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Jedi Mission; Ryloth Investigation

@[member="Leina Snowfire"], @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"], @[member="Jekk Reth"]

Leina stood at the viewport, they were on the very edge of CIS space, not in it but close enough that they could safely talk. Sort of a neutral zone where the two factions could meet and at the moment she paced letting her hands dangle at her side. "Alright we'll send the message to the CIS templars or whoever is in charge and let them know our intentions. I'll make the message." The twi-lek went to the computer and she had learned several things in the years since roaming. One of which was how to fly a ship and now spoke.

"This is leina Snowfire of the jedi order, I am requesting to talk with someone from the CIS, more specifically the Templars. We have a request to land on Ryloth and investigate something. We don't actually know but the coordinates are on Ryloth. Please get back to us."​
Then slowly the jedi knight leaned back, it was true they actually had less of a clue what they were looking for but the coordinates of a star map weren't wrong, no those things historically self repaied themselves, were up to date to the day and with a little luck in some that weren't damaged. Had information revealing a super secret thing or two... But one never knew.
The Eternal Queen
Feena was in her office, a warm cup of fresh tea in her hand. Oh, how she loved it when she had the perfect cup. Served at 106 degrees, two clumps of sugar, one spoonful of honey, and a sliver of lemon. Perfect! On her desk, she looked over her plans. A blueprint. Sanctuary was in the works, and she was taking everything seriously.

A little light flashed on her desk. An incoming message. Curious. On her day off, she wasn't supposed to get messages... Feena clicked the button and listened.

"This is leina Snowfire of the jedi order, I am requesting to talk with someone from the CIS, more specifically the Templars. We have a request to land on Ryloth and investigate something. We don't actually know but the coordinates are on Ryloth. Please get back to us."

A Jedi. She hadn't actually spoken to a Jedi of the Order since, well, since she left. Not that she left on bad terms, or anything. She had remained as friendly to her old order as she could. That being said, she was not about to meet with them just because she was once one of them. She had to remain neutral. Feena knew first hand how Jedi could be. They did not always do what was best for everybody.

"Leina Snowfire of the Jedi Order," Feena relied, "stand by."

She could not just let them in. Not without proper authorization.

In a flash, she sent a message to her superior officer.
"If they refuse you, let me try" Josh called from behind her, lying back, relaxing on a large shelf that was easily able to support the Jedi's weight nearby.

"They won't refuse a member of the Jedi Council. While I'm hoping they will show friendliness and equality to ALL members of the Jedi... Regardless of rank or position, I'll happily be a failsafe if needed" he said calmly.

The Weaponmaster did not consider being a member of the Jedi Council a status symbol, or anything of the like. But he did know that the term would grab the attention of someone who was... Less willing to cooperate.

Josh waited patiently for a response. Hopefully, this would go without a hitch.
Combined Clans Building, Bothawui

Whilst in the middle of combating the growing invasion of paper cluttering his desk, the Grand Marshal of the Confederacy of Independent Systems found his attention torn away from the task at hand. This was due to the fact that, underneath the piles of reports, blueprints, and other documents demanding his attention, the terminal upon his desk had begun to sound. There was an incoming transmission that had went directly to his terminal; thereby denoting the fact that it came from one of two sources: the Archon of the Templar Order or the Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies. They were the only two who had a direct line to his office like that, and as such, the clone made it a point to answer the call right away.

What he found, however, instead of the anticipated holo-projection of Feena Mason or Nocturno was a vocal transmission from one claiming to be from the Jedi Order. He checked the source of the transferred call at that moment and saw that the coordinates were...roughly right on the edge of Confederate Space. 'A Jedi mission...' he thought, sliding into his seat unceremoniously, 'I see no harm in that.' With this in mind, he touched the surface of the terminal once more in order to sound off a reply.

"This is Genesis Rostu, Grand Marshal of the Confederacy. A pleasure to make your acquaintance Leina Snowfire. Before I can give you clearance to land, I'll need to know the exact details of your investigation and who exactly you'll be bringing with you. Afterwards, if you're unopposed to it, I'll see about securing you some extra hands. Our resident Templars would be happy to help."

This was, of course, an opportunity for the two Force-wielding Orders to get better acquainted with one another and improve relations between them; and Genesis would be remiss to pass up such an opportunity. Having said his piece, he patiently awaited a response from the Jedi.

@[member="Leina Snowfire"], @[member="Feena Mason"].
@[member="Genesis Rostu"] @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] @[member="Feena Mason"] @Jekk Reth @[member="Chi Chuchi"]

"This is Genesis Rostu, Grand Marshal of the Confederacy. A pleasure to make your acquaintance Leina Snowfire. Before I can give you clearance to land, I'll need to know the exact details of your investigation and who exactly you'll be bringing with you. Afterwards, if you're unopposed to it, I'll see about securing you some extra hands. Our resident Templars would be happy to help."

Leina listened as the thought of details came to her and she put a finger to her mouth at the notion of explaining all of it... Wellp there was only one way to do it.

"Well okay.... So first there were these people who were really bad and created this galactic plague called the dark harvest, then they spread it all around the galaxy making the dead come back to life, so the jedi fought them on Dagobah [swing, nrum, hiss snap clash sound effect] and that led us to Elrood where the Dark harvesters set out to kill a bunch of people by sending a Black hex star destroyer into the city but the jedi masters and all the othrs in the city melded together and used their combined power to create a hyperspace wormhole that sent the ship off back into space and we saved the day, and then we got this secret coded message saying Je'daii but we couldn't investigate it at the time because we had to go and try to help at Polis massa but things went wrong and people died leading to a new election and Master Ijet becoming the supreme chancellor, then we went to Dagobah and fought against them all again this time arming a super weapon that was able to neutralize the infection."

Leina took a breathe as she stood there and didn't realize she had been speaking quickly, her linguistic skills were great for talking to everything but basic was... well she was super excited to explain the inner workings of what they have been doing.

"So then after the infection was stopped Grandmaster Watts sent us to Metalorn to retake the planet from the sith and we would have done it but they kept cheating and more people got killed and then WAR CRIMES WAR CRIMES WAR CRIMES was being shouted about all the people around us leading to the republic signing a peace treaty with the sith empire as well as honoring the treaty of Ithor that master Boolon had created, then finally we were able to investigate the planet when master Syn reminded everyone it was there and close to Teyan in the deep core, so we all went and found a desert world with an ancient je'daii ship that had a star map and while we watched it it went VROOOM ZOOOOM ZOMP KAPOW and showed us a bunch of planets that were in real time since a star map self repairs and is accurate to the date, ryloth was among them and that is why me, councilor dragonsflame and knight Sarianna, knight reth are here to talk with the CIS because we really really have no idea what we are supposed ot be finding but we really really want to come and look."

Leina took another breath as she finally sat down.

"So pretty please General Rostu with cherries and ice cream on top can we come and investigate the location we were given?"
Josh's eyes widened at @[member="Leina Snowfire"]'s attempt to explain it all in a single breath. He put a hand on the Knight's shoulder, urging her to relax.

"Peace, Leina" DragonsFlame said calmly. "Don't overexert yourself, you're going to need that energy for later" he assured.

Josh spoke into the comlink.

"Greetings General Rostu, I'm Josh DragonsFlame, member of the Jedi Council. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance" he said calmly. "As Knight Leina explained, in short... This star map of ours points to Ryloth, and we would appreciate permission to land if possible so we may peacefully seek out the source. Any help you wish to offer will be accepted with our greatest of thanks, and we appreciate every bit of it" he added.

@[member="Leina Snowfire"]
@[member="Genesis Rostu"]
@Genesis Rostu @Joshua DragonsFlame @Feena Mason @Jekk Reth @Chi Chuchi @[member="Leina Snowfire"]

Sarianna looked up from her seat in the cabin and spoke offering a few word loud enough to be heard but not screaming. "Do not forget the senator @[member="Chi Chuchi"]. She has come to talk with them in case things are needed for negotiations." The jedi knight slowly and quietly went back to meditating as she reached out with the force to sense as much as she could for the time being. Her satves, both saber and for walking were at her sides like batons while the black leathers were what she had to wear. The robe was a formality and would slow her down if something was buried here, if there was something alive and they had to fight she was one of the few who could coordinate with the force for the group.
The Eternal Queen
Feena sat quietly on the line, listening to this @[member="Leina Snowfire"] babble. No oratory skills were taught in the Order these days, Feena could see. Had things gone down hill since she left? Or was it just this one that could speak so quickly and so rambling? When another Jedi, @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"], spoke up, Feena let out a little sigh and held her head in her hands. She was getting a head ache.

"Grand Marshal Rostu," Feena spoke up at last, "I volunteer my time for this mission."

@[member="Genesis Rostu"]
The Grand Marshal was ever so slightly taken aback by the manner of speech by which he was addressed...but it was one of those things that, so long as the point was clear enough, it didn't have a lasting effect in the slightest. With just as much warmth and courtesy as before, the clone tapped upon the terminal in order to respond to all those whose voices had sounded thus far.

"Very well, you have my permission to proceed. Since the Archon has graciously volunteered her time, she and any Templars in the vicinity of Ryloth unburdened by prior obligations will be coming to assist you as well. I will also send our Droid Commander, @Nocturno, along with a detachment of Worker and Clankers Droids to be of assistance. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to ask."

@[member="Feena Mason"], @[member="Leina Snowfire"].
"Thank you, we appreciate your time" Josh said politely before turning off the comm and relaying instructions for a landing pad to the pilot.

Afterword, Josh walked out of the room, and passing by @[member="Chi Chuchi"], who he gave a familiar smile, headed to the crew quarters to grab his things. That, and he needed to lay down for a moment before they headed out... That entire situation, coupled with the rapid speed of his co-worker had given him a massive headache.

@[member="Sarianna"] @[member="Chi Chuchi"] @[member="Feena Mason"] @[member="Genesis Rostu"] @[member="Leina Snowfire"] @[member="Jekk Reth"]
@Sarianna @Chi Chuchi @Feena Mason @Genesis Rostu @Leina Snowfire @Jekk Reth @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]

Leina looked at the others and gave a nod of her head as she thought about what they could do when they got there. Oh there was so much happening. She could see Fluffy... She had put him here when he got to big and a sentient mountain was awesome conversation to have. Slowly the jedi knight walked around as she looked to the machinery and bobbed her head while it clicked setting their new destination. "Thank you mister navigation computer and set course for the Templars place thingie... I don't know." The computer beeped and to her it was a conversation. Technometry was one of her skills. To talk with machines and beyond astromech... it applied to everything. Or so she told people. The rock in her picket would grow into a large mountain eventually.

Slowly the ship came in as Leina looked around for the ones who were there and skipped. "LALALALALALALALALALALALLALA Were going to see the templars the wonderful templar of Ryloth because because because.... because of the wonderful things they do. Oh we're off to see the templars the wonderful templars of Ryloth."
Vorhi pulled up on his bike with a sigh. Ryloth was weird planet. But hey, he'd been given the coordinates to meet the Jedi on this project. He'd do the walking and the talking. He smirked as he sense a familiar face on the horizon of the mind's eye--Ohh, that's a good band name. Horizon of the Mind's Eye. That had to be an album. Still, he was happy to assense Feena's presence. Meant he could trust someone to be reasonable. And to keep the Jedi from trampling over things. Still, he had his orders. He'd accompany everyone. After all, he was an archaeologist. Tomb-delving was his thing. Or something.

Jekk Reth

Defensive Specialist
Blue-tinged eyes surveyed the holo-map, inspecting the planet's layout. Indeed, Jekk had been there the entire time. The Knight had silently contemplated as DragonsFlame and Leina Snowfire appealed to the Grand Marshal - Rostu - into allowing the group access to Ryloth. Jekk was secretly relieved he hadn't been asked to speak to the Grand General. Despite his seemingly calm demeanour, his abilities as a diplomat were certainly lacking. Through long hours of silent, solitary meditation he had achieved great inner peace, albeit at a detriment to his social skills.

His long, flowing brown robes swayed to and fro as he shifted his weight to his left side. Leaning on the terminal for support, he grasped the railing, once again closing his eyes. He began reciting a barely distinguishable chant, attempting to reach out through the Force, to calm his overbearing senses.

@[member="Leina Snowfire"] | @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] | @[member="Sarianna"] | @[member="Vorhi Alestrani"]
The Eternal Queen
@[member="Vorhi Alestrani"]. He was coming along too, and for that, Feena was incredibly grateful. His senses were far better than hers. She was only half of what he was, after all. If they needed to be wary of these Jedi, Vorhi would have mentioned something by now, of that she had no doubt. It put her mind somewhat at ease.
"Ah! Here already?"
She had arrived just after him from nearly the opposite direction. She stepped off of the speeder bike and immediately hunched over hands over her mouth. She was going to be sick, she just knew it. Feena and high speeds... it just was not a pretty mix.
@[member="Feena Mason"] @[member="Jekk Reth"] @[member="Vorhi Alestrani"] @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] @[member="Sarianna"] @[member="Genesis Rostu"]

"We're going to see the templars the wonderful templar of Ryloth because because because.... because of the wonderful things they do. Oh we're off to see the templars the wonderful templars of Ryloth." Leina continued to skip around the ship as she reached out with her sneses. She could feel people coming as it were and stopped just long enough to prepare her greeting and that was... Being nice. Nothing was better for making friends then being nice after all and she went to the entrance of the hanger jumping up and down while motioning. "Hello templars who's names I do not know... I'm Leina."
Vorhi nodded and smiled at Feena. "Ancient Je'daii artifacts, diplomatic meet and greet..." he said with a nod. "It's my kind of thing. Besides, I was in the neighborhood." He walked over and handed here a small flask. "Here. Rodian Caboti Root tea. It's a little sugary, but it helps with nausea," he said with a smile. "Now, Feena, I'm nto one to give a superior orders, but if we have to do any serious ruin-delving, follow my lead. If you get put in danger because of some weird tomb-curse, Keter will probably beat me with a rubber veermok or something," he said with a weak smile. Hooray, lame jokes, the ultimate weapon.

We smiled as a young, red, insanely energetic Twi'Lek came towards them, practically skipping with joy. He could see her energy, she wasn't faking it. She actually was that hyperactive. Yikes. Kind of like when he was an intern. He brought his fist up to his chest, bowing slightly to her. "Greetings, Leina. I am Vorhi Alestrani, Seeker of the Templars. I hope your journey was pleasant," he said with a smile. After all, this was just as much about diplomacy as it was about seeking relics of power and wisdom. The Jedi, the Sith, everybody. Peace and love throughout the universe. Unless someone was shooting at him, anyhow.
The Eternal Queen
Feena took the flask of tea and drank it without a word until the nausea finally passed. All she could do was nod in agreement to follow his lead. She wasn't an idiot, after all. She knew when she was out of her depth.

A stupidly hyper young twi'lek rushed forward and Feena almost choked when she realized that this was the young woman who sent the first message. She was coming too? She wanted to groan. So much energy. Not even little Felicity was this hyper when she accidentally got a hold of a whole pot of caf.

"Archon Feena Mason," Feena introduced, bowing ever so slightly, "At your service."
It had been quite a long time since Josiah had encountered members of the Jedi Order. In fact, with the exception of bumping into Boolon Murr during the events on Zhar, he had yet to meet any of his former compatriots since the day he had left the Order. However, that was about to change, as the Templar was the last to arrive in the Hanger. He had been paying attention to the communications gracing the airwaves between the Confederacy and the Republic vessel; as such, he had a decent grasp on what was going supposed to occur.

As he strode the length of the hanger, the Master realized that he must have been quite the imposing figure to behold. He was garbed in the dark, Templar Armor which was unique to his Order; and his visage was obscured from view by a hood that was equally dark. If anything, he looked a stark contrast to the Jedi which had left Coruscant all those months ago. Coming to a halt beside the Archon, the Templar regarded his superior with a respectful nod and extended the same courtesy to Vorhi.

Then, facing the disembarking group of Jedi, Josiah smiled and regarded them with a warm greeting. "Hello one and all, I am Master Josiah Denko. Welcome to Ryloth."

@[member="Feena Mason"], @[member="Vorhi Alestrani"], @[member="Leina Snowfire"], @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"], @[member="Jekk Reth"], @[member="Sarianna"], @[member="Chi Chuchi"].
@Feena Mason, @Vorhi Alestrani, @[member="Josiah Denko"], @Joshua DragonsFlame, @Jekk Reth, @Sarianna, @Chi Chuchi.

Leina looked at Vohri and then Feena as she recognized her... She rememebred the woman from the temple. Or at least the name... She knew the name. They all knew the name oh this was so exciting. "OH MY GOD... MISS MASON... IT IS YOU, this is so exciting. I can't believe it your famous on the council. Your healing is well known and oh this is so awesome I can't believe it. I need to get my autograph book... Oh your a templar? Strange, last reports said you had merely left the order and Councilor Synlidwirh had complimented adding you to a list of healers we might need to seek out but no matter. Oh oh oh want to be friends? I'm Leina the jedi who can talk to animals and plants and last time I was here on Ryloth a mountain. Fluffy was so much fun, oh wait no... Last time i met templars they were attacking on Tattooine and Fluffy junior had to stop them as I got away. It was really exciting he came in going ROAR RAWR and they went EEEEEEEE then I went FLUFFY JUNIOR and we all ran away cause he was hungry and Krayt dragons eat meat. It was a very fun tea party"

Then her eyes went over to the new one who approached and she offered a smile. "Hello I'm Leina want to be friends? We're really excited to be here and General Rostu was so nice for letting us I should really send him a fruit baskets with candy and sweet treats... and and and oh does he like frozen cream and chocolate? Oh this is so much fun.... so should we head out I think we should head out and have fun." Leina turned around and looked at the ship. "Come on guys we're here with the templars and they are really nice I have made a bunch of new friends for us." From the ship the three wisties came out and fluttered around her head as she nodded a few times. "I see well we should definitely work on that yep yep. Andiaas says we have a pair of archeological corp kits if you need them and plenty of water cause it is really good to stay hydrated on Ryloth... Oh do I need to explain how we found the star map?"
The Eternal Queen
Famous? She was famous? And The Order really had no clue that she was a templar? Not even just A templar, but THE LEADER of the Templars? Oh, this was priceless.

but what was with the girl? How could one possible talk so fast? Did she need to breathe? How was it possible? How big were this girls lungs!? Feena had the itch to take her and study her for medical science, but that would have just been... rude.

"It's MISSES Mason, thank you. And, er... yes. I am with the templars now and still a healer. I am available if the Order needs my abilities," she replied, rather awkwardly, and only after the girl had finished speaking. She made no comment about friendship.

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