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Storm Calling

Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
[member="Tempest Yore"]

Ession was well mostly it was unneeded but he had been here a few times. Usually after different groups had used it as a staging ground to attack. He had faced down a number of creatures and standing there the jedi master crossed his arms over his chest. The smallest and finest hairs on his bare chest, tiny scars where he had fought and been sliced open. All of it looked normal but he continued to only wear his sigil and the fell star. His hair short with the miraluka sash over his face. Concealing the lack of eyes from most to be able to see. His hair short and done up with tiny spikes until everything had been prepared.

"We are here master Syn." They said it as the old capitol of the Dominion was in view, the remnants who had been enticed here and left behind when its leaders fled to go and create new governments they could be in charge of. The Silver jedi weren't always welcomed here but he wasn't one to fear the dangers that would be around. He stepped out with the boots heavy. Thick soled with metal frames so he could kick and use them in combat without problems. The self repairing metal, the frame made of duraplast to let him kick a lightsaber or another in combat armor. The ankles with a small sheath leading up to his pants.

The wintrium pants were combat grade, designed with the best in terms of protection that he could use and having the thigh packs built in so he could hold onto his supplies. ANything that he might need out in the field. HIs belt clasped with both sabers on his hips, interlocking hooks gleaming but he rarely needed to use them when going into a fight as he was one of the stronger fighters. The jedi master was walking and the few looks he got didn't linger on him, he looked younger then he actually was. Built like a teenager with muscle that was defined and a swiftness to his body. He knew how to move in a fight.

Same way he was moving now, walking with purpose almost.. realy he had just come here to scout and see what they might be able to discover without the real aid of the silver shadows.... not that he regarded them as helpful. WHen they spend more time thinking of codes names or how they are going to assassinate beings there is a problem. These were not shadows, they didn't hunt the darkside they had been told they could embrace it to fight darksiders. He stopped at a building and perched himself at the ready, checking on everything going there. He stopped while reaching out with the force to search the world.
…and back into cryostasis goes one Jedi.
Tempest unexpectedly froze where she sat. All conversation in the smokey back room of the central pub drowned out by the familiar intrusion. Her memory identified with her sixth sense immediately. A mixture of excitement and dread alike engulphed her being. She looked down at her fur boots, still blotchy from enduring one of her very first lessons among the Silver Jedi. She had left them not long after, when she received word her adoptive father, also a Jedi war hero, lay on his deathbed. She promised him she would continue her training.

When the Dominion was backed by the Jedi, Tempest met them and got a little sidetracked with her commitment from that moment onward. She fell victim to her own budding emotions and saw her own ambitions be replaced by budding desires of puppy love. Tempest had a crippling crush on [member="Cedric Grayson"], the Archlord of the Dominion. Today, to her knowledge they have completely disbanded, and he is moved on. She was left behind probably due to her young age, she felt. He was always looking out for her during his missions. He does not need a little girl hanging on his arm. Regardless, she figures he will return someday, and so she waits for him right where he left her. Tempest felt a momentary rush of elation at first, expecting the one reaching out to be her crush, but it is only her latest Master, a man who has no respect for the finer things a girl needs, nor those she absolutely wants. She was once asked why she is always decked out in fine lace dresses and pettycoats, and Tempest admitted, ‘Being a Jedi is about giving up everything, this is the last stitch of my individuality.’ Her father gave his all, her adoptive father his as well. Tempest offered up the whiteness of her fur boots once, and as for now, that is just about all she can manage emotionally.

She knew all that Jedi could become, but so far failed in her promise to her Late father. Being still new among the Silver Jedi she lost touch with them as she had no idea are now they were based, especially after some strange take over of the Temple on Voss. Until now, she felt her expectations of life plundered. She has money. Isn't that all anyone really needs? She felt stagnant in her ambitions, and quite alone in the world. Maybe, quite possibly even someday, she will despise [member="Cedric Grayson"] for abandoning her after the fall of his Dominion, if she truly can force herself to believe he has been that terrible to her.

Tempest rose from her chair to initiate the inevitable. Master [member="Syn"] will come, she knew of his dedication not to her personally, but to his Order. Her short stature hardly rose above the height of her head as when she had been seated in the wooden chair behind the bar. Her father's lightsabers both tucked into the sash tied about her waste. From time to time an unfamiliar parton will comment on the pretty little girl weilding the deadly weaponry, and Tempest would ignite her prize posessions and give them a show of twirling light. As a group of men decided themselves good and ready to move on they rose from a table by the window and tossed a chit upon the table for his barkeep. Tempest waved a hand and flung all the steins from the tabletop. The glass shattered about the wall before scattering about the floor boards. Her ole Master will like some place clean to seat himself. What? She is Jedi-ing! She is keeping the peace for the owner while he is currently taking a catnap with Mrs. Fye while her husband is MIA.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
[member="Tempest Yore"]

He stopped, pausing for a moment as he sensed it... something he hadn't felt for a long time or mostly had not thought about. He was blind able to see through the force itself so for him the scent, the familiar feeling of one in the force was as good as a face only he could feel them if he focused from across the galaxy. This one he had thought lost but coming here... stepping foot here he hadn't expected her to still be around. Somewhere within the galaxy doing her own thing. He only hoped she had found what would bring her fulfillment. He moved through the strets and could feel in the force the reactions of some of the others.

The jedi master remained silent though as he walked and approached the bar. Opening the door as some seemed to move out of it knocking into him but he didn't move. Raising an eyebrow before the moved around him. He moved once they were gone and walked inside following the feeling in the force and looking towards her. The little girl at a table that had been cleared off before walking over. He kept his focus within the force and his face towards her. Where she would be able to hopefully like that he didn't just look past her. He paid her every bit of attention allowing the force to radiate off of him. Like an aura to keep others away but not harm them.

"Padawan." He said it, one word was all that was needed as he stopped. Out of his own reach, in that safe zone to give her personal space but also not avoid her or being rude. The jedi master kept his hands at his sides and he was fully relaxed, no need for tension within his muscles. He looked at the table. "I hope you have been well young Tempest when you didn't return I did worry." He said it and sat down across from her watching and listening with the force as well as his enhanced senses. Where they would be able to talk as he held a hand up and made a bubble to muffle others from being able to hear them. "I hope you are well."
…and back into cryostasis goes one Jedi.
Tempest watched as the capable old, blind Jedi Master (really she has no idea his age) entered the tavern in the heart of town and traversed his way through the numerous patrons to the vacant table by the far window. His body language made him seem rather reserved, like he was worried she might have changed alot since they had last been in contact. She might just be a kid, but her Late father taught her early on how to read people for her own sake of safety. She knew Master Syn not long, but she knew him to be a true blue Jedi. Often thought him one to have a grand sense of humor, at least to the point where only he thought himself funny.

he addressed her, to which she immediately snapped, “Boot killer,” a scowl cast over her expression which mirrored through her intense eyes.

His socially expected cordiality towards her continued which caused her to eventually break out in a subtle smirk, which quickly grew to a full fledged smile. Tempest lurched towards her ole Master and tightly latched onto his towering form in a loving bear hug.

She released him and pondered as they both sat how if he is playing the part of recruiter, she is so in! She wants off this planet, has the means by way of inheriting her Late fathers ship, but the thought of the Archlord returning for her kept her planted thus far. Could she convince herself that her dreams of love will only end fruitless? The last thing Tempest understood is how silly she is being. Her silliness is her rationality, and she has gained nothing during her stay here, and just remained stagnant in life. Over what? A man? A man not a boy, twice her age if not older! Issues like these need be addressed tenderly, or brutally, all depending on the ego of the victim. Tempest will probably benefit most from the latter, a swift kick in the butt.

Master [member="Syn"] did come. [member="Cedric Grayson"] had not. Perhaps the fates were speaking to her?

“You worried about me?”
She did not believe it entirely. He never worried about her before as the whole package...not about ruining her fur boots, the last gift her Late father had given to her! “I worried about you, after seeing what happened on Voss,” she returned. It is the truth. She never thought she would see him again. She wasn't among the Order long enough to be granted code clearance. She had no idea how to locate the Jedi. Just so much had occurred, and she has been preoccupied within her own life...or rather fantasy.

“Do you want anything from the bar, Master?”
She would not stop calling him Master simply because she has not seen him nor the Jedi in a while!
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
[member="Tempest Yore"]

She seemed surprised by that statement and he was surprised by her hug. Moving one hand to embrace her before they were sitting down and the jedi master listened to everything. SHe had changed, maybe not in her methods. She still seemed very clean, very refined but he was uncertain about her clothing... asking if she still wore all white seemed a little unneeded in the conversation. Before he showed a small look of surprise. "Of course I would be Tempest. You were my padawan and while I wasn't your master for a long time. I respected you, I wanted you to be safe be it with the jedi or someplace else."

He waited though and didn't need anything from the bar but a small smile crept across his face. She seemed to be in good spirits at least. "I came here because the sith are nearby, if they come there is a good chance anyone who might have ties with the jedi or dominion could be in danger. A small offering of transportation off the planet to anywhere else." He placed both of his hands ont he table though and thinking of a way to best explain it. He was thinking about why she had chosen to remain here, what had been happening... It would be a big thing though as the jedi master remained there.

"Tell me though padawan, what has been happening with you. You have talent, you have conviction and you have a very ah... dedicated mind." He didn't know or want to call her stubborn about her clothing or her looks. SHe had opinions and he could handle that... he didn't want her to just follow but to lead and become a strong capable jedi. "Of course if you want to stay here, I cannot force you to come padawan. I can only make the offer to bring you with me." Sitting there for now as he motioned the one comign to ask about drinks or anything. He preferred to keep them here in private for this concversation.
…and back into cryostasis goes one Jedi.
Tempest’s smile transformed to shy as her ole Master spoke about loyalty and concern for her wellbeing. Her mouth dropped as he uttered the name of the Sith. She did not want anything to do with them. The Dominion had ties with them, and yet she had never even known which members they were. She chalked it up to her inexperience and underdeveloped skills. She often had thought how continuing in this manner would be detrimental to her future success, and overall living. She hadn't heard about this development with the Sith, but had watched a secretive sort of exodus occurring in the system over the last few days.

“Uh-huh. Yeah, that kind of...”
She pondered the possibility that the owner of the bar, with the way he left town, he too may not be returning to relieve her. “...changes things for me.” She recognized her need to really get back in the loop.

Tempest stared out the window as she was asked what had she been doing with herself. She felt a soul gripping conviction as he spoke of her potential, which she sadly knew she had wasted. What little bit of color she had in her face vanished, and her countenance all at once fell. “Please don't,” she pleaded. She looked over the street outside and saw that nobody she knew is coming along the path, and it did hurt. But it wasn't a new heartache, or any astounding realization that just crept up on her. “My future isn't here anyhow.”

Tempest Yore had the beginning of tears in her eyes when she looked back towards Master [member="Syn"] again. “You don't need to force me to come! I would be honored if you would continue to teach me,” she added with hope in her voice, hope she had long forgotten.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
[member="Tempest Yore"]

He was listening to her both her voice but also her emotions... her body movement, her breathing. Her heart rate... everything about the girl said she was surprised and almost worried for a moment. Something had kept her here but it was also what she was realizing as a dangerous thing to cling to. The jedi master didn't need to move when she said she wanted to continue her training. He gave a nod of his head and moved quickly. Around the table and knelt to one knee next to her looking at and through the padawan. "Very well them if that is your wish." He said it with a nod of his head bringing a hand out to touch her shoulder.

"Your future Tempest is wherever you wish it to be and I will be there for you always." A look on his face though when he finally rose up offering his hand to her. "Is there anything you need padawan, I cannot promise much in the way of fancy new clothing or excitement... but the new material used to make robes for the jedi is better at resisting stains from mud and water." Or blood and other things fighting sithspawn.. the multicolored beings oozed out any number of things... There was also the benefit he had when it came to the padawan that like with his children and many of the other padawans. THe curse and burden of time as he would watch them age.

THough the jedi master didn't speak of that, he didn't speak of the future that far off. Tempest was young and had potential with all fo the raw talent shown by being around jedi. So he would do what he could while walking in the bar and standing there with a small smirk on his face. He was rather glad she had decided and wanted to come back, even if for only a small time. He would train her, try to pass on what he could to her so she might be able to protect herself not just physically with a blade or her fist but she needed something. The same she seemed to be saddened when she thought about things here. "Are you prepared my padawan."
…and back into cryostasis goes one Jedi.
Tempest was touched by his attentiveness. Being in his presence quieted all the surrounding intrusions that constantly pound inside her head. She had not realized just how much she left herself open until now, being in the presence of one who senses others and everything around him through the Force. Tempest also pondered how fate or chance had nothing to do with his discovering her here today, for she felt something stir within her, it is something that had not occurred before. She identified it as being lead by the Force, not just an instinctual guidance, but more like everything lay in the balance of her choice now. It is a moment of decision that will sway the outcome of the rest of her life. She had not respected her own choices before to this degree. She had not taken her future seriously. The intensity of his act of devotion endeared her all the more to his dedication to the way of life he is willing to share with her.

Tempest looked back at him, in equal manner as he peered at her. Unable to gaze into his eyes, she examined him through the Force. He felt so convicted in his resolve, deeply devoted to the Light of the Force, that she knew only knowing darkness could draw one to conclude. She bore an instant utmost respect for him. It was something she had not actually been mature enough to develop for anyone before, other than her both Late biological father and adoptive father who trained her in the use of the Force prior to her last meeting with Master @Syn.

His words rang through utterly sincere, like a promise. She wondered how Jedi always choose to make such intense promises so quickly, like some sanctification of an old steadfast Creed. She wondered if it is the Force itself which bonds people together, because every fiber of her being began screaming out to her, just how right is her decision today.

The young girl took his stretched out hand and rose from her seat. A borrowed tan shaw from the back room of the pub, she let fall from her shoulders to reveal her teal lace dress, high modest neckline and cut just at the knee. Her lightsabers secluded in a dark sash about her waste. Its color accentuated her vibrant pale blue eyes.

When her Master spoke of student robes she sighed. “Really?! Must you remain hung up on the get-up forever, Master? I mean honestly, I am vowing my life here! Must I include my very taste in fashion as well? Cannot I choose what offerings to incorporate into my Vow, and what I may retain as my individuality?” She could not but gaze down at her ever soiled fur boots and relent. For if anything she owns will retain their luster, it will not be during any of her time spent in the tutelage of Master Syn. She also knew no enemy shall wait for her to change her attire so she might engage them in battle properly dressed! “Ug! Fine! I will think about it!” she blurted mostly in defeat as her own thoughts struggled to agree with her Master.

“I have everything I require on my ship. I am ready!”
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
[member="Tempest Yore"]

She could feel her somewhat... there was much in her mind before she spoke about keeping her outfit and taking his hand. She gave a look to him when he turned down to look at her and gave a nod of his head. "Perhaps, we shall see what can be done my padawan." He said it looking around with the force until he was turning around. "Lead the way then." She had a ship so they could leave on that and he had all of his things that he normally used. Searching around here as he would take her and show her where they were going to go. "We'll head back and on the way I would like to hear about what you have been doing."

The jedi master was moving through the bar and stopped in the streets only to look around. The possibility that anyone might try and stop them didn't even occur to him but he remained close to her. Enough that if need be, hold her in one arm and fight their way out... but there was always the whole no one would notice if she left.. Sure someone may wonder, she might have friends but she could always return here to them. Always come back to see them if she wanted to, being a padawan dind't mean you lost everything it meant you had a higher purpose. Plenty of jedi he knew now still carried on normal lives.

Which was much to his... annoyance, he disliked weekend jedi as Je'gan had once called them, the ones that were jedi when it was needed over all fo the time. "Is there going to be anyone who might miss or wonder about you padawan?" He said it looing at her as he stretched his senses and mind outwards. TO fel everyone around them... a fine way to begin their first lessons together. To get her back into the swing of things. "While we head to your ship we can begin your first lessons. Clear your mind and reach out with your senses, find the minds of everyone you can and feel what they are feeling."
…and back into cryostasis goes one Jedi.
Tempest could not believe the sudden turn in her day. Master [member="Syn"] wasted no time dawdling and wanted to leave immediately. She smiled subtly, especially because he told her he might be able to compromise on her attire. She knows Jedi just don't understand her. She doesn't mind that they don't. Those things she owns, her outfits, they are the last items she possesses that hold beautiful memories, of times when she was loved and her soul very fulfilled. She won't fit them forever. Why waste them hung in a closet? Why not enjoy them before nature makes her outgrow them?

Will anybody miss me? She thought about how long she has been here. How she was asked to keep charge of the bar, but honestly believes its owner has no faith that the walls will still be standing after a few weeks, or mere days. Learning that the Sith have plans for this system, explains his odd behavior. She is certain the owner of the bar heard what is about to happen, and not caring for anyone but himself, jumped planet. Cedric, nor anyone from the Dominion ever returned or sent a message. “I’ve no sign that anybody among the living misses me, Master.”

Tempest always wondered what a family really is supposed to be like. She heard about some having lots of siblings growing up and learning about life together. All through her life, her relationships were solely one on one. It was a good life, not one she can easily just let go of, even though she has to, because that chapter is over.

What did I do here? “I watched these people. I saw life through their eyes. To be perfectly honest, I only stopped sensing them when you first neared. I had not realized just how much continuous background noise they cause within me. While they don't know me, I know them all. For instance,” she pointed toward a road which intersects their path as she lead him through the streets. “That guy. I know you feel him. He is quite troubled. Insufferably infantile to be specific. Demanding, violent, and a control freak, all around monster to his family. Its a wonder anyone in his household hasn't murdered him in his sleep. But he repairs spacecraft, so everyone else in town believes he is a stellar guy, and would linch anyone among the community who lifts a finger against him.”

Tempest stopped walking. “Over there. Past maybe four,” she sensed someone additional who is napping, “no five houses in. That mother laments daily over thinking that something is seriously wrong with her baby.” Tempest began walking on again. “And she is correct.” Every day, every minute she felt them. They took away her feelings of aloneness.

“I have learned alot about myself. If you had not come, I probably would still be sitting in that business, ignoring the signs you mentioned, and more. See, I had hope in mere dreams, worthless ones which will never evolve. I guess I was trying to recreate something I always felt was special, that’s..”
she choked on her words momentarily, then Tempest all at once closed off her essence and touched upon none. It was like being suddenly wrapped in a warm, wet blanket. “-season has come to an end,” she concluded dryly. She was thinking about her adoptive Father who sent her away to learn among the Jedi on Voss. He then began to deteriorate, until she was called to his bedside as he lay dieing. That one person was everything to her. She just needed someone. She thought how maybe she ought to be more particular on who she honors with her attention.

As they approached the community launchpad, the sound of people yelling at one another pierced the air.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
[member="Tempest Yore"]

He was listening to her about the world, what she was getting out with her own senses. "Impressive." He was able to sense the ones she was indicating but there was something to it. The jedi master didn't know who they were he only knew then from what she was saying. His hands remaining at his side, the sounds of something coming their way as he paused. Standing still but in a place where he could defend Tempest should she need it. A group were moving through with packs and metal rods. His senses flaring out when hewas able to sense the intent and there was blood on the metal itself. One of them smashed into his shoulder and fell to the ground.

"Oww." He started to get up and snarled almost at Syn lashing out. The others had stopped and started to circle as he spoke. "What is this a jedi, here all of them are gone and we don't want them." Syn didn't react.... didn't even need to move before one fo them struck at him, metal bar smacking the back of his shoulder and the jedi master stood there.... No reaction externally to the attack but internally he winced. Repulsing the man back a little when he looked around finally. "I would suggest you move on and run but something tells me that you aren't that clever." He moved a little though when others were coming to join them... more friends.

He could sense them around him and taking an interest as the jedi master stood there watching. "Oh children." he said it when listening to them and the ones coming around to take interest had the jedi master finally moving. His shoulders rolling backwards to loosen up and there was a glow. The lightside of the force channeling throughout his body as he let the energy spill outwards. The force energies that he was letting come out made his muscles tense, tightening under the skin until it was taunt with a small look appearing on his face. "YOu have no idea what you are stepping into and you should have run when you had the chance"

He waited there for one to come close and his hand came up, no sabers... just speed itself and he focused. Allowing the force to go through his hand and fingers to the tips. As it spilled outwards tapping the mans forehead when he came within range. He moved quickly and tapped him, gently on the forehead before the man fell down. A hibernation trance to calm and sooth him as the jedi master stood there. No harm needed to come to them and well he didn't plan on it as another came slashing with a blade. Quickly the jedi dodged it backing up and twisting his body to quickly stand behind him, arm extended towards his neck and movement keeping him behind.

"You see, you were all here and without the dominion or some order to keep you in line you had free run of the place." He waited until another came and as he stabbed at him the jedi master backed away. Dodging quickly with force enhanced reflexes before he grabbed the mans wrist and smacked the blade with his other hand. Sending it flying into his hand before he twisted and threw it hilt first into the head of the second man he had been evading. Leting him crumple with a groan before he punched the other one in the jaw to knock him out. letting the force go into the blow. The jedi master was aware of Tempest and moved to keep her protected as he encircled her with his foot movements.

"Now you have heard that something worse then the jedi is coming and you are scared, there is no shame in it. ONe should have fear, it is what tells you of the real dangers in the galaxy." He stuck there as some more came, learning to not do the one on one approach when one of them spoke getting a look on his face. "Get down." The jedi master remained where he was and let the force resonate between his hands. "But I'm not your mother last night." He said itt o get a rise and suddenly they were coming in as he jumped up. Tucking his legs in and kicking out into the chest of one to send them both back, the man into the ground and the jedi master into a twist that let his boot connect with the jaw of another man to send him to the side.

Fist connecting with a third in the exchange while the fourth was launched into the air and backwards with the force smashing into his chest and legs. "So now you are lashing out at me to try and well do something for yourself. You want to threaten you want to try and take what you can from the world before the sith come with their soldiers and their war machines. When petty criminals like you will be handled either as forced to join them or you will be enslaved." The jedi master clasped his hands for a moment with the force to protect Tempest when they were attacking. "We wil have to see though what happens, I know the danger you'll be faced with and..."

He stood there as one fo the others came at him with a pipe and the jedi master made no indication that he was going to move. Just stood his ground as the man swung at him and let it impact his chest and shoulder. THe force wrapping around him to lessen the impact and then just watching him before he just tilted his head letting the guy look at him. "Run. Now" There was a moment he was wondering if he was going to do it and his had thron the force into his voice to persuade him with all of the energies. Then the man was running and he spoke looking at Tempest for a moment longer. "YOu have a right to be afraid."

He leaned down and with them littered around them the people were backing away before the jedi master placed a hand on her head. "You did well here Tempest. You have survived and that is the most important thing you can do in some cases. You have survived here on this planet, you have survived the fall of the Dominion. Even being here with all of these people." he said it and looked around with the force but also with himself rising up and she was there. To show that he was at least trying the dirtied area at their feet was soemthing he could carry her over with a small look. "Where is your ship my padawan."
…and back into cryostasis goes one Jedi.
The young Padawan could not believe any non-Force Sensitive man would try to stop a Jedi by hitting him with a stick of all things. At the initial strike she started and her eyes widened. She was about to shove the man onto his arse with a Force Push, when her Master turned and set himself between her and the first aggressor. Her Master had the same idea though and sent his attacker flying back on his heels and rendered much confused. The man then became even more annoyed than he was when he had no reason to be. The unjustified challenge ensued, and Master Syn appeared so very confident in his connection with the Force. She identified with this as she saw such healthy conviction at the core of all the Jedi she had ever known.

Tempest stepped around the back of Master [member="Syn"] from his left, and he turned to keep her hidden behind his form. She then tried to step around to his right side, but he just kept circling around like he was herding her in the middle for her protection. Eventually she got the point that he wanted to fight this one alone and just stood there, amused and unafraid. “Okay then.”

She cringed when her Master got hit, but when she saw he was not harmed, she was relieved. He did not even seem slightly concerned for himself. He did things she never saw anyone do before. She only saw her adoptive father when he came home. He did not teach her in the field. He did mentally prepare her for witnessing such things, but she never actually had witnessed them firsthand.

When her Master threatened the lot Tempest had his back, repeating his verbal threat/advice, “I would.”

Her Master spoke to them words of truth. Jedi do not govern themselves by the same Dogma as the Sith, but aspire to be helpful to those who cannot defend against the power of the Darkside of the Force, and yet Jedi are equally feared by most to the same degree that they fear the Sith.

Master Syn had hardly moved at all from the spot where he had started, and he ended up having everyone sprawled unconscious on the ground. Tempest sniggered lightly. Even then he had spent alot of energy to do what he did to defend them, but he did not even break a sweat. It seemed to him it was just another uneventful moment in the life of a Jedi. She was awed by him.

She laughed a little when he offered to help her over a patch of mud. She merely did a small, effortless Force Jump or skip would be more like it, no overkill involved, and she evaded entirely the messy bodies of men strewn about in pools of their own vomit. “Thankfully the Force doesn't care that I’m short,” she declared.

The remaining people among the group scattered to the ships. They had what little possessions they owned tied up on blankets and hoisted over their shoulders, along with their children. They bombarded the vessels in a mass of bodies, demanding those who owned them passage off the planet. People were even found to be sitting atop craft that did not belong to them. They were covering view ports with clothing, any means they could muster to try and make it difficult for the pilots to leave without letting them inside.

Tempest locked her eyes on her little ship she inherited from her Late Master and sighed. “That little one there, with the family sitting on it.” At least it the craft was small enough, that all those people could fit inside. The owners of the bigger ships had a problem, for they would have to try and leave the planet without appeasing all the people, which could lead to deadly conflicts.

Tempest pressed onward through the crowd towards her ship, likely finding Master Syn as near to her as possible. She reached out in the Force to sense the temperament of the family camped out atop her craft and found one of their children to be a raw Force Sensitive. There must a reason they picked her little craft over all the larger ones. Likely they too feared the crowd. Tempest allowed her aura to permeate towards the family, so they would remain calm. The sensation she received from them was one of desperation expected of parents trying to protect their children. As she neared however, the crowd also rushed forward.

“Follow them!”

“They have access!”
Voices among the crowd proclaimed.

The father of the family of young children stood atop Tempest's ship and made his slug gun visible for the crowd to see. He spun around on his heels, and the crowd gasped. Most stopped rushing towards the little transport vessel.

Next to Tempest a haughty man drew his blaster and took aim at the father of the small family. Tempest’s senses were heightened and she immediately reached up towards his chest and tapped him directly over his heart. He instantly collapsed. She immediately drew up his blaster into her own hands before anyone among the crowd could manage to use it against her. This planet is under a reformation which makes gun possession illegal and difficult to import. It is rare there will be many with adequate weapons. The group parted before her and made a path all the way to her locked ramp.

The father looked at her, and he appeared quite anxious now. She allowed him to retain his weapon, so that he could defend his family if needed. Tempest continued to send him the sensation that she will help them as she approached with Master Syn. The Force Sensitive child among them, Tempest could hear, attempted to pursued his father and mother that all will be alright, not to worry.

Tempest stood outside the ramp and punched in the code of entry. As the ramp came down, she waved for the family to come off the top of the ship and safely enter as she faced the crowd. The Force Sensitive child lowered himself first. Tempest raised an arm to support him. “Well hello, little one,” she said in greeting. She entered her vessel, knowing Master Syn would be alright to guard the entrance from the crowd, while the rest of the family was brought inside, and she started up the engines.
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
[member="Tempest Yore"]

He could see her moving forward and through the throngs of people might have seemed like a problem but the jedi master had a plan for dealing with them if it really started to get rough. As they divided before them and the threat of violence came the jedi master moved quickly and carefully through the crowd but Tempest had it. Getting into her ship and up the ramp while he stood at the top. TUrning just to look at the people who stopped trying to cimb into it. "What is the plan, rush the ship, pack as tightly in as you can until the scrubbers can't handle the excess C02 build up and slowly you suffocate to death."

He remained there and some of them seemed to stop and think about it. They wanted to get off of the planet but if they got off and died in space it wouldn't do much to improve their lives. The jedi master shrugged before being able to let a couple of the other children itno the ship and closing it up. "You two stay out of the pilots way." He would do what he could, the ship he had arrived on was here and he sent them a message to try and retrieve as many people as they could. The mynock class transport was well made for hauling so it could fit if they reconfigured it more then enough people as he moved to stand there and speak.

"We should be off, there is no telling how long they wil be calm but they are scared if they see us hesitate they might try and sneak aboard and damage the ship in the process." He sat down in one of the seats mostly out of the way and took a position more akin to someone who had ruled, leaning a little back, one foot forward to spring into action and hand up with a finger tracing his brow. That his sash was over his eyes did little to take away from him being able to watch everyone in the ship with the force and he reached out with the white current to conceal them. To make them able to get away quicker.
…and back into cryostasis goes one Jedi.
As Tempest lifted off in her Late father's Theta ClassT-2c Shuttle named The Intrepid she slightly tipped her nose down and held her position momentarily. Two men, drunk or just plain stupid, who obviously did not listen to Master Syn speak, toppled off the canopy towards the ground below. All at once a blast shot towards her from overhead. It missed the transport ship and landed straight into the crowd, killing four people. Tempest reached for the shields.

Sirens began resonating throughout the city. The young pilot gunned it and everything that wasn't tied down was sent flying towards the back of the ship. She only hoped her young passengers were buckled in tight. As they gained altitude, she could see the people fleeing away from the landing pad and smoke from the blast billowing up into the sky. She pinpointed the cannon fire raining down over the town's people coming from a tower hidden along a distant hillside. Tempest headed her ship straight for it, incoming blasts just deflecting off her ship. She jerked the control wheel hard when she got close enough so that banking her vessel abruptly sent a gush of air strong enough to topple the tower and her thrusters set it aflame like burning matchsticks. She next headed straight for the sky.

In orbit a small armada was clashing with the remnant of the fallen planetary government forces who were also hopeful of fleeing the planet any moment sooner than they had chosen.

“Oh fr___,”
she blurted wide-eyed. She reached for the nav computer as reinforcements from the alliance dropped out of hyperspace and materialized before them. Fighters spewed out of their hangars. That action bought Tempest and Syn a moment for the system to calculate their trajectory.

“Where to?! Where to?!”
she asked Syn frantically, as if it would help make the computer vomit out a course any faster.

Seeing the firefight breakout through the porthole, the children seated behind the flight chair screamed out in united terror, the little Force Sensitive child stripped off his safety harness and ran toward the back of the ship. Tempest figured him fearful and wanting to hide, considering the look on his face. A moment later she saw her own ship’s Quad Laser Cannon being fired off.

“He has got to be older than he appears.”

The kid was firing the cannons so quickly in so many alternating directions he could have covered them from every inch of space.

The littlest child, held by her father, seemed to be looking straight at [member="Syn"] as she wailed in highest pitched fear Tempest has ever heard in her short lifetime; there is always time for a first for everything. Tempest silently wondered if Syn would stun her, but she had no time to deviate from her task at the console. The toddler seemed to prefer she could climb right inside her father, as the only and very best place where she might feel safe. He could not hold her tight enough to convince her to calm down.

In the middle of the mayhem, Tempest slammed down her palm onto the console and the little transport jump into hyperspace, soon entering into the nearest known route, headed for an allied Space Station en route. The stars streaked by consistently.

“Well that's what I call waiting till the last minute.”

She watched as her little gunner returned to his seat, smiling. “I got three, Papa!”

Tempest thought the littlest one possibly terrified of Master Syn for his appearance. Its not every day…. Well, he is the first of his kind that Tempest has ever seen as well. In all honesty, she does not even know what his race is to this day. She is no walking encyclopedia on all knowledge of the Universe.

Tempest turned around her flight chair and had an idea on how to entertain them. She motioned for the little Force Sensitive boy to approach her. He did so, bravely as expected.

“Do you like magic?”

He nodded. She smiled as she pulled a coin from her pocket and placed it in the boy’s open palm. Tempest caused it to levitate, pushing the sensation of thought behind how to drive the Force in this manner into the mind of the little boy, who by his physical development she assumed could not be more than seven years. Then she let the coin fall into his palm, and coaxed him to try to levitate it. She helped him, again and again, until she finally let go of his hand and he floated the coin in the air on his own.

Of course this entertained everyone, even the adults aboard.
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
[member="Tempest Yore"]

"Make way for Ruusan." He had the coordinates and compared to Kashyyyk it had less ways into the system. He could feel the sith armada with a look on his face before he was turning in the seat to face them. The sound of the child crying and being scared provided most of what he needed to do. Tempest was getting them out of here and the ship jumped to hyperspace as he could feel it. Could feel the force energies itself. He was reaching out to try and disrupt them as two fot he fighters smacked itno each other and the jedi master remained where he was. QUiet and ready but for the children around them.

He turned around in his seat, remaining there as he watched Tempest with the boy and was watching the girl. Hand going into his pack on his hip where he piulled out some fo the ration slips and canteen. He started laying them out while adding the water and letting the food become a full meal for several people as he spoke. "Eat, the trip to Ruusan could take awhile." He didn't try and force being friendly with them, removing his sash for a moment as the jedi master pushed his hair back. "You did well." He rose up and went over to look at Tempest offering her a hand. Everythign that she had been doing was impressive.

"Your piloting skills are impressive." He wondered what she migtht be able to do with some of the other shuttles they had but he crossed his arms looking down at her. "But it was also dangerous, we couldn't help the sith arriving but charging towards them instead of going the opposite direction was something you shouldn't have done. We could have outrun their interdiciton vessels before they spun up and started going to the system." He wasn't mad but he knelt down with a look at her putting a hand near her on the seat. "Still, you have done something few others could do. You maintained a level head during it all."

He remained there looking at her and was thinking about the ship and the white current as he had managed to use it would have concealed them from tracking for the moment. The more dangerous part would be if they had hyperspace tracking but only a couple governments had been working on that. The jedi master finally sat up while he spoke "Make sure the shiop is on auto pilot and come eat padawan." Saying it while he turned around and look at the oens who were there. THe girl had calmed down, not scared now that he was offering food but the jedi master also relaxed sitting cross legged.
…and back into cryostasis goes one Jedi.
As the Jedi Master praised Tempest for her piloting skills, the Padawan’s expression was beaming, yet when he chastised one of her specific motives in particular, her smile immediately vanished, her eyes dropped and she respectfully nodded. “Yessir,” she affirmed with sheer understanding. She hadn't even considered the canon operator on the hillside might have been affiliated with the Sith. She just supposed the shooter to be a civilian. Syn's conviction hit her like a slap in the face, for she had carelessly put the lives of these down trodden families with their young children in danger. “I hadn't considered that fact, Master.”

He praised her for keeping her whits about herself. Tempest suddenly realized the lasting effects of the rush of adrenaline. It is not comfortable. “Don't give me too much credit, Master. It is your presence which lends me peace.” The last thing any Jedi will do in a system filled with such underlying turmoil as Ession, is spend time to Meditate. It is why she had no idea what had been occurring outside her immediate surroundings.

Master Syn’s perception of the Universe even without eyes astounded her. She wondered what further types of insight he has which she probably never senses herself. She wondered just how deep his perception could be. As the Jedi Master rearranged his sash, the toddler reacted with an expression of horror. Tempest saw the child’s father whisper to his daughter a lesson of differences and acceptance.

As they awaited the approach of their destination, Tempest assured the children whom [member="Syn"] permitted aboard, that his personal ship would bring their families to the same point of rendezvous. She hoped that they would not end up with shattered dreams.

The family revealed a bit about themselves, and repeatedly expressed their abundant gratitude. Tempest understood, as she too felt compelled to express to Master Syn, “Trust me, I am eternally grateful that you arrived when you did.”
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
[member="Tempest Yore"]

THe mixed emotions and thoughts she had about his praise and criticism was there but the jedi master was prepared for her, to really give her a chance when sitting there he accepted the thanks of the people but didn't need much from it while they ate. His personal ship had been away. The meditation sphere was made for a few of them to fit in but he bowed his head. "We will work towards it but there is always going to be a danger in this. " Where he was looking though the jedi master looked at Tempest and motioned for her to come and sit next to her while he was calming and meditating. "We'll use this time to get you started back."

He was sitting there with his legs corssed, hands on his knees and face forward. Lettign one fo the children mirror him with a raised eyebrow but he let Tempest come to be part of the lesson. She had learned much on her own and she knew a great deal for herself already.... but there was always more to learn when he was sitting there with a small look on his face. "Close your eyes and clear your mind. Listen to the galaxy, the air in the ship, the beating of your own heart, listen to the silent song at the heart of the universe itself. Feel yourself with it, allow yourself to bath in it so you will be immsersed and ready to call the force to yourself."
…and back into cryostasis goes one Jedi.
Tempest sat opposite her Master when he proposed a lesson in meditation. She welcomed the opportunity for the release. He felt so comforting, and it felt so welcoming, like home. She did as he instructed…at least, she attempted to, but fell short, for home is only an empty word now. So many scenes echoed her most recent memories from within her mind. Silent whispers, recalling voices the mind cannot exactly imitate, but was enough to steal power from her strength. None of her thoughts were of happiness. So much just happens to be going on internally currently, that she cannot let go of her present. She experienced a rush of emotion which she had been neglecting to address. It might not be a successful meditation in any sense, but it was not anything which occurred that the Force itself was not commanding her to experience. The Padawan paused for a moment, overwhelmed instead of accomplished in the task.

Tempest did not need long to realize her inability to achieve meditation, nor why her attempt resulted in her failure. She closed her eyes tightly in attempt to stop feeling what overcame her, and as she had before, once again withdrew her presence, refusing to allow her emotions to be sensed from outside.
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
[member="Tempest Yore"]

he could focus his mind, feel the danger... feel the power as the jedi master reached outwardsa nd he felt her. Tempest was trying to mirror him, sitting across from him, mirroring his stance when he was sitting around. He moved when she seemed to become uneasy, losing focus and he moved with his body almost becoming boneless in its movement. Picking her up and heplaced his hands on her head. Framing her face while he tilted her head up. Enough that he could speak and focus the force to calm her. Direct contact was more powerful when you could pour energy into them. THe jedi master breathed in releasing the tension as he pulled at her.

The screams she could hear ffrom the world as it was attacked, a deep sense of losing her home. Of losing her family.... he knew that well and he didn't realize it. he didn't realize what was pouring outwards as one of his own flashbacks came. His family, his master when she taught him.

Bengeel. A barren, dusty planet in the Mid Rim covered with sulfur pools, lifeless rivers and volcanoes. Home to the Kimogilla lizard, supposed kin to Tatooine's Krayt dragons and to numerous other dangerous beings, smaller in size but no less deadly. The lone figure grinned as he stepped off the shuttle in Arakesh's stronghold. Bracing himself against dying in a sandstorm his gaze swept north and in the near distance, storm clouds had gathered. A smile came to Varadun's face at the sight of it all and he continued forward. "Lord Varadun, you sure you going to be okay here?" He glanced back over his shoulder at the shuttle pilot and his face cringed smelling the reek of alcohol and sweat. "A little sand never hurt anyone now keep the ship here until I return." He stepped from the platform to the waiting vehicle compound.

"Its not the sand that concerns me." The young pilot sighed and remained where he was closing the door as he finished. "People go out there and never return." A whisper of wind caressed his face with a familiar edge. He tilted his head and reached out with the force, smiling at the feelings he found there. He turned back to the ship and gave a chuckle that was drowned out in the wind. The sithspawn warrior moved towards the one piloting the vehicle for him. "You will deliver the passenger and then leave. You will not remember where he went. Then you will count to ten and return to your garage." The mans eyes glazed momentarily, his jaw falling open. Checking through the vehicles, he found what he was looking for and eased the swoop from the garage. A quick examination told him it was in full working condition.

As they eased away from the shuttle port, the small shuttle exploded in a blast that carried on the wind and filled the air with the scent of burnt metal. The swoop bike continued on its heading in the direction of the growing storm. The swoop wound the way into the mountains as the storm covered the port and destroyed shuttle in the distance. Varadun remained very still until they came to a stop at the end of a path leading to an old base. The driver started spoke seeming nervous before the siths face shot back to look at him and he went off on the swoop not making a sound. The storm resounded more over head and Varadun entered the base. "I'm home." He whispered, before opening the door and entering.

The bunker looked old and derelict, half buried in sand. His hand ran along the wall of the structure. Thunder boomed across the area they were in and echoed in the hallway causing him to chuckle and shake his head softly. "I am here my master." The door slid silently closed. A warmth wrapped itself around him, holding him. Invisible fingers caressed his face and ran through his hair tussling it. The door sealed behind him, beeping once as the dim lights flickered to life in the tiny entrance way. Just on the edge of his hearing, he heard the storm die away. The service lift opened, its light brighter to the point he could feel the heat of it on his skin. Than he walked the length of the entrance hall as it sank deeper into the building's depths. He found one of the room through memory and the force.

The door opened to a hive of mechanical activity. Three sorts of droids went about their duties. Crystals for meditation and vision indicated the way he should go, but the scent he was now following went in a different direction. The smell of her perfume veered off to an audience chamber, he continued on towards the room though hearing the droids but not seeing them. "Identify yourself!" the metallic drone from a security droid as it stepped in his path. The sound was grating on his ears and he turned to face it. He pushed back his hood. A single braid of black hair from above his forehead to the the small of his back. Brown, yellow and cream markings on his face showing where if he had had fur it would be, Sash covered eyes and a crooked but sexy tight grin on his lips.

A tall figure loomed behind the droid, capturing his full attention. She stepped forward. Whatever the droid had been about to do ended abruptly in sparks as the newcomers hand moved behind the droid. The same hand reached for Varadun's and pulled his closer. Holding his against the wall of muscle that was her chest, his head dipped a little as he rose of tiptoes. Their lips met, then parted as their tongues caressed each other while they kissed. "Hello my Darkness." Her words whispered into his skull as the feeling her her power flexed across his mind. One of her hands held his head as they kissed, the other wrapped about his waist, pulling him closer. His arms snaked about her neck, as he answered his kiss with his own. "You have been away from me for quite some time." her voice was velvet-soft in his mind.

Their kiss ended. He nodded. "I am sorry my master." He whispered against her lips. "Don't let it happen again Varadun." She growled, pulling him into another kiss that swallowed his reply. "I missed you terribly." Varadun smiled at his lover as her fingers stroked his cheek tenderly. His arms and lips left hers, but he could still feel her presence wrapped about his like a second-skin, the after thought of her mouth on his made him tingle still. "I've installed some more security droids ... seems too many uninvited people run around in here." He entered the room behind him, he remained one step away and to his left."Yes, I had noticed the droids." He smiled, his gaze and senses sweeping over the room.

A well-beaten cloak was on the floor of one of Andiaas's four holding cells and he could smell it. The scent of blood, sweat and other fluids assailed Varadun's senses made caused his brow to knot. What had occurred in his absence he wondered briefly."Andiaas, have you been torturing people while I've been away?" he pointed to the cloak. "Not much," She sighed in disappointment, "More wishful thinking I guess." They stopped, he glanced at a small charging area thinking about something. He felt his unasked question. "Would you like to test it?" the words escaped her lips. Without waiting for his answer, she pushed him into the holding area. He glanced at the small control device and the electrical barriers charged into place, trapping him in a space barely a span wider than himself.

"I've got this fully working now." He felt her presence leave his, her warmth withdrawn. His lover placed her "Master" mask on, blanking her face and shutting herself off from her emotions. There would be no warmth or sympathy now until this test had ended. Varadun inhaled deeply to brace himself for what was to come and couldn't help but wonder if his question had been his own words, or a suggestion from the woman he loved. She held one hand towards the shimmering barrier. An act that Varadun mirrored. The barrier arced towards his palm, giving him small shocks and a burn. His expression remained blank. Glancing at the console, he heard a dial turning.

Electricity surged through his body, he screamed unprepared for it. Through the crackling he heard her whisper, clear as if stood behind him. "Withstand it my love.." he nodded and set his teeth. "Use your anger," She whispered. "Focus your hate." The dial clicked once more. He whimpered against the surging current, eyes letting loose streaks of blood red tears. Her own face blank now, more in control of the pain at seeing this done. "It is the time for a lesson in domination and manipulation.." Her voice a little louder now, commanding his full attention. "All people have a weakness.. a soft spot."

He watched her as he started to prowl back and forth in front of the electrical cage. She reminded him of a predator in full control of its pray.. playing with it. Was this how she used to be with her former apprentices? He'd heard her say she'd thought nothing of beating them to near death to attend their lessons. She'd also said it pained her to hurt him, was this her way of "teaching" him without being the one to inflict the pain herself? The thoughts went through his mind as he screamed feeling the anger boil up from his stomach and the pain radiate out. He wanted to fight through it for her.

"If you find the weakness in a person, you can easily conquer them." The dial clicked again. He staggered, gritting his teeth and steeling himself against the increased charge. "Yes my master." He could feel the intense pain and now he wanted to scream to let it all out and to have it resonate in the force. Even his force senses were getting blurry as it came down to it. They wavered under the heavier and stronger shocks."Sometimes it will take weeks, months.. even years to find that weakness." His ears picked up every words as it was driven into his mind, the force letting her speak to him even with the crackling of the energy barrier.

She turned her full attention to him, his senses glazed a little. "But when you find it.. attack it. Bring your target to its knees! An example," The device clicked again. He whimpered, more red tears forming in his eyes to go down his cheeks. Varadun reached deep into the force to help him focus, reached into that endless pit of the darkside. "That Jedi. Heijiro." She spat out the name like it was a vile poison, her face grimacing almost audibly, "has a very apparent weakness." Varadun knew what it was he had smelled it on the man. He hadn't figured it out until later that day. "S.. Shen." Varadun nodded with the understanding of hindsight.

"Indeed." She smiled coldly her pleasure that he understood now evident in the small inflections of her tone, "took me mere minutes to find that one. Strangely my love.... It took you longer, guess you couldn't see that." She walked over to the console, her hand resting on the dial. "So it is highly ironic that his apprentice is his one great weakness." Andiaas dipped her gaze to the controls, "And my apprentice, you, are mine." She twisted her hand, two clicks. He jerked, reaching into the force more for a steady anchor and a way to block the pain. "Y...yes m.. master."

"So in this case, we would only need attack Shen, make Heijiro fear loosing his love and he would be weakened." A cold smile uncurled on her lips, "but there are other ways.." Her humor was even more evident at the sadistic pleasure she took from it. Varadun fought through the pain as a thought came to him and he spoke through gritted teeth. "W.. wouldn't.. couldn't that same tactic work.. on you master?" "Indeed my apprentice, hence the need of the pain you experience now." He swallowed, teeth chattering a little. "H.. how s.. so? My master."

"I need to know if you can withstand a lot. If not anything." Her hand stroked the console, "Or else I will keep you locked up in here with me, until you are as strong as I am." Two more clicks. A low groan echoed about the chamber as the power surged into Varadun. His fists clenched tighter and tighter, nails pressing into his palms as they drew blood. He began to tremble from the pain and almost felt his knees buckle.. "Manipulation in the way to domination.. befriending your target is also a solution. Make them feel safe around you." A memory uncurled in Andiaas's mind making her smile. "Then put them in a position where they would need your help."

Varadun's teeth bit into his lip, sinking into the flesh and breaking the skin. A thin line of blood trickled down his chin. Eyes leaking streams of tears and blood, he fought against the pain. -Click.. click.. click- He screamed dropping heavily to his knees. Chest heaving with the pain. Palms bleeding from eight little half-moon cuts where his nails dug in. His own teeth marks lining his bottom lip. "Yes!" Andiaas hissed, "You are strong my apprentice, my darkness.." He snarled at her, the heat of his breath blazing with every emotion in his body. He felt more of his rage swelling up and washing over him like a heated skin.

"Very good." Click. Sparks bathed the room. The energy fields holding the cage secure flickered and danced as the electrical surges reached danger levels. Tears fall down his cheeks freely as if he had eyes they would have rolled into the back of his skull. The darkness claimed him and he fell over. The soothing pain went away and he could feel fingers stroking, caressing his head, running though his hair. Tendrils of love through the force chased away all lingering pain and wounds. "Not bad at all," the words whispered on his forehead as lips press little kisses on his skin.

With a whimper, Varadun's head tilted up with bloody tears coming down his cheeks. The warmth presence wraps itself around him once more as tightly as the arms that hold him to her chest. Her lips seek his once more, tracing his bite marks with her tongue before gently kissing him. "It is over now my love." A smile, genuine warm and loving as his mouth claims hers for another kiss. She helped him to his feet, holding him to her as his legs tremble. "Let's make it easy this time.." The words echoed and confused him for a moment before he realized what he believed her intent was.
A glance at the control panel and the fields spring back into place, her arms around his body holding him close to her. Andiaas closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. The dial began to click quickly back to its maximum setting. Once more bathed in crackling sound, electricity surging round the room. But within Andiaas's arms, there was no pain. "You are strong master." He whispered against her jaw, pressing a little kiss there. CLICK! The power surges lashed out licking along his body. One by one the droids' circuits fried and pop around the room, the lights brighten ten fold to the point where he could feel them on his skin. His mouth widened into a broad smile.

"My anger towards Jedi and my passion for you make me withstand everything." Rising onto his toes, his arms sliding around her neck, he grinned. Her tongue licked his bottom lip before his teeth nipped lightly at it. His senses shoot open. Webs of lightning sparked and crackled through their depths. "Enough," he growled as the console shut off. "I love you Andiaas." Varadun sank down until his feet rested fully on the floor. He pressed his head to her chest and heard her heart beating as the rhythmic thumping pounded like the blood in his ears.

"And I you," She growled pulling him hard against her, one hand on his buttocks the other on his head. His mouth claimed hers. Sucking, licking and nibbling at her lips and tongue in a heated kiss that stole his breath and made him shake with passion. "Lesson over," Her hand caressing and stroking as she kissed his neck. "You're mine!" There was a moment when his mind pulled out fot he force vision and memory. It was so intense, it

was something he hadn't thought about in a long time. He rarely even used his real name when talking with people beings of the galaxy only called him a name long forgotten. Iella knew it and his children but his padawans were different.

He kept his hands where they were and continued to send as much energy as he could. "Tempest, something I learn and it took me nearly nine hundred years to learn padawan. Home is great, home is where you can feel safe, where those you care about will always be... but it is just a place. It is just something.... that can be taken away. Your home is where you make it, where those you care about and cherish are with you." Looking over at it though he didn't how much time had passed but he had allowed the force to surround them. TO try and aid Tempest, to quiet her mind and bring her back with him to Ruusan as he could see it on the edge of his senses in the distance like a beacon.
…and back into cryostasis goes one Jedi.
Don’t feel.

Just don't allow it.

Tempest struggled to achieve her goal, retreat, emptiness, solitude, away from all intrusion, away from influence…

…away from the Force.

Then there was a mental escape offered beckoning to her scattered mind, someone else's thoughts. Syn jumped up and lifted Tempest off the floor and onto her tiptoes. One arm across her shoulders to sustain her, he pressed his other palm against her forehead, pushing the Light of the Force directly into Tempest’s mind. His quick response spoke volumes. She teetered on the possibility of falling down a path he would not permit she venture. A part of her is grateful, and another, flat out perturbed.

Within her thoughts, a voice began to speak. With the Jedi Master connected to her, as was his intention, her experience was shared with him. Her very first reaction was to recall how she longed for years to hear this particular voice once more. It was that of her real father. She could see his presence within the void where her mind went to hide, a glowing light suspended in the air, moving, twisting slowly, reaching out to her, to Syn.

Then she saw Master Syn, he was first far away, then suddenly drawn near. The Force had its own intentions which would not be ignored nor abated.

"Varadun meet Kuylea,"
the spirit said.

“Who?” Tempest asked aloud.

"Your memory of your past is a bit fuzzy, daughter. Maybe you don't remember Kuylea, because you choose not to. Let me remind you,”
the voice of her father offered.

Tempest's real father had been a Jedi warrior.

"I was never home much, I’m sorry for that, but I certainly remember your name."

Tempest still shook her head, insisting the information is incorrect. She felt the voice a true resonance of her father, but why lie?

"After your mother fell severely ill and passed, I took you solely under my care."

Tempest watched a vision of her much younger self, as she reached up and took hold of her father's hand. She was just out of her toddler years at the age of five.

"I took you everywhere with me."

The young Tempest smiled from ear to ear.

"Your past self is in stark contrast to how you are today. You have seen alot of sad and evil things happen in such a short time. What this Force wants is to prepare you, because you are going to see a whole lot more happening throughout your lifetime."

Tempest squirmed, recoiling from the statement.

Tempest was helpless but to watch the scene unfold where her father tracked a smuggler’s vessel to a moon of a very hostile environment. He had left her inside his ship while he exited to deal with the men. Those men turned out to be Sith. She climbed aboard the flight chair and watched the confrontation unfold.

Tempest noted how the ship in her vision is the very same ship she is in today. She had not remembered this. She thought this ship had only belonged to her adoptive father. He left it to her when he passed.

Young Tempest left the safety of the transport, and without her respirator, immediately began to gasp. The moon currently traversed through an enormous asteroid belt and was rendered riddled with active volcanoes. The air was extremely toxic, poisoned with sulphur. Her appearance outside the ship startled her father, who was then struck down solely because he made motion to warn her to get back in the ship, lest she suffocate.

Tears streamed down Tempest's cheeks, then, and her today.

Then she saw unfold a most critical development which she had forgotten all these years. Nay, she buried it, intentionally.

One of the men gathered her up and drug her into her father's ship and he took off with her. Her adoptive father was not a Jedi, he was a murderer and a kidnapper.

As she cried, the man labeled her quite the Tempest.

“No. No! That's not how it happened! I was stranded there and later rescued by my father's friend.”

"You could not have survived long on that planet as you believed you had, even with a respirator. It is far too toxic. I know Breath Control and even then it was a challenge for me."

Hours later the murdering kidnapper presented Tempest as an orphan to his barren wife to keep for her own. The woman welcomed her, dressed her in fine lacy dresses, like she were a treasured baby doll.

“That is a lie.”

"I wish it was, as much as you do."

"Now Kuylea, meet Varadun,"
the spirit insisted.

The Force drew Master Syn to face his own distant past. It forced out of Syn some defining moment which could make or break him today? Maybe, simply something he needed to learn to overcome so that he could evolve properly under the influence of the Light of the Force. Tempest never felt the Darkside with such intensity as he had lived it. She felt what he felt. She feared, loved, hated, longed for it to end, and yet needed to feel, to have it continue. Anything, anyone's attention, ought be better accepted than being alone.

Infiltrate, conquer from the inside… and Sith Spawn, the ideas his story revealed left Tempest's thoughts reeling. At one point as she stood in the private quarters of her transport with Syn, she had welled up with fear in the moment and cried aloud in anguish. By the time his vision passed she was left quivering, fighting to catch her breath.

"Love, hate, home, abuse, a hodgepodge of emotions which should not be stirred within one altogether. Varadun, you took centuries to divide these again, so that while thinking of one, would not bring them all to the forefront,"
Tempest's father determined of Master Syn, then her Master was stricken from her sight.

“Varadun?” she echoed.

"You two have alot in common. Now Kuylea, your choice is at hand. You have tasted both sides of the essence of life."

Tempest saw both sides of the Force clashing and spinning, fighting for dominance, among the realm opened up before her.

She saw a firm shaft of light which carried in it, peace, and inclusiveness. Master Syn fought for her return. Then he spoke to her and she answered him, "I have none left to cherish, nor to care for. Had there ever truly been anyone special in a life weaved upon such utter drastic lies?" she wondered.

She realized then that she would have to tell some of these children onboard that their families have met their demise on Ession. Something about her situation as it unfolded, brought the truth of her life to the forefront and it pressed upon her psyche wanting to be addressed. Maybe her father's protective presence is in his ship..

The powerful connection to the Force energy [member="Syn"] pushed into her mind overcame her, and she would not deny that she so desperately craved what he gave her. She does not want to be alone any longer. She does not want to keep on burying her feelings, as if she is not among the living, but she feared she would die facing them all at once and right now.

Syn is a persistent one, thankfully. Tempest eventually openly invited his healing.

She opened her eyes and saw Master Syn holding her, his face just inches from her's. Her persistent tears had spilt down her body. She saw him, not his past, not the utter darkness which he had long ago snuffed out, but felt so real again only moments ago by way of sharing his memory with her. One does not simply turn away from someone after sharing so much that made them who they are. Tempest refused to allow the lie which she had believed was her past, define her any longer, the lies that fashioned the young lady she has become.

Tempest squared her jaw. Once she was released by her Master, she stepped back away from him. The peaceful feeling he had poured out into her was a very fine and much welcome release, but she wanted to vent. She needed to purge all the negative energies she had just been forced to reckon with. She wanted to tear something apart. Can she do something drastic as that and still end up walking in the Light?
She vehemently tore the lace from her dress. It symbolized to her the person her father's murderer and her own kidnapper intended for her to be.

The young Padawan realized another thing more, she could not determine who the Sith were whenever she met them, because she was all her life so familiar with them!

In the other part of The Intrepid, the console beeped repeatedly. They had been away from the refugees long enough that the ship reached their destination during the absence of the two Jedi.