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The NFU Objective

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I don't think we have enough none-force sensitive role players around. The Sith Empire since its conception has been completely dominated by nearly pure ranks of Sith, the Republic has considerable number more than the Sith Empire but are in truth not much better, Lords of the Fringe have a high Force User count, and it seems that OP has dwindled a bit from its glory days of being the pedestal of a high count of NFU's.

Mandalorians are struggling with activity, the Black Sun Syndicate has never had a huge activity to begin with, and even the Confederacy is infected with "Templars".

Then there are other factions like the Moross Crusade, which have, officially on its list, three NFU next to umpteen FU's.

So then, I challenge thee upon my biased opinion, that you make an NFU and make him at least your secondary main for a month! See what happens, maybe you'll like it and we can have some true non-gifted bad asses floating about! What say you?!

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
Galactic Empire has quite a few non-Force users. We also have the Inquisitors, who all have cover identities as NFUs which can make for interesting battles where the Force is not used by them. OP still has a few NFU, and hardly any FUs.
blah blah blah blah whine whine whine

kidding, but, yeah. I guess it's just because people are attracted to the FU skillset, and the powers and factions that go with it.
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What I was implying is that the major NFU factions are kinda slackin' :p But like I said, my opinion is just something that formulated in my head with limited observation and assumed statistics.

The NFU to FU ratio is still scaled way the hell in the FU direction. I'm hoping to see more of a balance and mix. Every battle shouldn't be decided between a Sith and Jedi duking it out over whose more of a bad ass.

Every once in a while, I wanna see a battle decided between a storm trooper and rebel, you know?

Jorus Merrill

is mek bote
There's a corollary, or an alternate path for those (like me) who have a tough time breaking away from the Force.

  • Every now and again, try making a Force-user whose skillset is so specialized, so esoteric, that he or she is basically a NFU with one quirk that's irrelevant most of the time. The biggest reason I love playing Jorus is that his one Force power (hyperspace) is irrelevant. 95% of the time, he's just a smuggler with a shotgun. And I have more fun and kick more posterior with Jorus than I do with nearly any Force-user.
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If my one and only character is a NFU do I get a cookie?
I feel you son. I just want to have more FU fight NFUs and not be acting like they're about to fight jesus.

FU got tanked all the time. Darth Malgus? Got his ass kicked in a fight by a Trooper in the Old Republic days.

Jace Malcom ftw.
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See? We need more badassery non-special-snowflakes to show that the Force don't make you a god just because you have it.
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As far as I can tell the way for NFU's to beat FU's is lots and lots of grenades.

Which uh, vibes with an Assassin-who-specialized-in-targeting-Jedi character I had years and years ago. Tools of the trade: A good sniper rifle, lots of hired meatshields and literally TONS of explosives.
*Raises hand* Hello, my name is Tegaea, and I can’t use the Force.

I was the most powerful woman in the galaxy for a good period of time, all without being able to throw tanks around….

It’s a problem you’re always going to have. People like the Force magic because it’s what separates Star Wars from every other story out there. A common thought is that it’s ‘boring’ to be an NFU or they’re ‘underpowered’ compared.

And yes, probably. We can’t shoot lightning from our hands, we can’t bring down rooves on top of our allies and we can’t wave a glow stick around. But look deeper. An NFU can defeat a Force User. It requires more thought and the right planning, and that’s the difference. It’s harder to be an NFU, especially in a fight.

So yes, try being an NFU, you might find you enjoy being the common man/woman/thing. And think of all the things you can do without being distracted by wizardry; be an admiral, a politician, a cyborg, an assassin. The number of your jobs is infinite!

So don’t get yourself down by all these Forcies lording it over you, show them that we are the 99%, and we are not in their shadow anymore!
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"A force user on a spaceship is just a High Value Target."
It is a really cool idea, actually... I have only a few NFUs and a bunch of cool FUs. But Aliannah, my favourite NFU, has a great background which has to be discovered yet. So you can start expecting diplomacy, democracy, peace and Senate stuff from me. And of course the storyline of Lunar Meadow. :D

Desmond Voralis.

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This is why I love playing Desmond when I'm able to find activity for him. No force powers, just the right tools, the right skills, the willingness to take stupid risks and so far the luck to not get himself killed in the process of taking said stupid risks.
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You know what would be really awesome? If a FU would just freakin' die because of a stray blaster bolt. Just one too many things to block and suddenly he's missing half his face. That'd be awesome.

Also @[member="Preliat Mantis"], not many people really know how to write Taris Kasi, its just a limited list of badly named moves that supposedly work on FU's, and also its a pretty rare sight to see someone who actually knows enough about a martial art to write it effectively... then theirs the problem of the other person not understanding AT ALL what it is they are trying to describe and then suddenly the effect of said martial art is completely negated.

I've found that the best way to combat FU's is through good smart tech and a helluva amount of firepower (in quantity or in quality, the effect is similar, the quantity might be more effective).
Can't block rapid-fire slugthrowers now can you yah fat jerks, can you?! Shove that up your magic plasma wands!

Anyway, Teras Kasi works to me, like a sort of Wing-chun or Krav Maga. Probably a more...stylish style, more related to kung fu.

I am an NFU, and I am my writer's de-facto main character, at the moment. So far, on this board, my NFUs outnumber my FUs 3:1.

Quite frankly, I love being able to write a "normal" character and actually have it work in the context of Star Wars. It's been harder to do on other boards I've lived on, and thus far my experience has been that I've got a better chance of achieving it, here.

Moira Skaldi

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@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]

You have a force-user who can fly and throw tanks on your leash though. Who is very eager to serve your whims and hit things for you. When she is not being needy and angsty for more or less valid reasons.

Anyway, I'm an HRD - machines do not use magic - designed to fight forcers pretty well and has plans to commit galactic genocide because all organics must be processed to usher in a mechanical dystopia of well ordered machines. Bolters, flamethrowers, sonic rifles and lots of explosives come in handy when dealing with super-empowered opponents and their 'force'. Of course the machine is inherently superior to the organic. The Age of Steel will rise.

Archangel is able to turn anyone into a superior unit able to defeat forcers. Stronger, smarter, an unstoppable force. We have the technology.

Seris Vant

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Yeh. Black Sun has seen better days I'm sure. We're gona be making moves and restructuring in the next few weeks. And recruiting actual members. Cause having more then half your guys being mercs uhh, can suck.