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Master Rank Title Request Thread

Right, and if one were simply skimming topics and saw it as I was, then there can be a moment of confusion. As I said I caught my mistake just by noticing the location of the thread, then saw Tef's post and realized 'Oh so no new Masters yet. Cool.'
I haven't found any really pressing problems with it, but I do see that if someone has not selected both, or even just one tag, there is an empty space where a tag should go. Not sure if it's just my tablet usage, or if others still see it as well. Just stating what I see.
Asemir Lor'kora said:
I think a lot of the FU Master level tags are missing, at least for me.

Unless I'm blind and can't seem to find them in the drop down. That's always a possibility.
It was my understanding that the master tags would not be included in the drop down. Those will be exclusive to staff-assignment for now. Correct me if I am wrong, of course.

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