen a system that truly works."

A hand was pressed to his chest. "I am Cedric Grayson. Outside of my political duties I stand as an adept of sorts. I was never knighted in the traditional sense, though my teachings were rather thorough."

He gestured all about for the assembled group to continue.

[member="Dune Rhur"], [member="Lan Graendal"], [member="Varus Shatterstar"], [member="Jessica Med-Beq"], [member="Xiarr Sair"], [member="Jakkor Kess"], @Ra, [member="Vishkar"], [member="Atrina"], [member="Kensen"], [member="Alyson Halle"], [member="Anarya Drast"], [member="Rakieh Atur"], [member="Tempest Yore"], [member="Jairdain"], [member="Mason"], [member="Bhakt Wemk"]
The Ithorian slowly stood from behind Cedric, his warm, dark eyes addressing the large group. He bowed deeply, wearing traditional robes that Cedric had given him after allowing him to be trained as his padawan. He spoke in his deep, harmonious Ithorian dialect, his eyes surveying the many faces of those familiar to him, and his translator beeped to life over his neck and began to speak Galactic basic for all to understand. And due to his new friendship with @ Cedric Grayson, he had a new translator too, one that was easily understandable.

"Greeting, friends. My name is Vishkar, a humble Ithorian who has only recently discovered the secrets and ways of the force under the guidance of my young master, Cedric. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you, and reforming something that, centuries ago, was lost. We will make The Jedi Order Great Again!"

He spoke with a passion and bright light in his eyes, and seemed inspired to help those around him.
Mason stood in the grand temple's main hall as did the rest of the Jedi. Padawans such as himself, knights like [member="Jessica Med-Beq"] and [member="Jakkor Kess"], and Masters like [member="Dune Rhur"] and Lan Graendal. There were many faces he hadn't met, yet he was under the impression that he'd be meeting them soon. The bubble blowing teen looked to [member="Cedric Grayson"] who looked somewhat out of place wearing some type of armour Mason couldn't​ distinguish. Mason smiled. He was also a bit out of place seeing as he wore designer clothes, blue jeans and a pink v-neck shirt. They weren't exactly screaming Jedi, which made Mason feel a bit awkward.

Cedric began to speak. He had no clue who the man was, but he was fairly young. Spoke about the Order being declared on Eol Sha, and that it was finally going to be established. The armour clad man introduced himself as Cedric Grayson. It was amazing that such a young man was Archlord to the Dominion. Mason stood with a hand in his pocket as the Ithorian behind Cedric began to speak through a translator. The person introduced himself as @Vishkar. Apparently he was a humble Ithorian whi just discovered the force. Mason snickered at the fact that the Padawan behind Grayson said he was humble. Being humble isn't exactly something you announce, but who was Mason to judge?

Mason ran his free hand through his messy hair as the Ithorian finished up with a passion Mason had rarely seen in people. The tall teen looked around the hall. He cleared his throat and gave a small wave around the hall. Being the center of attention was always Mason's goal, yet he felt he'd turn down the notch.

"I'm Mason, I'm a Padawan. That's about all I'm sharing at the moment. If you're starting to hear more about me come find me later." Mason said nonchalantly.

Mason was definitely ready to see what plans everyone had for this Order. He had a feeling it would be good.
[member="Varus Shatterstar"]
[member="Xiarr Sair"]
[member="Alyson Halle"]
[member="Anarya Drast"]
[member="Rakieh Atur"]
[member="Tempest Yore"]
[member="Bhakt Wemk"]
Tempest had felt the call to assemble through the Force. It was an amazing occurrence, new to her experience. She is the daughter of a slain Jedi, trained by his best friend who recently succumbed another victim of the recent plague. Since her arrival, she learned the Jedi suffered a separation from the Order after a recent War. This is not the only sect existing apart. She isn't quite sure how she feels knowing there are numerous sects, each individually governing themselves, without any obligation to, nor involvement with, the original Council and Grandmaster. Maybe her father served as a loner, to avoid focussing on the state of the Jedi as a whole. Tempest hopes that someday each Jedi Order might come together in unity.

Having been raised apart from the Jedi of numerous Temples, Tempest only recently found herself on her own, and sought to further her training on Voss. She soon found herself longing for a deeper purpose, much like the life she witnessed through her Late father, and her Master. She trusts she can rely on the guidance of the Force which lead her here.

She listened to the words of the speaker, and the introductions of those around her, before it seemed her turn to reciprocate. "I am Tempest Yore, originally of Coruscant," she said with a quick curtsy, then absentmindedly gently smoothed out her lightly ruffled petticoats hidden beneath her white knee length dress. She decided to add, "I am new to this location." Even if there were only a second of silence between what she said and the next sound, Tempest squirmed where she stood, realizing she just stated the obvious. "...and I look forward to meeting everyone," she added, taking a glance around the room.
The brown robed Bith stepped forward to speak.

"I suppose it's my turn," he said to those gathered. The Master's eyes swept across them and he also saw them through the Force too. Some he knew and others he would come to know.

"I'm Dune Rhur, newly arrived here from Eol Sha. I have to say that Ession smells a great deal better than our previous base camp."

He added the last part with an easy smile. A little levity in these situations was always welcome. There was a certain tension hanging in the air. A nervous sense of anticipation and excitement.

The middle-aged Bith had a relaxed bearing. Some of that stemmed from his own very unusual teacher those years ago. Too many Jedi were so serious with their pensive expressions. There was a time and a place for that.

Now they should feel happy. It was a momentous time and should be celebrated.

[member="Tempest Yore"] [member="Mason"] [member="Cedric Grayson"] [member="Vishkar"]
Ra had been present at the founding of the Dominion and so she was also present for founding of the Jedi on Ession. She's filled with pride at herself and the order she helped establish. After the brief introductions of [member="Cedric Grayson"], [member="Vishkar"], [member="Mason"], [member="Tempest Yore"] and [member="Dune Rhur"], she felt it was her time to speak.

Having grown more confident in herself, she had no issue letting the spotlight fall on her. It would only last a few seconds anyway. Her white hair gleaming in the room, like a beacon for travelers guiding them home, her eyes a somber dark gold, Ra stepped forward. She wore her purple cloak, ivory tunic and black pants.

"I am Ra'a'mah Numare. Normally called Ra. Raised on Coruscant and found by the Dominion. I have been here since the beginning."

She stepped away from her position and gave both Dune and Cedric a small smile.



The young, blind Knight stepped forward, looking around at the people with the Force, she knew this was where she meant to be. She gave them each a single smile, her face not hiding anything. These people and her were going to build something wonderful and the first stones were being laid today.

She wore a cream colored top, brown pants and boots. On top was a green cloak, it covered her shiny lightsaber hilt which poked out now and then.

Nodding her head before speaking, "I am Jairdain Ismet and called Jera for short. My home was destroyed and was rescued while being held captive by some of the cultists."

Her short history said, she looked at Tempest with a small nod.

"I too am new here, but will do whatever is my power to aid to help."
Atrina observed the room from behind her blue headband. She too could sense the mild tension and uncertainty im the room as the colors danced in her vision.

She stepped forward when she felt it was her turn, "My name is Atrina, and I am very new here."

She too, was uncertain. This was different, maybe something she was far less prepared for than she might have beleived.

"I am a Knight from an enclave that I have.. parted ways from. Many other sects would refer to me as a Shadow. I am happy to extend my skills and knowledge to all of you."
"I'm Jessica Med-Beq, I have been there on Eol Sha" she said, introducing herself to some of the new faces, while [member="Dune Rhur"] would recognize her pretty much instantly.

After this campaign on Irn, where she had the control of the capital's garrison, she realized that, given that so many among their own ranks expect to be on the frontlines of the wars to come, against the Primeval, the Sith Ascendancy and the Resurgent Empire. Several new faces, including [member="Tempest Yore"], [member="Vishkar"], [member="Mason"], @Ra'a'mah, were also present. But now was not the time to talk about the relationship between the Senate and the Jedi Order, nor what role she would be called upon to hold. And Jessica seems happier than ever to be a Jedi: her life as a padawan was a little more troubled than she would like, she had way too much responsibility outside of corporate stuff at the time but she couldn't be faulted because the Techno Empire was a little short on FUs back then. Here she was, hoping that the scope of her duties will be better-defined than what she used to back then, and with it, the scope of everyone's duties.

"The whole order is a little new, but I will do whatever is in my power to help out"
There was a mix of emotions coming from around the hall, some of nervousness and others of happiness. Xiarr had served on a few missions for the dominion, Taris being the one he participated in the most. He was still fairly new to the Dominion, but he knew the ropes. It seemed that the Dominion was rapidly expanding, both in territory and members, as new faces had joined the assembly. The Dominion seemed to also be one of the diverse factions in the galaxy, as jedi ranging from padawans to masters had all attended. Xiarr was unsure about his role in this new Jedi Order, he really didn't need a master, and he doubted he would take on an apprentice for quite some time. Nonetheless, Xiarr introduced himself. "Greetings, I am Xiarr Sair, I am fairly new to the Dominion, but I still do look forward to helping this new Order thrive in any way I can."
The Tusken Jedi known as Jakkor Kess, Commander of the Clone Wars, Survivor of the Jedi Purge, Relic of the Old Republic, disillusioned and broken, the man who was in his early 30's went by many things for those that did know him. Over the past years he had increasingly grew disillusioned with the Jedi. He had not thought of anywhere to go and even thought of what was actual balance. He had witnessed the fall of the Jedi Order, the rise of the Sith. Even in this time it was more or less the same, and for the first time in a very long time he had nowhere else to go. He couldn't tell what was balance was it the Jedi was it the Sith, something different or should they be gone entirely. Jakkor even had thoughts of going into exile for he didn't know the answer to such things but he always felt as if the force was constantly out of balance and he couldn't find peace. He merely bowed his head to the others, and even saw an old friend. [member="Xiarr Sair"] "Greetings I am Jakkor Kess Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. I hope to create this into a proper order of Jedi and even find an apprentice."
[member="Jessica Med-Beq"]
[member="Dune Rhur"]
[member="Tempest Yore"]
[member="Cedric Grayson"]
Dune's gaze swept across all those gathered here.

"Why do you call us here [member="Cedric Grayson"]?"

It was the obvious question. The one on everyone's minds. Someone needed to ask it and so who better than he. Dune would ask for them all. Especially those too worried to do so.

[member="Jairdain"] [member="Jessica Med-Beq"] [member="Jakkor Kess"] [member="Mason"] [member="Xiarr Sair"] [member="Atrina"] [member="Vishkar"] [member="Tempest Yore"]
(Apologies for late posts. I've been very ill the past few days.)

"Good to see you all," Cedric offered with a thin smile. It was rare for the youth to move in public without his mask, but he had chosen to abscond it for this meeting. The Grand Temple was a holy place, one that had stood the test of time for many centuries. It had lasted through two terrible Jedi Purges, and while its occupants had faded with time, the building's hallowed halls yet remained. It did not seem right to hide himself behind the weight of his title here.

"I figured it might have been rather obvious," the Archlord snorted, "The Order was forged on Eol Sha a few months ago. Now it needs leadership. There are different elements to the order that must be forged. We all wish to restore the order of old, yes?" He lofted a brow.

"To do that, we need a council, and a grandmaster to lead it. We require one to reform the shadows and recover lost knowledge; warriors to defend the people, masters of the force," he paused. "We are few, but in time, we may be many. It is time to build a foundation."

[member="Dune Rhur"], [member="Jakkor Kess"], [member="Xiarr Sair"], [member="Jessica Med-Beq"], [member="Atrina"], @Ra'a'mah, [member="Tempest Yore"], [member="Vishkar"], [member="Mason"], [member="Varus Shatterstar"], [member="Anarya Drast"], [member="Bhakt Wemk"]
"There are certainly a few things I could do for the council and, from there, for the Order at large. Procurement, strategy, and perhaps also some training protocols, I would probably be a voice of reason"

That one Jedi Master called Sorel Crieff believed in Jessica way back in her padawan days. Intellect, wisdom being two traits she acknowledged in full from the very day she learned how to use a lightsaber. Sorel would be happy to see me here if I became a Jedi Councillor today, and also my greatest detractor, secretly toiling in Voss' infirmaries, would be proven wrong, she thought. And even long before then, especially since [member="Dune Rhur"] noticed that in her while capitalizing on an occasion to learn what amounted to mechu-deru from her (even though she didn't realize that she was, in fact, using mechu-deru at the time). As for [member="Cedric Grayson"], she couldn't help but see who else would supply the other components of the so-called foundation, while [member="Jakkor Kess"], [member="Xiarr Sair"] or even [member="Atrina"], [member="Tempest Yore"], [member="Vishkar"], [member="Mason"] were introducing themselves. Knowing, of course, that no such council arrangement could exist without cooperation with the secular authorities unless they wanted to run the faction all to themselves, she was left perplexed, she had questions left unanswered, especially on that topic as well as the roles of the various Councillors.

"If I may ask, what relationship will the Council have to the Senate? Also, what do we seek in Jedi Councillors?"
Tempest found herself quite surprised to learn how many others were new arrivals like herself. She wondered why they would all feel lead here to attend this meeting at this time and season. What reason did the Force have for this assembly?

The initial Order on Voss which she had been introduced to, is also currently undergoing a change of Grandmasters. She did not know anyone personally, especially enough to judge rightfully or wrongly, but she always just suspected people to fall into the roles they best fit. Nominations, at least in her opinion of how the history files portrayed them, or volunteering, never produced great leaders.

She realized just then, how fragile the future of the Jedi as a whole actually is. With so many divisions, no matter what they conclude here today, tomorrow, on Voss, or any of the other separatist Orders, nothing will be enough, so long as the Jedi stand divided and scattered throughout the Galaxy. Before today she never even considered the state of the Jedi as a people, or would have suspected how deeply politics divide even Jedi. She wondered what those politics are, but thought a public inquiry might be somewhat disruptive, and decided she would prefer to spark a private discussion later.

She stood in silence while the others worked out the issue at hand. Not knowing anyone present, she did not feel it her place to speculate. As usual when within the presence of Jedi, despite her hesitation to form a decision about this new Council, she felt peace emulate between those present. 'Perhaps vast unity is simply not laid out in the Will of the Force at this time. Perhaps many views are necessary to bring its foundation into form.'
Alyson had been there, but had been rather quiet, she saw no need to speak now, this was a conversation for the masters and knights, not for a lowly padawan, it was not her place to speak at this time. She had come a long way, but she did not feel as if it was her place to speak on the matter of the council and she knew her place. One day she could possibly sit on the council, but that time was not now, she had a long way to go before she was there, but one day, she would reach it.

She sat in the crowd, but did not say a word, not yet atleast, she was simply a padawan, she was not important on the grand scheme of things, she had gone through alot over the past few years, she had met many people, seen many places, and learned much about the force, but she had no idea if she was ready to move on, but for now she was just a padawan, nothing more, nothing less. However, she had still come a long way, she had gained lots of knowledge over the previous few years, and she would continue to gain more knowledge as she continued, she was picking up new powers and information rather quickly, gaining more and more as she worked with the Jedi.
Kira ran up the steps of the Grand Temple as fast as she could, clutching her satchel tightly to her chest. Showing up late was not a good way to make a first impression, especially in front of Jedi Masters, she knew; yet here she was. After getting word of The Dominion requesting her presence after leaving the Jedi Temple on her homeworld, she made her way here as soon as possible.

Her steps fell heavy as she made her way into the main room where everyone was gathered. She quickly felt her face heat up from embarrassment as she hastily and clumsily bowed and introduced herself.

"Pardon my tardiness, everyone," she introduced. As she stood back up, she assumed a smart posture and smiled gently. "I'm Kira. Kira Logán."

[member="Cedric Grayson"]

Listening to the words of [member="Cedric Grayson"], she knew her intuition had been correct. She was present at the founding of the Jedi. Keeping silent like normal and just watching to what is going on around. Her own feelings buried deep and a neutral façade showing outwardly.

Turning to look at [member="Jessica Med-Beq"] as she spoke, Ra nodded. The Jedi would certainly be a great asset to have on the council. She never let her emotions control her and while Ra strove to do the same, she found it difficult at times.

She turned her attention to [member="Kira Logán "]as she came running up to join the rest of them. Remaining quiet, she gave the girl a nod.


Speaking clearly for all to hear, "I can start training once we are more established and padawans show up. It will take some stress off of Masters and give me new opportunities."

She spoke with all her heart and if any of the Jedi around were empathic, they would feel the honesty of her words. The belief she had in herself and the Order she was helping to establish.

[member="Alyson Halle"] [member="Tempest Yore"] [member="Dune Rhur"]
Of all days to be late. Tschov never exactly prided herself on punctuality. Still, to be so late to such a probably important meeting was hardly appropriate. Reflecting on her bad fortune would do little for the current situation, however, and she continued on toward the specified gathering point, boots lightly clacking against the floors. As she approached, she stilled, gathering herself. After years spent hunting the strongest the Anzat could handle, to suddenly consider those people allies rather than sustenance was perhaps the last thing she'd expected would happen.

Catching sight of another seemingly heading in the same direction, she picked up the pace, slipping in the room just before the door could close.
"That would certainly be helpful." Cedric muttered in agreement with Ra. In truth, the effort of reforming the Order as well as heading the Dominion was proving taxing on the youth. There was only so much he could accomplish when so many tasks were set before him. Having other to take up some of that burden could help to ease that frustration. If nothing else, it might help him retain his sanity a few year longer than he was poised to right now.

"I don't think we've met," he offered [member="Kira Logán "]a smile. "A new padawan, perhaps?" He quirked a brow, his lips parting to speak further, though there were other matters to attend to. Seeming to think better of it, he turned to the congregation at large.

"We are but a small thing now," he began, "But in time, we will grow. We only need to dedicate ourselves. Perhaps it is too early for a council, but we do have teachers like Master Rhur to guide us," he gestured toward [member="Dune Rhur"]. "Many of you are students, and I, along with Master Rhur, Knight [member="Atrina"], and Madam [member="Jairdain"] are available, along with two others..."

He turned to [member="Alyson Halle"]. "Empress Halle has proven herself. She is, by all intents, above any training I could provide. I would name Miss Halle a knight of the Jedi Order, and Knight Med-Beq," he turned to [member="Jessica Med-Beq"]. "I believe you have ascended from your station. I think it is time she attained the rank of master. Her knowledge of the force is paramount, her experience great. I can think of few others more suitable to stand as a guiding light for the order."

[member="Tschov Bolyn"], @Ra'a'mah, [member="Tempest Yore"], [member="Jakkor Kess"], [member="Mason"] [member="Xiarr Sair"], [member="Vishkar"]
Dune smiled towards [member="Alyson Halle"] and [member="Jessica Med-Beq"]. These events were well earned.

"Well done, Jedi Halle," he told her and then he turned to the taller human woman, He bowed his head respectfully.

"Master Med-Beq, I am proud to have you as a fellow Master. You are truly an example of what it means to be Jedi in these times."

He turned his gaze around the room towards the new Knights and especially the prospective students. It was good to be among such a strong Light sided presence once again. It'd been so long.

"We're small now, but the Light is with us," he told all assembled.

[member="Jairdain"] [member="Tempest Yore"] [member="Cedric Grayson"] [member="Jakkor Kess"] [member="Tschov Bolyn"] [member="Xiarr Sair"] [member="Vishkar"] [member="Atrina"] [member="Mason"] [member="Lan Graendal"]

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