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Codex Denied The Emperor's Throne World

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  • Intent: Flesh out the Zambrano's secret stronghold
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[*]Classification: Mobile Throneworld [Shipyard/Factory/Cloning Center]
[*]Location: Above the Galactic Disk
[*]Affiliation: The Sith Empire / The Hidden Empire
[*]Population: Heavily Populated
[*]Demographics: The majority of Malsheem's inhabitants are Z1 clones, loyal Epicanthix officers, and a combination of multi-species cultists and trusted Sith.
[*]Accessibility: The Emperor's Throneworld is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the entire Empire, with only the Emperor and his Shadow Hand knowing of its location at any given time. Those with proper clearance, like members of the Emperor's Council, are kept on a need-to-know basis regarding its location and can only be granted entry by the Emperor's permission.
[*]Description: Gargantuan doesn't even come close to describing the grandeur in which the Emperor infused into his secret project, the mobile Throneworld of Malsheem. Half the width of the first Death Star, Malsheem is nonetheless titanic in all proportions. While possessing no exterior defenses such as turbolasers or missile launcher banks, the station more than makes up for its lack of armament with nearly impregnable shields and hundreds of orbiting defense satellites equipped with fast-tracking technology capable of keeping up with high-speed interceptors.

The true scope of Malsheem can only be appreciated from the inside, which is completely comprised of massive shipyard complexes, automated production facilities, research laboratories, and resource foundries that allow the goliath space station to remain self-sufficient even in the farthest depths of deep space.

And it is in this function that the true dark genius of the Sith Emperor is revealed, as he can produce entire war fleets and clone entire armies wholly dedicated to his evil far away from the galactic eye. His most horrible secrets lie at the heart of this infernal station, safe from the cleansing gaze of the Jedi and even from the prying eyes of his own Sith comrades.

Only the worthiest among them have been granted a glimpse at what he plots at the precipice of known space.


[*]Orbital Emplacements: 19,917m

[*]Combat Forces:
  • 500,000 Permanent Z1 Clone Garrison
    The number can fluctuate depending on current activities going on at Malsheem

  • The Great City: Stretched across the vast surface of Malsheem is a sparkling city of glimmering towers, docking bays, and cavernous canyons bristling with automated production lines and shipyards. Known as the Great City, this staggering metropolis serves as the primary hub for all activity and traffic moving to and from the gigantic throneworld. It also serves as a shield defending the important interior systems from attack.
  • The Sanctum of the Tyrants: Situated at the heart of the Seat of the Unborn is the personal sanctuary of the Sith Lords Carnifex and Prazutis, the true heart of the vast Empire they both have bled to create. A vast reservoir of Sith knowledge resides here, cataloged by blind, deaf, and mute cybernetic servants so that every scrap of their collective knowledge can be accessed easily at their whim. This is also where a secret reserve of clone bodies is hidden in the event that their primary supply is destroyed.
  • The Emperor's Cloning Laboratories: Much like Vitiate and Palpatine before him, the Sith Emperor Carnifex became obsessed with eternal life and the viability of prolonging his existence through clone proxies. Filled with Spaarti and Khomm cloning technology, these laboratories are the primary method through which the Emperor achieves eternal life. Staffed only by the most capable and loyal of servants, only a scant few have ever seen these sterilized halls and lived to remember them.
  • The Imperius Spire: The external throne room of the Sith Emperor, the Imperius Spire is a three hundred meters tall tower jutting out from the surface of Malsheem, the penultimate story designed as a quadripartite structure which housed a giant holomap, a throne room, private quarters and a docking ring. From here the Sith Emperor could direct the entirety of his Empire's military might, safe and sound from retaliation while his loyal subjects exhausted themselves at his demand.
  • The Shipyards of Malsheem: Concealed within the colossal worldcraft are a series of automated production yards capable of construction warships as large as battlecruisers and as small as corvettes and strikecraft. It was these yards that produced the majority of the Hidden Empire's secret armadas over the course of a decade, and they have not even begun to slow down or cease in their production.
  • Automated Production Systems: Situated alongside the internal shipyards are city block-sized factories that convert raw material into useable goods and then, in turn, construct machines and weapons of war on vast kilometer-long assembly lines. Well-stocked raw material reserves, durasteel foundries, and asteroid mining complexes are but a few of the internal systems ensuring a continuous line of production.
  • Agricultural Biomes: Expansive greenhouses and artificial farms provide the inhabitants of Malsheem with an unending supply of food, allowing them to persist within the deepest realms of space without ever coming into contact with other ships beyond their consistent defense flotilla.
  • Training Grounds: Large enough to hold entire army divisions, the training grounds within Malsheem were designed to simulate hostile environments to better test the combat efficiency of the Z1 Clone Soldiers. They could be reconfigured to resemble any terrain, with trap doors allowing for the maneuvering of wild beasts, battle droids, or even other clone troopers into position. High-tech weather replicators could create rain, snow, or even volcanic ash with life-like accuracy.
  • Research Laboratories: Separate from the Emperor's personal cloning laboratories are the research and development labs of the Sith-Imperial Corps of Engineers, though they are kept a vital secret from the majority of the Corps. It is here that the Emperor's minions oversee the development and testing of his most diabolical desires, often on live subjects plucked from the chaos of war.

Malsheem originated as a distant dream in the eyes of Emperor Voracitos, the corpulent Dark Lord who obsessed over vainglorious superweapon projects during his tenure as sole ruler of the Sith Empire. When the Empire fell, the plans for such a station were spirited away by the Sith Lord Kaine Zambrano as the Sith reorganized in the Deep Core and merged with the secretive One Sith.

Though he had pledged his loyalty to the Dark Lord, he kept the knowledge of the station's plans to himself and began secret construction deep in the Unknown Regions. As the Voice of the Unknown Regions, he was tasked with exploring and preparing star systems for eventual colonization once the Republic had been defeated, but he primarily used this position to scout for resource-rich systems that had gone undiscovered by the Republic.

Such star systems were stripped of their entire wealth, funneled into the growing shape of the battle station that Zambrano hungered to complete. It was during this time that Zambrano came into contact with a young Sith named [member="Taeli Raaf"], a woman who he recognized for her talent and ambition. He struck a deal with Lady Raaf to secretly work together on fashioning a massive phantom army in the Deep Core and Unknown Regions, but their projects were temporarily setback after the Galactic Alliance occupied Coruscant.

Relocating their projects to Wild Space, the pair continued work on the space station; dubbing it Malsheem in the process, named after the mythological fortress of evil from ancient Human mythology.

Malsheem would only be completed before the commencement of Operation: Eclipse and would serve as the true seat of the Sith Emperor's power in the galaxy; hidden away from all others above the galactic disk.
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Image Credit: Click - Reddit / Paradox
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The picture is from a screencap from an official Paradox stream of Stellaris patch 2.2 and appears on no other website other than the Reddit thread pointing it out.

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