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Major Faction Senator Rush introduces resolution to condemn Silver Jedi Concord

Corellia stands behind Corulag! For too long the Silver Jedi have suffered the presence of the Sith! They send secret Jedi strike teams to assassinate "friendly" powers' leaders with no trial or outreach to their "friends" but refuse to act when perpetrators of genocide on a galactic scale are right at their doorstep?!

Lord-Imperator of Byss
A Shame to see the Silver Jedi stand idle as Countless Worlds remain subjugated by the Sith. Heck the SJC was attacked Twice by the Sith Empire within the past 4 Years and yet they refuse to take action against the Sith. By allowing the Sith to commit such heinous actions and not intervening , the SJC themselves are an accessory to the numerous War Crimes committed to the Sith.

Mig Gred

Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii

Where were the Galactic Alliance when Master Sinvala and I... Silver Navy ships and the Mandalorian Union were defending a Core system for the absent Galactic Alliance? Where were they then? Such a shame to have such selective outrage.
I'd also like to point out a lot of the clans now don't have a lot of people. We were expecting some backup from the GA.
You're stong, but not THAT strong.
We've gotten more of a response from the SJC on a negative article than we have for Laertia Io's mass slaughter of our Jedi and GADF troopers.

Senator Rush, you're doing God's work. Keep it up.
Laerta Lo is walking a path only she can follow. She does not represent me and if she claims to, I will be sure to correct that. This "negative article" show an unfortunate bias against an entire group of Jedi. That is not journalism, that is not diplomacy, is, unfortunately, fear-mongering. You were (or should have been) taught to rise against that sort of bias, should we not be allowed to face our accuser? You're better than this, Tafo, you and Karis both.
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I should stress that this has all been OOC jokes on our behalf. However, I do appreciate your IC energy! Come chat with us in the GA Discord if you wanna bring that energy into a thread of some kind once the Invasions are done with!