Image Source and Credit Help

Image Source and Credit Help

We all enjoy adding pictures to our submissions, as they give people a better idea of what we're going for, and make the submissions look more visually striking. However, for every image included in a submission, you need to include a source linking back to the original creator.

If you are ever contacted by the original artist of an image you are using and asked to take it down, comply and find a different image to use.

  • How to Source an Image
  • Correct Examples
  • Incorrect Examples
  • How to Find Images/Artists/Creators
  • Sourcing from a Movie/Game/Music [Gifs, Stills, Music, Etc..]
  • Can't Find a Source At All

How To Source An Image

Images you take from the internet, unless they are of your own creation and artwork, have a creative license to their original creators/artists. Some of the images you might be using could also potentially be licensed to another company or business. Book cover images, mock-up artwork for games or movies, commissioned artwork, etc.

All of these things can be tied to legal ownership. That is why we must, every single time, do our best to source the images we are using.

Step 1: Add the Image to your Submission [It can be at the top, posted throughout, etc...It still requires credit.]
Step 2: Under "Image Credit" on the template add the source of the image. You can also place a handy link/source beneath the image if they are placed throughout the submission and not just at the top. The "source" is the website page where the image can be found and linked back to the creator (NOT a direct link to the image in question) AND if the information is available, please list the original title and artist.​

Correct Examples

Chrisscalf - Star Wars Purge Cover: X
Image Credit: Image #1 - Chrisscalf "Star Wars Purge Cover"
Chrisscalf (If you don't know the title.)
Star Wars Purge Cover (If you can't figure out the exact artist, but, this is the best you can track it to.)

You can word or link this information in many different ways but it should be listed something like the above. Just as long as it links back to the right place, the right creator, etc. What is most important is that the image is sourced in such a way that people can quickly identify which image belongs to what original creator. As long as this can easily be seen the credit on the submission is fine.

If a member of SWRP Chaos created the image for you the same applies. Just link be sure to tag them or link their profile. Either will suffice.

Incorrect Example

Image Credit: (Simply left blank, while you are using an image, but with no credit.)
Image Credit: X (This just links to the image itself. Not the creator, or, their website.)
Image Credit: (Links to a website, but, the image listed can't be found.)

If you aren't using images at all in your submissions just put "N/A" - Don't remove the "Image Credit" field from the template.

How To Find Images

So, you've found a fantastic image but you can't find the creator or a source?

Your first resort should always be:

Sourcing for a Movie/Game/Music [Gifs, Stills, Music]

These can be tricky. We know. If you're curious about how to get this done in a jiffy you can link one of the following.

  • The IMDB Page for the Movie
  • Website for the Movie or Game Itself
  • Wikipedia Page for the Movie, Game, Artist, Album, etc.

Can't Find An Image Credit
"The Last Resort"
"I've spent forever looking and I've gone belly up."

Once in a blue moon, you might not be able to find the original creator or artist. If you've followed the steps above, such as using Google, Tiny Eye, asking for help, and you still hit a wall? You may do one of a few things to show that you tried your very best.
  • All other efforts should be exhausted first. At least, try.
  • A Codex Admin or Judge may ask you to change the wording, or, they might be able to find a better source for you during the submission review.
If all else fails, under Image Credit, you may use options such as Pinterest, Imgur, Wallpaper Sites, or the odd site you found it on that doesn't quite match up, etc... We typically don't allow hosting/wallpaper sites because anyone can add anything to them whether they own it or not. In this case, we've tried everything else, and this is as close as we can get.

Lastly, note next to the link that you were "Unable to Find Exact Credit" so that the Judges are aware.

Help me, I'm lost. Or I have a odd issue. I don't know. Help pls?

This happens to all of us sometimes. Don't worry. We're here for you. If you have any questions or comments about how to properly source or credit images in your submissions please don't hesitate to ask Codex Staff or use the Codex Q & A thread.

This falls true for ANY Codex question, but, a reminder that our doors are open can't hurt.