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[OOC] You Are Bad And You Should Fel Bad (Fel Imperium VS Sith Empire at Dubrillon)

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Eyup! Here's the OOC thread if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the current invasion between the Fel Imperium and the Sith Empire. Also, due to the judging of Ossus, Sith and Jedi characters may come and participate. But before you join on any side and you're not in that faction, please contact a Faction leader first.

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Yep, me and Kaine spoke OOC and the Objectives are listed in the opening post of the Invasion. I will reprint the here, just in case.

Fel objectives as agreed upon OOC:​
1. Supply Arms and Munitions to the Rebel Forces outside the Capital City​
2. Free the slaves in Sith Interment Camps in the wilderness of the planet​
3. Take and hold the Sith Command Center in Dubrillion Aquarium​
4. Destroy the Sith Temples in the Capital City​
The Sith objectives are simply to repel the attacks​