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Approved Lore House of Jade

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House of Jade

Familial & Chronological
Other names
  • Jade Family
  • Jade-Inkari Family
Family Type
  • Matrilineal
  • Patrilineal
  • Human
  • Hapan
  • Corellian
  • Morellian
First Member(s)Avar Kriss
Matriarch(s)Romi Jade
Patriarch(s)Johannes Inkari
  • Inkari Family (through marriage)
  • Hapan Royal House (through marriage)
  • Lemmi VI Ruling Family (through marriage)
  • Perl Family (through adoption)
  • Djo Family (through marriage)
  • Sal-Soren Family (through marriage)
Earliest Appearancec. 262 BBY
Prominence852 ABY -
  • Galactic Republic
  • Jedi Order
  • New Jedi Order
  • Galactic Alliance
  • Silver Jedi Order
  • Hapes Consortium

"For a quarter of a standard century, the Jade family has
had some type of role in galactic affairs of all kinds."​
― Unknown​

The House of Jade is a Force-sensitive Human bloodline whose first known member was High Republic Era Jedi Master Avar Kriss. With strong familial ties to organizations like the Jedi Order and Hapan Royal House, the clan likely contributed members to both the Old and New Jedi Orders and likely the ranks of Sith Lords. The House of Jade rose to prominence on a galactic scale starting in 852 ABY, and several upon several generations later has remained prominent in galactic affairs, having impact or a part in major historical events for the next 50 years.


  • Organization Name: House of Jade
  • Classification: Family/Clan
  • Affiliation: Jedi Order(s), Hapes Consortium
  • Organization Symbol: N/A


"He was looking at Romi Jade, one of the most infamous or
famous Jedi in the galaxy depending on who you asked."​
― Ador Horn​

Born around 262 BBY, during the time of the High Republic, Avar Kriss was taken into the Jedi Order as a child, brought to the Jedi Temple on the Republic capital world of Coruscant. As a Padawan she developed a strong connection with fellow trainees Stellan Gios and Elzar Mann. During her time as a Jedi, Kriss worked within the frontier of the galaxy; she accomplished many great deeds in her career. During their time as Padawans, Kriss and Mann had an intimate relationship that Kriss later grew out of; Gios was also said to be involved in the intimate side of the friendship as well. It was speculated that Kriss may have returned to one of these previous relationships, conceiving a child with either Mann or Gios, birthing what would become the House of Jade.

Several thousand years later, Loudomi "Lou" Jade, a Hapan Force-sensitive descendant of Kriss was born. She had a challenging upbringing that shaped her into a jaded and cynical person later in life, but her intelligence and resourcefulness caught the attention of Republic and Galactic Alliance intelligence agents, leading to her recruitment as an undercover operative. During a covert mission on Corellia, she crossed paths with a shipyards worker. Their intense but volatile relationship provided temporary solace from the harsh realities of her life as an intelligence agent. However, out of spite, she refused to give their child her husbands last name. This child would be known as Romi Jade.

A product of a volatile relationship, that was full of infidelity, violence, and addiction, ultimately created an unsafe environment for Jade, ending with her being taken by Joza Perl Joza Perl who recognized the child's force-sensitivity. Though, despite the rough start to her life, Romi went on to become a legendary Jedi Master and celebrated hero in her own right.

Romi married Johannes Inkari, former Chume'da to the Hapes Consortium, and Dukat to House Inkari, the ruling family in the Lemmi system. Their daughter, Cortana, was born soon thereafter. As a result of its members already-legendary accomplishments and royal bloodline, the Inkari-Jade clan became a somewhat notably popular smaller grouping in some circles at the time of their union. Cortana, having inherited the raw strength of the Jade family bloodline through her mother, decided to pursue the path of the Jedi as well.

Another member apart of the Jade family ancestry, was the Human/Morellian Nathaniel Kincaid II. Born into a family of wealth and power, he inherited a substantial fortune that served as a springboard for his own endeavors. The Kincaid's history as former Governors and wealthy commercial investors ensured a comfortable upbringing and access to opportunities that have ensured their sizable wealth. Nathaniel's thirst for recognition and status led him to exploit the knowledge and resources available to him, manipulating his connections to secure opportunities for personal gain. He went on to become a prominent scholar, researcher, and collector. During his expeditions and research endeavors, Nathaniel meticulously documented the Savarian Asmat tribes' cultural practices and created an inventory of their valuable art and artifacts.

Following his expeditions to Savareen and his exploitative actions towards the Asmat tribes, Nathaniel Kincaid's fate took a sinister turn, shrouded in mystery and dark speculation. It was during one of his subsequent journeys, deep into the heart of the treacherous Asmat desert lands, that he mysteriously vanished, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions and unsettling possibilities.

Initially, reports suggested that Nathaniel had met a tragic end, either succumbing to the treacherous terrain, drowning in the unyielding waters that surrounded Savareen, or falling prey to the savage wildlife that inhabited the untamed deserts. The circumstances of his disappearance were riddled with uncertainty, leaving room for speculation and whispered rumors that would haunt the memory of his ill-fated journey.


"She was much stronger, both mentally and physically,
than he had expected. "​
― Rhane Varless​

A defining trait of the House of Jade bloodline was its deep and profound connection to the Force, they were naturally gifted with extraordinary psychic strength, clarity and mental defenses. They had the natural psionic potential to read, control, and influence the minds and thoughts of humans, animals, and other sentient beings and excelled when it came to disciplines of the mind; the family as a whole had a knack for mind-affecting Force powers.

For some the Force manifested as music, being perceived as sound. As Kriss would describe it “like hearing the song of life and death and being able to sing to it in return.” Kriss herself possessed the rare ability to detect the natural bonds between other Force-users and strengthen the connections through a network, similarly to a communications network. Her descendants would also possess the potential to manifest the rare Force ability to detect the natural bonds between Force-sensitives and connect individual minds through the Force.

Members of the bloodline also naturally possessed strong life-forces, enabling them to survive and endure much more than your average human, while likewise able to recover from injuries and exhaustion with much better efficiency in shorter periods of time. General abled-bodiedness, and good stamina reserves are highlights in their genetic code.

However, the family has seemingly been cursed, as majority of those within the line struggled with the dark side in some capacity. Dating back to the High Republic Era, Avar Kriss struggled with her own inner darkness in her quest to deal with the Nihil and in her pursuit of the marauder Lourna Dee. During the battle at the Great Hall of the Nihil, Kriss was overcome with rage, attacked her companions and nearly killed Lourna Dee. Romi Jade also struggled with the dark side, having her own fear and insecurities brought to the forefront and exacerbated by Sith Poison. Though, perhaps the most fascinating thing about members of the family was not how easily they tended to fall to the dark side, but how they eventually returned to the light. thus far, all known members of the clan who fell to the dark side returned to the light and redeemed themselves. In the long history of the Jedi, this was known as a very difficult and uncommon feat.

  • Headquarters: Hapes | Lemmi VI | Coruscant
  • Planet(s) of origin: Corellia
  • Notable Assets: The Devos Trust | Jakku Jedi Enclave
  • Other locations:
  • Domain: The Lemmi VI system, nestled within the lush embrace of a rainforest planet in the Hapes Cluster, serves as the ancestral home and sovereign domain of the illustrious Jade-Inkari family. The transition from the political intrigues of the Hapan Consortium to the serene beauty of Lemmi VI was a pivotal moment in the family's history, marking the ascension of Johannes Inkari to the title of Duke and the subsequent establishment of a familial dukeship.
Johannes Inkari, having relinquished his claim to the Hapan throne in a tumultuous period of familial tragedy, found solace and purpose on Lemmi VI. The decision to step away from the intricate power dynamics of the Hapan Consortium was fueled by the untimely demise of his older sister, whose tragic end resulted from a familial struggle for the throne. The matriarchal nature of Hapan society dictated that Johannes could not ascend to the throne without a wife of his own, a circumstance he found himself without at that time.​
In the aftermath of these events, Johannes chose Lemmi VI as the foundation for a new chapter in the family's legacy. The rainforest planet, with its diverse ecosystems and vibrant landscapes, became both a sanctuary and a canvas for the Jade-Inkari family to rebuild and redefine their destiny. Johannes assumed the title of Dukat, a role that allowed him to govern the Lemmi Vi system in a manner distinct from the complexities of the Hapan political landscape.​
The rationale behind this shift to Lemmi VI was multifaceted. Firstly, it provided a retreat from the machinations of the Hapan court, allowing the family to heal and rediscover their identity away from the shadows of past conflicts. The rainforest planet, with its natural beauty and inherent connection to the Force, became a sanctuary where the family could reconnect with their roots and strengthen their familial bonds.​
Secondly, the transition to Lemmi VI allowed Johannes to fulfill a sense of duty and responsibility to the people of the system, as well as honoring the legacy of his ancestors who hailed from this very domain. The role of Dukat bestowed upon Johannes was not merely a title; it became a commitment to stewardship and guardianship over the ecological and cultural wealth of the Lemmi Vi system.​
The family's residence, a grand estate nestled amidst the towering trees and cascading waterfalls of Lemmi VI, reflects the marriage of natural beauty and architectural elegance. Here, the Jade-Inkari family thrives, engaging in a harmonious coexistence with the environment and cultivating a lifestyle that embodies the principles of balance and respect for all living things.​
The dukeship of Lemmi VI is not just a title but a testament to the family's resilience, adaptability, and commitment to building a legacy that transcends political intrigue. In this rainforest haven, the Jade-Inkari family continues to navigate the intricate dance of the Force, forging a destiny that embraces the lessons of their past while charting a course toward a future shaped by unity, harmony, and the enduring spirit of Lemmi VI.​

  • Hierarchy: Romi Jade and her husband Johannes serve as the Matriarch and Patriarch of the family. They lead and work towards the best interest of the family together.
  • Membership: [IC] Being born into, marrying into, or subsequently over a long period of time becoming a 'chosen' member of the family or member of any secondary line are all solid ways of obtaining membership. [OOC] Folks are welcome to hop in where it makes sense. Always free to chat over Discord etc to toss ideas around.
  • Reputation: Esteemed
  • Curios: N/A
  • Rules: N/A
  • Goals:
Familial Support System: In the face of galactic turmoil and personal trials, the family places immense value on being a support system for one another. They aim to create a nurturing environment where each member feels secure, loved, and encouraged to pursue their individual destinies.​
Cultural Preservation: With a diverse heritage that includes the Hapan Consortium, the family endeavors to preserve and celebrate their cultural roots. They take pride in their unique traditions, ensuring that the rich tapestry of their familial history is passed down through generations.​
Redemption and Healing: Acknowledging the past mistakes and shadows within the family, there is a shared commitment to the ideals of redemption and healing. The Jade-Inkari family endeavors to overcome personal struggles, seeking forgiveness and redemption for past transgressions, and supporting each other on the path to inner peace.​
Navigating Political Intricacies: Stemming from Johannes Inkari's background as a former Prince and current Dukat, the family recognizes the importance of understanding and navigating political intricacies. They strive to use their influence wisely, maintaining a delicate balance between political responsibilities and their commitment to the greater good.​
  • Climate: In a galaxy where the cosmic forces weave intricate tales of morality, destiny, and familial bonds, the Jade-Inkari clan stands as a unique constellation. Guided by Matriarch Romi Jade, a legendary Jedi Master, and Patriarch Johannes Inkari, the former Prince of the Hapan Consortium turned Dukat of the Lemmi Vi System, this family mirrors the echoes of other legendary lineages that have had a hand of some type in galactic affairs of all kinds.
The Force flows strongly through the veins of the Jade-Inkari bloodline, and their familial dynamics are marked by a poignant duality, free spirit and roguish charm. Their children, a diverse ensemble of Force-sensitive individuals, will undoubtley inherit a legacy both burdened and blessed. Romi and Johannes navigate the delicate balance of raising their family in a galaxy teetering on the edge of chaos, where individual choices bear the weight of the cosmos.​

Within the family, themes of morality, redemption, and sacrifice unfold as cosmic forces shape destinies. Romi, a beacon of moral clarity, serves as a guidepost for her family, steering them away from the abyss of darkness. Johannes, haunted by the regal shadows of his past, grapples with the perennial question of duty, attempting to forge a path of light in a galaxy mired in chaos.​
The family's journey is fraught with tragedy and loss, as the specter of the dark side looms ever-present. Each member faces their unique trials, testing the strength of their familial bonds. Yet, in the face of adversity, the Jade-Inkari family stands resolute, their connection serving as a bulwark against the encroaching tide of despair.​
Within the intricate dynamics of the Jade-Inkari family, the influence of Johannes Inkari's Hapan heritage adds a unique layer to their familial climate. Originating from a matriarchal society in the Hapan Consortium, Johannes instinctively defers to the wisdom and leadership of Matriarch Romi Jade. However, this is not a surrender of authority; rather, it reflects a nuanced approach to decision-making that embraces both the strength of a matriarchal tradition and the collaborative spirit inherent in their familial bonds.​
Romi, as the seasoned Jedi Master, assumes a natural role as the matriarch by default, guiding the family with a profound understanding of the Force and a commitment to Jedi principles. Johannes, having experienced the intricacies of power and politics in the Hapes Cluster, recognizes the value of collaboration and shared decision-making. While he respects and supports Romi's leadership, he actively engages in discussions and contributes to the family's choices, drawing from his own experiences and insights.​
The family climate, therefore, thrives on a delicate dance between Romi's intuitive connection to the Force and Johannes' pragmatic understanding of governance. Together, they create a synergistic leadership style that fosters a sense of balance within the family. The children witness the strength that comes from respecting each other's perspectives, and this shared decision-making process becomes a cornerstone of the Jade-Inkari family values. In this environment, the family members learn not only the Jedi Code and Hapan traditions but also the importance of collaboration, where each member's voice is heard and considered.​
Ultimately, the Jade-Inkari saga becomes a cosmic ballet, where the dance of light and dark, hero and villain, plays out against the backdrop of the ever-expanding Star Wars universe. Through their struggles, the family embodies the enduring themes that have defined the saga – the relentless pull of destiny, the enduring power of family, and the eternal hope that, even in the darkest of times, redemption is possible.​
  • Explored Themes:
    • Morality
    • Duality
    • Good vs. Evil
    • Hero / Villain (Balance)
    • Family
    • Relationship
    • Dysfunction
    • Strength
    • Fear
    • Tragedy
    • Redemption
    • Sacrifice
    • Loss
    • Destiny
    • Chaos



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