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Enyo Typhos


: To codify a sub-group within Enyo's power base.
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Organization Name
: The Awakened.
Classification: Force-Sensitive Group | Inquisition.
Affiliation: Archangel Research and Design, Iron Fist Consortium, Revenant Industries, Typhos Clone Family, Enyo.
Organization Symbol: A stylised wolf's head. The Awakened have been nicknamed Enyo's Wolves.
Description: The Awakened are a small group of Force-Sensitive followers that serves the Typhos Clone Family, the group that pulls the strings of Archangel Research and Design and the Iron Fist Consortium. The former is a shadowy droid corporation, the latter a criminal mafia and paramilitary organisation. They Awakened perform the duties of enforcers, Inquisitors and stealthy agents. Their duties are rather varied, ranging from intimidation of rivals and clients to espionage, assassination and inquisition. Their members are feared among the footsoldiers and lieutenants of the Consortium. In terms of function, one could broadly compare them to the Emperor Palpatine's Force-Sensitive agents or Count Dooku's Dark Acolytes.

They are seldom dispatched on missions in large numbers. Rather they operate alone, in small groups or are attached to pre-existing formations. Sometimes a prominent figure of the Consortium might be assigned one of them as a guard. This is considered a double-edged sword. On the one hand it is a mark of distinction and emphasises that figure's prominence. But on the other it means that Enyo regards that person as worth watching. Some of them are assigned to work with one of Enyo's siblings, particularly Alexia Zarides and Thuella.

The Awakened are almost universally recruited from impoverished backgrounds. Enyo's mafia has its roots in the slums of Lower Coruscant, where she first made her mark as a gang boss and mercenary commander. Though not a social revolutionary, she feels strong disdain for the upper classes, not the least due to her own puritan life style. Thus the stark class disparities did not go unnoticed by her. Hence she targeted the poor for recruitment - young, angry people who had grown up an environment where they had to fight to survive. Most had already gotten used to killing.

Later she operated on Vorzyd, a world with a similar fault lines between rich and poor, and Mirial, a world that has suffered greatly in the past decades. Enyo sought out Force adepts and promised them strength, discipline and meaning. With her, they could awaken their inner potential. Hence the name. A few of the Awakened started out with negligible Force potential but proved competent in other fields as operatives, so they were quite literally awakened to the Force through implantation of enchanted Artusian crystals by Doctor Zakarias Vont, Enyo's pet mad scientist. The process is not always reliable or safe though.

Force-Sensitivity is not that widespread in the Consortium, though Archangel possesses the means to create Force clones, as as shown by Enyo and her siblings. The Cyborg is wary of recruiting Force-Users en masse, as she knows that they are a good deal more difficult to control than droids. Moreover, a large number of Force adepts would force her to outsource most of their training to other Masters - who might not necessarily share her agenda and try to create a rival power base. The Awakened have some leeway with requisitioning resources and funds for their missions. However, they cannot commandeer Consortium or Archangel forces or significant resources without authorisation from high-up. While Enyo is a bit of a Forcer supremacist, she runs a tight ship and does not want any of her acolytes to be in a position where they can amass a following and build up a power base. After all, this would allow them to threaten her and her clone siblings.

Enyo trusts very few people outside of her immediate clone family and is very determined to be the one pulling the strings. For the same reason, her Force-Sensitive Shard minions are a distinct organisation unconnected to the Awakened. Both have distinct motivations, capabilities and backstories. Moreover, the Shards in Enyo's employment tend to be xenophobic towards organics because many of them are former Contingency personnel. Hence there is a bit of a rivalry between the two groups. The Shards tend to be older, stronger in the Force and more experienced, but are fewer in number.

Most of the Awakened are trained in a number of basic Force disciplines and applications, with an emphasis on stealth, intimidation, subversion and the core powers. Those Enyo deems worthy receive more specialised training. The sect operates on the basis of the belief that each member should do their very best to maximise their inner potential. This includes adepts who lack the aptitude for the flashy powers typically associated with Force-users, but who have useful talents elsewhere. Someone who shows promise as a pilot would be trained to use the Force to boost their piloting skills, a sniper would learn to use the Force to improve their aim, a martial arts specialist their reaction time and the lethality of their strikes, an interrogator would focus on empathic skills, mind-affecting abilities and so on.

It is pertinent to note that while the Awakened have undergone cybernetic modification in one way or another, they are still individuals with their own desires, aspirations and so on. The reasoning for this is quite simple. If Enyo wanted more droids, she woud simply build them, instead of lobotomise organics and create substandard bots. The Terminatrix has forbidden pointlessly cruel and ineffectual practices such as decimations. In her view, they are self-defeating and simply a way to shift blame. The majority of the Awakened have no official connection to Archangel. However, a few of them are publicly associated with the company. They are presented as 'talents' the corporation is providing for and helping develop their skills. They are given cover identities and sanitised backstories.

: Station RS-32.
Domain: The Awakened do not control a fixed domain. They are part of Enyo's power base, and have a certain ability to requisition resources from it. Generally, they can be found in her key holdings. They do maintain a clandestine presence on worlds such as Vorzyd and Metellos, particularly in the criminal underworld. However, it is very covert and they do their best to stay out of the limelight. This is a general policy of the Typhos Clone Family. They have set up a facility on Station RS-32, a shadowport owned by Enyo. Moreover, they have established a presence on Gehenna and on Space Dock 7.
Notable Assets: At present the group has few assets apart from equipment and facilities on the shadowport, as well as a training outpost on Gehenna. They also have a network of safehouses on Vorzyd.

: The Awkwaned are a small sect and thus have a very flat hierarchy. Leaving aside the fact that they are rather new, Enyo is reluctant to expand them to the point where they would require a more complex structure. Trusted Awakened train adepts with similar abilities in groups of three to five. They report to a couple of trusted lieutenants, who tend to be HRDs, and then Enyo. The Force adepts are not always aware of the mechanical nature of Enyo's overseers.

When she deems it necessary, the Cyborg will issue orders directly. Using HRDs as her conduit reduces the risk of betrayal and conspiracy, as machines cannot be bribed. Obviously, rivalries, competition and internal struggles between the Awakened are not unheard of, as they vie for the Cyborg's favour. Enyo is far from loveable or kind, but for several of them she is the closest thing to a mother surrogate. This may be an indication of how messed up their lives must have been.

Although the group is small and has a flat hierarchy, Enyo has seen the need to organise the Awakened into divisions. These sub-groups represent the specialisation of their members. These groups are Enforcement, Information, Special Activities, Investigations, Logistics and Research. These names are boring, but Enyo dislikes flamboyance. The Enforcement branch is, as the name rather obviously implies, composed of enforcers. They are the muscle who do the heavy lifting, intimidating and eliminating rivals. Information is the intelligence gathering branch, responsible for espionage.

Special Activities handles clandestine operations, sabotage and so on. The innocuously named Investigations branch watches out for signs of disloyalty. Logistics is essentially the quartermaster's office. Unsurprisingly, it is the branch with the most HRDs in it. Aside from providing the Awakened with equipment, transports and provisions, it also handles the acquisition of safehouses. Research handles scientific projects and is pretty much an adjunct of Archangel's R&D division. Droids do not understand how the Force worked, so Force phenomena and magi-tech Enyo considers to be of interest are often outsourced to this group. Thuella and Zakarias Vont supervise this branch. None of these divisions are large, and it is not rare for an individual Awakened to shift from one division to the next, depending on need and specialisation.

Housekeeping is the section responsible for disposing of bodies and clearing up operations within Archangel premises. Strictly speaking, it is not part of the Awakened, as it works for Archangel in general. However, it often works with the acolytes, so its should be mentioned here. Housekeeping also has the task of eliminating evidence of the Awakened's operations and protect them from exposure. Thus if one of the Awakened has to commit a murder, Housekeeping will remove or alter forensic evidence and/or eliminate witnesses.

Membership: Members of the Awakened are Force-Sensitives taken in by the Consortium. There is a preference for low class youths or social otucasts who have experienced poverty, suffering and bloodshed. Enyo does not travel around the Galaxy to find random Force-Sensitive children on the off-chance that they might be valuable. Instead those she encounters directly and deems valuable may be taken in to be raised as members of her personal hit squads.

As time passes, the Awakened are taught core disciplines of the Force and indoctrinated. There is more of an emphasis on finesse and cold professionalism than brute force. Their education incorporates the use of flash memory and training. They are taught how to blend in, utilise spycraft and eliminate targets without creating attention. They also receive training in marksmanship, demolitions, Zero-G movement and combat, though this depends on the role they are supposed to have in the organisation. Many become fluent in several languages. Enyo is not cruel because sadism is inefficient, but she is certainly harsh. Young blood must prove themselves by killing a target. This is comparable to the initiation rites of many criminal gangs or cults. Both humans and aliens are represented in the group, as Enyo does not care about species.

Climate: Professional. The Awakened are trained in a military fashion and expected to conduct themselves accordingly. There is a code of loyalty that resembles that of a gang. One could also compare it to a wolf's pack. There is a culture of cold, professional violence that is directed against those deemed enemies. Enyo has no patience for schemers and backstabbers, and so individuals who belong to these categories are purged. She despises Chaotic Evil barbarians even more than Lawful Good paladins. That said, there is also a lot of competition for her favour.

There is a very strong us and them mentality. Those outside of the Typhos Clone Family and its enterprises are enemies or assets. Young Awakened must commit a murder to prove themselves worthy of joining the secretive covenant. The members of the group are also encouraged to further increase their potential by enhancing themselves with cybernetic implants.

Reputation: The Awakened are barely known outside of Enyo's enterprises. Even within her group, many will not have crossed paths with them directly. Her under-bosses - those who are organic - have come to regard them with fear, respect or a mixture thereof. Their relationship with Enyo's Shard minions is a bit competitive. The Shards tend to be less numerous, but they are on average more experienced and stronger in the Force. Presumably Jedi and other Light Siders are negatively disposed, as the Awakened tend to be darksiders and work for an amoral Cyborg.

Moreover, the core of the Awakened is composed of a group of Jedi Padawans who were captured and indoctrinated by Enyo after she and a Sith called Vaylin assaulted an independent Jedi Enclave. However, since the group keep a low profile. The perception of Sith may vary. Enyo has worked with various Sith groups in the past, but is not a Sith herself and indeed does not have a high opinion of them. She is generally lumped into the catch-all category Dark Jedi, although she was never Jedi. Thus Sith presumably see them in the same manner they view any sort of Dark Jedi or generic non-Sith darksider.

Curios: Enyo regards curios as silly and the Awakened do not encourage the dissemination of symbols or other items that could clearly identify them to outsiders. Neophytes tend be issued a dagger with a blade coated in poison and a high-grade blaster. Lightsabres are incredibly rare among the Awakened. Enyo is reluctant about handing out large numbers of weapons that could become a serious threat. Weapons with Electro-Plasma Filament heads or, in rare cases, simplistic Force Imbued or Sith Swords are more common. Like the ancient Inquisitorius, the Awakened often carry Taozin Amulets and Disruptors. Most carry a tamper-resistant Ghostwave Communicator. Many in the upper ranks have cybernetic implants of some sort, though the extent of their modification varies. Stealthy suits such as Shadowsuits or
Storm Commando Armour are common. Awakened who have spy or infiltrator duties may be issued Haunt X-1 Climbing Gear.

Rules: Service, obedience and dedication. The Awakened are instructed to regard the Force as a tool. It is a means for them to awaken their inner potential, become part of something greater than themselves and destroy their enemies. They are indoctrinated to further Enyo's personal goals. Through service to her, they will gain power and be initiated in the mysteries of the Force. While Enyo is no social revolutionary, there is also a lot of propaganda against the rich and privileged.

This is appropriate since the Awakened tend to be recruited from the ghettos of mega-cities. There they lived in the very real darkness while the wealthy could bask in the light of the sun from their enormous towers. The Awakened seek to foster a special esprit de corps among their members by teaching them that they are superior to the rich and idle because their road was paved with pain and suffering and they had to fight to get anywhere in their lives. This makes them people of a special cut.

Enyo herself is treated as a model and exemplar, as she was created and manipulated by cruel puppet masters, but overthrew them and took command of her destiny. She was forged in the fires of the Age of Steel and became stronger. Through victory, her chains were broken. The sect discourages luxurious living and the pursuit of creature comforts, for these are chains that weigh an individual down. Ironically, this is not that far from the beliefs of traditionalist Jedi, who renounced all forms of worldly possessions. The Awakened come to the same conclusion for different reasons.

A good deal of emphasis is placed on transcending organic limitations. In that regard, the group endorses transhumanism. Those among the Awakened who display an aptitude for alchemy, biological sciences, robotics or cybernetics tend to be drafted for the R&D division of Archangel. There they serve the cause of 'progress', while their comrades in the field eliminate its 'enemies'. The Force is not regarded as a conscious entity that shapes the destiny of individuals or has a will of its own. Instead it is a source of energy that the gifted can tap into. The Awakened reject mysticism. Likewise, the sect encourages the embrace of technology, including cybernetic modification. Enhancement enables organic beings to overcome their natural limitations, becoming stronger and more capable.

Discipline is similar to that in a military unit. The penalties for desertion, cowardice or betrayal are draconian. Their Cyborg mistress is no sadist and indeed abhorrs what she regards as pointless cruelty. But she is not about making an example of those who do not make the cut. Because Enyo dislikes wasting resources, she favours processing or enteching acolytes who have sentenced to death.

Goals: The Awakened act as assassins, inquisitors and enforcers, furthering Enyo's agenda – and their own personal ones. They intimidate unruly underlings, ensure that all debts are paid to the crime family, eliminate potential rivals, root out corruption and dissent. In so doing, they hope to attain Enyo's favour and be empowered.

One of the leading members of the Awakened is a Kaminoan called Kina Sai. Force-Sensitives are extremely rare among her kind, though not unheard of. However, her Force-Sensitivity was the cause of disdain among her peers. She was also born with green eyes, which for some reason is seen as a mark of genetic inferiority by the Kaminoans. Viewed as an outcast and possessive of socially reprehensible traits, she departed her homeworld for fear of being 'corrected'. Adrift in an unfamiliar Galaxy, she was eventually found by a Jedi and brought to to an Enclave.

Though a good student, she struggled with many of the Jedi's core tenants and the fact that she was the only one of her kind at the academy. When the enclave came under attack, the masters tried to shepherd her and the other Padawans to safety. However, the fight went ill. Kina fought in defence of her home. Despite her inexperience, she did not run. She ended up facing Enyo and managed to damage the Cyborg, but was defeated. When she was taken away to be trained, Kina feigned compliance, but then made an escape attempt. It was thwarted, but Enyo indoctrinated her rather than kill her. The Kaminoan's refusal to give up impressed her a bit.

The Cyborg has used persuasion, exploiting Kina's resentment towards her own kind and some of the Jedi teachers as well as her sense of responsibility for the apprentices who were captured with her. Thus Enyo has played on her feelings on being an outcast. Kina deeply dislikes her own people, who engineered her but later rejected her for being 'imperfect'. She has been moulded into a ruthless, calculating assassin. She is a capable warrior and skilled in small unit tactics, slicing and demolitions. She utilises cybernetics and Force-based physical augmentation to overcome her species' lack of physical strength. She has a rather poor view of her own species. Today, she leads the Geister, a special operations team composed of Force-Sensitive agents.

Kina's second-in-command is a Twi'lek called Sinya Waran. Sinya is less controlled than Kina and has a lot of anger in her, despite 'emotional adjustments'. She is very competitive and a fierce duellist, with a preference for dual-wielding a standard length lightsabre and a shoto. Like Kina, she used to be a Jedi before the Enclave she lived in was sacked by Enyo and her associates. Deep down she still resents her boss to a degree, but also blames the Jedi for what she sees as their weakness.

Titus, formerly known as FN-1922, was a low class youth from a backwater planet in the Unknown Regions. As a young boy, he was taken from his family to serve in the First Order's Stormtrooper Corps. His name was replaced with a numeric designation. By the time he was conscripted, the First Order was past its zenith. Stationed on Kaeshana, he and his comrades had to fight rebel insurgents. They narrowly escaped when the planet was suddenly dragged into the warp by aftershocks of the Netherworld Event. When they managed to reach home, the First Order was beset by enemies, particularly the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium, whose forces had managed to seize the capital.

The superior of FN-1922 became a capricious warlord who introduced decimations to keep his soldiers in line. 1922 was part of a mutiny, and was saved from execution when Enyo and her associates showed up to loot. 1922 shot the Ren in the back. Taking the name Titus, the lad joined the Terminatrix. He was minorly Force-Sensitive, though not enough to merit training as a Jedi, Sith or Ren. However, having seen the power Force-Users wielded and been at the mercy of dark side adepts, he wanted it for himself. Thus he volunteered for an experimenta procedure involving the use of Artusian crystals. The experiment was a success, and Titus is now a full Force-wielder. Titus benefits from his military training. He is good with a blaster or slugthrower and a skilled gunner. He has also been trained as a medic. He has started to receive training in the use of a lightsabre, and has a preference for Shien. His past experiences have made Titus jaded and grim.

Sabina was a low class youth from Coruscant. Growing up in the shadow of the towering spires of the former galactic capital, the Zeltron experienced little of its glamour. Instead she saw its dark side. She was born as the daughter of two incarcerated drug addicts. Her mother was a spice addict, and her father was an armed robber. Sabina soon ended up in the criminal underworld, and became a courier, drug dealer and spy. She graviated to power and joined Enyo's gang, even even alerting the Terminatrix when she learned that her underboss was stealing from her. Enyo arranged for the girl to get a more rounded education and used her as a child spy. When Sabina was arrested and convicted of second-degree murder, the Consortium freed her. True to her word, Enyo was a craftswoman who valued her tools.

Now she is one of Enyo's younger acolytes, but eager. She is observant and perceptive. Sabina is out for herself, but seems to look up to Enyo to a degree. Sabina is a bit introverted, but ready to kill at the drop of a hat. Incidentally, she has musical talent and is a good singer. Enyo sees no point in such pursuits, but Sabine hones her talent in her free time. She has a knack for stealth Force abilities, lying and has taken an interest in alchemy. Contrary to the Zeltron stereotype, Sabina is not a party-crazed hedonist or sex addict. Indeed, she looks down on Zeltrons act in a licentious manner, believing their lack of self-control makes them weak. Indeed, she always wears practical attire that covers her body.

Sampravi is a Togruta who grew up in a Bando Gora cult that had survived the Omega Protectorate's bloody crusade against them. The other cultists worshipped the old Chaos Gods, but had also deified Siobhan Kerrigan as The Kerrigan, a Goddess of Destruction, for she had slain their dark 'messiah' Abaddon. Akala was also part of their pantheon. Their rituals included blood sacrifices. Togruta have some rather harsh beliefs. For instance, their culture maintains that keep up should be left to fend for themselves, because that is nature’s way. True to this, he saw the Kerrigan as the ultimate final selection figure. However, he did not see anything truly divine about her or the other Chaos deities.

Enyo, Siobhan's clone, ran into the cult. Seeing the mirror of the Kerrigan, several cultists wanted to worship her. However, Sampravi saw through this nonsense and exclaimed she was not divine. Enyo actually liked that and put the cultists to the sword. She made the acolyte prove himself by joining her in carrying out the bloodletting. He did, and became one of the Awakened. To him, Enyo's rational Social Darwinism and survival of the fittest made even more sense than the old teachings. He treated the cult as an outlet to hunt and has transferred this mentality to Enyo's group.

Decimus Ren started as one of the instructors of the group. As his surname indicates, he used to be a member of the Knights of Ren. He was a zealous follower of the First Order, with a record for brutality. He was a supporter of decimations, using nerve gas and making 'salient examples' of supposed dissenters. However, the collapse of the First Order left him adrift. After serving an Imperial warlord for a while, he became a mercenary. He ended up working for Enyo. However, while Decimus was strong in the Force, his pointless cruelty made him more trouble than he was worth. He was also very racist. Enyo got fed up and processed him into an HRD. The new Decimus is a lot more mechanical, a lot less volatile and a lot more useful as a supervisor.

Kazuko Aikawa is one of the supervisors of the group, overseeing one of the cells. She used to be an organic being, but is now an HRD. To be precise, she is an Ambrosia Droid, a special type of HRD with superior infiltration skills. Rather than being a simple facsimile, she retains her organic consciousness, which was transferred into her mechanical shell. Kazuko used to be involved with the Reki before starting to work for Enyo.

She suffered near-fatal injuries in a battle with a rival syndicate, and Enyo decided that it would be a waste to let her die. Besides, she sort of liked her. Kazuko's organic body was beyond saving, but her essence could be salvaged. Supervising a group of Force-Users is nothing new to Kazuko, as she used to be a member of the Atrisian Inquisition. There she was responsible for training recruits as well as monitoring Atrisia's state-registered, Force-Sensitive population.

However, the Inquisition was wiped out during a purge instigated by Empress Madeline after unknown terrorists assassinated her predecessor, Emperor Akio. The purge was backed by Archangel's old management. Kazuko was able to survive and hide in the underground. Vengeance against the people who had murdered her colleagues was one of her reasons to throw in her lot with Enyo. The Atrisian still retains many aspects of her organic personality, as she is still recognisably herself. She is a harsh taskmistress, though not a cruel one. Kazuko obviously cannot use the Force, but she retains all her knowledge of Force techniques and training methods. Moreover, she is very skilled in lightsabre combat. HRDs do not have the Force, but they have impressive mechanical strength and reflexes. She has adapted the old training methods of the Inquisition to serve her new cause. Kazuko is the most senior HRD in the group and reports to Enyo.

Zakarias Vont is not really a member of the Awakened, but works with them and is their chief doctor. Zakarias has the demeanour of a kindly old man. On a personal level, he is affable, polite and considerate. He has the air of a kind uncle or grandfather. However, despite his soft exterior, he's a fairly dangerous man. His strength does not lie in brute force or preternatural powers, but in his mind. He is secretive, ruthless and has no qualms about utilising unethical methods. As a young man, Zakarias tried to join the Sith Academy, but was rejected on account of his lack of Force-Sensitivity.

So he dedicated himself to using the scientific method to unearth the secrets of the Force. This involved conducting unethical medical experiments. He considers it to be a phenomena to be investigated scientifically. He cannot feel or call upon the Force, but study it in order to understand and possibly replicate it. Zakarias has worked for Sith Lords, the Atrisian Empire and all manners of shady groups. He has helped cure pandemics and create them. Now he works for Enyo. Zakarias is not loyal to one person or another so much as he is to an ideal. In his case that ideal is scientific advancement.

The Awakened are a very young organisation. They function as a sub-group within Enyo's power base. They came into being after she had consolidated her crimial empire and recognised the necessity of creating a formal organisation to regulate, train and control Force-Sensitives within her 'domain'. Force-Users can be a great boon but also a great danger, after all. This is something Enyo's creators found out.

Enyo and her clone 'siblings' were created to be the HRDs' Force-using Janissaries. Machines cannot use the Force, so they would create and mould organic servitors to do their bidding. Moira Skaldi and Maelion Liates knew that Force-Users would be among the greatest obstacles to bringing about the Age of Steel, which meant it would be beneficial to have their own. Enyo became a guinea pig for their experiments to create the perfect merger of organic and machine. However, Enyo and her siblings rebelled against their makers.

Enyo gained a foothold on Vorzyd by securing the allegiance of several street gangs and then moving against the Hutts and other cartels. One of those who were compelled to serve her was a young ganger called Maris Fero, who proved to be a capable operative. As it turned out, she was also Force-Sensitive. Enyo recruited among street urchins, thieves and young gang members. Several of them were trained as spies. These little mice provided her with information on the activities of her rivals. After bringing a Hutt cartel to heel and bringing its businesses under her control, she became an important player in the local criminal underworld.

Some of the recruits turned out to be Force-Sensitive. Many had already gotten blood on their hands before being brought into the fold. Hardened by the experiences of poverty and violence in the slums, they were an ideal canvass for Enyo to imprint her teachings on. Once Enyo had enough adepts to warrant a more formal organisation, she brought the rather disparate training and recruitment efforts under one control. Thus the Awakened were born. In this manner potentially dangerous Force-Sensitives could be used in a productive manner. Their training would focus on the Core powers, along with stealth, deception and mind-affecting techniques to instill fear, ferret out the truth or manipulate others. They would be good at intimidation, negotiation, stealth and assassination. Here and there, the Cyborg would run into a Force-Sensitive child herself and take it upon herself to induct it into the ranks of the Awakened.

As a result of her bief affiliation with the Contingency, Enyo acquired a small following of Shards. Their numbers expanded after she defeated a Contingency splinter group that had aligned itself with her Creators. However, she kept the Shards separate from the Awakened, encouraging competition between both groups. Talsir Vanaeth, Enyo's Eldorai teacher, and Darth Libertas, a Rogue Sith Lord, have helped train the acolytes. Promising recruits are brought to Karakorum or Raevana, both inhospitable worlds. There they learn to survive under extremely harsh conditions.

Due to their small numbers, Enyo has kept the Awakened's hierarchy flat. This allows her to keep the puppet strings in her hand. Training methods borrowed heavily from the programme she went through in Archangel, though the Cyborg is a good deal more straightforward and less manipulative than her Creators. It also draws inspiration from the methods used by the Inquisition of the Atrisian Empire. This is not surprising since Enyo's Creators had a hand in the Anti-Force-User Purge that occured at the start of the reign of Empress Madeline.
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