It was a business meeting like any other. Archangel was, after all, a legitimate corporation dedicated to the betterment of the galaxy through droids, advanced technology and transhumanism. Like any business, it had a bureaucracy. If both its management and work force tended to be extremely...mechanical, then that was just a coincidence.

"The NeuroDigital Matrix has been a great success, Given the recent galactic calamities, we timed its introduction just right," Tess Tanner elaborated smoothly. It was always good when a company had just the technology to help people who had suffered grievously. Attractive and with not a single blonde hair out of place, the pale-skinned woman was dressed in an immaculate and no doubt expensive women's business suit with a knee-length skirt. Few knew that she was actually an HRD. A product of the fact that a grieving husband had been unable to let go after his wife had a fatal traffic accident. By now he had joined her in the Nether.

"Csilla, the Stygian Caldera campaigns etc. have produced a large of badly wounded in need of new, healthy bodies. Not to mention a means to save the mortally wounded. This gives them a fresh start, and there's less stigma than with visible cybernetics."
"You mentioned the SIA has voiced interest," Enyo spoke blandly. In contrast to the elegantly dressed Tess, the Cyborg wore dark cargo pants, a vest and a button-up shirt. Nor did she wear lipstick or jewellry. Unlike the droid, she was physically present in the room. Which had no chair because Enyo disliked them.
Tess nodded. "Yes, for certain clandestine operators."
"Sleeper agents," her boss remarked.
"What about its use to resocialise convicts?"

Tess folded her hands together. "Presently negotiating the deployment of implanted drones for clean-up and reconstruction efforts in the outer rim. A number of...ethically inflexible NGOs are quibbling about prisoners' rights but I've deflected enquiries sufficiently. It helps that the...problematic journalist from the Fondor Spectator has become a lot more 'cooperative'. Beyond that, our analysts have compiled a study. Based on their findings, I believe we should step up our efforts to spread awareness about the technology's civilian applications. The tag line would be 'get the body of your dream'."

"For the old and disabled. And idiot celebrities who ruined their bodies with vice." Enyo had observed that many organics were determined to ruin the components of their already squishy, weak bodies through the consumption of narcotics and alcohol. Needless to say she was disgusted. One time she had walked in on her sister Thalia trying out spice. Reacting promptly, Enyo had taken her stash away and grounded her - on a remote asteroid far away from civilisation, with only droids for company. Naturally there'd been cameras everywhere.

"Yes, among other things. And at an affordable price, though I'd go further. I believe transgender people are a niche market worth developing. Tag line: 'be who you are meant to be'."
Enyo cocked her head to the side slightly in curiosity. "What is a transgender person?" Ironically, while Enyo was a hybrid, not a droid, Tess was more...attuned to certain aspects of organic behaviour and society.

"In a nutshell, an organic individual with a gender identity that differs from their biologically assigned sex. Some desire medical assistance to transition, using hormonal treatments and surgery. Treatments tend to be costly. Societal discrimination and stigma are serious issues in certain systems. Eldorai society is particularly oppressive."
An expression of puzzlement was momentarily written across Enyo's features. "I see. Strange. Continue." Much of what organics did was rather confusing to her. She filed this away as one of the many organic things she did not understand, but that didn't bother her and she could apparently benefit from.

Realising the Cyborg didn't want a lesson about gender dysphoria, Tess moved on with her presentation. "I intend to invite certain activist groups to inspect a model facility and familiarise themselves with the procedure. This would be part of a multi-pronged marketing campaign, using conventional advertising, social media, industrial fairs and so on. We already have a plan for a Spacebook campaign."
This was a topic Enyo understood better, so she nodded in affirmation. "Proceed accordingly. Keep me informed."

"This is all very beguiling," Darth Pest spoke up, drawling the last word. "But I believe we're losing sight of the true, fantastic potential of this technology. We can do bigger things with it than just create a bunch of sleeper agents or let cripples move about. We can reforge people's minds.
Tess shook her head. "We already do that."
Ignoring the HRD, the Sith Master looked directly at Enyo. "My lord we can do it on a larger scale. Imagine the potential. We spread the technology far and wide. We create unwitting assassins. We beam whatever message we want into the populace's minds." Her sulfuric yellow eyes seemed to blaze.

For a moment, there was silence. Tess seemed about to say something, but was silenced by a gesture from Enyo. Then the Cyborg spoke a single word: "Why?"
Darth Pest looked a bit flustered. "Because...because it will give us power. We can assassinate thousands at the press of a button. And subjugate even more. Harvest their minds while they are trapped in a fake reality."
"Killing without reason is anarchy," Enyo retorted flatly, emotionlessly. "That is illogical. It serves no one. What I do I choose to because it advances my cause. What you suggest will achieve nothing except bring hostile intent upon us.

Darth Pest made a dismissive gesture. "A lioness does not concern herself with the opinion of the sheep."
"Yes, and the Empire you served only won victories over sheep. It was beaten by rim yokels, deserters and a Jedi order led by naive children," Enyo remarked dryly. "The first and only field test of its ultimate weapon ended in humiliation." She had been there when the Ultima died an ignominous death.

"And what is it you intend to achieve, lord? It can't just be...reaping profits from being a merchant? That is beneath a Master of the Dark Side. What is your vision?" There was a hint of a challenge in the Sith's tainted eyes.
Enyo's expression remained placid. "To outlive all the petty empires and their atavistic conflicts and be there when the clock strikes midnight. Report on your recruitment efforts in the Stygian Caldera," she stated flatly before the organic could press things further.
There was a flicker of annoyance on the Darth's face. "Ongoing. Several of my old...acquaintances have proved receptive. Reputable alchemists among them. We salvaged some of the wrecks in Ziost orbit. Most intriguingly, I was also able to salvage alchemical data that you will surely find of interest. It concerns an alchemised chemical warfare agent."

"Forward it to me promptly. And any Force-User recruited will be questioned by me personally. Overmighty fools who can't follow orders aren't of interest to me. This conference is concluded. You're dismissed." Her flat, emotionless voice brooked no contradiction. The holographic apparitions of Tess, Pest and the other attendees flickered out of existence, leaving Enyo alone in a Spartan office room with no chairs but filled with monitors and a window that showed the vastness of space.

Alone save for a female HRD with olive skin, dark hair and the bearing of a soldier. Enyo stared off into the dark void while she addressed the assassin droid lurking in the background. "Arrange an accident for Ms Pest. I leave the means of disposal and operational conduct to you. Salvage her mind if possible. She may be of use once she has been processed and cured of her organic flaws."