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Je'daii quest (Brawl of the Dead Reward)

Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
So it is time, the dust has settled and we can now claim our reward. There is a planet in the deep core that only we have found the coordinates too thanks to Ben, Fabula, Garth Nag, Matsu and Syn in the brawl of the dead. This is a big one people and the rewards are only as little or as much effort as we put into it. I am talking quality, quantity and fun.

With regards to the planet that was mentioned in the Brawl of the Dead prize thread

The one that had coordinates transferred with the single word of "Je'daii"

The primary reward of the thread exploring this planet is ultimately dependent on what sort of effort the Jedi make in investigating.

If a few people sniff around, maybe the faction gets some kind of quirky new ship/ship upgrade

If a massive effort is put in, the limit for what you could get is practically nonexistent.

As for what exactly is on this planet; the coordinates lead to a planet on the edge of the Deep Core. The planet itself is wholly unremarkable, except for a giant pyramid-shaped ship that lies in apparent ruins on the surface.

Inside is a Star Map, with a half-dozen locations recoverable. Evidence would suggest that each planet was visited in some fashion by either the Je'Daii Order, or those that would become the Je'Daii Order.

All of these planets can be investigated or none of them can. As I said before, the exact amount of effort that is put into this, I leave up to you guys.

Any questions?


Dathomir, Corellia, Ossus, Kashyyyk, Ryloth, and Iridonia

Are the six worlds found in the databanks of the ship. We will need teams for each. Think of these like covert mini dominions.

Also of consequence; if a thread is done for Iridonia and reaches 75 posts, it will be considered a successful Dominion.

Unknown Je'daii World: @[member="Je'daii"], @[member="Enya May"], @[member="Kahne Porte"], @[member="Isis Fontana"]

Dathomir: Here

@[member="Spencer Jacobs"], @[member="Syn"], @[member="Lavania"], @[member="Fabula Cavataio"], @[member="Elayne Hawk"],@[member="Garth Hummel"], @[member="Alexandra Shadowstalker"]. @[member="Ven Balterius"]

Corellia: Here

@[member="Matsu Ike"], @[member="Reiko Ike"], @[member="Orihime Ike"], @[member="Alli Wren"], @[member="Cale Gunderson"], @[member="Ayden Cater"], @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"], @[member="Aika Kawakami"], @[member="HK-36"]

Ossus: Here

@[member="Je'gan Olra'en"], @[member="Iella E`ron"], @[member="Lews Therin"], @Michael Sardun

Kashyyyk: Here

@[member="Aleidis Ijet"], @[member="The Wicked Truth"], @[member="Quenladose"], @[member="Cody Jorin"] @Republic soldiers, @[member="Haven Pryde"]

Ryloth: Here

@[member="Leina Snowfire"], @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"], @[member="Feena Mason"], @[member="Jekk Reth"], @[member="Genesis Rostu"], @[member="Josiah Denko"], @[member="Vorhi Alestrani"], @[member="Sarianna"], @Chi Chuchi

Iridonia: Here

@[member="Saki"], @[member="Loran Nera"], @[member="Marek S'hadar"], @[member="Ven Balterius"], @[member="Galen S'hadar"]

A possible reward mentioned was the Prism
The Tenth Tho Yor could be recovered and possibly repaired

Je'gan and his group have discovered a white current illusion and entered a cave. Je'gan has been kknocked the kark out
Je'daii and her team have begin studying the ship, Je'daii has put out a call realizing they have found a tenth Tho Yor
Leina and her group have made contact with the templars, the team have gotten closer to the canyon
Saki and her team have run into Mareks clone, Daella and Saki with the others now stare down a Gorax
Matsu has begun talking with Omega Protectorate, after successful negotiations the Exarch Kerrigan has deemed the jedi friendly
Syn and company have made contact with Dathomir witch Elayne Hawk, Several more have joined and the path to the coordinates is being followed
Aleidis Ijet and Cody Jorin have entered the shadowlands to search, Quenladose has went to scout ahead.
You know...Spencer's entire belief in the force is the Je'daii orders way of thinking...also...she's a bit of an expert on the know being focused with balance and knowing their code and history....


Aleidis Zrgaat

Young soul from an older generation.
I could lead a small Repubic team to one of the locations. Maybe @[member="Cody Jorin"] and his RFSU would be willing to help out?
Spencer Jacobs said:
You know...Spencer's entire belief in the force is the Je'daii orders way of thinking...also...she's a bit of an expert on the know being focused with balance and knowing their code and history....

I can go with Spencer.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
Corellia is where Alli Wren is, best plan I can see is send her new friend to ask for droids to investigate. She's good at keeping secrets, enjoys the company of her friend and is a heavy donator to the jedi order making our equipment for free.

Ossus would have to be covert and a stealth mission as to not alert attention. No fleets, no huge signatures.

Ryloth, assuming we are on good terms and allowed now to enter CIS space (last time jedi were there it was a crime) can go different ways.

Dathomir... Well I have a friend there who might be willing to help us.

Iridonia is a dominion it will be all hands on deck with investigation being the primary focus.

Kashyyyk is be a fun one, the shadowlands have many many mysteries. So lets find them.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
I can handle Ossus. As another face, I helped conquer it -I know what's there and such. Iella, you're in. I can take just one more, k? And Je'gan will veto anyone with a history of impulsiveness or more violence than normal. This is pure stealth, in enemy territory, with a peace treaty at stake.


Just under the upper hand.
I know a Mando thay would give you a Ride to Dathomir @[member="Fabula Cavataio"] . Apart from that I could go with you @Je'gan Olra'en I prefer to avoid confrontation if at all possible but it's your call I'm at the orders disposal.


Just under the upper hand.
@[member="Syn"] @[member="Spencer Jacobs"] @[member="Fabula Cavataio"]

Rally Master Ordo can get you in and out gladly. He owes Master Jacobs one anyway, but on the ground you're in Dathomir's hands. Ordo was close to slavery last time he visited.
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