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Planet Review Spilursa

Storm of Alderaan
  • Intent: To flesh out the Alderaanian Sector
  • Image Credit:
  • Canon: No
  • Permissions: None
  • Links:
  • Planet Name: Spilursa
  • Demonym: Spilursian
  • Region: Core World
  • System Name: Spilursa
  • System Features: The Spilursa system was nestled on the edge of the Alderaan Sector and was a small system of only three planetoids with Spilursa the only one capable of sustaining natural life. A casino station is in orbit above the planet and is owned by the Spilursian government. The system boasts a small defense force which is run mostly out a station built out of an old battlecruiser. The system had a standard sun which took Spilursia 480 days to rotate around. A day in Spilursian time was roughly 19 hours.
  • Location: Core Worlds - Alderaan Sector
  • Major Imports:
    • Luxury Foodstuffs
    • Materials
    • Technologies
  • Major Exports:
    • Entertainment
    • Exotic Fish
    • Salt
    • Exotic Coral
  • Unexploited Resources: Spilursa contains a wealth of native Alderaanian flora.
  • Gravity: Slightly less than standard
  • Climate: Tropical
  • Primary Terrain: Ocean
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Capital City: Spilursia Major
  • Planetary Features:
    • Spilursia was a water world with only three archipelago continents. Originally, Spilursians lived beneath the waves and thus there were hundreds of cities, towns, and hamlets beneath the waves. To this day, some small fraction of the aquatic and amphibious population use the underwater cities with the second-largest city on the planet, Spilursia Minor, being the old capital. Spilursia Major, and many aquatic cities like it, do the surface of Spilursia's usually calm blue waters. These cities are often resort cities filled with entertainment, lodging, and five star restaurants of cuisines from all over the Galaxy. Some however were towns inhabited by common folk like Spilursians or immigrant workers. These towns were often a short shuttle ride from the main cities. Those who lived in these towns were often farmers, fishermen, or local craftspeople. Otherwise, they worked in the cities and commuted via shuttle. The archipelagoes had been designated by the Spilursian government to house the displaced Alderaanians who had been hiding in their caverns after the destruction of their homeworld. After the New Republic came to power the land was sold for extremely cheap, allowing some old noble houses and commoners to regain their footing. Eventually, those Alderaanians opened up the land to others who would work it. These lands became farming communities.

      The oceans were filled with beautiful coral reefs, kelp forests, and spectacular bioluminescent caverns. It was also home to deadly sea creatures, poisonous reefs, toxic fume spitters, and dangerous volcanic caverns. Deeper even than that was where the Thresher lived. Their dark caverns and trenches were too deep, even for Spilursians to venture without aid and were surrounded in an air of mystery.
  • Major Locations:
    • Spilursia Major: The current capital of Spilursia. It was originally constructed after the Unification War with the aid of Alderaanian architects and thus shares many of the flowing lines and curved edges of Alderaanian architecture. It is a massive semi-aquatic city with a huge spaceport and dozens of resort hotels. Government, sports, military, and economy were all focused here making it as splendid as just about any other Core World city.
    • Spilursia Minor: Originally the capital of Spilursia. It is now the second-largest city on the planet and unlike many of Spilursia's other popular cities, completely underwater. While many buildings are built only 50 meters below the surface, much of the city can reach depths of 300 Meters. It is filled with bioluminescent lights and its "Currents" (like skyways or streets) are filled with sea creature pulled vehicles, amphibious starships and airspeeders, submarines, and more. This is considered to be the true cultural city of Spilursia; Safe enough for tourists but remote enough to where they air-breathing foreigners are still a rare sight. Spilursia Minor's deepest parts were rumored to lead into volcanic caves on the far outskirts of the city. Rebels, pirates, and underground Jousting rings were said to be spread throughout the caverns.
      • Tidal Dome: The premier sports arena for Spilurisa's underwater sports; especially Jousting. It is located in Spilursia Minor and is one of the only things keeping the city on the map both politically and economically
    • Tritoria Bay: A resort city built against the cliffside of one of Spilursia's few, small continents. It boats beautiful ocean views, private beaches, and tours of beautiful bioluminescent caves and dazzling coral reefs. It is named for the trident-shaped cliffs that the majority of the resort city is built into.
    • Calareth: An old and small city. It was once the second-largest city on the planet but after Spilursians moved to the surface to run their huge resort cities it quickly became forgotten. It still retains a large population, mostly of Common Spilursian and aquatic/amphibious immigrants like Quaren, Nautolans, and Mon Calamari. The city was only built thirty meters below the surface.
    • Sirenia: A small underwater town near Tritoria Bay. It was built into the coral reef. Its proximity to volcanic meant that in olden days traditional Jousting duels were held in the town. It was located 600 Meters below the surface and south of Tritoria Bay.
    • Tysa: One of the few non-resort cities that was above water. It was built in an area where the sea level dropped below planetary average into a massive sinkhole, leaving the coral as massive towers. Common Spilursians lived here. Its proximity to Spilursia Major however did make it popular for tourists who wanted to get down and dirty with the locals, which they didn't mind. It was famous for its Cantina, "The Sinkhole" and its signature drink, "The Trench", which was rumored to be stronger than a Port in a Storm.
    • Council of The Kings: An ancient meeting place where kings of different Spilursian Kingdoms would meet to discuss important business and treaties. Even today, though it isn't visited often, it is considered to be hallowed ground. Because of this, it was a common meeting place for Rebel cells. There were rumors of an ancient armory located beneath the meeting place.
    • The Deep: A general term for any trench that delved farther than 1000 Meters below the surface. These places were pitch black and only the most dangerous or strange sea creatures survived. It was here that the Thresher were believed to hunt and spawn.
    • Alderaanian Isles: A collection of islands in the Southern hemisphere of the planet, the Alderaanian Isles were given to survivors of the first Death Star's attack. The resulting attack destroyed the planet and much of its people. Those who remained were, by the generosity of Spilursa, able to attempt to remake their lives on these islands after the Empire fell and the New Republic rose. They were seeded with many Alderaanian plants and animals. Though the islands were harsh in comparison to Alderaan's fertile land, it proved sturdy enough to grow crops, raise livestock, and cultivate Alderaanian plants.
  • Native Species:
  • Sentient
  • Semi-Sentient
  • Non-Sentient
  • Immigrated Species:
  • Population: Heavy
  • Demographics: The population of Spilursia was mostly native Spilursians. Common Spilursians outnumbered High Spilursians due to the near genocide that preceded the Unification War. The next largest group was the immigrant population hailing from various aquatic worlds and occasionally humans. The humans were usually descendants of the Alderaanian diaspora whom settled on the world following the destruction of Alderaan at the hands of the Empire. Many old Royal Houses that saw a resurgence could trace their good luck back to the welcoming arms of the Spilursian people who hid them from the Empire in their volcanic trenches. The rest of the population was transient, mostly tourists and timeshare holders. An untold number of the Thresher lived in the Deep.
  • Primary Languages:
    • Spilursian
    • Galactic Basic
    • Huttese
  • Culture: The face that the Galaxy vastly knew was that of hospitality. Due to the world being a luxury pleasure world, the beautifully exotic Spilursians, with their well-muscled bodies, scant clothing, and brightly colored scales were often seen as easy-going and accommodating. This falsehood could not be further from the truth. Vindicated by the near eradication of their race, the High Spilursians for centuries have oppressed Common Spilursians, enforcing a heavy caste system that mostly kept Commons to low service positions and only enough leadership to where the Republic and Democracies to follow could see them as Democratic like their neighbors. Their true culture was steeped in competition, war, and violence with blood sports only outlawed during the reign of Chancellor Lina Soh. They had a strong military tradition due to the civil wars that plagued them and the infestations of the Thresher. Their defense force was renowned for its elite amphibious marine unit, the Spilursian Rangers. This was all hidden behind a veneer of luxury amphibious star yachts, beautiful curved Alderaanian-Spilursian architecture, and some of the freest comfort laws in the Core Worlds.
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Affiliation: Royal Houses of Alderaan
  • Wealth: Wealthy
    • Spilursa itself has little to offer outside of its great weather and amazing hospitality. Its massive wealth has been built on the backs of Common Spilursians who have toiled for generations to build the great cities, both aquatic and land-based, that tourists now frequent.
  • Stability: High
    • Staunch friends to the Royal Houses of Alderaan, Spilursia could be considered a vassal state of Alderaan. Due to their close relationship the security of their system was handled mostly by the Alderaanian Defense Force which patrolled the entire Alderaan Sector. They were represented by the Alderaanian Senator.
  • Freedom & Oppression: It was an open secret that the High Spilursians held Common Spilursians below them in standing, though how far that went was only revealed when the system attempted to join the Old Republic alongside Alderaan in ages past. Since then things have gotten better, but not by much, and not enough to quell the flame of insurrection. A rebel group named the Blood of Arion continues to attack Spilursian transports, military convoys, and commit small acts of terror across the Spilursian system. As such, in certain areas of Spilursia a tight and strict curfew is in effect on Common Spilursian. This is only tolerated by their neighbors because the attacks by the Blood of Arion are seen by many to be an attempt to continue the near genocide of the High Spilursians that was only stopped by Alderaanian intervention thousands of years ago.
  • Military: "Small, but mighty. Like the current of a riptide, we drown those who would not heed us and caution those that would."
    • Spilursian Rangers: The Spilursian Rangers were the elite marines of the Spilursian Defense Force. They fought valiantly for the Republic in several battles throughout the Clone Wars and against Omni both times.
    • Spilursian Navy: The Spilursian navy was a mix of amphibious patrol craft and full-sized amphibious cruisers. It was a small force dedicated to only defending the Spilursian system and oceans with its largest vessel being less than half the size of an Imperial Star Destroyer.
  • Technology: Galactic Standard with a Spilursian twist. Most technologies are completely amphibious.
Sometime before the beginning of the Republic the primitive peoples of Spilursia fought against an ancient evil known only as the Thresher. The Deep Wars lasted for some untold amount of time as each time the Thresher were thought defeated they would appear again, striking at the heart of the Spilursians as they struggled to advance. Eventually, the technology of the ancient Rakatta Empire brought the Thresher to heel. Confused by the way the two very different looking races both called themselves Spilursians, the Rakatta decreed that one should be called High and the other Common. This was determined by the race of the Spilursian king , an ancient and powerful warrior named Arion. The cruel ways of the Rakatta trickled down to the newly dubbed High Spilursians, embittering their Common brothers and sisters. The truth of it was that those the Rakattan deemed common looked so similar to humans that they assumed High Spilursians with their scales and strength should be the rightful rulers by right of might.

After the fall of the Rakattan Empire however and the Thresher long since forgotten, the Common Spilirsians began what would become known to Spilursian History as the Wars of the Red Sea. It began with the assassination of King Tritis and would continue for a thousand years. By the time that the Alderaanians became involved the title of Common and High and swapped dozens of times. Distraught by what they saw the Alderaanians stepped and attempted to solve the bloody civil war with their diplomatic skills. When their envoys were killed and they saw the genocide that was said to have turned the planet red even from orbit, they put their military might behind the Commons. With their help the Commons rose to become the High and the now Common Spilursians were forced into servitude. Over the centuries servitude became a caste system. A small handful of minor skirmishes occurred between the new High Caste and Common Caste. Under the watchful eye of the Royal Houses of Alderaan, Spilursia became a space-faring people and joined the Galactic Community. With their unique blend of Spilursian and Alderaanian architecture, Spilursia became a beautiful planet and quickly became a popular vacation world.

As a founding member of the Republic, Alderaan reached out to Spilursia to create a more equal and democratic planet. The new queen, Tula Atlantea, bowed to Alderaan and made great sweeping changes to the Caste system and servitude laws. During the Clone Wars, clone soldiers were trained on the world in aquatic combat under the Spilursian Rangers, an elite military unit utilized by the Spilursian Defense Force. They were quiet under the reign of the empire but continued to train aquatic special forces units for the Empire. When Alderaan was destroyed the Spilursians hid survivors deep within volcanic caverns beneath their waves. When the Empire was defeated the Spilursians offered up choice plots of land on the scattered archipelagoes to the Alderaanians.

When the super A.I. Omni first attacked the Alliance it woke an ancient evil from the depths of the Deep. The Thresher, after thousands of years of slumber returned, causing untold chaos as the Spilursians were caught fighting Omni's hordes as well as the vicious creatures from the Deep. If not for the Gulag Plague decimating the Thresher as much as it did the Spilursians they would not have been able to fend off the creatures. The plague caused the Thresher to go dormant but rumors of their appearance on stormy nights and around Spilursia's deepest trenches have caused the government to worry that another onslaught is just around the corner.
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Hey there!

Overall, lovely planet submission. We don't see too many custom worlds where the populace lives "under the waves" so to speak. I have noticed there is a trend in which a lot of the artwork and "themes" are borrowed from Aquaman. It's not so much on the nose that I'll ding it for being a crossover but it IS very close. If we look at the submissions one by one it's not so obvious, however, when linked together with the planet it becomes more apparent. Be mindful of that in any future submissions. (Ex. Using the Trench for the "Thresher" and the Aquaman Logo and Trident in the "Spilursians")

The fact that you have them detailed with your own flair and in your own words is what gives you the pass. The effort to make it "Star Wars" is easily noted.

There are just a few things to take a look at:

1.) Image Credit:
It seems that only "Council of the Kings" is linked in this section, however, there are a variety of images linked below. It does seem that they are directly linked to the various art stations, however. Unless this part was unfinished I would ask that you at least note "Further Image Credits Below w/The Images" or "Credits embedded with Images" - Just something that points out that the credits are there.

Alternatively, you could do it as the template asks and list them out in the Image Credit section.
Image Credit: [ Provide credit to the original artist of the images in your submission. Link to the web page where it can be found and state the name of the original artist if possible. Each image used must be credited. Use TinyEye, Google Image Search, or the Image Credit FAQ to help.]

2.) Major Imports:
Technologies - What sort? Anything special?

3.) Force Nexus: This is optional, however, you can actually remove this section if you would like.
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Storm of Alderaan
Oh rightuhh just generic stuff they don't make their own stuff. It's mostly imported and then modified

How would you suggest going about that if I just mean generally their tech is all imported