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Faye Malvern

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‘It’s ironic, isn’t it? Such beauty beneath such a palid landscape. I guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover.’ Her sentence was cut short by the shuffling of feet against the stone floor. Faye swung her gaze round to meet the animal as it braved the first steps from behind the safety of a rock. From behind, Kathryn’s soothing tones came through clearly. ‘Could we even manage to get one to come close enough for that, I wonder? I have to say… they’re a little more timid than my brothers Loth wolves.’ Faye rather admired them, especially the way they moved.

The one that approached them moved slowly, like a river, careful and coordinated with the environment around it. Bright blue orbs set in its slender face seemed both wary and curious, a mixture of feelings Faye was all too familiar with herself. Alden seemed to have the right idea by lowering himself to their level, and he invited Faye to do the same.

Watching the snow white fox with curious ebony eyes, Faye tucked her dress underneath her as she knelt down beside him. The magnificent creature was immediately aware of them. It was mostly amazed and perplexed, likely because of the fact that they had suddenly shrunk down to its eye level. Faye wore a soft smile on her face, the same smile one would find on a Mother amused by her child. It was directed both at the cautious Vulptex and at her cautious companion. ‘It’s confused by us.’ One of her palms rested flat against the cold floor to support her weight.

As she spoke her voice was a whisper, barely carrying the distance between herself and Alden. ‘I suppose anyone would be confused if three perfect strangers wandered into their home.’ After a few moments the animals ice blue eyes to enchant her, Faye cast her gaze on the man beside her. Neither of her Confederate companions were aware of her ability to feel their emotions, as clearly and plainly as she felt her own. It worked on animals too, but their reasoning for feeling such a way was far too complicated for her to decipher. People, on the other hand, were largely easier. They wore their emotions on their sleeve, even without Faye’s ability to sense them.

Having had little experience with animals, save for a Dragon and a pair of Loth wolves, Faye decided it would be best to sit back and watch Alden. He seemed to know what he was doing, and what’s more he seemed comfortable doing it. Since meeting on Shadda Bi Boren the two had quickly developed a relationship that Faye found herself pleasantly surprised at on a daily basis. Alden was more than just the title he held. The more time she spent with him the more he proved that, and she was pleased for the chance to get to know him beyond “High Marshal”.
Location: The Surface of Crait
Objective: Locate, Identify, and Pacify Hostile Spirits

Vytal understood Pom's hesitation. It wasn't ideal, but if anyone incapable wished the ability to aim at whatever might assault them, the Nightsister wanted them to know it was an option.

The Nightsister whirled and green flame engulfed her hands when Pom cried out. Silent relief followed her Sister's words. Magick lashing from a broken spell was all it had been. The words she uttered were the pressing matter as Vytal knew Pom could handle the pain herself.

Alewine's words drew her attention as the thought of a nearby settlement was mulled over. "Wolf?" An unexpected ability from the woman just met.

"Pom, Alewine, take a number to investigate this settlement. If they are friendly, ensure their safety," as the spirits had not spared any thus far it seemed unlikely yet not impossible, "and if they are hostile ensure they do not cut us off. Go swiftly." She could trust Pom's mystic abilities and decisions, and was confident in Alewine's battle prowess. A few witches, warlocks, or even some of the guards would keep them safe. "The rest with me." Whether Zak stayed or went was up to the child, as he had demonstrated all things were.

Command given, Vytal hopped from the vehicle and drew forth a staff. Carved into the salted flesh of the planet, Vytal drew a circle with a glyph within and an arrow that shot through the center toward their original destination. With the staff stabbed into the ground nearby, she uncorked a flash and poured a red substance up the arrow shape and at its head careful not to lean too far over the creation. Despite the thirsty ground, however, the liquid contents did not seep into the planet.

"We are advancing. While Pom's group ensure our way back, we will cut a path through these dead and reach the site of calamity that holds this world." Vytal turned to regard those remaining. "Be at your ready, and move at all haste when the signal is given," she called out. Anyone too busy gazing at their own navel would become separated from the group and likely devoured by the haunts.

After she climbing back aboard the lead vehicle, Vytal looked over at Voph. "There is no longer any time for caution." Her left hand stretched out before her across the open plain. The green mists of Dathomir swirled about the Witch and the circle she had drawn to one side. "May the Winged Goddess grant you the mercy and peace you seek, but the Fanged God will have us pass." Her eyes were set on the cliffs ahead. The long stretch before it claimed the height of power on the planet. It was there they would purge this world of those lost in time. Purge the world of taint. The Mandragora would not be foiled by the whispers of the powerless dead -- for their strength was illusory and soon severed.

Power from the Nether swept across the land as a beam shot from a Death Star. It cut a path through the barrier before them. A way clear of specters -- for a time. "Move."

Vytal's hand fell to take hold of a support brace as the vehicle lurched forth. Minutes and they would arrive at the power that churned overhead.

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The Angry Wolf
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So much empty space that can be toyed with right here!


Alwine did not need more convincing than that. As soon as the words were out of the witch's mouth, she was ready. Only for a brief moment did she pause, deciding against doing it right there and then, but instead stepped a little aside. It wasn't much for privacy that she was doing so, but rather her will to keep her shift from the eyes of the child. For some reason that she had still not unfathomed, but respected, children in these parts of the galaxy were usually spared such sights. Even if they were sent into war. She did not understand it, but it was what it was.

Once she had put a short distance between her and the rest of them, Alwine quickly removed her armor. It would be a shame to let it go to ruin because of a shift. Within moments, she stood there in her birthday suit, and closed her eyes, smiling widely.

She had always loved shifting. Growing up on Stewjon, where being what she was had marked her as a consorted of demons, an evil woman, one who had to be put to the death, shifting was forbidden unless it was done in secret, as though it was something to be ashamed of. But you could not keep a wolf contained, not for long, and Alwine had learned how to shift, and she did so, almost every night. As a wolf, despite remaining as tiny as she was as a human, barely larger than a cub though all the adult proportions were there, she was free. Not the girl who was not allowed to be a warrior, not the woman who had been beaten into submission and servitude, but just herself.

As her body shifted, bones moved beneath skin, limbs began to shorten, and her spin sprouted fur. To someone who did not know what the process involved, Alwine's body looked as though its very bones were breaking apart and then rebuilding into another shape. Because of her age, this was a process; only recently had she realized that she now needed four full minutes to complete it to either side instead of the five. It had made her happy.

Lost in the joy of becoming herself once more, Alwine paid no heed to who was around, who had followed, who was looking. Alwine was a Lupine and she would not be ashamed. To change into the wolf was no different than flipping her hair over her shoulder, if you did not include the time it took for it to happen.

And four minutes later, a tiny grey wolf stood where before that a Knight Obsidian had, its eyes peering at its surroundings.
Imperial Page Boy
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Force ghosts. Restless dead ghosts. And maybe even some ghost ghosts! This place was crazy!

It was fun. He didn't know why they didn't come here more often. He was scared. Then he was excited. Then he was scared again. But mostly he was just in awe of how Pomsty and the Nightsister lady were just totally owning it.

It was easy to not be totally scared with them around. Maybe just a little scared.

Either way, Zak was paying more attention to this than he would have been if he'd had to sit through another of Old Dakka's lectures about some voodoo chit back on Ryloth. Seriously, if people were going to make him go through life stuck in a chair in a classroom for hours at a time they could at least make it half as interesting as what was going down here.

That said, Zak was totally tagging along with Pomsty for the journey into the settlement.

To start with, he needed to use the bathroom. And chances were high that there was a refresher, toilet, outhouse or something closely resembling a bathroom in the settlement.

Second of all... did ghost towns have toy stores? What did ghost kids play with?

There should totally be toy stores. And he should check it out. Purely for research purposes.

Kerstan Blackmoore

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Kerstan wondered if this woman mistook Kerstan as someone who cared to make small talk or light conversation. Strangers were just that, strangers, and often remained so until Kerstan found there was something about them which was beneficial. In this case, Scherezade could scent creatures. There was something more to it, he was certain, but suddenly the man found Scherezade climbing out of the term stranger and into the one he could label valuable, at least her DNA. Did it make him a wicked man to see people that way? Perhaps it did, but Ker had never been interested in looking innocent or good. He simply was who he was, wanted what he wanted, and took what he could take. Kerstan was rather simple in that regard, easy to decipher, even if everything else about him seemed to be shrouded in mystery.

She played at the fact he refused to introduce himself, rude, yes, Kerstan had been, but there was certain rudeness to nobility which was tolerable. Missing an introduction once was one of them. Scherezade did not let it pass however. The man chuckled as she darted off then, looking for the crystal foxes. Her demeanor and behavior would never do among nobility, stinky hutts? Her games were childish for one of her age, but Kerstan supposed those who lived longer approached it from there own way. If seeing the frivolity in life made it enjoyable for her, who was he to judge.

Ker passed into the cave, not concerned about playing the game. His target was much more valuable a prize than not being called a stinky hutt.

"Kerstan," he said not revealing anything about his lineage or nobility just yet. "And I do not know what I would make with their DNA. I mix things, try to create new. Currently I have a rather wealthy backer interested in seeing what kind of soldier I can create. Though my best and most perfect creation will always be the assassin. She was my first success, and also the thing which has set the bar so high I have not succeeded in anything since."

They would press deeper into the cave. The sounds of the foxes could be heard, but Kerstan now had two samples to collect. One would be much easier than the other to obtain.
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[SIZE=12pt]It really was that kind of moment, wasn’t it? The kind where all the stars seemed to align and everything else seemed to fall into place. The beauty of this world shining bright through its bleak and dismal exterior. It was he, Faye, Katryn and this magnificent creature gathered in this cathedral of crystal and light. A site whose beauty seemed only matched in the man’s eyes by the Minister’s supernatural radiance. Sure, it was only an opinion he held deep within, but it could not be denied. Not when it all seemed to be aligning as it was. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]He offered a warm smile toward Kathryn as she, too, had joined them seated upon the cold, weathered stone floor. Responding with a shrug of uncertainty to Kathryn’s question of whether the jerky would be safe for the Vulptex to consume, he pocketed it once more. His intentions were not to harm the creature, only to interact with it. Lay a hand along it shimmering, crystalline coat and share some kind of compassion for the creature much like any kind of house pet one might possess. Even so, his mind still lay deep inside the Force, calling upon it in ways he was unaware even existed. But then again, if the Force truly does influence and bind all things, why should this be any different?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Trepidatiously, the Vulptex took a step toward the three. Its musculature still tensed with unease ready to carry the creature away in a flash should it settle that the risk outweighed its own curiosity. It’s pale, sapphire eyes seemed to pop with a splendor amid it polished, white coat. And it had a certain defiance about it, which separated the fox-like creature from the others of its kind that had since scurried away in a plethora of other directions. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Alden listened intently to Faye as she offered that the creature must carry a great deal of confusion about it. And why not? They were three complete strangers unlike anything it had likely laid eyes on before that had wandered into its home. Three strangers it knew nothing of, nor of their intentions in being here. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]His gaze met her own after a moment, breaking from the crystalline fox’s own enchanting stare. [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]“I imagine you’re right. It doesn’t have any idea what we are or why we’re here.”[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] His gaze shifted once more to the Vulptex, though his attention remained on the Minister. He allowed his thoughts to drift a moment, and presented no barricade against any who might probe his emotions currently. Should one be an empath, they would be fully aware of his mental state at the moment. Of his thoughts spiraling in a manner that showed he wished he’d more time before the present to get to know Faye. Something he had a desire to do ever since meeting her on Shadda-bi-borren weeks before. And even then, that hadn’t been anything more than an introduction and a thanks for saving him from having to be the diplomat. The next and last time he’d seen her had been on Geonosis upon his official promotion to the rank he’d already held for a time at that point. If an empath were to brush their senses across his own, though, it would be more than that they felt. There would be an excitement, but it came with a sense of nervousness. Not about their amidst this creature, but of something else. But there would be a happiness too. [/SIZE]
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Holt was forced to bite his lip as not to come back at the Zabrak with a retort of his own. Sarcasm was one thing, but it was presumptuous of the force-user to assume that Holt, with his greying hair and aging frame, was younger than the Zabrak. Yet Holt had the feeling that, cocky tone or no, Holt didn’t want to be on the wrong side of the man’s vibroblades.

Feigning a sigh of impatience, Holt grabbed a datapad that he kept for situations like this one. The problem with having to use a cover in the Ministry of Secrets was, more often than not, those covers didn’t command as much respect as Holt could use in situations like these. Nevertheless, perhaps the legal argument would be able to persuade the Zabrak to leave. Or, at least, give the Birds enough time to get the information they needed.

“Your offer of assistance is appreciated, but according to Viceroyalty V.R. R-8088, ‘Employees or Representatives of the Office of the Ministry of Science are granted the power to deem certain areas classified per review and approval of the Vicelord. Access to locations deemed classified by this resolution is to be forbidden to those outside of the Ministry of Science and office of Vicelord.’ Your presence here, therefore, would be considered illegal under Confederacy Law,” Holt quoted as he read off of the datapad. It wasn’t some secret law, just one that was not invoked often, and Holt even considered letting the Zabrak read it himself, but then thought against it. It would probably be a bad idea to give the Zabrak a chance to make off with Ministry of Secrets technology.
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A low but vehement hiss filled the air as the ethereal forms of the Knights Obsidian treaded towards the ‘settlement’ in the Netherworld. The otherworldly dimension was one of mystery and intrigue, but despite that one thing was clear; these intruders were not welcome. Nor, it seems, were the dead. Although pale in the mist, and blurry without clear definition and shape, defenses could be seen around the village. They were ancient compared to the technology of the living world; sharpened stakes, wooden palisades, pits dug in the mist. It was as if the spirits of the dead were restless for a certain reason.

As the Knights Obsidian would grow closer, the fuzzy shapes and voices began to take shape. A gate, broken and splintered in places, stood as the only entrance to the settlement, and there were people -- no, spirits -- standing there, a whole congregation of them. One stepped forward, as if their leader, to confront the Knights Obsidian. “Who are you that would dare trespass on the place of the dead?”

Just as the spirit made the challenge, an ethereal roar echoed throughout the midst of the Netherworld. Instinctively, the spirits flinched and it seemed that spears and swords began to form into their hands. A rush of cold filled the air as a black mass rushed pass the Living to ram itself into the spirits, a fast-moving, shapeless dark mass that seemed to envelope the settlement. It roared and shrieked as it tried to enclose the palisade, but spears from the spirits drove it away from the wooden gates, forcing it to circle around above the settlement.

To those who were especially gifted with force sensitivity, they would be able to sense the darkness in the creature, the malice, the anger, the envy. And they would be able to sense something else, not from the creature but from the spirits of the deceased; fear, the air rank with the stench of it. This dark spirit had plagued the spirits of the Battle of Crait for almost eight centuries, constantly attacking and spreading fear, forcing them to relive their worst memories, forbidding them the rest that was promised to all those who’d journeyed to the land of the dead.

Pom Stych Tivé

Nightsisters Coven
Location: The Surface of Crait
Objective: Evaluate intentions of encampment.

"Want to sneak up on some potential bad guys with me, master [member="Zak Dymo"]?" Pomsty asked, seeing he was following her down the path they started, and seemed most adamant on joining their quest. She smiled down at him and did not fear for him in the least; she is a Nightsister afterall, not too shabby. Surely they can take care of a little boy! Pomsty held out her hand to him, "Only one specific rule to this magick trick, you must hold my hand the whole time in order for it to work. If you let go too soon, something bad could happen, like we could be discovered before we learn what is going on. We don't want them to see us." Pomsty had a feeling his curiosity would win out and he would comply to join her.

She would Apparate them both into thin air, and they would see the world through different eyes, as if they were smoke billowing through the air and traveling towards a specific destination which Pomsty lead.

Pomsty pointed the way towards where she saw the settlement, and let [member="Alwine Lechner"] sniff them out. She hoped the same men who shot her bird out of the sky, would not be cruel enough to harm her in her animal state. Pomsty hopes it does not require too much time if she needs to transform back to her human form. Anything more than instantaneous could seem like an eternity if hunted.

* * *​

There were quite a number of them, chanting and in trances, she saw. It isn't her kind of magick. Some had their eyes bleeding and they seemed to be foaming at the mouth, coughing and spitting, seething. But the sensation they generated, gave even Pomsty goosebumps, while she held onto Zak in their Apparation, remaining hidden behind the bushes as inconspicuous as a shadow.

From the bonfire they sputtered around, spirits emitted out from gray flames. Pomsty determined the coven a hinderance and hostile towards the objective of the KO.

[member="Vytal Noctura"] [member="Xobos Yakieer"] [member=Voph]
Location: The Surface of Crait
Objective: Locate, Identify, and Pacify Hostile Spirits

As they swiftly covered ground, Vytal began to scowl into the wind that assailed her. Something was wrong. Wrong with... "Stop," she shouted before darkness swallowed the stars and the ground leeched of light. It was already a desolate and pale world, now even the luster of white and red salt was gone.

The vehicle came to a dead stop along with the rest at her back. Vytal's eyes narrowed at a settlement before them now. The one perhaps she'd instructed Pom to investigate, yet they found themselves before it or one regardless. They had passed into the Nether, however, which meant spatial location no longer truly mattered -- where one entered or left were not always certain if you did not know where the thresholds were between one world and the next.

A challenge was made, and the Nightsister was keen to answer it. Sadly, something else deigned to take this moment from both parties.

Instead, Vytal snorted at the sight of dark energy as it sought to consume the spirits and their quaint little settlement. "Those of you that do not see the darkness churning straight ahead of us, remain in your vehicles. The rest: dismount." She descended from the lead and took to the ground with a set jaw. It had ignored them. Ignored her. No doubt focused on its endless pursuit of the spirits that held it at bay. She could understand that -- spirits were known for their incredible lack of awareness. Very focused entities. Nevertheless, a Nightsister did not appreciate being ignored.

"Child of Darkness, come forth," Vytal glanced and motioned for Xobos to join her at the front. She turned to look over at [member="Xobos Yakieer"] and then [member="Voph"]. "Suggestions? I am of a mind to dispel that creature. Perhaps tear it into countless fragments, or solidify into a gem for my collection." Seeing how the beast occupied itself, however, there was no harm in seeking the council of others before action was taken.

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Lord Commander
OBJECTIVE: Find the source of the spirits, if possible. Primary Objective overrides in the event of conflict.​
WIELDING: Set of the Pilgrim (A, B, C, D, & E), NanoVest, Voph's Pendant, Tears of Eshan
NEARBY: [member="Vytal Noctura"] || [member="Xobos Yakieer"] || [member="Alwine Lechner"] || [member="Zak Dymo"] || [member="Pom Stych Tivé"]​
Voph could feel his stomach churning, and the hairs on every inch of his body standing on end. As the group stepped through the veil, he felt sick. He knew this feeling. It brought back memories. Terrible memories. Voph's lip curled and his brow furrowed as he tried to suppress the growing sickness within him. Voph heard Vytal ask him something, and his head turned towards her, his face partially obscured by his hood. A question. She wanted suggestions. How to dispel the spirit. Voph's brow knit further, as he turned to look at the entity before them. Voph wanted to speak. To cry out, to beg for his suffering to end. To not be sent back.

He turned, the panic beginning to boil over, but there was nothing behind him. Nothing but the swirling Force. Vytal...Xobos...they were gone. He was alone. But...he wasn't. Of course he wasn't. The Spirit was there. But it had changed. It was dark. Malevolent. Focused on Voph. It could care less for Crait. Whatever spirit the Confederacy hunted. Voph silently wished them luck. He, for one, was hunting other game, now. Or was being hunted.

But that image faded as well, leaving Voph with nothing but madness around him. He turned this way and that, seeking to find an exit. An escape. But when he turned, all he saw was nightmares. His nightmare. A flash of light. A scream of agony. A burning sensation in his chest. Then....nothing. Then...he understood. He hadn't escaped.

He had never escaped.

But he couldn't remember.

The Spirit wasn't hunting him. It was watching him. It had been there, haunting the edges of his memory. Claws of ice began to sink into Voph's mind. Images flashed through his head, random and terrifying. A ship, crashing through the atmosphere. A dark figure, reaching out to strike him down. A Confederate flag, burning in the wind. A fleet. An army. Voph fell to his knees.

He never escaped.

He was rescued.

Suddenly, the torment ended, and Voph felt himself fall back onto the rough surface of Crait's salt plains. His chest was heaving with exertion, hand raised to defend himself. But he was alone. It was quiet. The Nether had forbidden him from returning. The rest of the team would have to finish their mission without his help. Voph scrambled to his feet, turning to look around. That spirit. He knew that spirit. Why? He paused, realizing something.

He never escaped the Netherworld. He was rescued.

The Blood Hound
Codex Judge

Location: A few miles away from the commotion, where the ground makes way for canyons
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Kerstan. Good. Now she had a name, and she linked it to the scent of his blood, though she told him nothing of it. Unless the events of the afternoon would turn to be entirely forgettable, she was not going to forget his scent soon, so unless they both ended up somewhere where she was severed from the Force, she'd be able to sniff him out of a crowd. Sometimes she wondered how big the index inside her memory could be, how many people would end up taking up place in it before she ran out of space. But today was not that day.

As he continued to speak, Scherezade peered ahead into the caverns. It continued to be dark, but she didn't care too much, relying instead on the Forceto guide her through. Normally, she would cast a Night Sight spell, the very first one she had ever written, but as time and her abilities progressed, she found herself relying on that one and other Witch-spells less and less. Perhaps she was indeed shedding off the heavy mantle that had been unknowingly placed on her during her short lived days with the Mandragora.

"So you had one great result that you can't replicate," Scherezade summarized his words, "Why not clone her to make a whole bunch then? Or mix her stuff with goat DNA to see what comes out?" It seemed like a simple enough of a solution. The goat thing was, of course, just a joke, and she hoped he would take it that way. "I've done my own fair share of such stuff," she sighed, "I unlocked a key to save an entire species. But people suck and don't appreciate such things. And-"

Scherezade held her hand up.


Could he see it? It was at the far end of a rather straight part of the cavern, but she saw it; the white fox, almost glowing in the gloominess of where they were, seeming almost like an ethereal beast instead of a next meal.

Scherezade inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of the crystal fox's blood. "Definitely from the canine family," she grinned from side to side, "Can't tell where the other bloodlines are from yet. Let's get closer!"
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Soon after Tess was riding along a rock face a distance to her left. As she rode, she saw the mouth to a cave pass her by. At first, she shrugged it off thinking the opening was too large for the Vulptices to want to use as a hideout. But she decided to check it out anyway, just for curiosity’s sake. She parked her bike a little distance away to keep the sound from echoing all over and possibly scaring her targets. When Tess finally made it to the cave entrance, she heard voices coming from within, a male and female at a minimum.

Tess wasn’t sure if the voices were friendly or not, but now that she was here, she needed to find out. Crouching slightly to quiet her movements she stalked her way into the cavern, which was softly lit up by crystals that adorned the ceiling, walls, and even floor. The Crow didn’t have to go very far before she spotted the backs of three people, all observing the fox-like creatures she had been searching for. She crouched and watched the trio, she could easily take two of them out before they realized she was there. But she wasn't going to, she wasn't in the mood for a fight, and she didn't want to scare the Vulptices again. Also they were most likely CIS or allies of with how close they were to CIS territory without a care in the world.

Even though her conclusion was that the two women and man were friendly, Tess made no move to announce her presence and was content to watch them and the Vulptices in the cavern. The vulpine creatures looked care-free yet alert, playful yet wary, in no way did they appear to feel threatened though. As she knelt she put her right elbow on her knee and hand under her chin. She smiled as she watched, but she also listened for any disturbances from outside. The three hadn't been paying attention so she would.
Horizon Leader
Location: Crystalline Cavern, Crait
Objective: Explore the Cavern
Wearing: Desert camoflage BDUs, gear vest, utility belt and military boots. Sand backpack.
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She did not doubt the high marshals good intentions or sense. After all, would you be high marshal if you were reckless? Probably not. However, she might have been the one of the three that got the most experience on the ground of far and distant worlds. And when doing that, as a visitor, she always showed forethought to the planets nature. Akaran seemed to understand her friendly question.

''Confused and mad. I know I would be!'' she stated and glanced up at Faye, carefull to not scare the vulpine away. ''Luckily for us, this species seems to be rather peaceful...'' she continued and again aimed her attention to the white fox. A thought struck her and with smooth movements she begun to take off her backpack. A good opportunity to eternalize the moment by taking some pictures, she always carried her camera on these expeditions.

She sat the backpack to the side and begun going through it. That was when she noticed something move in the corner of her eye. She could not make out who or what it was, but a strange feeling told her that they were being watched. She tried to act the same way as before but leant closer to Akaran.

''Sir? Don't look back now, but... I think we're being watched... Right behind us. Behind that large crystal formation...'' she whispered and shared a glance with Faye so she too would hopefully know what was going on.

Kelsie Sylvan


"Yeah, yeah," she said to the droid. No way Missy missed that -- the AI could probably manage the power anyways, quite directly, without the need for a regulator. Still, Kelsie had to admit she hadn't thought about that. Having an artificial intelligence to remind her of things was useful, but certainly made her rely on her own skills and mental acuity a little less.

It wasn't a long walk to the cave, anyways. A few more moments after that and Kelsie had marked the best point for the transmitter; an intersection after two turns underground, relatively close to the databanks within the cave. Her Theia glasses marked the spot for Nyx while Kelsie herself continued on. No point in waiting, after all. Again it was only a few moments before she arrived at the main computer room of the base. "That transmitter up?" She spoke into her comms.

She didn't need to wait long for an answer as Missy's signal was boosted inside the base. Kelsie drew a small device and plugged it in. "You know the drill," she said to Missy. "Double copy, check the rest of the records, plant, delete. No rush, just do it right." Missy didn't need to be told twice, of course; it was just good practice to remind them of objectives. Kelsie found herself an old seat in the room and sat back, putting her hands behind her head while the AI plugged away to run the code and bring up the schematics. Nothing much to do. Not like she particularly wanted to speak to the droid.

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Reaper in the Wings

"Affirmative." Nyx was dutiful in confirming what should only become obvious in a moment. Unlike her organic counterpart, or some electronic intelligence with a superiority complex, Nyx did not ignore or shun other assets in the field. Efficiency and mission success were what mattered. If it helped the assets to look down on her, it was acceptable. However, if they refused to perform their duty then the Droid would remove them if necessary.

The metallic woman strode into the old facility to find Kelsie relaxing as work was performed. Nyx stopped several feet away and began a visual survey of the area. "Can I be of further assistance?" Sadly, she'd already run the numbers and it was unlikely the two of them would "get along" all of a sudden. Unfortunate. Organics operated better with people they were familiar with, and especially those whose company they enjoyed. Without further interaction with Kelsie, however, Nyx didn't know how to... break the ice.

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Imperial Page Boy
Location: Crait Landing Zone
Gear: Medpac | Comlink | Headphones | Lightsaber
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Zak was skeptical of the hand holding at first, but the apparition thing quickly changed his mind.

He also clasped his other hand over Pom's, so that he hand both hands gripping hers. Not because he was scared. For reasons. For safety first. For great justice. For holy Hutt Sith, they were moving in the air!

The boy pressed himself up against Pom's form, so that he was glued to her like green on... something green. Again, not because he was scared. But he was worried that she might be scared. You had to be there for the ladies in their hour of need. That was just how chivalrous and brave he was. Really quite the little gentleman.

In the not-very-gentlemanly category were the ghosts that were spitting and coughing and hacking up internal organs. Was that brah over there bleeding out his eyeballs? "Ewww," the Nautolan chimed. Gooseflesh crept up his spine, but the way in which he'd uttered the phrase made it sound like he might as meant cool as much as he was grossed out by it.

Gross and cool went hand-in-hand for boys that were Zak's age.

Still, bleeding from the eyeballs could not be healthy for you. "Are they sick?" the boy asked, turning his head up toward Pomsty.

He was also starting to fidget. Shifting from side to side in the timeless movements of the ubiquitous pee dance. He was hoping to ask if there was a refresher around this town, but after seeing the guy with the bleeding eyeballs, he'd been convinced that he could hold it for a little awhile longer.
The Angry Wolf
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So much empty space that can be toyed with right here!


She was a wolf now. If she could smile as a wolf, she would have. Her clothes and equipment, discarded next to her, Alwine looked around, letting the senses of the beast take over. Oftentimes, the animal could react smarter, better, faster on instinct, than the human could ever hope for.

They resumed their walk now, towards the village.

The sights that were revealed as they neared the village made her fur stand on end, almost as though as her body thought she was a cat and not a wolf. She could see it all. The spirits, the bonfire, the sound.

Dipping close to the ground, Alwine growled. Her wolf knew that snapping her jaw on the ghosts would do her no good. These were not tangible creatures that could be taken out with brute strength. And by the Gods, she was strong.

Remove them, she asked the Cofederates around her, using telepathy, Kill them all. They do not belong here.

Pom Stych Tivé

Nightsisters Coven
Location: The Surface of Crait
Objective: Evaluate intentions of encampment.

“I would say so,” she replied to [member="Zak Dymo"] after he asked if the warlocks are sick. Her gaze fixated, and thoughts mesmerized by the foul actions of the coven.

Pom reaches out mentally in return to receiving [member="Alwine Lechner"]’s thoughts. “I don’t believe we can just destroy them out right. I believe we need to close the door on whatever magick they are conjuring first.”

Peering more closely at the entranced Warlocks, it becomes clear that they are already deceased. Somehow they got caught up in whatever power they were generating. "The power they created took over...and they are now its puppets?"

During her time of deduction, a bubble of darkness formed at some point, and Pom could not see its boundary from where she stood. She could swear that she sees [member="Vytal Noctura"] and her party standing across the way at the other side of the bonfire. And there is [member=Voph], somehow not shrouded by the darkness. Her sister, Vytal, was gazing straight up into the air above the fire. Pom realized Vytal could perhaps physically see something that has been conjured by the coven.

Pom patted Zak’s hand and dropped their cloaking. She knelt down to his level to look him in the eye as she spoke. “Stay right here. Ok?” Pom took the enchanted rocks out of her pouch and made a circle around Zak. “You will be protected inside this circle. You also have the amulets to defend you. If anything scary comes near you, just rub the amulets with your fingers, and concentrate on how they make you feel. Push any bad feeling out of your mind.”

She reached out to Vytal Telepathically. There is no distance that could separate the sisters. "I am here. See me."

Pom tore the leather cord to a pristine amulet from her neck and she pitched it across the way towards the fire where it remained suspended in the air there. It started glowing vibrantly, it’s purpose to absorb the magick looming over this area. It could harness a massive amount of power to be examined, altered, and utilized at another time.

The Nightsister approached with her hands in the air and forced her energy out over the scene, she barked her own orders for magick to take place, to engulf what looms here.

"Distract them," she advised. A disruption caused by the Wolf would benefit everyone in both realms.
Location: The Surface of Crait
Objective: Locate, Identify, and Pacify Hostile Spirits

Vytal frowned for just a moment before Voph suddenly disappeared as though made of smoke. "Voph," the Nightsister snapped. Her hands waved before her and what appeared to be a green, globular astrogation projection appeared over the palm of her hand. Symbols circled the sphere in rings that slowly rotated about the map. By the Fanged God, she swore.

Pom's voice cut through the ether to reach her Sister's mind. It drew a sharp look up and to the side at the abrupt intrusion. Though in that moment Vytal acknowledged it seemed Voph had fallen out of the spiritual realm of influence that had ensnared them and that area of Crait. Perhaps he had survived. At least she would not need to worry of him having been left in this realm of the Dead. Few could survive here for long for there were countless spirits eager to lay hands on the living for as many reasons as there were stars.

"Miraluka," the Mandragora woman called out, "the dark energy in this place will lash out. Be ready. I could use your assistance ensuring what must be done is not interrupted." Hopefully the woman could handle the threat herself, or call upon those in the vehicle that had accompanied them. Those with spiritual eyes and not bound to merely their blasters.

As Vytal began to stride toward the bonfire herself, she threw both of her arms out to either side. Green flame streaked across the ground and formed a ring around the encampment. A second ring sprang from the first and between them an inscription in large runic symbols began to form between the bands. Her eyes were with the corruption that haunted the Dead here. "Specters of this world, know now the Mandragora will rid this place of that which plagues your external slumber. That when we succeed this world will be at peace once more. It has been said, and it will be so." Her words were directed those that wielded blades of the nether eager to defend themselves from assault. Handly poorly they might think the Nightsisters another enemy that did not heed their words. They were not entirely wrong in that belief -- for Vytal cared not of their dire portents and desire to be left to this world. It did not belong to them, but it could be shared... If they had the strength to break from their dark cycle.

Do not slay the lesser spirits unless they attack. They may keep the dark energy focused on them, if nothing else, Vytal thought in response to Pom's telepathy.

Pale fingers clenched into a fist, drew inward, and were then thrust upward to arch back down over Vytal's head. A dome of energy appeared to again form about the area where their prey lurked. There would be no ground left for it to seek sanctuary. No where in the Nether for it to crawl back to. They had brought her back to this place -- to that which fueled her magick above all else. Now the beast -- or those it haunted -- would reap the horrors that resulted from granting her such an unrestrained conduit.

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