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Approved Lore The Kiliea Command Forces [Rogue Atrisian Imperial Army]

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Xiro Mohc

Atrisian Force Lord of Kiliea



  • Army Name: The Kiliea Command Forces
  • Classification: Autonomous Atrisian Corps Force
  • Affiliation: Kiliea Command Forces
    • Direct Command: Xori Mohc Generalissimi of Kiliea and Lord Commander of the Kiliea Command Forces
    • Direct Commanding Org: Atrisian Corps Directorate
    • Other Affiliations:
  • Army Symbol:
Atrisian Imperial
Kiliea Command Forces Crest
Kiliea Command Forces
Atrisian Corps Directorate Crest
Kiliea Command Forces Battle Flag
  • Description: The Kiliea Command Forces is a despotic military junta lead by the Atrisian Imperial Radical Generalissimi Xiro Mohc. They are a modestly sized military force settled on the Atrisian Commonwealth world of Kiliea and are made up of radicalized imperial-leaning Atrisian veterans from the One Sith and First Order Wars who have followed Xiro in a zealous shadow war to reign control of the Atrisian Commonwealth from the Imperial Court in Atrisia. They are funded by many secret arms dealers and have amassed a force to launch a surprise coup assault aginst the Imperial Court and its young prince.
  • Headquarters: Kiliea System
  • Goals:
    • Atrisian Imperial Coup of current Emperor's Court
    • Reformation of Atrisia into an Autonomous Imperial State
    • Establishment/Enforcement of Autonomous State & Special Economic Zone Treaty with the Galactic Alliance
  • Reputation:
    • The Kiliea Command Forces are not well known across the galaxy - in fact, they are barely known outside of the few affiliations and diplomatic ties they have made. And this is on purpose as they have formed in secret on Kiliea over the years to prepare for an imperial coup against the Emperors of Atrisia.
    • Within Atrisian Commonwealth they are regarded as a dangerous, ruthless, and major threat to the political control of the Imperial Court in Atrisia.
    • They are a well-trained, well-funded, and well-experienced armed force of Atrisian veterans, old guard and returned military exiles from the days of the One Sith and First Order occupations.
As of Submission:

  • Xiro Mohc
Initially formed as the "Last Corps" - an Army-in-Exile comprised of Atrisian Veterans from the wars against the One Sith and First Order - what would become the Kiliea Command grew in earnest in the Unknown Regions under the auspices of former Yovshin Swordswoman and New Imperial Knight Xiro Mohc. Dissatisfied with the Atrisian Commonwealth's total and unconditional capitulation to the Galactic Alliance and the timid policies of the Imperial Court in Atrisia by its Young Prince Shoma Ike Shoma Ike .

In the shadows of the Unknown Region, armed by private contractors and a secret military import treaty with the New Imperial Order and the Tyrant of Industry Gat Tambor Gat Tambor - the Kiliea Command launched a devastating takeover of Kiliea and enforced their military dictatorship over the populace using nationalist fervour as a means to drum up support.

The cries of "Hail Artisia!" rang out across Kiliea as Xiro Mahoc declared herself Generalissimi of Kiliea and Lord Commander of the Kiliea Command Forces. Now all of the Atrisian Commonwealth hangs on the precipice of civil war as Xiro and her forces make clear their intentions to reforge the Commonwealth under a "Reign of Steel and Blood".
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Roleplay Judge

This is a beautifully put together sub and at face value everything seems in order. The only concern and issue that will need to be changed is the battle flag. The inspiration for the heavily resembles the Rising Sun flag which was used pre and during WW2. This iteration of the flag is seen as a hate symbol in many Asian countries because of what occurred during the time Japan used this flag. It is associated with the crimes against humanity that Japan committed during WW2. Easiest way to put it - people see this flag as they see the German Nazi flag.​

This falls under the following rule from the Codex Rules:​
  • Imagery depicting real-world controversial events, or people, such as "Nazi" or "Fascist" groups should not be utilized. If you are uncertain whether or not an image is appropriate please feel free to reach out to Codex Staff and ask.​
I've attached articles explaining in depth the issue at hand if you're curious at all about this issue. For this submission to continue forward please either remove the flag entirely or redesign it.

[x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]​
Roleplay Judge
It is all good. There's just a couple of permission issues/links and then you're good.

Other Affiliations:

  • Atrisian Commonwealth [Cultural Affiliation/Diplomatic Status: Unknown]
  • Galatic Alliance [De Jure Supranational Control of Kiliea/Dipolmatic Status: Antagonistic]
  • New Imperial Order [Secret Military Arms Treaty/Diplomatic Status: Commercial Import Treaty]

Please link the factions that are associated. This would clear up the permissions for the Atrisian Commonwealth ships permissions & the NIO ship from Gat.

The following ship needs permission because its closed - market without a faction affiliation.

Also the link for the "Yovshin", "Metsuka" and "Tenchuu" is broken please fix this.

Xiro Mohc Xiro Mohc
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