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It seems things have spiralled into craziness...

Teynara Jeralyr

Resident Sig Lord
Not that anybody's even remotely surprised by that. This place always was a little crazy to begin with, after all :p

Anyway, hi everyone. For those who know me, let's just call this a perfunctory 'Hello', and for those who don't...you're probably better off. Been absurdly busy for a good while (and, I must admit, I got a little burned out doing so many of those signatures!), but I thought I should pop my head through the door and see what was going on.

From what I've observed, something's really happened to the balance of power around here. How did you let this come to pass?

Regardless, here I am to bother you once again. Hope you've all been well, though clearly none of you have been keeping yourselves out of mischief... ;)

I'll be watching...

Teynara Jeralyr

Resident Sig Lord
Darth Kyros said:
Are.... Are you properly back? :D :D :D :D :D
Am I ever truly here? Maybe I've been here but not been noticed. Or maybe I just wasn't here at all. Could be a figment of your imagination...

T:N1:LDR said:
The Sith Empire was killed off. They're still around, just not organized anymore. So now the Mandos, Republic, and a few other factions are competing madly for the new territory.
Isn't that in the nature of Factions? Be absurdly imperialist, whether they're truly an Empire or not. It's so entertaining watching them all dancing to the same tune while pretending that they're somehow different and better than the others...
Chaos-God of Gluttony
The Master is here! Nice! Yup, my glorious Empire fell apart. Bunch of cowards. What is your character direction Tir? I just made a faction to replace the Empire, with a band of ruthless Warlords and no coherent government system other than what the Warlords want to do with their specific chunk of territory. They've agreed not to fight one another for the sake of conquest. I call it the League of Sith, though the name is up for debate.

Also, we aren't completely Sith Chauvinists, despite the name.