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romi jade

  1. Romi Jade

    Minor Faction Dawn of the Nameless: A Force Vision (JJE & TU)

    Takes place before Operation: Nightfall --- A collaboration between the The Unblessed & The Jakku Jedi Enclave Lore
  2. Romi Jade

    Approved Lore  Dark Echoes: The Jakku Enigma

    "The sands of Jakku hold secrets, and within these walls, our aim is to unlock them." ― Romi Jade OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To document, and further expand upon Romi's discoveries, explorations, and codifications of the Force on the planet Jakku Image Credit: Here | Here | Here...
  3. Romi Jade

    Approved Tech  Enclave's Guardian Mantle

    Enclave's Guardian Mantle Familial & Chronological Information Type Poncho Owners Jakku Jedi Enclave Category Jedi Apparel Color(s) Various Affiliation(s) Jakku Jedi Enclave Jedi Order "It's not just about protection; The mantle is our symbol, a canvas draped in the colors...
  4. Vizion Trozky

    Private  Prophecy of the Four: Revelations

    FATE'S BASTION THE APARTMENT OF VIZION TROZKY ☛ TEMPLE DISTRICT ☛ CORUSCANT Briana Sal-Soren Attention: Romi Jade While he had travelled all the way to Naboo at her behest for the Gala, he had not seen more of Briana than what he did at a distance, her partner having rightfully eaten up the...
  5. Lossa Darcuhl

    Private  The Lingering Light

    Following Shadows of Departure Tags: Briana Sal-Soren Location: Jakku Enclave, Green Room Wearing: Traditional Robe, Echo Stone <Bri. I got something you might want to hear. Nothings on fire, just. I could use some advice. ♡ Lo> Lossa's message encrypted and sent to Briana almost the same...
  6. Holly Starstorm

    News Breaking News! Romi Jade Evades Custody!

    LIVE: This is Holly Starstorm reporting live for HNN aboard the vessel that was supposed to transport Master Jedi Romi Jade to Pantora. Just hours ago the vessel was taken off course by an attack that appears to have been orchestrated from the inside. Two guards were found dead at the scene...
  7. Romi Jade

    Private  My Oath, My Vow... [Valery]

    fa-play fa-pause CORUSCANT JEDI TEMPLE, JEDI COUNCIL CHAMBERS Valery Noble The Jedi Council Chamber on Coruscant stood as a hallowed space, bathed in the gentle glow of holoprojectors that cast an ethereal light upon the polished stone walls. The air was filled with a soft static -- the...
  8. Romi Jade

    Ripples in the Sand: A Jakku Jedi Saga

    fa-play fa-pause The Jakku Jedi Enclave, a restored subterranean fortress standing defiant against the unforgiving dunes of Jakku, harbored secrets darker than the shadows within its walls. Jedi Master Romi, Headmistress of this enclave born from the ashes, walked its corridors with a...
  9. Romi Jade

    Approved Lore  The Guardian Protocols

    The Guardian Protocols General Information Creator(s) Jedi High Council (High Republic Era) Romi Jade (rediscovered) Date created 229 BBY First employed Many Generations before the Nihil conflict Affiliation(s) The Jedi Order "In the hallowed whispers of our history, I...
  10. Romi Jade

    Public  Jade v Pantora: Testimony of Romi Jade

    Shadows of Redemption: Jade v. Pantora Coruscant In the heart of the Galactic Core, the high-profile trial of Romi Jade, a revered Jedi Master turned alleged perpetrator of war crimes, commences on the bustling planet of Coruscant. The legal stage is set for a dramatic and unprecedented...
  11. Romi Jade

    Approved Tech  The Archive Nexus, Digital Jedi Archive

    The Archive Nexus General Information Constructed 900s ABY Type Jedi Archive Location Kiva System, Kiva Copy/back up server on Nar Shaddaa Culture Jedi Order Builder(s) Romi Jade Kassogtha Cthylla Monitored By Council of First Knowledge Chief Archivist Jedi Librarians...
  12. Romi Jade

    Public  Metropolitan Museum of Coruscant Presents | Echoes of the Jedi Exhibit

    Metropolitan Museum of Coruscant Presents: Echoes of the Jedi: Legacy Restored fa-play fa-pause There's a new experience at the Metropolitan Museum of Coruscant! Step into the mystified world of the Jedi Order with our captivating new exhibit, "Echoes of the Jedi: Legacy Restored."...
  13. Romi Jade

    And Consequence

    fa-play fa-pause The opulent living room, adorned with priceless artifacts from distant galaxies, served as the setting for the urgent discussion between the three figures present – Romi, Johannes, and their legal counsel, Livia Selene. The holographic projection of the Pantoran Assembly's...
  14. Auteme

    And Punishment

    "With your permission, Chancellor." The Pantoran gave a slight dip of her head. Auteme busied herself, looking over the documents once more, but in truth it was to buy time for her to think things over. The two representatives before her -- Vela Sipal of Pantora, and Xeyn Kronn of Rhen Var --...
  15. Romi Jade

    Approved Lore  House of Jade

    House of Jade Familial & Chronological Information Other names Jade Family Jade-Inkari Family Family Type Matrilineal Patrilineal Species Human Hapan Corellian Morellian First Member(s) Avar Kriss Matriarch(s) Romi Jade Patriarch(s) Johannes Inkari Relative(s)...
  16. Romi Jade

    Private  Chronicles of Evolution

    fa-play fa-pause JEDI TEMPLE CORUSCANT The vast expanse of space stretched out before the cockpit of Romi Jade's sleek starship. As it streaked through hyperspace, pinpricks of light blurred into streaks of brilliance, forming a cosmic tapestry that seemed both beautiful and mysterious...
  17. Romi Jade

    Approved Tech  Runes of Kathmandu

    Runes of Kathmandu Product Information Culture Jedi Order Creator(s) Romi Jade Kahlil Noble Valery Noble Date created 900 ABY Owner(s) Jedi Council, New Jedi Order Markings Runes and symbols on each side Purpose Capture, contain, and neutralize the dark energies unleashed by...
  18. Romi Jade

    Approved Lore  Mind-Body Separation Meditation

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codify and document a Jedi meditation technique that builds up a wall of discipline to put pain out of your mind developed by Romi Jade. Image Credit: Comic Vine, quote directly from The New Jedi Order: Traitor Canon: The New Jedi Order: Traitor, New Jedi...
  19. Romi Jade

    Approved Lore  Jedi Overload Techniques

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codify and document a Jedi overload techniques created by Romi Jade. Image Credit: Comic Vine, quote directly from Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen Canon: Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen, New Jedi Order Training Philosophy Permissions: N/A Links: Romi Jade...
  20. Romi Jade

    Approved Lore  The Centering Exercise

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codify and document a Jedi centering technique rediscovered by Romi Jade, that she has revamped and re-integrated back into Jedi training. Image Credit: Comic Vine, quote directly from Dark Nest I: The Joiner King Canon: Dark Nest I: The Joiner King, New...
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