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The Great Convocation (Templar Order/CIS/Invite)

The Templar Sanctum, Roon

Over the course of recent history, a phenomenally large number of changes had occurred within the Templar Order. Many of the familiar faces that could be seen on any given day within the halls of the Sanctums had gone; and in their place a new generation of Templars had began to arrive. They hailed from all across the Galaxy, from every walk of life; and each held within them an ocean of potential just waiting to be cultivated by skillful hands. That is why they were here this day, to officially enter the Order as Aspirants and to begin their walk down the path of a Templar. However, the occassion was not only to introduce the Order to a new generation of exceptional Aspirants, but to officially recognize those who had ascended to Knighthood by the Archon's own saber.

These proceedings, known as the Great Convocation, heralded a celebration of monumental proportions which was to take place immediately thereafter. For, after all, how often did the entirety of the Templar Order and their honored guests congregate? That alone was cause for celebration! The entirety of the planet, known as Roon, was buzzing with excitement; in particular the island upon which the Templar Sanctum was built. Its walls, ancient in years, overlooked a crystal clear ocean and a bright sky that was dotted with gently rolling hills. The Great Convocation was to take place underneath this afternoon sky, outdoors within one of the Sanctum's numerous courtyards. For the occassion, an elevated platform had been prepared; where a number of thrones awaited the Masters of the Templar Order.

Those of said rank were to ascend the steps and take their place on the stage, whilst the Knights, Aspirants, and Guests, filed in before them and sat upon the seats provided. There, the Archon would address the Order and begin the Great Convocation with the bestowing of the Signet Rings. Each Templar would receive a ring, according to their rank, which would represent their membership in the Order in addition to their privileges. Following the bestowing of the rings, the Knighting Ceremony would begin, in which each Knight would be officially recognized by means of the Archon's saber; in addition to the appointment of the Knight Exemplar to the Grand Council. Lastly, the Masters of the Order would then be free to share words of wisdom and encouragement with the Order...and then the festival would begin with a dazzling display of fireworks, music, dancing, and everything in-between!

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Adamus Straife

The Slayer
The day had come. The Great Convocation. This day was to be remembered by Adamus Straife, for he was to be knighted by the Templar Order, gifted with his own ring and recognised by the Archon's lightsaber. Oddly ironic, Adamus thought, that he was to be knighted like a Jedi would. Adamus relished in this opportunity as he came out into see the great view that was about him on Roon. All present were honoured guests, some were lucky enough to be knighted themselves. Adamus wore different attire on this day, sporting far lighter robes than his original black ones. He also neglected to wear his mask this time, preferring to show his face. Lest those who might have seen him before recognise him as what he truly is.

He stood at the back for now, awaiting until his name was called. He was already recognised as Isley Verd's younger brother, but today he would be recognised by everyone as a Knight of the Templar Order.

@[member="Darth Metus"]

Zaiden Dean

The Stealth Master
Sno approached silently, out of respect of those before her. Her millennia of life had given adept skills in moving with no sound. Taking a seat, the young woman flattened her dress against her legs before doing so. Curtness was also a byproduct of elongated lives.

Clad in a simple red satin dress that hugged her curves thanks to a scarf tied at the waist, with her hair drawn back away from her face, the ancient looked polite and ready for the ceremony. Not many would know just how well, for beneath her garments strapped to the bare thigh, lay her Dual Phase Green Lightsaber and accompanying it on the opposite thigh lay her Purple Light-whip. She did not know of it was custom to show with weaponry, but she had as she always did.

Darth Ferus

Krest walked into the building. He had heard of the Templar Order many times, and this was his attempt at joining it. Neither Sith or Jedi. Free from either orders strict rules and terrible reputation. He keeps to the back of the room, arms crossed. On his hip was the hilt to his saber, a peculiar one. The hilt wasn't round, but flat, almost as if someone had taken a vibroblade and removed the blade itself. Regardless, he keeps to the back, waiting for his chance to join this order.
It was time. The Convocation had arrived. The time for knighthoods and medals and things for people, sounded like a lot of fun. On Roon, he felt at home; the energies of the Force flue through him deeply, through his very veins. This was a holy place, where all the Masters of the Confederacy would meet, and convene to create new Knights and Masters, and ordain new Templar Aspirants; himself mainly, so he hoped.

Valarr remained at the rear of the ceremony, sat neatly on a chair, waiting for events to unfold. He gently sipped at some ale, and he smiled. This would be a lovely event, he hoped.
The Eternal Queen
As Feena arrived for the special day, she, for once, had knots in her stomach. She was used to giving speeches and addressing large audiences. But she had no held a lightsaber in nearly ten years. When she was told that she would have to knight them with her own saber, Feena nearly fainted (or was it the illness that made her faint?).
Dressed in the crisp, clean uniform of the Archon, a set of intricate white robes, with a long green velvet cape trailing behind her, Feena approached the stage when the time came, holding in her hands, a clean, silver box with a clear glass lid. She glanced down at it only once. Her lightsaber rested on a plush red cushion inside. The smooth silver handle had recently been polished, cleaned. She had struggled to find it again after all these years of hiding it away, but when she had found it, it was so caked with dust, she had to take it apart again, and fit it all back together again.

She approached the low table with the rings, set her box down and turned to those gathered. More were still to arrive, she supposed. Her speech would commence soon. She'd practiced this all so often. There was no way she could get it wrong.
This was really something different.

As my time as a simple soldier or an apprentice in training, i had never participated in an event like this It was clearly something else by how people were here. Each of them a Templar as much like I was. Well going to be one. I had come to join the Confederacy and their force users of the Templars. It seemed that most of the higher officials wore green. While I wore all black.

I carried only my lightsaber with me today. My vibrosword was left at home along with the Imp pistol. I sat in one of the many seats that was available to me. Sitting with other Aspirants of the Templar order, we would be receiving our gear after the speech, as well as Knights being officially given their titles, and probably something to rally the Templars spirits. Either way, I didn't know what to think of this. I have never been to one before.

Holly Isaac

Aella had decided to attend the ceremony on Roon, to see what everything was all about. Arriving a day early she explored the planet and fell in love with it. This was a planet that she could see moving her father to for his retirement.

@[member="Darth Metus"] @ Feena Mason

@ everybody else

Zaiden Dean

The Stealth Master
@[member="Feena Mason"]
The greatest healer Sno had heard of, Feena Mason, had arrived. Following the woman with her eyes, she reached out with her mind. It was usually considered an attack to have your mind intruded by someone unknown, so instead she used the Force to imbue words onto the floor before her. In the end, carved deep enough to read was:

Zaiden James wants Sno Wyte trained in healing. He says he will owe you personally if you can make it happen.

Upon her friends word, Sno had came to the CIS - it was with surprise she found it homely for her - to learn light side healing under Feenarah. She doubted the highest ranking member would train a newcomer, but she hoped that the Archon could at least direct someone to train her in the arts.
The Eternal Queen
As the Archon waited, standing before those gathered with a smile, words, just words, etched themselves on the floor at her feet. She read, showing no outward sign that she had seen them.

Zaiden James. Brother.

She locked eyes with a girl she had never seen. This was the one. She knew. She could sense it. A tiny, almost unnoticable nod was her answer.

Feena Mason never declined a request for training, whether her brother asked it from her or not. She would make time if she had to. She had not ever declined a student yet, and she was not about to start.

@[member="Sno Wyte"]


Junior Member
The Great Convocation. A time of joyous celebration for the Templar Order, and the Confederacy as whole. It almost saddened him that he was required to attend. Ket lived among the stars, the dark reaches of unknown space, where his tendrils reached inward to the very core of the Galaxy itself. Yet, here he was, back to civilization. Back to the bright lights, the roaring crowds, to all the things he couldn't quite stomach. It was just as hard for him as it was for them. He remembered back to his first encounter with Isley, and to the offer that had been extended him. Truth be told, he found that fact that his name still carried weight to be a bit gratifying. But these pups that waited for accolades, rings, and sabers to be brought to their shoulders... He felt a pang of sadness for them as well. For years he had been a vagabond, a rogue Sith whom did what he pleased, answering to no one, and caring for only those worth his time. They would never know the joy of such freedoms. As long as they remained loyal Templars, they would always be under someone's thumb, telling them what to do and how to act. Yet, here he was, a leader among them, responsible for that very loyalty across the entire confederacy. He could appreciate that, but he still had trouble coming to grips with it. As such, the Force responded in kind. His was a presence that was felt by all, whether he wanted it felt or not.

Such it was, on this glorious day, as the Archon stood looking over the gathering crowds, that the sky grew dark. The very light of Roon's sun began to dim as cold winds began to kick up and shadows fell across the people that had congregated to witness this event. Like a wave of icy water, feelings of dread and hopelessness seemed to spread from him, affecting every last man, woman and child that could see him. He was clad in his Templar armor, as black as the void of starless wild space, a matching hooded cloak whipping out into the air. He stood there like a statue, and closed sapphire eyes, concentrating on the Force. Within moments, the air began to grow warm once more, the hopelessness replaced with joy once more as the winds dyed down into a gentle breeze. For once in his long and storied life, he felt a sense of regret, but such emotion raged within him that he could not control it as well as he should.

Nodding to the Archon, the Lord Inquisitor of the Templar Order took his seat within the semi-circle reserved for the Master Council, black leather clad fingers lacing through one another, watching the crowds beyond as they began to gather their bearings.

An interesting day this would be, indeed.

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Galaar Tal'Verda

Just one more butchered soul.
Galaar patrolled the roof top of the building behind the platform that the Grand Council now sat upon. It was going to be a lavish ceremony, parties, drinking, spice... And I'm gonna miss out on all that, kark it all, I hate life right now maybe I should just throw myself down on the platform and convulse like a glitteryll addict on Krait's blood with the Rahkghoul plague. He moved closer to the edge and subtly looked down over the side of the roof and gave a thumbs up. His silver stripped helmet with the CIS logo on the left side clearly visible for half a second

Rephrase that.. Then stand up and have Gizka dance with me as I act like a Weequay at a night club... With the Rahkghoul plague.

His eternal comedy aside he went back to work, security detail on a roof top with a Verpine Sniper until get got orders from his temporary CO, Ket, silently praying to Dead Manda Gods that something would shake this party up... In a good way of course.


CC-420 "Doc"

Doc sat off to the side of the main platform in the shadows, cradling his eight gauge like a mother cradles a newborn. His skull fire brand was one of the few things one would notice if they looked in the clone's direction. He had a special load for this particular assignment, incendiary buckshot, for crowd control. Oh the pain a potential attacker would endure before their death.


Doc watched the growing crowd with a semi bored expression while continuing to scan for potential threats.

Gravsen Conclave

This Wolf Still Has Teeth
This isn't my show to be running.

A mass of white-and-gray armor shifted in front of the crowds. The man within it had taken the time and sensitivity to strategical place himself off to the side of the congregation. From there he could look down upon the entire mass without issue; and at the same time, remain out of the main focus. The standard DC-17 retrofit issued to the majority of the CC regime hung gingerly between his hands. Two DC-15 sidearms hung lazily from his black plastoid belt.

The Commander of the Dreadguard absolutely had to be at functions like this. Protecting the masses and establishing peace were his main mission objectives. If not that, then simply giving a face to the almost mythical name of the Dreadguard to the public was worth enough. His arms were folded tight over his chest. Four Commandos clad in jet black armor--Sigma Squad, some of his favorites-- hung around him in a small square. They all held the DC-17s in an at rest position.

Two of his other favorites were already positioned in strategic locations around the celebration. The Commander trusted them with this important task as if his life depended on it.

"Alright boys, keep it law and order. No fancy tricks. Charm a few ladies, make the guard look nice. Comments about lady parts, lady bits, or shows of public indecency are of considered charming by Confederacy standards, oddly enough." He issued through the tactical comms connected to every Dreadguard in the area. There was only a small deployment here. The main infantry and the rest of the fighting force were on leave, wandering the streets of Bothuwai or attending the celebration as guests.

"Just try not to collapse Sir." Toph's voice reverberated through the comms, issuing a few laughs from Sigma. "I can make you collapse ad'ike." The Commander shot back; grimacing under his helmet. Everyone knew he was still recovering from his injuries, and that civilian events were all he could attend for another week or so. He didn't need any reminding of that fact.

I spearheaded the assault on four worlds with these injuries boys. My drunk stories will always be better than yours.

@CC-420 "Doc" @[member="Galaar CC-252"]

CC-829 Wraith

Armour clunked mechanically as Wraith slowly paced along the surface of the rooftop ledge. His pace was slow, allowing his head to rotate around on his shoulders, taking in the surroundings and observing every guest present at this most prestigous of ceremonies. A few meters behind him, a clone sniper Wraith had been attached to for the duration of this protection mission was setting up his weapon on a small, maneuverable-looking tripod for additional support. Wraith took a brief glance back at him setting up his kill-spot, not deigning to speak to the fellow clone. He had better things to do. Clutching the electrobinoculars in his right hand, Wraith moved to the edge of the ledge and peered down at the crowds congregating below. Bringing the visionary device up to the visor of his helmet, he examined the crowds from a super-accelerated range for a moment. The hands gripping the device swayed from side to side as Wraith casually observed the mannerisms of various members of the crowd, looking for anyone suspicious.

"Hey! You done?" the voice of the sniper rang out to him, breaking the relative quiet of the rooftop ledge. Although the hub-bub of the crowds could be audible from above, it was a seemingly unreal sort of distant noise, and the sniper's voice could be heard with ease. Wraith didn't bother to reply, instead waiting another few seconds to complete a final sweep before letting the electrobinoculars drop to his side in his hand. Swiveling on his heels, he made his way to the side of the sniper, who had prepped his equipment. "Ready." Wraith said simply, keen to keep conversation to an absolute minimum. It was simply easier that way. Easier to contentrate on what was happening around you. Easier to cause any issues with his sometimes alternating ideology. CC-829 dropped onto the floor, pulling himself into a prone position aside the sniper, who had done the same. Placing his elbows on the ground, he raised the electrobinoculars once more.


Pureblood don't mean a thing to me anymore.
I was as best dressed as I thought I could be for being a Templar on this occasion. It felt like being back among the Sith when they'd celebrate you becoming a Sith knight or when you make your first kill on the first step to being a Sith. I looked about in the group of people present, a lot of them I didn't know. There was one guy ( @[member="Darth Avara"] ) who, when I looked at him, I could sense the dark side on him. A little too much for just any old templar but then again he might've been one of those types to use a lot of darker side techniques; hell I was starting to turn into one of those myself. Still I knew to keep my eye on him. Then I saw the Archon @[member="Feena Mason"] herself. I could see she was with another person but I still wanted to at least say hi. I walked over, making my way through the clone troopers present before reaching her.

"Good day, Archon." I said, giving a polite bow. "It's good to see you again."

@[member="Darth Metus"]

Corey's OOC

And where were the spiders
Not always one to show up on time for social events, Marek wasn’t really too worried about the time he showed up to the Convocation. He had his own way about getting to places and getting things done. He was going to get the hang of being part of a group down, he just… well, had to, right? Of course. His older cousin would be laughing at him, if he could see him now.

Thank the Force the older Starcahser was off on his rogue vessel doing who knew what. Probably.

Marek showed up and took one accessible seat, adjusting his outfit. Sure, it wasn’t completely formal, but for him, it was better than most situations would get. He adjusted the jacket, looking around, what was he really doing here? He looked up ahead and saw that one of his teachers, @[member="Darth Metus"], was up there. Well, this was the right place at least.

He noticed the Archon @[member="Feena Mason"], and a few other faces he could pick out. Plus the dark haired woman who he felt he wanted to get to know a bit better @[member="Sno Wyte"]. Maybe this wasn’t the place.

Zaiden Dean

The Stealth Master
Sno glanced to her right, feeling the eyes of a man from nearby as they brushed against her. Offering a small smile and a nod for acknowledgement to the young man, whom for all she knew could be a direct descendant of her ancient blood. Once upon a time she probably would have begun seducing the man for whatever sick pleasures she could imagine at that moment, but since her purge things had been far to different to continue along the same path.

That wasnt to say that with her aligning with that light that she had shut off all other men, simply that she was no longer the evil woman she once was.

@[member="Marek Starchaser"]
Rise and Rise Again
Dressed in her hot pink Beskar'gam, the diminutive sweetheart hopped up and down where she was supposed to stand. A Templar Aspirant! It sounded much more grand to the child than it probably had cause to, but Ginnie Verd was indefatigable. She was going to get a ring and be important and be seen in front of everyone in her beloved armour. She spiffed up her boots and made sure the purple armour weave cape was clean and fresh for the occasion. The sky dimmed and darkened. Ginnie shuddered in her cape, pulling it around her as she looked around the area for the source of the malcontent.

The little girl had a severe and deeply rooted problem. No one was paying attention to her yet. This mustn't be! It didn't help! She, in bright pretty pink armour should have had someone's attention! Ginnie tromped up to the Archon and the Master's Council and saluted. After all, @[member="Siqa"] did it! As much as she'd been practicing her salute (in front of the mirror in her room), she waved at her brother @[member="Darth Metus"] and at @[member="Ket Van Derveld"], standing on her tip toes so as to appear taller than her 4'10" frame suggested. Was it the Master Van Derveld of whom she'd been acquainted previously which fed the malaise of the sky? Could it have been the meek indulgence of her brother's dark side?

No, the tempest seemed to fade from the area and under her helmet she smiled, thinking hey! Maybe, just maybe she'd somehow made the person smile and taken away their feelings of woe. Thus was the mind of a child.