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Approved Species Kerra Kesh

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  • Name: Kerra Kesh
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins:
  • Average Lifespan: 160 years (female) 300 years (male)
  • Estimated Population: Inter-Planetary
  • Description: Pale skinned with dark hair and muscles. THeir bodies look humanoid and mammalian but their are closer to reptiles being able to carry eggs and withstand the temper temperatures. THeir mouths are overly evolves with retractible fangs that can pop into place and drip venom as well as saliva from their mouths. With muscles that are compacted and strong but no glands allowing heat to disperse from their bodies that can flush their skin.
  • Breathes: Type 1
  • Average Height of Adults: 2m
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Standard humanoid
  • Hair color: Dark shades
  • Distinctions:
    • Humanoid Appearance
    • Dark shades of hair
    • Cannot sweat
    • Lay Eggs (eight at a time)
    • Males are rare but live longer lives (1 in every clutch of eggs is male)
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: Rare
  • Their bodies have with a lack of taste or smell developed a very high resistance to poisons and toxins.
  • Bite: Their incisors are in two parts, the visible ones and when they bite or eat, then a second for attacking prey snap into place like a rattlesnake. The second section of incisor is hollow and secretes a venom into bites that cause inhibition of blood clotting and intense pain. Their mouths themselves also contain several bacteria able to infect if left untreated or cause death. The shock from blood loss is a given if they are able to tear out larger chunks. (example is Komodo dragons only a lot less)
    • Venom is anticoagulant in nature to prevent clotting and allow those they bite to bleed out.
  • Heat Dispersion: Their bodies are unable to sweat and cool itself, as they get hotter their brains will slowly swell and cause seizures.
    In extreme cases, their heat death can lead to them seeking death to stop the pain.
  • Lack of Senses: The bodies possess no sense of taste or smell
  • Require Cold: As a species they dislike the heat and deserts. Being unable to process it and cool themselves down naturally they generally live in cold environments or wear cold suits.
  • Diet: Meats, dairy, standard humanoid food
  • Communication: Verbal
  • Technology level: Below Galactic Standard
  • Religion/Beliefs:
    • With their bodies unable to cool down rapidly or dissipate heat through sweat glands. The Kerra needed to work on ways to stay cool. The polar regions of the world and living in the snow were a step but it would easily isolate them from the rest of the galaxy which could be a problem in the long run. They began working with freezing and preservation technology to engineer ways to keep their traders sent out to the other cities cool on the trips.

      THe primary uses of the technology is in a nearly fully sealed bodysuit with coolers to use and recycle cryoban gas in low enough doses for most species to have a chill but not enough to freeze the body. With the suits they can be in the hot jungles and duel without getting so hot their begin to have seizures and want to die. Weaponry wise it can be used for power cells to blasters as an alternative or for storing different meats.
  • General behavior:
    • With Each other:In Kerra society there is an emphasis on conflict but not to the death. They dislike killing each other and will gladly fight in deathless duels to settle arguments. Leaving what grievances they have on the arena sands.

      Gladiator matches among the temples to prove supremacy as they share their riches and crystals. Working on their technology they developed cool suits that can keep them from overheating and it is generally an act of mercy to kill the ones who are succumbing to the dangers of heat stroke.

      With Outsiders: With outsiders and ones who come to their world the Kerra are seen sometimes as advanced able to play off their bodies natural protein to neutralize toxins as the way or them being more advanced.

      With the other species they face off against on their world they are the more careful, usually finding ways to out-think the larger species and lure them into traps instead of trying to just face them. The technology is valued in some circles for advancements in cryoban gasses and utilizing them.

      The Force: The Kerra regard the force as a part of life, the use it but try not to have it do the work they can do themselves. Force users are accepted but ones who are lazy because they have the talent to use the force are not.

      Priestesses and Priests within the temples are highly regarded for their talents with the force and knowledge of how to teach the others. Caretaking of them through the use of personal vassals that can relay messages from location to location.
Discovered in the world by the Rakata and taken away from their homes because of the unique traits. In the early days of the plague, the Kerra were experimented on to try and find a way to use their genetic materials to make an anti-virus to the Rakata decimating plague.

With no real progress on their front to try and cure the plague eventually the slaves were left in the world while it worked to rebel. Their people and others finding a place on it as they took residence compared to most in the polar regions of the world. Being able to work with crystals and keeping themselves cool on the mostly hot jungle world.

The centuries went on and the local populations that were around slowly started to war and decline seeking solace in their larger cities with thick walls and only venturing out. More of the strange species from the world started to find dominance and the Kerra retreated to places they didn't like near the artic circle of the planet. Es

establishing temples carved into the sides of mountains and vast ones carved into glaciers as they worked on making their technology more hospitable to venture across the world to trade. Meeting the other species on the planet gave them a few ideas but it wasn't until they developed ice suits that could keep them cold in the hot jungles they had progressed.

With some trade established and seeing the ruins they left behind on the world outside their massive city the Kerra mostly established themselves on the fringes of the polar region. Not showing or saying where they were and only visiting to trade with the others. They could work their own mines while offering crystals harvested for some of the most exotic foods.

For many more centuries trade was a beneficial agreement between the two and while they might disagree invading their city would mean long months likely of being in the heat and marching through a desert. While vice versa they would be trying to invade a region of the world usually always in the grips of a blizzard and likely on foot.

Their encounters with the other local species of the world were stranger still as they managed to not be prey to some of the scarier ones but developed ways to combat them to penetrate the exoskeletons the species had. Their harder work in making locations of worship they could train and live in.

When more people came to the world to liberate it they were careful not to waste the opportunity to learn about them but stayed away until they came to the polar regions hunting crystals. They met with them and showed them around but remained mostly neutral as the beings disliked the cold weather around them. They retreated and headed home to observe the world from the main city leaving them alone.

With constant attacks on Sekalus the Keraa Kesh were one fo the few species who called for aid for themselves and some of the others on the world. Getting evacuation for some of their numbers and through relocation programs created by the jedi to help attacked groups. Bringing many of their own technologies for cooling and temperature regulation to aid in terraforming other worlds and making them ideal to live on. THey had a means to repupulate and expand to a few other worlds being able to work with the Commonwealth as mercenaries and guards in their colder regions.
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Alright, before we get to anything else, I would like to address the article you linked me.
You cite it as how the Kerra Kesh are immune to toxins, but the article states that this particular substance is found in mammals. And due to the molting, chrysalis, and egg laying, I don't think they could be classified as mammals.
Not to mention, I really don't like the word 'immune'. I'm fine with them being highly resistant, but the source you linked would not explain an immunity.
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I had that linked because for some of the more questionable things it has been experience it helps to provide a real world proof. I changed it to a high resistance as asked.


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Matsu Ike said:
Homeworld: Sekalus
Be helpful to link this.

Matsu Ike said:
Males are rare but live longer lives
What is the ratio of females to males? 1 to 2? 1 to 100?

Matsu Ike said:
Estimated Population: 1 billion
Mainly on what planets? It's good to put the population on their homeworld with the approx. amount on other planets.

Matsu Ike said:
Technology level: Galactic standard with skills in temperature regulation and cryoban technology
Since they are talent with cyrogenicts please expand this to 1-2 (3 if you're feeling crazy) paragraphs. Concentrate on how the made this technology and it's current uses.

Also, this submission has many grammatical errors. I suggest you review it and correct them.
Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

About the size of as coconut but maybe a little more long. They would look like normal human's when pregnant but eggs.. which added an image for an idea.
Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

Big belly
They aren't holding or carrying them with their hands. Their bodies would be used to it and these while looking human are not mammals they are more reptile like humanoidswhich like Falleen have adapted mammal like charaistics.

Reptile eggs are generally soft and leathery shelled or parchment shelled egg. With a fiberous construction and thin layer of overlaying calcium crystals that can harden within minutes or hours generally of being deposited. A general cluth being 10+ with some being able to lay up to 60 at a time generally larger. The shells allowing for the eggs to be squished together more as they are not hard and going to crack from facing resistance while being in the body. As they are eggs and now attached with an umbilical cord the strain on the body is not as much. THe eggs once fertilized would need incubation and to be layed over straining the mothers body.
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