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Approved Starship Lucrehulk-Class Battleship [Milvayne Variant]

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  • All Standard Features
  • Large Cargo Space:
    • Due to being slightly bigger than the Standardized Lucrehulk-Class Battleship. The Milvayne Variant can house up to 6.2 Million Tons of Cargo within its haul.
  • Large Amount of Arms:
    • The Milvayne Variant comes equipped with a larger amount of weaponry dotted across its surface to protect against pirates and other warships.
  • High Defensive Capacity:
    • The Milvayne Variant comes equipped with a larger amount of shielding to protect the vessel from enemy projectiles.
  • Mostly Unprotected Bridge:
    • The Milvayne Variant's Weaponry System is mostly unable to defend the bridge from starfighters and bombers as they don't cover that area of the ship as much.
  • Outdated Vessel:
    • The Milvayne Variant was built from the remnants of Old Confederacy Era Lucrehulks which means that much of the old systems are still in place and breakdowns are common.

The Milvayne Variant of the Lucrehulk-Class Battleship was made to serve as a command ships for the Corporate Flotilla. The Ancient Lucrehulk-Class Battleships during the clone wars were formidable battleships requiring an entire fleet of republic star destroyers to even attempt to bring down the shields of such a vessel. The High Cargo Capacity was also considered to be more beneficial than simple cargo ships. The Chairman of the Association Kaspar Biermann ordered for the salvage of remaining lucrehulk-class battleships in an effort to protect their various planets from Raiders and Imperial Warlord Factions within the region. Once the prototype was completed; budget restraints meant that mass producing them was impossible. As such only a few were made although they were considerably bigger and more powerful than those once used by the Ancient Confederacy.

The Milvane Variant comes equipped with more weaponry protecting the donut sphere; along with increased defenses across the board. Although the weaponry system doesn't cover the bridge as well as it should relying on starfighters from its hangers in order to protect the command bridge. For cost effectiveness the vessel's wiring systems hasn't been changed and breakdowns are common enough for this vessel not to be deployed more on the battlefield due to their scarcity. They now serve as the most powerful vessel within the Milvayne Corporate Flotilla.

Not open for further replies.