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It has been talked about holding a rather more open thread to invite Light Side minded people and factions together. So I thought a picnic would be a good idea. It would be open to anybody that are friends to FWC and anybody else that is has a Light Side alignment. Does not need to be with Force users. As long as you are against the Dark, you are welcome to join.

The purpose would be to do more or less a meet and greet of like minded characters. Establish IC relationships and make plans for future opportunities.

Several months ago, I did something similar to this that was a great success and I look forward to this one doing the same thing.

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
I would be ecstatic to join such a gather after the events that follow the fall of the GA. I think it would provide a small hope for those of us that saw the GA as one of the bastions of Light Side in the Core Worlds though in reality it was not always so.

Consider me when invitations are sent out. :)
I think most people are spread a little thin right now, [member="Marina DeVoe"]. As I think about it, I feel it would be best to postpone the picnic until after the GA go minor. After the threads for them wrap up, people are on summer vacation and hopefully less busy all around, the timing would be better I think.
This is another call out for an interest check. With most of the Endgame threads wrapped up, school being over for the summer...I think now would be a better time for this.

It was suggested it more like a pot luck where you bring something to eat from your system or planet. Gets you to be creative, eating and hanging out. Another thread where there won't be any pvp, so put your IC issues away at the door and just have fun.

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.
I'm feeling a little freed up...unless one of my moody alts starts up her shiet. But I'm in with Marina and maybe another good natured alt to attend this food festival you are planning @Ra'a'mah . I love trying out new food. :D