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Approved Tech TCT-22 Twin Light Turbolaser Cannon Turret

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  • Manufacturer: Tampson Consolidated
  • Affiliation: House Mecetti
  • Market Status: Open Market
  • Model: TCT-22 Twin Light Turbolaser Cannon Turret
  • Modularity: None
  • Production: Limited (-2)
  • Material: Duranium, Turbolaser Components
  • Classification: Light Turbolaser Cannon
  • Size: Small, for a Turbolaser (+1)
  • Weight: Heavy (-1)
  • Ammunition Type: Starship/Vehicle Power Core and Tibanna Gas tanks
  • Ammunition Capacity: Average (100 shots before gas tank reload)
  • Effective Range: Long Range (+1)
  • Rate of Fire: High (+1) (4 shots per second, 2 per barrel)
  • Damage Output: High (+1)
  • Recoil: High (-1)
  • Tough Duranium construction
  • High Rate of Fire
  • Excellent Damage Output, able to damage capital ships, armored vehicles, or fortifications
  • Long Range
  • When mounted on a small ship or vehicle (50 meters or less), it requires such power from the power core that no other weapons can be operated while it is active.
  • High recoil deteriorates accuracy during sustained fire, meaning that only large targets are viable for sustained fire.
Created by Tampson Consolidated as one of their few original starship weapon systems, it was envisioned as a component to a line of blastboats or heavy assault crawlers. These vehicles ended up not being as popular as hoped, but the Twin Light Turbolaser Cannon Turret itself proved to be a good seller on the corporate freighter market, where large shippers were concerned about the frequency of pirate attacks by small capital ships. Tampson Consolidated continues to sell these rapid-firing light turbolasers on the open market for anyone who can afford them. They are more expensive than traditional turbolasers due to their compact size, and so are only used in places where space is at a premium, or rapid-fire is needed to hammer foes into submission.
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