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The cat is (almost, kinda) back!!!

I apologize to everyone I impacted with my abrupt departure. Work got worse and worse, almost overnight. Was working nearly 60-70 hours a week at the time. Juggling that, keeping my pregnant wife happy, and myself sane, I had to cut some strain where I could.

But, things are calming down. Going to cautiously ease my way back in. Here's to hoping I don't blow myself out again. I missed you guys so very much, you have no idea.

[member="James Justice"] [member="Lady Kay"] [member="Veiere Arenais"] [member="Gray Raxis"] [member="Thurion Heavenshield"] [member="Coci Heavenshield"] @SJO
[member="Aria Vale"]: no promises on much Kitty, because of... well... sorry ideas.... Gotta make sure my co-conspirators are still interested in my plot idea.

[member="Veiere Arenais"]: it's good to return. I hated being gone for so long.

@Atheus: thanks! *nomz on muffinz*

[member="Ara Ren"]: thanks love! =^-^=


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