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Star Wars RP

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*peeks inside* This could be interesting...

Hi everyone!

I've been around a few Star Wars RP boards in the past...so I see some names I recognize around this fabulous looking board. Most people likely won't remember me as this writer account (never really used an OOC account anywhere else). But I'm hoping some of my character faces will be remembered once I get them underway.

In any case, :flower: hello :)
King of Midvinter
Hello, Dee! :)

Nice to have you join our dysfunctional society! If you have any questions on how to get started with character sheets, rules, ranks and titles, or anything at all, don't hesitate to ask.
Also, should you need anything photoshopped like avatars or profile pictures, I'm your guy. There are also many talented people taking signature-requests.

Happy role-playing! :D

Thankfully, I've built up a resistance to iocaine powder...

*nibbles on a cookie*

Thank you most kindly for the welcomes, gentlemen! Given that I'm delightfully dysfunctional, hopefully I'll fit right in :)

Thurion, I would be delighted to have some of your work! I normally do my own and take commissions as well, but I love seeing what other artists can do :) Signature rotators are my friends :)


Like Lightning
Dee said:
Thankfully, I've built up a resistance to iocaine powder...
OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU ALREADY!! that is if you are referencing The Princess Bride. "As you wish"


Like Lightning
Dee said:
Of course that's what I'm referencing so glad to find I'll be understood
I know that movie like the back of my hand. I could quote just about the entire movie if I wanted..... and if I wasn't so lazy.
Togashi Yokuni said:
Greetings! :)

Thurion Heavenshield said:
@[member="Dee"] - You can place your order here, then. :)
Yay! I will do that sometime tomorrow when I have a moment to give it some thought :)

Rianna Organa said:
*tackles Kass*

Hello cupcake!!! OOo so happy to see you!
*catches Rianna*


Hey gorgeous!!!! So good to see you too!!! :)