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Howdy there!

My name's Omnic, I'm a full-time rancher and a very proud mother, and I've been roleplaying for some ten-odd years now. Started on forums, then moved to Reddit before all of its RP subs died, unfortunately enough, and then moved to Discord where I got recommended this place.

It has been... many, many a moon since I have done forum RP. I'm happy to be here; you guys seem to have cultivated what is in my eyes one of the most well organized RP sites that's existed on the internet for quite a while. I've been lurking for a bit, and am taking in the scenery before I get down and dirty with creating a character, lol. Hopefully I'll see some of y'all again soon!


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Hey Omni! Welcome to Chaos. Used to help raise/stable/breed/vet horse and dogs. Been writing for a long time. So glad you like what you've seen.