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The Hottest Men in SWRP At This Present Time

Okay, so I found a thread talking about the hottest women, and was a little insulted that I wasn't mentioned (even though it was from before I came here, but that's beside the point....). So, I decided to give this thread a shot. Come on then, Ladies! Spill it! Who are some of your droolers here on SWRP? :D
I've got a few, to be honest:

1. @[member="Morna Imura"]
2. @[member="Cronos Aegir"]
3. @[member="Lucius Mahaii"]
4. @[member="Black Dove"]
5. @[member="Subject 13"]
6. @[member="Disciple"]

Yeah, It's a list that continues to grow... :wub:


Ropo Lord of Hoth and Supreme Comandante General
The little Ropo looked about. What about the cute little ball of fluff? Was he not counted?

It was these things and many others that he pondered; mainly as he sat quietly nibbling on a biscuit, his little feet kicking in the air. "Yummy yummy yummy." The hat upon his head spoke out as he rocked back and forth where he sat. The pink tutu that @[member="HK-36"] had placed upon him just adding to the level of cuteness.

@[member="Cira"] @[member="Tegaea Alcori"]