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Approved NPC The Bryn'adûl | Juggernaut Grenadier

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The Bryn'adûl | Juggernaut Grenadier


  • Intent: To flesh out a particular rank of the Bryn'adûl Juggernaut Corps
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  • Role: Juggernaut Grenadier
  • Permissions: N/A
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  • Unit Name: Juggernaut Grenadier
  • Affiliation: The Bryn'adûl
  • Classification: Infantry
  • Description: The Juggernauts of the Bryn'adûl, the most reliable and long-standing military corps of the Barricas. The Juggernaut Grenadier is the one of the two shared second tier ranks of Juggernauts, they are typically young but with a taste for explosives. Juggernaut Grenadiers typically wear heavier armour, carrying belt-fed Bryn Shots among other explosive weapon types.


  • Unit Size: Medium
  • Unit Availability: Uncommon
  • Unit Experience: Trained
  • Equipment:
- Armour: Verikast Juggernaut Platform 12A
- Arms: Glaive | Primary: Bryn Shot

  • Combat Function: Juggernaut Grenadiers act as enforcers of held lines or offensives, they are the active anti-infantry and entrenchment force and serve to flush out enemies and fill gaps where seen with explosive ordinance. Grenadiers typically deploy as part of squads or as support lines to Phalanx groups, or as Mortar teams.
  • Backbone: The Bryn'adûl Juggernauts are the forefront most well known enforcers of the Bryn'adûl, they are powerful and adept warriors that serve with a zealotry that parallels only the most fanatical of followers. This means, even with lethal and even fatal wounds, they will not stop nor flee from combat without order, and will not stop until they can no longer keep moving.
  • Tough: Just like any Baedurin, the Bryn'adûl Juggernauts are exceedingly tough - their skin almost impenetrable by heat based weaponry such as plasma. Additionally, their armour provides excellent and versatile protection against energy based weaponry such as Disruptors and typical Blasters.
  • Strength: Every Draelvasier is formidable, but the Baedurin were granted a sum their leaders strength. Born of his brawn, an average Juggernaut is roughly twenty times stronger than a human. This strength lends to ferocious speed and deadly, lethal strikes.
  • Comrades: They live and breathe the ideals of the Bryn'adûl, acting on the will of their forefather, and the good of the galaxy. The Juggernaut Grenadiers have an incredibly strong sense of comradery and fight well together and for each other and themselves, priding themselves on the explosive terror they can unleash.
  • Big Boom: Grenadiers Bryn Shots pack a punch, capable of unleashing extremely powerful explosions coupled with a high rate of fire, razing hell across any battlefield.
  • Huge: Baedurin typically stand anywhere between 2.4 to 2.7 metres in height, they are giants. Whilst this grants them the strength of titans, it also weighs on their bodies, it also makes them incredibly large targets, easy pickings for automatic weapons.
  • Agility: Baedurin are not as agile/flexible as smaller species and more lithe creatures.
  • Winters' Grasp: The fire in their veins makes them strong, but it also makes the Baedurin's flesh feeble in the presence of the cold. Their blood runs hot, their bodies thriving in the sun. But it is the brightest flame that is snuffed the easiest, the cold is as deadly as any blades.
  • Exposed Face: Unlike some other variations of this Juggernaut platform, the Grendarier variant sacrifices partial elements of face protection.
The Juggernauts of the Bryn'adûl have been officially rebranded as the Juggernaut Corps, encompassing a variety of Juggernaut units and force variations. One such group is the Grenadiers, known for their aptitude for powerful explosions. Juggernauts are incredibly tough and strong, strong enough to make close quarters combat almost trivial against more races. Grenadiers are designations given to standard Juggernauts using ordinance equipment, and slightly varied armour

Juggernaut Grenadiers are some of the most eclectic and lively Baedurin, they live for the thrill of battle and enjoy tearing through flesh and metal with their explosive arsenal.
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