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Approved NPC Tess Tanner

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Enyo Typhos


Intent: Flesh out Archangel's hierarchy and provide it with a public face after Enyo's coup.
Image Credit: Here. Photo of Amanda Seyfried.
Role: (Puppet) Director of Archangel, adviser to Enyo.

Permissions: N/A
Links: Processing Machine.

Age: Six years as a droid. Resembles woman in her late 20s, early thirties.
Model: Doppelganger HRD
Appearance: Tess is based on the Guri model of construction. Her organic exterior conceals a machine. Her body is made of low weight organic infused polymers, clone cartilage supports, facsimile organic organs, shielded electronic components. Her organs are fully functioning, but obviously unnecessary. However, they help her pass for human. Outwardly she looks like an extremely attractive, statuesque human female in her twenties. She is above average height for a human female, but otherwise normal. She has medium-length blonde hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. She wears civilian clothes to blend in amongst the organics. Her attire is always expensive and immaculate.

Name: Tess Tanner
Loyalties: Enyo Typhos, Archangel Research and Design, Typhos Clone Family.
Notable Equipment: Collection of formalwear such as dresses, fancy shoes and women's business suits. She also keeps a holo-image of herself and her human self's husband, along with her wedding ring. Both items are kept secret. She has a collection of random trinkets she acquired during various infiltration missions for Archangel. Always carries a hold-out blaster or a blaster pistol. Tess keeps a collection of expensive artwork in her office.

Personality: Like any HRD, Tess is logical, tireless and dedicated to her role. Give her a task, and you can be certain she will see it through. Especially since she does not get distracted in the way an organic would. These are characteristics she has in common with Enyo Typhos, but in many ways both machines are a study in contrasts.

Both are ruthless, but whereas Enyo is blunt, laconic and often cold, Tess appears far more friendly, warm and outgoing. The human Tess was a socialite and this served the machine her well in the duties Archangel gave her. Usually this involved infiltration and seduction. In conversation she is persuasive and cultured. However, she has a ruthless streak that makes her a good match for Enyo. In addition, Tess is programmed to fulfil a managerial function, enabling her to conduct negotiations, close business deals with clients and run a galactic megacorp. Enyo, ironically, trusts droids more than organic beings. Being a droid, Tess is able to store and process vast amounts of information.

To perform her role, Tess has been granted greater independence than the average drone. As a result, she is more autonomous. However, she still on a leash, it is just a bit longer than that of the other machines that serve Archangel. To a degree, Enyo might also feel sympathy for her story, especially since there sre some parallels to her own. But Tess cannot go against Enyo's commands. She can advise, voice disagreement and propose alternate solutions to a problem, but not disobey a direct order. Outside of combat situations, Tess has enough free will to alternate between different modes of behaviour. She has a greater knowledge of popular culture than Enyo and acts like a bit of a foil to her chilly, dour personality. Outwardly, she appears charming, and erudite.

On an idiosyncratic note, Tess has an eye for good fashion and is a trendy dresser. Her role as a corporation's public face obviously requires her to look good since she'll be interacting with members of high society on a regular basis. However, it may also be the result of parts of her human personality carrying over since her organic self used to be a model. By contrast, Enyo still dresses like a mercenary commander. Tess is also a good ballet dancer and can play the piano.

Weapon of Choice: Hold-out blaster, various blaster pistol types, and, above all, her mind and her infiltration skills. She is an administrator and an infiltrator, not a soldier. She has bodyguards to do the fighting for her.
Combat Function: Tess is not a combat model. The Doppelganger HRDs are highly skilled infiltrators and spies, but not combatants. Compared to more baseline HRDs, they are a good deal weaker in combat. Should combat become inevitable, she will defend herself with small arms, carbines and vibroblades. However, she will make a tactical retreat when clearly outmatched. For the sake of having it all in one place, the strengths and weaknesses of her droid model shall be listed here:

The unorthodox design of the Doppelganger makes them extremely good at infiltration and at avoiding detection. Their bodies are made out of lightweight materiels and are of a non-magnetic construction so that they will not show up on scans. One would need a deep scan like an MRI to show that they are not normal. Light polymers and functioning organs conceal the metal and plastic parts. Their skin is soft to touch and feels human. Their movements lack the jerkiness and rigidty that sometimes show up with more standard HRD. Unless a unit sustains a serious wound they are almost indistinguishable from organics. They can even do things organics can such as cry, eat, drink, sweat etc. The products of extensive research into organic behaviour and practices, they are almost impossible to pick from humans. Tess is an exceptional replica. Her social protocols and ability to simulate emotion are extremely advanced. As a result she is almost indistinguishable from the organics they're trying to replicate.

The Doppelgangers lack the superhuman strength of baseline HRDs, but have the strength of a fit organic of their race. Since she does not tire or feel pain she can fight and exert themselves longer than a comparable organic could. Limbs can be severed and severe damage done, but she will press on regardless until destroyed. As Doppelgangers are made of lighter materials they are easier to destroy, but as they feel no pain they still require disabling blows to the head or chest to knock them out.

Anti-malware protocols and anti-slicing countermeasures protect the the units' programming from being tampered with, her core functions being overwritten or her otherwise being turned against her controller. Like most droids, Tess is vulnerable to ion, EMP and electrical discharges. In the high tech modern galaxy HRDs are not invulnerable. Blaster bolts to the head or chest can disable her, as can powerful explosives. She is especially weak against lightsabres.

While her mimicry and ability to pass for the organic she's pretending to be is exceptionally advanced, damage to their bodies will reveal her true nature by exposing their droid components. Likewise, with sufficient focus an empath or mentalist could notice that while she seems human to all intents and purposes, something is off about her. For one, being a machine, she lacks internal emotion. This would require focus and one-on-one interaction though.

As a tradeoff for their enhanced ability to replicate organic behaviour, Doppelgangers are physically weak compared to other HRDs. Their physical strength matches that of a very fit human being and their bodies are weak against damage. Heavy blaster fire, heavy weapons, explosions and the like will cut her down. Being a Doppelganger, she has above average strength and resilience, but her physical toughness is not superhuman. Her light body makes her agile and a lot better at passing for human, but also mean she is far less durable than a droid utilising a durasteel chassis.

Tess lacks the programming on the effective use of heavy weapons. Moreover, since her strength is only that of an extremely fit human, she cannot wield them with the same ease as her more durable cousin HRD models. In short, Tess is an inadequate frontline combatant and is best kept out of scenarios like that. She is a highly capable infiltrator, spy and assassin. However, these days her job is largely bureaucratic, instead of being field work.


  • Extremely skilled infiltrator. She is extremely good at infiltration, simulating organic behaviour and passing as an organic being. Her non-magnetic construction means that her true nature will not show on scans.
  • Good with a pistol and small arms.
  • Not a tank. Her physical strength matches that of a very fit human. This stands in contrast to the superhuman strength typical for HRDs. Her light body makes her agile and better at passing for human, but also less durable than a droid utilising a conventional durasteel chassis.
  • Lacks the programming on the effective use of heavy weapons.

Like all Archangel HRDs, to speak of Tess is to essentially speak of two people. The human was born on Denon close to the end of the Dark Age. At that time the ecumenopolis had fallen on hard times. Impoverished and plagued by zombies, it was not a nice place to grow up on. The abject poverty she grew up in probably gave her an ambitious streak. At a young age, she was able to stow away on a smuggler ship and make her way to Fondor. After working various odd jobs, she got a lucky break and got a job as a model after appearing on a casting show. She may have engaged in some creative couch negotiation behind the scenes to advance her career, but either way she made a name for herself.

She was reunited with her family after Omega Pyre liberated Denon and put an end to the zombie plague, sending money home regularly. She also did some acting and singing on the side. Eventually, she married an affluent businessman and became a judge on the Corellia's Got Talent reality show. All seemed quite idyllic and the couple was talking about having kids, but then she was grievously injured in a traffic accident. A drunk driver was at fault. The injuries put her in a coma.

Sadly, her grieving husband was unable to let go. So he made a decision he would eventually have cause to regret. One of his colleagues had had dealings with a company called Archangel Research Design. HRDs were their flagship product. Tess' husband commissioned the droidmaker to manufacture a duplicate with a mind and appearance based on Tess'. It was a simple matter for Archangel, which was able to design deceptively realistic replicants. The key lay in the use of a processing machine that enabled them to copy an organic's mind to use as a template for a droid brain.

To all intents and purposes, the mechanical Tess was Tess...except not, and he treated her that way. Indeed, even several of her friends were fooled. Those in the know rightly regarded this 'relationship' as unhealthy and urged the businessman to move on. Tess stayed with her owner/husband for a while. During that time, she subtly influenced him in ways Archangel approved of. He closed several business deals with the company and isolated himself from those who disapproved of his liaison.

Then the moment came when her HRD puppetmasters used a secret backdoor channel to 'activate'. Her owner's death was laid at the doorstep of a business rival. His company came under the control of an Archangel plant. Tess vanished shortly thereafter, as Archangel took possession over her. Archangel changed her appearance and gave her a new name and identity.

From then on she served the corporation as an infiltrator, seductress and assassin. Her targets were captains of industry, crime lords, politicians and other persons of influence. For a while, she worked as an aide in Aurelia Saelari's office during the politician's second term as leader of the Galactic Republic. She was also a dancer at the court of a Hutt - and helped decimate said court by gassing it.

She played a small, but crucial role in the creation of Enyo Typhos, clone of Siobhan Kerrigan. Posing as a high-class courtesan, she 'got to know' the Countess during a fancy gala and left with some of her DNA. Enough for Archangel to create a Force clone. From a certain point of view, this makes her one of Enyo's 'mothers'. After succeeding in this mission, Archangel rewarded Tess by transferring her mind into a superior Doppelganger droid body. While this would make her less durable in combat, she would be an even better infiltrator.

Ironically, Enyo Typhos and her siblings would eventually turn out to be Archangel's undoing. Moira Skaldi and Maelion Liates pushed Enyo and Amara too far and so the pair rebelled. When they tried to get Enyo, who had been turned into a perverse fusion of organic and machine, to kill her sister Amara, the clone snapped and rebelled. Tess had had contact with the pair of course, being one of the droids that had raised Enyo.

Tess was not present for the attack by the Contingency, but in the aftermath she was given more managerial functions. Maelion Liates had seemingly perished in a duel with Enyo and Moira Skaldi was focused on organising a campaign to wipe exterminate the insurgents. So while Archangel went underground and prepared a retaliatory strike, Tess assumed a more public role, representing Archangel to the outside world. She helped organise Archangel's humanitarian efforts on devastated Thyferra, while also acquiring intelligence about Enyo's Sith contacts.

Enyo encountered Tess during the final battle. Archangel's retaliation had forced the clone to go on an all-out offensive. However, Tess was turned against Archangel after Enyo tapped into her memory of her husband's death, as the replicant had been the one who did the killing. While Tess was a ruthless machine, part of her human personality were still buried inside her mind and she felt some resentment against Archangel. Enyo could empathise since Archangel had forced her to murder a fellow clone. Tess aided the insurrection by providing Enyo with crucial intelligence and codes to take over.

Moira Skaldi was destroyed during the fighting, and Enyo used the progenitor unit's command codes to assume direct control over Archangel and its droid armies. In the aftermath, Enyo and Amara had an amicable parting of ways due to their irreconciliable alignment. Enyo was faced with the challenge of remaking Archangel in her image. In many ways, things stayed the same. Although Enyo has no desire to wipe out all organics, she is in many ways just as amoral as her creators. However, while she has many talents, she is not a full-time businesswoman or a diplomat.

Moreover, the fact that she looks like Siobhan Kerrigan could raise awkward questions. But though it is within her means, she is reluctant to change her appearance. So she decided to run Archangel via proxy and chose Tess for this role. She might have been motivated by the fact that Tess already possessed experience in this role. Perhaps even by thei shared history together, though she would adamantly deny this. Either way, Tess got a promotion. Conveniently Maelion and Moira used cover identities, being known to the outside world as Anna Comnena and Nalia Alderana.

The press was informed that they'd died in an unfortunate accident but that business was continuing as usual under a handpicked successor. Since Archangel is purely privately-owned and gives its drones little autonomy, the transition was smooth. Tess' first task was putting the company back on track, for all the fighting had affected its infrastructure and production capacities. Moreover, Enyo's often rather unorthodox allies had to be integrated. Some proved less malleable than others, which was no surprise since they were a collection of criminals, mercenaries and raiders. To prune her syndicate of undesirable elements, Enyo launched a purge. Tess did not participate in the killings, but played a vital role in organising them. Many of those on the list were processed into HRDs.

Tess now has more autonomy than before, but is in close contact with Enyo, which ensures that the business is run in the way the Cyborg wants. While Tess has a lavish but classy office as befitting the official head of a big corporation, Enyo's is extremely Spartan, inconspicuous and looks like that of a common employee.
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