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Tef's 10 Simple Steps For Leadership At SWRP

1. Do not think about leading until you've learned to follow.
2. Don't go forward with an idea before you've fleshed it out with a handful of other people first.
3. Loyalty isn't some abstract thought - inspire it, seek to achieve it from others.
4. Power is in numbers and ideas here. Use one to get the other, it works both ways.
5. Be flexible. Don't continue to hard line down one path, even if you choose to give the appearance of doing so. Consider all options at all times.
6. Your follower's needs come before your ideas. This is a game based on co-operation. A man who focuses on himself will be alone; try to include other people in your designs.
7. Don't make a lot of promises to people - you won't be able to keep them all.
8. Remember your friends, learn to forgive your enemies. Kindness works way better on a role-play forum than intimidation.
9. Don't ask someone to do something you wouldn't do yourself.
10. Always sleep on a big decision before you pass it. If you wake up the next morning and reach the same decision again, make the decision.
Darth Arcis said:
11. Remember that this is a roleplaying game. Victory happens, so does defeat. Usually it's the latter.
Also. Defeat often times builds character, victory will often times build ego. Know that we can all stand to learn more.

12. Be respectful and kind to staff and other players/writers. You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.
13. Understand the amount of energy and time it takes to run a board and juggle life. Be patient with your board owner and staff; you will want the same one day.