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State of the Mando'ade?

I was recommended to this site by someone that used to be a member. He joined the SWRP site I was on, and after becoming friends he told me about this one. Apparently when he still played the Mandalorians were some phenomenal force in the galaxy. Owning multiple worlds and waging great wars. It seems now that is not the case.

I'm a very vested Mando RPer. I always have at least one such character active. Yet transitioning to a new site with new lore isn't such an easy feat when you've been rooted in a different story for so long. On my previous site Mando'ade were nothing more than scattered roving clans. Here that's not so.

My question is this: What is going on with Mandalorians right now? Where are they congregating? Who are their friends and enemies? Things of this sort.
Su'cuy, vod!

Well, the main Mandalorian faction we've got right now (the bulk of us, and Mand'alor) are colonizing the area around Onderon/Hapes at the moment. We were once pretty large, but numbers have dwindled and we're currently rebuilding. ( [member="Vilaz Munin"], [member="Malok"] )

In addition to that, [member="Zaz Tal'Verda"] is creating a faction of Mandos that (from what I can tell) are focused around Mandalore itself in the wake of the attack that almost destroyed the planet entirely. They don't recognize the soverignty of Mand'alor, but are supportive of/supported by the Dominion.
I am a son of the Mountain.
I have no interest what so ever in defending my sect of the Mandalorians from what I consider dumb accusations. We are meant to be giving a more crusader/rebuilding outlook to the Mandalorians. We have help from the Dominion? Yes. Are We still in control of our actions? Hell yes.
Welcome to Chaos, [member="Taran Ge'Mav"]!

I'll do my best to bring you up to speed good sir.

As you were informed, the Mandalorians were once a phenomenal force in the Chaos Galaxy. Under the name "Mandalorian Clans" did the faction conquer a sizeable portion of space and ruled it, consistently, over the course of the site's four year history. However, as time moved forward, a combination of low activity on a writer-level and identity issues on an in character-level caused the faction to decline. When it was all said and done, the Clans voted to go minor with dignity as opposed to going through the full process of a faction recall.

While this occured, a calamity transpired IC on Mandalore itself. A few once-notable Mandalorians, including a former Mandalore, managed to cause the planet's volcanoes to erupt simultaneously. The damage was phenomenal, the loss of life was phenomenal, and it heralded the IC collapse of the Clans.

A few of us writers, who have a passion for writing Mandalorians, decided to try things again in the wake of the Clans going minor. We looked at the way things were done over the past four years and started up a new faction in the hopes of doing things better this go'round. We go by the name The Mando'ade and are the sole, Mandalorian nation on the map. Our emphasis is exactly where it should be as well - on telling the story of how our culture fights against its own Collapse.

Frankly, it seems like you share the same passion for the Mandalorian culture as many of us within the Mando'ade, and you'd be more than welcome to write with us. From what I've seen, you are an exceptional writer and I'd love nothing more than an opportunity to thread with you. I've linked the faction and our informational threads below, feel free to browse them both at your leisure. And, if you have any questions, feel free to tag me and I'll do my absolute best to answer them.

Again, welcome to Chaos and I hope you have a wonderful time on the board, ner'vod.


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Yeah, at one point the "ball rolling", was moving at an incredible pace. But as of late we have died back. There has been the Clans, the original Manda, then even the Crusaders, plus a dozen other small factions. As well so many original Clans its crazy. (I even possess one)

Man... The good ol' days... Back when it was hard for a dar'manda to keep up...
[member="Taran Ge'Mav"]

Welcome to Chaos.

Also, probably good to add regarding the state of Mandalorians is that [member="Vilaz Munin"] currently holds the mantle of Mand'alor.
[member="Taran Ge'Mav"]

Hey man, you could not have chosen a better time to hop in, really! I even shelved my popular pirate crimelord face, [member="James Justice"] to hop in on this action. Honestly this is like the re-definition of the mandos on the board. We were even talking about helping write new lore for the board in our Discord chat for some of the different planets we are finding, I think it was [member="Vilaz Munin"] who was doing some of that search and starting the conversation.

Side note: If you wanna work on training and/or making mando weaponry, armor, gear, bases, soldiers, and so on, please feel free. I would love to do this with you as part of our re-building. I am kinda on that scene with my mercenary/arms company. If you want to help #MakeMandosGreat again you can approach it from that economic point. After all, what good is it to raid if you are only using rocks that you throw at your foes, right?

So yes, really the opportunities to make changes are so overwhelming here, its great! We'd love to have you hop on board.

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