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  • Intent: To create a new line of battlecruisers based on the First Order’s Resurgent.
  • Image Source: Unusualsuspex // Deviantart (x)
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Resurgent (x)

  • Classification: Carrier Command, Destroyer, Battlecruiser, Elite Carrier
  • Length: 3000m
  • Width: 1534m
  • Height: 418m
  • Armament: High
    • 24x Bishop Missile System [Heavy Assault]
      • Javelin Missiles
      • Defiant Missiles
      • Maquis Missiles
      • Baradium Missiles
      • Intruder Missiles
      • Ion Pulse Missiles
    • 24x Mars Mass Driver Cannons
    • 32x Twin Caeculus Hypervelocity Cannons [Fire-Linked, Fast Track Mounted]
    • 32x Long Range Turbolasers [Fire-Linked, Fast Track Mounted]
    • 32x Long Range Ion Cannons [Fire-Linked, Fast Track Mounted]
    • 56x Atalanta Mass Driver Cannons
    • 78x Blackmaw Turbolasers
    • 78x Hawkthorne Ion Cannons
    • 78x Vilestar Plasma Cannons
    • 96x Ovmar Defensive Missile Systems
    • 96x Covenator Flake Driver Cannons
    • 180x Rotary Ion Point Defense Cannons
    • 180x Rotary Laser Point Defense Cannons
    • 180x Anti-Missile Octets
  • Defenses: High
    • Primary and Secondary Ablative Hulls
    • Reinforced Hull with Primary and Secondary Liners
    • Cap Drains, De-Ionizer, Socket Guards
    • Anti-Tractor Beam Shroud
    • Chaffs and Flares Dispersal System
    • Anti-Ordnance EM Probe
    • Missile Deactivation Transmitter
    • Lucian Defensive Shield System [Primary]
    • Nova Radiation Shield [w/Reinforced Shield][Secondary]
    • Reinforced Shield Generators x2 [Trietary]
    • Repulsorfield Generator, Pressor Mag-Rail System
    • Emergency Deflector Shield Generators [x2] [w/Ion Shield x2]
    • Electronic Warfare Suite [*Advanced Features]
    • Internal Defense Management [*Advanced Features]
  • Hangar Space: Average - 16 Squadrons
    • Hangar Allocations:
      • Starfighters: 12 Squadrons
      • Support Craft: 4 Squadrons
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: 2 - Average

  • Auxiliary Systems:
    • Auxiliary Power Generator Systems
    • Auxiliary Power Converter and Control Systems
    • Systems Control Center
    • Supplemental Power Control Center
    • Reserve Power Generator Systems
    • Emergency Back-up Power Generator Systems
    • Auxiliary Reactor Control Center
    • Auxiliary Core Coolant Systems Management
    • Auxiliary Shield Power Management Systems
    • Emergency Shield Operations and Power Management System
    • Emergency Command Operations Center
    • Emergency Disengagement Systems
    • Emergency Intrepid Hull Deployment Systems
    • Emergency Life Support Systems Management
    • Emergency Power Capacitor Control Systems
    • Escape Pod Control Systems Management
    • Automatic Failsafe and Containment Systems Management
  • Communication Systems:
    • Coordinated Command Integration Encryption Suite
    • Encrypted Communications Suite, Short-Range Encrypted Data Network
    • Fleet Control Data Exchange Network
    • Hyperwave Communications and Encryption Network
    • Interfleet, Intrafleet Communications and Encryption Network, [SIZE=10pt]and Key Systems[/SIZE]
    • Long Range Communications Management Systems, Encryption Key Systems
    • Standard Communications Management Suit
  • Flight Systems:
    • Flight Control Navigational Systems Suite
    • Primary Flight Controller Management Systems
    • Secondary Flight Controller Management Systems
    • Propulsion Systems Control Suite
    • Sublight Systems Control Suite
    • Flight Control Power Conversion Systems
    • Hyperlane Navigational Systems
    • Galactic Hyperspace Holosuite Systems
    • Hyperdrive Power Control Systems
    • Jump Point Navigational Control Systems
  • Engineering Systems:
    • Primary Power Management Control Suite
    • Secondary Power Management Control Suite
    • Power Conversion Systems Control
    • Reactor Core Control System
    • Core Coolant Management Suite
    • Fail-Safe and Containment Systems
    • Reactor Disengagement Systems
    • Engineering Control Suite
    • Secondary Reactor Control System
    • Secondary Core Coolant Management Suite
    • Secondary Reactor Disengagement Systems
    • Shield Generator Power Management Suite
    • Weapons Power Generator Management Suite
    • Life Support Systems Management
    • Hazard and Damage Control Management Systems
    • Holosuite Power Systems Management
    • Tractor / Pressor Beam Power Control Systems
    • Reactionary Repulsor Power Generator System
    • Waste and Hazardous Waste Management Systems
    • Primary Shield Generator Power Systems
    • Capacitor Control Systems Suite
    • Secondary Shield Generator Power Systems
    • Dedicated Power Blackout Power Generator
    • Secondary Power Conversion Systems Control
    • Secondary Engineering Control Suite
    • Dedicated Weapons Power Generator Systems
    • Back-up Dedicated Weapons Power Generator Systems
    • Emergency Fail-Safe and Containment Systems
    • Safety Management Suite, Escape Pod Power Reroute Systems
  • Tactical and Security Systems
    • Redundant Shield Management Systems
    • Swarm Targeting and Tracking Sensor Systems, Full Range
    • Semira Defensive Systems Management
    • Shield Capacitor Power System Management
    • Shield Management Systems and Power Conversion
    • Shield Booster Management Systems, Tertiary Shield Generator
    • Tactical Analysis, Computer-Aided Targeting Systems
    • Target Range Finder, Computer Aided Systems
    • Automated Target Lead, Lock-On System Management
    • Automated Reload and Internal Temperature Check Systems
    • Automated Weapons Waste Disposal Systems
    • Weapons Control and Munitions Management Systems
    • Weapons Waste Containment and Hazard Control Management
    • Nova Shield Management Systems
  • Sensor Systems:
    • Multi-Directional Long Range Sensor Arrays
    • Navigational Sensor Arrays and Control Suite
    • Short-Range Tachyon Sensor Network
    • Long Range Gravitational Mass Sensor Suite
    • Starship Signature Identifier Scanning Systems, Full Range
    • Full Range Hyper-Navigational Sensor System
    • Cargo Sweep and Identifier Scanning System, Standard Range
    • Full Range Planetary Scanner, Lifesigns Identifier System

  • Carrier: Fourteen combat squadrons, the Resurgent while slow and lumbering is able to strike at a distance with her fighters. Whether they’re all bombers, superior strike fighters, defenders, interceptors or some combination thereof the Sith Empire’s newest battlecruiser can easily claim the title of battlecarrier.
  • Defenses: High-end defenses from multiple hulls, liners, and shields the Resurgent is able to withstand a lot of damage. An emergency ablative hull to help her escape even in the most hellish of scenarios. Internal defenses aid the ship, should, boarding operations occur against her. Anti-Stealth or the Advanced Sensor Suite keeps the Resurgent on par with other Sith-Imperial ships on the same line.
  • Slow: A lumbering giant with slow speed and slow maneuverability. The resurgent is reliant on her escorts to help keep enemies at bay. Her low turn radius makes her a large target for ships who can easily outmaneuver and outpace her.
  • Blindspot: Due to her low rated maneuverability and speed, the ship cannot turn fast enough to cover for her blind spots, her biggest blind spot is in the rear near the engines where she has little to no coverage. Relying on her squadrons to keep her protected.
  • Kinetic: When kinetic weapons fire, particle shields are lowered to allow firing - this, in turn, gives opposing forces an opportunity to strike with their own kinetic weaponry.
When Darth Carnifex requested that a Resurgent be built for the Sith Empire, there was no denying the Dark Lord his request. The Armada turned to Lord Admiral Raaf to deliver on the request. Images from battles past were brought forward, but the Lord Admiral declined to see them and instead dug through the antiquities section of the Imperial Library. There she found older schematics from the very start of the First Order. General Armitage Hux’s era to be exact, and it was from these First Order roots that Lord Admiral Raaf began to construct her Resurgent.

The new battle carriers would bear a high defense, with moderate fire support abilities and importantly, a return to older shipwright philosophy. Multi-role vessels, something that neither Primo Victoria nor the Lord Admiral had done in some time. The Battle carrier would offer something more than just the a-typical command carrier. It would also support ground forces, diplomatic services, and communications with top of the encryption and decryption support.

The Resurgent and sister class the Dowager II would share something with the Stargazer-class Space Station and that was their defense. High defenses built with multiple hulls, hull liners, and impressive shield system. All in the name of survival, from newly constructed components meant to withstand an onslaught of turbolaser, kinetic and ion/emp weapon energy. To shields that could absorb enemy firepower or drain enemy shield power and convert it to its own. An anti-stealth suite to ensure that stealth ships did not get an easy pass through the Empire.

Electronic countermeasures to help the Armada’s vessels keep enemy ships confused, and of course guns. While boasting only a moderate complement of weapons, the Resurgent bears weapons that are capable of devastating destruction. Weapons that are to fire at long, standard or even short-range the Resurgent is never quite out of options. Slow, and lumbering she is hard to turn and push through the void. She relies heavily on her complement of fighters and escorts to keep her blind spots covered.

Due to the scale, proportions, and definitions of the Resurgent. There would only be ten within the Sith Empire. Enough for the Emperor, and more than enough to an already impressive naval power within the galaxy.

Change Log, Feb 21st 2020;
  • Swapped weapons/defenses for newer/updated technology, updated sensors, cleaned up submission and updated hangar to match format.
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