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Strider Garon


NAME: Strider Drake Garon
FACTION: Mandalorian, Freelancer
RANK: Field Marshal (Retired)
CULTURE: Mandalorian
HOME: Mandalore
AGE: early 100s
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 215lbs
EYES: brown
HAIR: black (Grey with age)
SKIN: Olive

Strider Garon:
Garrus Garon: Brother / active
Andras Garon: Cousin / active
Drake Garon: Son / inactive
[member="Falcon Gyndar"] : Son/ semi-activish
[member="Marev Priest"] : Son/ Activesque
[member="Ariella Garon"] : Daughter / Active
[member="Cynthia Garon"] : Daughter/ Active
Aaralyn Gyndar - Daughter-in-Law. Related by marriage,Active-ish,
Mira Gyndar - Granddaughter. Active-ish/M.I.A.
[member="Satine D'ulin"] : Daughter/Active
[member="Talimet Garon"] : Daughter


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

  • Mandalorian
  • Battle Veteran
  • Expert Marksmen
  • Hand To hand combat master/ Taris Kasi
  • Gun-fu
  • Master Swordsmen
  • Seasoned Shock Boxer
  • Old and set in his ways
  • many old injuries that come back to haunt him in many ways
  • Stubborn
  • Did i mention he was old?
  • Bionic Left arm
  • missing right eye


Strider's Beskar'gam/ Equipment

SHIP: The Avril
Strider was born on concord dawn to Drake and Shela Garon. His early child hood was like of any other mandalorian upbringing, rich in cultural indoctrination and combat training where he excelled in the arts of violence. He was the oldest brother of two, his younger being Garrus Garon. Both would grow into legends in mandalorian history, leading conquest after conquest and carving out the mandalorian expansion. But before the legend, Strider's earlier history started else where.

Mandalorian warriors were always in high demand through out he galaxy and after Strider had made a name for himself at an early age in the ring as a champion shock boxer and in the pits as a tenacious gladiator, he had found himself enlisted in the New Imperial Federation. A imperialistic faction at the time that was rising in power and offered the young mandalorian a lucrative opportunity to test his mettle at warfare among the ranks of the storm troopers. He had won many honours and earned himself the rank of Captain before the Imperial Federation, like many ambitious factions in the galaxy, crumbled into nothing more than a blink in history.

After his imperial service was up, Strider found himself wondering the galaxy. For a while he had fallen in with pirates and lapped up the life of the underworld and all it brought. Gave him the addictive taste for life's simple and exotic pleasures. He had become synonymous with enjoying his ale, cigars and spice just as much as he enjoyed women. He lived life to the fullest as he could in those days, carefree and very little thought to consequences. He had found himself at odds with the Mand'alor after it was found out that Strider had lured the Sole Ruler's wife into committing adultery.

A bounty was placed on his head and wasn't long before Strider found himself at the wrong end of a blaster. A young female mandalorian bounty hunter had gotten the drop on him. He was in trouble, being brought back to Mandalore to answer for his slight against a jilted husband and disgrace against the mando'ade. Knowing that death was grasping for him, Strider decided to make best of the situation by seducing his bounty hunter in a last act of life. He was a handsome and charming man back in those days and the young woman fell for the wayward soul. It did not earn him his freedom but at least Strider got to have one last taste of life before meeting his doom.

Manda'lor brought the man that had slept with his wife to the battle circle. There was a chance of life after all. He just needed to beat the great warrior and he would escape punishment. Though as skilled and talented in combat Strider was, in the end he had fallen. Beaten, pierced and at the mercy of Mand'alors judgement he could feel death was about to claim him. Yet he was spared and given a chance to redeem himself through loyal service to the mandalorians. Death or serve, Strider chose life. Was not what he expected nor was it the outcome the young female bounty hunter thought for now the man that she had spent a night making love to, is witness and collaborator in her own act of adultery. This had brought on more drama to Strider who now earned himself the Title of The hound of keldabe. Best warrior to have your back, just don't trust him with your women.

From there on he had been in the service of the mandalorian's mighty military. His natural gift in warfare had made him a rising star and legend through out the galaxy. For the next few decades who would participate and lead conquest after conquest. Endless life of violence and blood letting he had never thought he would see old age. And yet here he is, breaching 70 and a body littered with scars being physical proof of the hardships he had endured. He had served many mand'alors in his extensive career, many had chosen him as Marshal and their right hand.



Old and New (Aden, Mesh, PM for invite)
A Colony Rising [ The Mando'ade & Friends ]
The Next Generation [ Aka'liit & Mandalorians ]
A Cluster in Turmoil [ Mando'ade Dominion of Hapes Hex ]

Social Threads:

Medal Chest

Campaign Ribbons

-Second Dominion of Muunilinst: 01 March 2015
-Second Dominion of Myrkr: 01 March 2015
-Netherworld Event: 01 March 2015
-Esfandia Dominion: 01 January 2015
-One Sith Campaign: 01 Jan 2015
-Aargonar Dominion: 18 Dec 2014
-Vorzyd Dominion: 06 Dec 2014
- Barab I Invasion (Black sun vs Red Ravens): 04 Dec 2014
-Gromas Dominion: 30 Nov 2014
  • Empress Teta Invasion: 21 Sept 2014
  • Bimmiel Dominion: 02 Aug 2014
-Togoria Dominion: 09 May 2014
-Mykyr Skirmish: 22 April 2014
-Serenno Dominion: 20 April 2014
-Flesh and Bone Campaign: 09 April 2014
-The Wheel Dominion: 12 Mar 2014
-Muunilist Dominion: 09 Mar 2014
- Contruum Dominion: 13 Dec 2013

Medals & Honors

Receiving: Peacekeeper Medal
For successfully negotiating the planet Serenno into the Mandalorian sphere of influence through diplomacy and 'without' firing a single shot.

Receiving: Gallantry Medal
Without his leadership and valor on Bimmiel, the Mandalorians under his command stood a good chance of meeting death at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong. Strider Garon kept them focused and alive until rescue forces arrived to assist in their extraction. Field Marshall Garon continues to be a source of inspiration we may all draw from and his experience is a boon from which Mandalorian forces may draw from for countless future generations.

Receiving: Mando’ade Cross; Melee Specialist; Ori’ramikad Service Medal
For his self-sacrifice against the infamous vong known as Dredge, in melee combat. In the mission Strider had lead his ori'ramikad into the heart of the vong surprise attack in order to provide the rest of the mandalorian force time to rally and fight the new enemy. In the process many Vode including Ori’ramikade had lost their lives in the push. Strider himself had ended the threat by nullifying their leader but in the process he suffered a critical injury that would have been the death of him if it weren’t for the brave and skilled efforts of his fellow Vode to stabilize him.

OOC Award:
Member of the Month for January 2015

Receiving: Ori'ramikade Service Medal (second)
These men were instrumental in the retaking of both the station and the ground facilities. For their teamwork throughout and for their unwavering resolve and the push to reclaim what rightfully belongs to the Mandalorians. Their teamwork, tenacity, and unwavering resolve are qualities which exemplify what it means to be an Ori'ramikade and a Mandalorian.

Aeten II Mandalorian Forces
Receiving: Combat Action Medal
For their teamwork, camaraderie, tenacity, and their adaptability in the face of rapidly changing situations.
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The Avril
Image Source: http://www.jedi-lega...erslegacy03.jpg
Affiliation: Personal
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Model: Amphibious Interstellar Assault Transport/infantry
Modularity: N/A
Production: Unique
Classification: Gunship
Length: 31.5 meters
Height: 12.5 meters
Width: 30 meters


[*]Additional weaponry (may be be added later)

Special Features:

Maneuverability Rating: 5
Speed Rating: 1
Hyperdrive Class: 0.5

  • The Avril was heavily modified for speed and maneuverability
  • The heavy modifications have made her somewhat finicky in operations. Constant maintenance was needed to keep this bird flying. If proper attention was not given she would turn on ya like a jealous lover with a vengeance.

Description: Strider was into classics and had acquired this ancient gunship ages ago from a scrap dealer. The mandalorian soldier had spent his some of his down time and what money he could spare rebuilding and modifying the Avril. Had taken him two decades to do so and now that he is retired from service he finds himself able to enjoy her now. The Avril is the old man's retirement, his new home and his new adventure. He had modified and tweaked the two oversized engines for speed and maneuverability.
Development Thread:
Intent: The intent of this submission was to show that the Ship had been heavily modified from its original design.

During the galaxy-spanning conflicts of the Clone Wars, stagnant ship designers had to come up with new and innovative designs to fit the needs of a suddenly mobilized Grand Army. The AIAT/i never saw consistent use due to its unusual balance of capabilities: an interstellar troop carrier that could fly with great speed and precision in an atmosphere, and land on liquid surfaces. It was simply too easy to divide such roles amongst multiple ships, or choose mission-specific designs that would perform better with a narrower scope.

As a smuggling vessel, however, it has a lot to offer. The extremely over-sized sublight engines (Heavily modified) hint at the speed capabilities, while the snub-wing design can allow for limited powerless gliding when necessary. The ability to land on water, snow, or solid ground makes the craft extremely versatile, and fore and aft laser cannons are sufficient offense for a vessel that can outrun most anything larger than itself.

The power-plant required to run the engines and weapons is substantial, and thus much of the ship’s original cargo/troop carrying capacity has been sacrificed. But as a smuggling vessel it has more than enough room.

The ship has three primary decks:

In addition the ship carries an X-34 Landspeeder and an Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike.
Engineering Deck

Engineering is only accessible from the bridge deck, although access hatches to the ship’s outer hull can be opened from inside. This entire deck is only two meters high, forcing any relatively tall being to stoop under the low ceiling beams and exposed cables.

Forward of the ladder from the bridge deck gallery is an intersection. Leading fore, aft, and starboard. Forward is the missile launching tubes, accessible behind a security panel. The starboard path leads to the starboard-side gunnery controls and the main engineering station. The engineering station has various readouts designed to track the unusually oversized sunlight engines. Behind the engineering station is the crystalline matrix of the ships primary hyperdrive.

The port path leads to the port-side gunnery station on one side, while the other has a hatchway. This harsh leads to a small cottage hold filled with tools, workbenches, and spare parts. An aft hatchway leads to a small hallway that runs the length of the wings, giving access to the sunlight systems.

Roughly midway along this hallway is another adjoining passage leading to the aft gunnery station. To either side of this aft passage are a small storage hold, and the cargo-lift shaft.

The gunnery pods are self-contained, and designed to seal, reorient relative gravity, and rotate with the guns for target tracking. While the aft cannons are on a separate circuit, the two forward gunnery emplacements can be slaved together for additional linked firing in the absence of sufficient gunners.

Command Deck

The Command Deck is accessible from outside by a pair of hatches behind the bridge. The cockpit itself has a pilot and copilot station, And then a pair of passenger seats flanking a holo-interfaced navicomputer. Against the starboard wall is a sensor, communication, and remote engineering station. Lockers line the port walls.

A passage runs aft, passing a small refresher before entering the chamber housing the ships computer. View-screens, circuitry, and power conduits occupy half the five by four meter space. The computer is very complex, and build around an advanced droid brain. This space was originally bullheaded off into flight-crew bunks.

A gallery runs behind this chamber, overlooking the hanger. The gallery passes two ladders, one going down to the lounge on the Hull deck, the other going up to engineering. Opposite the ships computer is the captain’s cabin.

Cargo Deck

The primary entrance hatch to the Avril is the rear ramp. It can be fully lowered to allow for the passage of cargo and vehicles, or a smaller inset door and ramp can be opened for personal exit and entry either on land or through a sealed docking ring.

The ramp leads into the main cargo hold, which has been refitted to double as a small vehicle hanger. The hanger is seven meters fore-and-aft, ten meters wide. The ceiling vaults up to 18 meters. Crates, sealed drums, and other containers are scattered across the deck and stacked and secured in corners. They represent the stockpiled fuel and provisions for a protracted expedition. A repulsor cargo lift is near the center of the hanger, capable of moving supplies and munitions to the engineering deck.

Two vehicles are already in the hanger. One is a well used land speeder. The other is a military-grade speederbike. Fuel tanks for both rest against the port wall.

Through a wide opening on the aft wall is a retrofitted ship’s lounge, including a monitoring station, a holo-terminal, and a wide bench with a programmable gaming table. This space was probably originally for troop transport. the ceiling in the lounge (and on the rest of the deck) is two and a half meters high, allowing even a tall Wookie to stand upright.

Just opposite the monitoring station is a short hallway leading to the medbay. A steep ladder branches off, leading to the bridge deck.

On the other side of the bulkhead from the medbay is the galley and mess-hall. The cabinets are well stocked with a variety of consumables, and the mess seats eight.

Further aft are a series of four crew cabins that likely originally served as either added storage or troops armory. Against the aft wall are a pair of refreshers, each featuring a newly installed sonic shower, a rare luxury.
Work in Progress
“Here we stand!”~ The words of Clan Garon

Clan Garon was an old Mandalorian clan that could trace its lineage back to great Galactic Civil War, to a heavily mandalorian influenced clone commando named Drake (CC-8513-26) and wife Shyla Garon in where They took her name. The name itself means Guardian or Guard in Basic Standard. Members of Clan Garon throughout the galaxy’s history ranged from petty peddlers up to revered Marshals with most having a strong standing in the military and mercenaries. Rare, though heard of, has been force sensitives with in the Clan Garon. Clan Garon has developed a reputation for being fierce warriors, tenacious and unyielding in battle. Famously known for loyalty to their leaders, clan and people as they ruthlessly protect their culture from all that have and will seek the end to the mandalorian lines.


The union of Drake and Shyla was the birthing moment for clan Garon. The clone, heavily influenced by his mandalorian instructor, moved to concord dawn after being retired by the Empire. There, with union of his corellian wife and fellow retired squad mates they had formed their own mandalorian clan. They learned how to work the land and became farmers and ranchers, tradesmen and yet still keeping to their call of the warrior they had served as mercenaries. The Clone Commandos Elite training had garnished them a reputation for being talented in the ways of combat and such talent was continued on through the generations.

As the years passed, so did the commandos but the clan lived on through their children (Blood and adopted). The name Garon through out time became solidified in history with deep ties to Clan Skirata and Fett. Clan Garon, like clan Skirata, would promise safe haven to clones who have retired or defected from Imperial service.

Clan Garon survived the gulag plague, though like most through out the galaxy, had lost many to its grasp. Many Atrocities and conflicts afterwards would play havoc on the populace strength including the current strife on Mandalore. Just another chapter in a long history of survival, thats how it would be read to future generations. Under the the steadfast leadership of Strider, Clan Garon has proven to be a loyal ally to each of the Mand'alors that have worn the mantle. Unity has always been at the heart, and such is far more important in these dark times. Strider, will be leading his clan by example of acceptance and indomitable will. Mandalorians can not afford to be divided.

  • Strider Garon (Alor)
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