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Approved NPC Hades' Oathkeepers

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Conqueror of Heaven and Hell
  • Intent: To provide Darth Imperius with reliable, combat-ready elite troops.
  • Image Credit: Charles Bledsoe
  • Role: Imperius's enforcers, Protecting him, following his orders and aiding him in his actions, whatever they might be.
  • Permissions: Jaeger solutions, Jaeger Solutions, Corondex
COMBAT INFORMATION: The combination of Unit Size and Availability below is the indicator of how numerous your unit is. Stormtroopers for instance would be considered Large/Common, while Rogue Squadron would be a Small/Unique unit. Majority Force User Units are prohibited from being Common or Large. The stronger and more specialized your unit is (FU or NFU), the smaller and less common it should be.
  • Unit Size: Small , It constitutes of no more than 14 members at any given moment.
  • Unit Availability: Unique
  • Unit Experience: Elite.
  • Combat Function: Self-sufficient in smaller combat scenarios, They are also more than capable of fending of other elite units. However, they might require support in epic-scale conflicts where much, much worse troops might threaten to overwhelm them due to sheer numbers.
  • Well-rounded Elites: They are jack-of-all-trades, or more accurately, master-of-many. Their rigorous training on top of the already strict testing process means that they are some of the greatest soldiers in the Empire's Army, with regards to most, if not every field.
  • Psychologically strong: Ever since the recruit's potential was recognized at the tender age of 14, they have constantly trained not only physically, but also mentally. They have iron-clad wills and godly perseverance when they are focused on a goal.
  • Fanatic Zealots: The Hades' OathKeepers are truly fanatic about Imperius's orders and will continue to fight until the last man to achieve his goals even as the average trooper would have cut his losses and decided to live to fight another day, thus causing them to sometimes take unnecessary losses.
  • Disloyal: Their conditioning has made the oathkeepers far more loyal to Imperius than they are to the empire, leaving possibility of them turning traitor if he is not longer present to ensure that they stay loyal to the empire,
  • Small Unit: In open battle against an insane number of troops, they are likely to be overwhelmed. In Joseph Stalin's words, quantity has a quality all of its own, and this quality threatens to defeat the oathkeepers.
Borne as a result of Darth Imperius's hatred of the average Imperial trooper's incompetence, they are supposed to fulfill the duties of an entire battalion, keeping up with a Sith Lord and following him into battle. After they had had their biological potential recognise, they were spread amongst the general units, where they received specialised training, but also participated in all conflicts with their units. Once they had gained some measure of veterancy, They were recalled and made to Undergo another rigorous examination, and the top 14 were immediately selected to be admitted to Hades’ Oathkeepers, even as the rest were sent back to their units so as to keep in shape. Yearly examinations are also conducted of the recruits so that they are ready in case the Hades’ Oath keepers require replacements.
The troops in question have almost been designed to provide back up to Darth Imperius, fulfilling the duties that Imperius himself is not willing to do, and meshing with the Sith Lord to create a single menacing unit to shift the tides of a battle and penetrate enemy lines.
The enemies of the empire that have seen the Oathkeepers in action have defined them as ghosts, penetrating well-prepared defences and mercilessly executing any enemy operatives they chance upon. They have been known to do the most unexpected things, overwhelming their enemies with a mixture of surprise, firepower and skill.
Within the empire, however, they have been known to participate in rescue efforts, and aid those in need, especially on the orders of Imperius. They have participated in countless aid efforts, where their training as elite soldiers allows them to surpass what even some of the highly trained rescue-personnel can do.
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I'll be doing this review for you. I just have four points that I need clarification on before this can be moved along.

1. Affiliation. Which "empire" are you referring to here? As you use Sith Empire submissions, I assume that's the one that you are referring to here, but I need you to state that. Also, please provide links for your character sheet, the apprentice that you refer to, as well as to the faction page so that it is clear to the reader just exactly what you are referencing.

2. Permissions
. Everything checks out (pending clarification of the "empire", as stated above), but I don't see a permission from the creator of the Hailstorm, which is a closed market item (unless this unit is connected with the Wraithguard, but I'll still need some proof in either instance).

3. Links. The links for the "Thunderbird" star fighter and the "Exodus" strategic bomber appear to reference the old board (and, as such, are no longer valid links). Please provide updated links for those two items, which I believe you're find here and here.

4. History. This section is very sparse and I think would benefit from some additional details. To start, how is a unit that is only composed of "14 members at any given moment" fulfill the duties of an entire battalion, which is ordinarily between 300 and 800 soldiers? Have they fought in any battles previous? Do they deploy from any particular garrison? Do they have a particular reputation of any kind (within the empire or outside of it)? If yes, how did they earn that reputation?

Those are my thoughts, I look forward to yours in reply. Please tag me once you have had an opportunity to complete your edits.
Conqueror of Heaven and Hell
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edits made:
Affiliation clarified
Hailstorm Permission added
Links updated
History expanded.
Thank you for your time!
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