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Approved Planet Naporar [Canon]

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  • Planet Name: Naporar
-Official: Naporar IV
-Common: Naporar
-Archaic: Naporar Prime

  • Demonym: Naporite
  • Region: Unknown Regions
  • System Name: Naporar System
  • System Features: The Naporar system is a small, 4 planet system situated closely around a Yellow Dwarf star. Naporar I through III are barren, hot worlds closer to the star. Naporar IV, being the only permanently habitable world in the system, is located on the outer edge of the systems habitable zone. Naporar I - III are typically used by the Chiss Ascendancy for the testing of weapons developed on Naporar IV.
  • Location: Naporar/Sposia Hex
  • Major Imports: Laborers
  • Major Exports: Military Hardware and Software, Ships
  • Unexploited Resources: N/A
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Cool Temperate
  • Primary Terrain: Mountains, Plains, Boreal Forest, Desert
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Capital City: Naporo

Naporo, located in the mountains of far northern hemisphere of the planet, was the first settlement on the planet and remains one of the few that can be called a true city. Most "cities" on Naporar are gargantuan military bases. While they house civilians and civilian industry, both are subject to the laws of the military, and what they produce is almost always taken by the armed forces. Naporo is one of the only cities on the planet where free enterprise exists, with civilian industries free from the oversight and quotas of the CEDF. Because of its relative freedom, it serves as the major civilian and commercial spaceport on the planet.

The city was founded shortly after the beginning of the Chiss Space Age as one of the first off world settlements. It was selected for the many things that it had which Csilla did not, chief among them being arable land. However, the city was built away from these lands, primarily in the snow-capped mountains to simulate the environment of the Chiss homeworld for the colonists. Despite this, the glacial valley fjords below the mountains proved to be good enough land to support the burgeoning colony.

Although the dates of their reigns are either unknown or deemed inaccurate by today's scholars, in its early days the city was ruled by councils of elder syndics. They were replaced gradually over a few centuries by the descendants of Nuruodo, an original colonist, who went on to found the aristocratic house Nuruodo. When Naporar became a large and significant enough colony, and the Chiss began using the Aristocra system of government, the Nuruodo family, already the most powerful on the planet, was chosen to oversee the Chiss Expansionary Defense force. The CEDF, which until then had been administered directly from Csilla as it was developing, would be directed from Naporo for millennia to come.

  • Planetary Features:
Naporar, once being the main military world of the Chiss, is dominated by military bases. The Chiss army, navy, and starfighter corps are all administrated from their own bases, with joint bases being common as well. Research and Development labs also make a large section of the planet's surface, where the Chiss create their technology, once considered the cutting edge of the galaxy.

  • Major Locations:
-CEDF Headquarters: The administrative center of the Chiss military.
-House Nuruodo Palace: The ancestral home of the once-great aristocratic family.
-CEDF Military R&D labs: Not a single location, but a network of interconnected scientific and industrial infrastructure.
-Naporar Shipyards: The largest surface shipyards in the Chiss Ascendancy.

  • Native Species: None
  • Immigrated Species: Chiss
  • Population: Sparse
  • Demographics: 99% Chiss, 1% Other
  • Primary Languages: Cheunh
  • Culture: Naporar’s culture is heavily militarized, with most of the planets citizens working in the military or in an industry that supports the military. This is due to Naporar being the main military base of the Chiss Ascendancy and the homeworld of House Nuruodo, who were in charge of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force prior to 859 ABY.
  • Government: Lordship (current), Military Junta (past), Oligarchy (past)
  • Affiliation: Zweihander Union (current), Chiss Ascendancy
  • Wealth: Medium; Although it has an abundance of natural wealth and wealth from it's military-industrial complex, the planet has a large class divide. The laborers that are extremely important the planet are treated like serfs, while those directly associated with the military can easily afford to live an upper-middle class to rich lifestyle.
  • Stability: High; Centuries of warlords fighting over the planet during the 400 Year Darkness left the planet in a near-lawless state. It was the resurgent Chiss Ascendancy that was able to restore stability to the world for around a century by returning the world to its original purpose as a military base and stamping out the warlords. Combined with it's admission to the Zweihander Union, the planet is secured more than it has been in centuries.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Naporar is essentially a planet-wide military base. While it boasts the strongest mining and manufacturing base in Chiss Space, nearly every resource on the planet from raw materials to food goes to the military. The planets mines and farms are run on a strict system of quotas deemed necessary for the constant movement of the planet-wide war machine. Unlike most Chiss worlds which are afforded a relatively free society by the houses that rule them, Naporar has very little social mobility with a very large amount of the population tied to the land they work by the military and the quota system.
  • Military: Every industry on Naporar is related to the military, and as such they are afforded protection by the military. Every corner of the planet is occupied the CEDF in some form.
  • Technology: Naporar is technologically on par with the rest of the Chiss worlds except in a few key areas. Agricultural practices on the planet are seen by many in the Ascendancy to have been stifled by the harsh production quotas that basically run the world. On the other hand, the CEDF research & development labs on the planet design and build Chiss military technology, which while only available to the Chiss is sometimes considered more advanced than other galactic militaries.
Naporar was one of the first planets settled by the Chiss after their capital world of Csilla. While the frozen, barren Csilla was perfect for the Chiss to build an impregnable world to house their bureaucracy and residential areas, Naporar was better poised to house the Chiss' factories. At the time, Naporar was abundant with ores and minerals, with an abundance of land to be developed. It was because of this that legendary Chiss Syndic Jer'Jo Cam'Co led his people there and founded the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force.

When the House of Nuruodo was established on the planet in ancient times, they built up the military-industrial complex and eventually came to be the overseers of the CEDF's operations, alongside House Mitth, for millennia. The planet held against both the Yuuzhan Vong and the Killik invasions 8 centuries ago. Naporar was one of the Chiss planets hit hardest by the Gulag Plague. CEDF vessels at the time accounted for the majority of interplanetary travel in Chiss Space, and Naporar became a hub for the disease to spread further through the galaxy.

In the 400 Year Darkness, extreme pressure was put on Naporar and the Defense Force to serve as the primary relief effort as they had been in past catastrophes. They eventually collapsed under the pressure. While house Nuruodo's sovereignty over the planet remained unquestioned, there was little the family could do to stop the rise of regional warlords who held the actual power. The Naporar System was mired in small-scale territory wars for centuries between admirals and generals who saw their personal retinues as the successors to a united Chiss military. In the mid-700s, the stagnant Ascendancy began to lift itself up, and the unification of Naporar finally came. With a new, unified military claiming its responsibilities, the CEDF was reformed.

Since the military's reformation, Naporar has once again served as its headquarters. The Chiss rebellion of 859 ABY, however, saw the planet undergo a slight change. The Aristocra of house Nuruodo chose to side with the old regime whereas the CEDF, still largely independent of the the house after the 400 Year Darkness, sided with the new. Although they remain a large and powerful house, the Nuruodo were stripped of their Aristocra status and Naporar was then administrated directly by the Chiss Military. The planet was then admitted to the Zweihander Union and was placed under a planetary lordship.
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Overall - Nice job. I'll be handling the Secondary for you guys. There are just a few things that need to be adjusted.

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Wealth: Medium
Stability: Medium

6.) History: Some of the information you have here is conflicting. For Unexploited Resources you have "N/A" but the History claims otherwise?
Unexploited Resources: N/A
History said:
Naporar is abundant with ores and minerals, with an abundance of land to be developed.
You'll need to follow the instructions on the template and correct that, or, remove mention of it from the history. We can't have it listed with "general ores and minerals" because we need to know what can be found there.

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As for the unexploited resources, I changed the conflicting line in the history section to past tense because I originally meant that the planet did have resources but they've since been exploited. I hope it sounds a little more clear now.

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