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Approved Location Naval Station Redoubt [Silver Jedi Naval Depot]

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Naval Station Redoubt [Silver Jedi Naval Depot]


  • Space Station Name: Naval Station Redoubt
  • Station Model: 1 x Watchtower Class Battle Station, 3 x Reef Class Defense Satellite, 50 x OSA-07 Orbital Defense Satellite
  • Classification: Naval Station
  • Location: Roche Asteroid Field
  • Affiliation: Order of the Silver Jedi
  • Population: Heavy
  • Demographics: 10,000 naval personnel, up to 15,000 infantry
  • Accessibility: Easy to find, heavily guarded, assistance granted to all peaceful comers
  • Traffic: Moderate – Most of the traffic is made up of Silver Order military craft and a small but steady stream of civilian freighters bringing supplies/personnel to and from the station
  • Description: Naval Station Rampart is a Watchtower Class Battle Station surrounded by a dense network of defense satellites. It is home to a quick reaction force that includes a naval taskforce and an infantry quick reaction force. Its purpose is to be one of several bases placed along the Silver Jedi’s border with the Sith Empire in order to increase the ability of Silver Jedi forces to react to Sith incursions into their territory.
  • TOC-Tactical Operations Center
  • Hangar Decks
  • Docking Ports
    • Capable of docking with up to 3 Frigates and/or Cruisers
    • Capable of docking with up to 4 Corvettes
  • Crew Quarters
    • Room for 10,000 naval personnel
    • Room for 15,000 infantry/ground forces
  • Main Reactor/Engineering
  • Cargo bays/Storage
    • Room for up to 2000 pieces of artillery/armor
Security Rating: Maximum


Naval Station Redoubt is one of four naval bases set up as part of the Fortress Initiative-an endeavor taken on by the Silver Jedi military to better secure their borders against Sith incursions. The station itself is a Watchtower Class Battle Station, which houses up to 10,000 naval personnel including pilots for its high number of fighter wings as well as up to 15,000 infantry which can be deployed using transport squadrons at short notice. In addition to the station itself, there are two defense perimeters: The inner has three Reef Class Defense Satellites and the Outer has 50 OSA--7 Orbital Defense satellites.
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