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Remembering Lost Alts


Disney Princess
Remembering Lost Alts

We've all been there. Made a new character, ready to go on a grand adventure! Then a week goes by and the thrill is gone. The muse up and left, or the participation kinda dwindled. The character dies a slow death and fades into the oblivion of your Alt list. Never to see 100 posts or the light of day again. We close the lid.

But who were those lost souls? Surely some great creativity spawned their birth? Was there not once a fire that burned in their bosom and threatened even greater schemes? Who are these Lost Alts?

These are the questions this thread dares to ask. Are you brave enough to revisit your stack of shame? Can you tell us who these Lost Alts once were? Or will their legacy remain forever a dark secret on your character list. *shudders*

Tell us brothers and sisters, who were these fallen few. :D

Levi Hutch

I am not a smurf!
I have a few.

One was a wookiee Sith. Got him to Knight (300 posts mind you) but after that lost my muse. I later made him into a mirilian chick :D

Another was a little snowball of a character, literally. I actually forgot what his race was called, come to think of it. I wanted him to be a Jedi, but never got past the first thread.

Those are my lost alts! ^_^


Eater of the Dead
I am a lost alt, I had a plan and a profile and then nothing. First thread came and went and nothing more came from it.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
This guy. He had a good run on another board, but I never could quite get the groove back for him after I transferred him. He was a product of his setting, I suppose, and didn't quite fit here. Sad; he used to be fun.
The Rovagug
I've had many lost alts.

One being a Mandalorian on this site who I RP'd with for a time, but the muse for him slowly faded away.

And then he followed shortly after.
I remember a few characters from my Equa Dominator Era... :D One of them was a Sith Apprentice, Darth Tylus, maybe... He was just a boring person. I made him just to have a Sith.

V-34S, a protocol droid. A strange one. I made him to be a part of the Republic Military, but Equa was much cooler, so I forgot him.

Koroa was a... Shaper. I don't even remember why I stopped playing with him. But I made him because I really wanted to have a Shaper.

Beatrice Gwandarh was a character who actually had some story. She was cool, but... then came my "LOA" and it ruined everything...

There might be many other characters too which I have already forgot... And a few characters from Lilith Mae Lancaster Era, but they are a completely different story.

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Cadmon Lussk"] - Planned to do a Brother-against-Brother thing with Dranok
@[member="Jar'varkh"] - Planned to go on extreme assassination missions and kick butt with Aedan Miles and the crew
@[member="Xalus"] - My bounty hunter, planned to decimate everyone with
@[member="Aiker Ebizu"] - Mindless destruction, the popping of blood vessels, and headache causing. My lil terrorist
I’ve only deleted one of my characters.

Lavina Taldir was an idea I had with @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] to create an Eldorai pair of sisters. She never really worked out for me though.

I think the other sister, Kaida, might suffer the same fate.
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]

She's on the as of now unfinished list of chars that will be dropped Alas, poor elf. Trying too hard to be Sio...but lacking the sheer craziness. Might make a new one in the future, with a different role.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Totally forgot about this guy -- the first Dark Master to permanently die on this site. Good times were had by all. Rach vs the nuclear warhead outside Keldabe was only slightly less memorable than the Red Wedding of Eshan (seducing Kamon's bride).
Chaos-God of Gluttony
@[member="Rach Kol-Rekali"], me and you shared an idea a long while ago of how it could be possible to bring him back if ever the mood swung you to do so. But it would first require someone who cared enough about you, and had uber-extreme proficiency in the force.

Hmm, perhaps he is dead.