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Mandalorian rebellion against the Dominion (Deathwatch?)


I've been examining the map and while there are a bunch of scattered Mandalorian groups there's no direct threat to the Dominion swallowing up old Mando territory at the moment. So my proposition would be to get a ragtag force together to put up a resistance once they claim the Mandalore hex. And I thought what better way to do that than bring back the [member="RC 212 "]era Deathwatch. It was a fun, if short lived, mercenary group solely built on terrorism in protest of the Mandalore at the time.

The faction itself would start minor, and develop into a major based on interest at which point the faction would attempt to gain territory through a rebellion of the Mandalore hex itself or the dominion of local systems where the rebels could stage attacks (i.e. stereotypical rebel base stuff).

In my mind, the faction would be heavily based on ancient Mandalorian tradition, with goals of returning the Mandos to a place of prominence in the galaxy like in the days before the Old Republic. Might even involve a resurgence in the Mandalorian mythology such as their war god Kad Ha'rangir. Of course I wouldn't require you to RP in any certain way so the faction would be open to anyone who wants to run a rebellion storyline.

I also understand there is a Deathwatch unit currently active in the Mando'ade faction, and if they'd rather this group be named something else I'd defer to them.

If any of this is already in progress or too similar to what is already out there just let me know. I'm really just considering it a mercenary/terrorist group to oppose the Dominion because I think it would be a fun story to play out.
As I'm aware of it, there aren't many Mandalorians still living on the planet. Also, there is a Mandalorian sub-faction within the Dominion that's leading the push to reclaim Mandalore... So they have about as much right to it as anyone else (IC).

Personally, I'd rather see Mandalore become part of the free worlds coalition than anything else. Being a sub-faction frees up the Mandalorian writers to do clan and Mand'alor stories and operate as support during Dom's and invasions for the fun of the thread... Instead of focusing on empire building and struggling with finding a direction and such.
[member="Jaig Vizsla"]

Hope so!

[member="Mishka Larraq"]

A fair point, but I'd also wager that most canon Mandalorians would not stomach being ruled over, (or taking part in a democracy for that matter), by anyone who is not also Mandalorian. And when they do, as seen in the Clone Wars, they see lots of division and rebellion from the clans who prefer to keep to the old ways. While this concept is based on map play, I don't want that to be the end goal of such a faction. And while smaller-scale RP is fun, sometimes you gotta put the "Wars" in SW.

I'm also not simply vying for Mandalore, and I'm not even rooting for the Rebellion to be successful necessarily, just that it would make for good story.
[member="Tallia Farn"] - The Mandalore hex is already claimed as of this map update. That being said, the surrounding territories are not.

The Mandalorians on Mandalore and its surrounding worlds are independent of the Dominion ICly, as the Dominion functions more as a United Nations than a singular government. All the Dominion really does is offer access to a defense fleet and free trade with the rest of Dom space, as well as access to CEC and other Tier 5 companies to help restore Mando Space's economy after the fall of the clans.

That being said, the guy to talk to about fighting the Rang'ade (the Mandos that are okay with the Dominion) would be [member="Zaz Tal'Verda"], though Zaz is currently off doing training stuff as he is army reserves.

Best of luck in whatever you set out to do!

[member="Mishka Larraq"] - That's more or less exactly how it is with the Dominion currently, the only issue being Zaz's LOA at the moment. The Dominion justifies its alliance with Mandalore by gaining access to the dwindling Beskar supply and safe travel through Mando space, whereas Mandalore and her surrounding worlds have a buffer against aggressors should they need it. We welcome any Mando to come in and do whatever they wish for Mandalore and her sister worlds. I personally would love to get my Mando going again, but I haven't had much practical reason to as of late.
[member="Cedric Grayson"]

Ah too little too late then. Well regardless, the second option would still stand. Claiming close by systems which would eventually lead to Skirmishes and Invasions instead of using the Rebellion rules. In a story sense though, it would still function as a rebellion against the Dominion Rang'ade by the Deathwatch (I'm using that name atm as a place holder, but if any of the Deathwatch from the Mando'ade have an objection to that just let me know guys).

Glad to see there's an interest in this idea though!

[member="Cole Dagos"] [member="Jhiaga Shiwr"]

That's the single greatest thing I've seen all day lol
[member="Tallia Farn"] - The Mando'ade as a faction already exist nearby. You would be more successful if you worked with them rather than splitting the Mandalorians for the fourth time. I'm interested to see how this would be justified ICly, so I'll bite for the sake of curiosity.
[member="Cedric Grayson"]

It definitely would be more successful and I'm sure regardless there would be some crossover since the majority of Mandalorians are with the Mando'ade at the moment. But I think this Rebellion faction ICly would represent the clans which stayed behind when the Mandalorians collapsed the last time. The clans on Mandalore I'm sure relocated or died out in the cataclysm but those in the surrounding systems would still be struggling to get by and would see the Dominion and the returning Mandos among their ranks as an occupying force.

[member="Vilaz Munin"]

I fully expect the Mando'ade and this potential faction would be seen as complimentary and possibly subject to a merger at some point depending on the outcomes of the rebellion plotline.
[member="Tallia Farn"] - I don't really see the occupying force factor, considering the Dominion is investing billions of credits in restoring the region per the agreement with some of the remaining clans, but I suppose there are always fringe extremists.

[member="Vilaz Munin"] - The statement of war is accepted.
[member="Cedric Grayson"]

Yeah I would imagine the prosperity would turn the common people to the Dominion's side, but those thinking about the future of the Mandalorians (mostly extremists) would want nothing less than complete autonomy.

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