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Oh God, Not This Again (Republic Dominion Of Metalorn)

Ah, Metalorn. Such a lush, wonderful planet....

Nah, kidding. Josh HATED this planet. He hated the memories, he hated the people... Well, maybe not. There wasn't really anyone left. Maybe cept those prisoners that didn't get massacred by Matsu Ike.

Well, the dropship was getting close to touching down. They had several goals here:

Liberate The Prison: The Sith have stored prisoners, both of the Republic and otherwise here on Metalorn. Free them, and avenge the horror that was committed on them during The Battle Of Metalorn. Beware of any possible guards still on Metalorn that might stop you.

Capture The Outpost: The Republic failed to capture this outpost during The Battle Of Metalorn. Take out the forces guarding it now that the Sith has been weakened, and take control of it for real this time.

Deface The Sith Monuments: This was requested by Jedi Master Daella Apparine. Especially the Moridin monuments. If we don't take out the Sith Monuments, the Grandbooty will crush us all. Top priority.

Josh let out a sigh as he reviewed who had come with him, troops aside... He didn't want to be here. But he knew he had to. With the Sith on the fringe, the Republic had to act quickly, and a Metalorn Veteran was the best person for the job.


Came in like a wrecking maul
Defacing sith monuments sounded like a great plan and as Saki moved she had a face of glee. Smashing through the stone, with a saber in her hand, grenades going off while they have blasters in hand. Bloops and beeps from droids, explosions ring galore oh what fun it is to knock over Kaine persona; monument. He smile remained as she messed up the scheme but tried to repeat the tune in her head. There was much more to do and after she defaced. destroyed and devalued more sith stuff going afte the temple was a good plan.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
@[member="Saki"] @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]

The Troop Transport Drop Ship, touched down on the wasted lands of Metalorn. Once again she had returned to this devastated planet, this had been her first battle ground for the Republic as a Padawan, now she returns once more as a Master. However the objective was the same, to take control of Metalorn. She looked out over the place, more drop ship are landing close by filled with Republic Troopers, among them the transports for the medical combat team, and Master DragonsFlames ship.

She turned immediately to the lead commander, "Commander, I want a scouting party sent to the prison and outpost, have them gather intelligence on numbers of any Sith or Sith soldiers in the area, no doubt these facilities will be guarded. Then order them to move out across the area, report back on anything they find, I don't want any surprises", she said.

Iella walked down the ramp and onto the plains of Metalorn. Her objective is to liberate the prison. "The people of Metalorn and Republic Troops, captured in the last war have waited long enough for freedom, now lets go and liberate them!", she said.

She opened a comlink, "Monty I need you on this one, get down her now".

Ióunn Ar-Olwa

Queen of the Aelvar
@[member="Saki"] @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] @[member="Iella E`ron"]

Bbeepp bop gurr rr, was the message returned to his Master, Iella E`ron. Monty immediately wheeled around in a wide arc and down the ramp to his master. A continual series of beeps and whistles came from the droid as he came up along side of Iella. He rocked excitedly as she place her hand gently on his dome, eager to get on with the work for the Republic.

Hawk Solo

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@R9-4U@Iella E`ron@Saki@Joshua DragonsFlame

Hawk followed his Master Iella out of the drop ship. This was his first time on the planet Metalorn. It was exactly like he expected. Full of hate and darkness. He had chosen to help Iella liberate the prisoners. That was priority one for him. Not that deface Sith momument didn't sound fun. He would love to do that after prison was freed.

"I agree. I'm going with you." he says to Iella. He had some experience breaking people out of places like that. "We should try to find a way to sneak in. Maybe a underground shaft or sewer." He suggests to her.

Ayumi Pallopides

Heir to the Emperor, Senator of Denon
@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] @[member="Hawk Solo"] @[member="Iella E`ron"]

"You know master E`ron they aren't all troopers and citizens, that prison was made to hold some of the worst offenders in the galaxy. It would be like going to the pit and saying they were all innocent it just isn't true." Ayumi had a look on her face while she listened of some smugness but it wasn't to be superior it was just sometimes reading the reports people liked to overlook that dangerous people got locked up. The Unreal city prison was made to be holding millions of people and last time the Republic was here they were made to attack its people. That marked it bad in her book and made her less sympathetic when it came to simply making the claim all those involved killed innocents. Enemies of the Republic deserved no quarter if all they want to do is kill its people. "I'll be heading to the prison to make sure the new warden understands we aren't letting criminals free who deserve to be there."

Van Cleef

Going after sith monuments around the area did sound like a fun idea. Van Cleef could admit to a few things and right now he was liking the idea of using a paint brush and a hammer. How often was a goal on a mission complete defacement of property? After all he just hoped @[member="Serenity"] had more information as there were a few other things they could do on the planet. Such as rebuild their own forward base or secure the artificial forest that had been where the jedi masters fought the sith emperor. "Alright spread out and work towards the goal, also try and clear some space for a new forward base we can create."

Talon Vosra

Talon waited in silence as they drew close to the planet below. In the Battle of Metalorn he had faught the Jedi. He had begun cutting his way through a Padawan to get to none other than Joshua DragonsFlame. It was going to be awkward and embarrassing to see the now Jedi Master again and thats one reason Talon was hoping it wouldn't happen right away. He sat in his place waiting for permission to rise and come along. After the battle he had been this planet's military commander. The Prison and outpost had been under his control. With that in mind he had asked to come. Because he had the overide codes to the security systems and he also knew most of the officers in charge but if that didn't work he also knew the undergound tunnels that connected everything and he would be glad to help.

He closed his emerald eyes and felt the Jedi and troopers getting ready. Aura's were spiking and heart rates were up. They were anticipating the coming troubles and he hoped he could lesson the fighting of not avoid it all together.

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Twilight Fae
"The last time I was on Metalorn well the forest had been an interesting place but the sith thankfully weren't here." Quenlaodse moved with the others while she looked at what the councilor had planned for them to do on the planet. There was much going on and much one could say should happen but she wasn't goin to judge yet. Just head over and help at the prison to make sure it emptied out as needed or ensure if there was anything dangerous left over it was disposed of by the Republic. Leave nothing sith remnants could have to use against them.

Jack Sheltrak

Senator of Zeltros, Former Supreme Chancellor
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The surface was barren and the chancellor with his guards just took it all in while he went about. Reading the reports from what they knew the large gun the sith and jedi fought over, the bases and the prison were the most important parts needed. The other part he really wanted to see was the grand joint temple that had been built in the agreement between Aleidis and Tyrin but that was the jedi's main thing and going to be converted as far as he knew. The last remnants for the time of the sith would be put to rest on this planet before they moved on to liberate the others.

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
Prison Objective

Clad in armor and laying prone with a pair of macrobincoculars in his hands, Sarge observed the entrance to the prison. Around him, also prone, two 'Heavy' soldiers were crouched, watching the horizon and area around him for any sign of Sith. Handing the binocs back to the Captain, he sighed and pushed himself up, retreating from the edge of the overlook so as not to be silhouetted against the sky.

"Prison's underground, just like the factories on this world." He hated places where the buildings were underground; they were deathtraps. "Doesn't look like there are any guards are outside. Means they likely left the prisoners in there to rot or there are automated defenses we hadn't counted on."

Sighing, he tapped the comm on his wrist. "Bring up the platoon. We've got prisoners to secure." Standing and pulling his saber from his belt, he slides down the side of the crater they were in and began moving at a run toward the prison entrance which looked strangely like a bunker.

Easier to defend like that, he imagined. Behind him, nearly 30 Republic soldiers began hoofing it to the bunker entrance. Stacking up on the door, he paused as the Captain caught his attention with a hand signal. "Sir, more Jedi are headed this way with backup."

Nodding, Sarge activated his comm, hoping @[member="Iella E`ron"] would get the message through the interference. "Master E`Ron, Tig and I are outside the prison entrance; it's all underground. No sign of Sith yet. We're going in."

Cutting his end of the signal, he ignited the silver of his saber and stepped up to the door and shoved it through the metal, grunting at the effort of having to slice an opening in the thick durasteel of the entrance. "Sir, we should probably wait for backup."

"Can't. We have to find out if the prisoners are safe."

"By your orders, Master Jedi."


Nimir-ra to Iella
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There were many things to be said about Metalorn but the jedi master had been here and well as he walked about he was more remembering the fight he, iell and Garth had done with Lyra and the soldiers. How the shield generator had been in need of being taken down and they went after it with zeal because in the end it was the only thing the jedi had accomplished. They hadn't liberated the city, they hadn't fought the empire to a stand still they just destroyed a building and that was not enough. When he listened to some of the padawans talk about how the order was acting he usually bit his tongue to remind himself that fighting for peace was usually the finaly action. They had nearly been driven out fo the republic because they refused action and inaction was damning them, now action, now making the sith empire disappear into the dark was getting them called no longer true jedi. He was glad he was older an had some patience while walking towards the munitions base in the distance.

Talon Vosra

@[member="Sarge Potteiger"] @[member="Iella E`ron"]

Talon listened as the report from the prison came over the Comm system. They couldn't see the Sith or troops because the entances were designed to be choke points. Talon had seen to that personally.

"Tell your men that the command code to disengage the automated blasters and unlock the doors is 60621128-32237. They wouldn't have changed it yet." Talon said rubbing his face with both hands. This was harder than he thought it would be. "If they break in the droid sentinels and My former guards will be alerted."

Rianna Organa

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Objective: Liberate the Prison

As much as defacing sith monuments sounded interesting and useful, Rianna decided to go along to the prison. She had heard of the atrocities committed there and felt as a healer that was where her talent would be best put to use.

Rianna trailed behind the group listening to the plan and waiting as they figured out a way in. She heard Hawk mention sewers oh she hated sewers dark places, smelly too, and then there was the rats, carriers of every known disease to have killed anything sentient.

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Satiri Khai

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Silence, cold silence was her only company as she sat waiting for the Jedi to come. She had felt them since before they touched down and with so many not hiding themselves in the force how could she not.

Her dark eyes darted like vipers behind her olive eyelids and her mouth was drawn to a thin line as she pressed her lips together. The Jedi were a concern but she had waited here for someone else and he was close.

She knew he must have arrived to finally take her with him. He must have heard of the Jedi attack and come to save her just like he did before.

She sat in the meditation chamber that was once her dear Master's. How beautiful he had been as he occupied the very spot where she now sat. He must have finally realized how much they needed each other. Why else would he have come.

Slowly she rose to her bare feet and strutted into Talon's old chambers and slipped into her black leatheris top and skin hugging pants. She left her feet barefoot and turned in amorous citcle like a school girl and flopped onto his bed. Oh how he was going to love her. She just knew it.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
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Iella looked at the woman that spoke to her, she had never met or seen the @[member="Ayumi Pallopides"] before and knew nothing of her position or association with the Republic. Iella had no intention of a simply performing a blanket release of all prisoners, that is why her droid was along for the trip, she will have Monty access all prisoner files and sent to the ship for the crew to go over and ascertain who was there and under what charges they had been detained. She listened to the woman speak with a smile on her face, before she spoke.

"I understand you point, however my droid will be accessing all files and sending them to the ship for analysis. When you go and speak to the warden, I strongly suggest you take a weapon with you, he or she will not take to kindly to us simply walking in here and releasing the prisoners, after all he or she works for the Sith and will protect his or her ground. Remember where we are, and who has this planet. This prison run by the Sith, the Sith that think nothing of murdering of men, woman and children, rape, torture, subjugation, performing experiments of unspeakable horror, pushing beings until they are nothing but a shell of life and beyond their mortal capabilities, have no notion or caring for any beings civil liberties, have something worse imprisoned here? I would have thought the if the Sith had found such people they would applauded them and enlisted them in their ranks", Iella said calmly to the woman. "But don't worry we will find out what is in that prison".

As she turned away from the woman, Iella received a message, Master E`Ron, Tig and I are outside the prison entrance; it's all underground. No sign of Sith yet. We're going in.

"Alright Knight Potteiger, be careful. Keep me updated on your progress". She turned to look at Hawk, his suggestion of the sewers not very palatable to say the least, but may come to it yet.

She nodded to Hawk and opened her comlink to @[member="Talon Vosra"]. "Talon can you tell me of all the entrances into the prison, the official ones and the 'unofficial' ones", she had no doubt there would be an escape exit for the warden and higher authorities.

Talon Vosra

@[member="Iella E`ron"]

"The main entrance is for prisoners mostly," he said as he pictured the facility in his head, "but there is a a "private" entrance for the warden and myself about 200 yards to the west of the main entrance in a security camera dead zone."

They entrance led to either hus room or the warden's office depending on which route you took but only a trained force user could reach his old quarters.

"There is also more entrances to help handle riots I'll write them down and send you the files right now." He said hurrying to borrow a data pad. "But be careful I'm afraid my former apprentice may still be here. Maybe I could go with someone and help?"

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Hawk Solo

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Hawk nods to Rianna in greeting. He hadn't had time to say Hi to her on the drop ship. This would be the first time Rianna would see him as a Padawan. He knew that she had doubts about him at time.

He listens to Iella and Tslon conversation over the com. The plan was beginning to come together.

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
Sarge got the messages, but figured he was hearing things; he was registered with the Jedi as 'Preacher.' No one knew his real name. He kept that one a secret. "Sir, they've given us the access codes."

Well, halfway through cutting a hole in the door he deactivated his saber. "Well, plug it in then. Least this way we won't trigger any alarms." Giving a nod, the Captain moved to the nearby door and input the code given to them by @[member="Talon Vosra"].

"Master @[member="Iella E`ron"]. We're in." The hatch was open, the way cleared. "Don't know who got you the code, but it's better than cutting our way through."

With deft hand signals, he ordered the soldiers in first before following after. This was gonna be a long day.