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Character Jamie Lysle

Silver Spoon

'Don't Hang your Head so Low that you don't see the Sky'


| Jamie Valiya Lysle
TITLE | Padawan Lysle
FACTION | The Silver Jedi
RANK | Jedi Padawan

GENDER | Female
AGE | 17

CURRENT RESIDENCE | Kashyyk, Silver's Rest

EYE COLOUR | Sapphire
HAIR COLOUR | Light Blonde
HEIGHT | 157cm [5'2'']
WEIGHT | 46.7kg [103 lbs]

TEXT COLOUR | 98dee6
Myrcella Baratheon
ORIENTATION | Undiscovered

  • PERSONALITY | Jamie was raised on stories of the hero Jedi of the old times. Her childhood bedtime was filled with ancient Masters such as Plo Koon and Obi-Wan Kenobi, paragons of virtue of their time who led the Jedi to glory before the fall of their order. It was these stories that shaped Jamie into the Jedi that she is trying to become. A paragon of virtue that is able to detach herself to serve the galaxy as a whole. In her day to day life, Jamie can be a tad meek. Her personality contrasts heavily to her brother Kiegan, often being reserved and introverted. She is generally agreeable and a truly kind person, but even with her Jedi training she does tend to hold a grudge to people that wrong her or her brother.

    APPEARANCE | The younger Lysle has a significantly smaller build then her brother, being a bit shorter than average. Jedi training is improving her strength and cardio, but as it stands Jamie is fairly unathletic. She has long blonde wavy hair that begins to curl like her brother's if left unkempt for awhile. Rich sapphire eyes contrast with her fair skin, an attribute that she tries to highlight through her more pastel wardrobe. The high class style of Hapan fashion is one of the things that Jamie allows herself to keep, something that she excuses for herself as befitting a Jedi master.

  • Blessed in the Force - While Kiegan is certainly the more martial of the siblings, Jamie makes up for his strength with her natural talent in the force. She is able to pick up new abilities relatively quickly, though mastery is another beast. Still, the young Hapan does have a deep well of the force that she is able to tap into to assister her allies and help them both in combat and outside of it.

    Pleasant - Perhaps not a more obvious strength, it has assisted Jamie heavily in the past. She is quick to make new friends and able to deepen bonds with them relatively easy, even despite her introversion.

    Innocent - Jamie can be a bit naive when it comes to the realities of war and being a Jedi, something caused by the exaggerated stories of Jedi that she heard as a child. As such, she is often caught off guard in the middle of battle and can be an easy person to target in a fight. That said it also gives her an air of not belonging that causes some enemies to avoid her entirely, not wishing to bloody their hands with someone like her.

    Reliant - Despite what Jamie thinks, she still heavily relies on her older brother Kiegan. He's been the responsible one through much of their childhood and is responsible for most of the blessing that have come their way. Despite her annoyances with her brother, Jamie understands that Kiegan is someone that she relies on wholly. This is doubly true in combat, as without him she is essentially completely vulnerable.

    Non-Combatant - All of this can be summarized in that Jamie is just not much of a fighter. She doesn't carry her own lightsaber, instead using her force abilities to provide support. When it comes to single combat, Jamie is entirely helpless. She is unable to fight back against anybody but the weakest of opponents and often just cowers in direct confrontation despite the ideal image of a Jedi she holds.



    OTHER |



  • FAMILY |

    \\ Mother - Marilyn Lysle (née Jora)✝
    \\ Father - Aegor Lysle✝
    \\ Older Brother - Kiegan Lysle Kiegan Lysle
    \\\\ Other Siblings

    Close Relations |

    Nida Perl Nida Perl - Friend
    \\ Kyra Perl Kyra Perl - Friend
    \\ Auteme Auteme - Friend
  • CHAPTER 1 |
    \\ [Faction] A Padawan Potluck (Padawan Clans)
    \\ [Skirmish] Undoubtedly Despicable [ATTN: SJO]
    \\ [Private] Detoxification 401 [ft. Master Lex Del'Fino]
    \\ [Private] Good Girls Don't Cry
    \\ [Private] The Spice of Life
    \\ [Private] Private Tutor

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