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Tiana Feriss

New Member
Well hello there,

I've been an RPer for a number of years both online and tabletop. Recently I've been reading the X-Wing series of books again and it has made me long for a good SWRPG - so here I am!

Happy to answer pretty much anything about myself so ask away if you want to know more :)

I look forward to RPing with you.

Rayn H'voc

@[member="Fabula Cavataio"] I get paid in Trident layers.

in yo face.

& Welcome!

Tiana Feriss

New Member
Sanity is overrated. I had a vote and we all agreed.

*looks mournfully at the cookies* oh... no cookies... oh well...

PIE! *fishes fork from pocket and eats pie*

Thank you all :)

Tiana Feriss

New Member
I have ideas just not got them fully rounded yet. Not sure if I want to have a trader/smuggler type or a military type yet, I don't really want a Force user right now. I'll have to have a better look round the site before deciding I think.

Tiana Feriss

New Member
Oh... so the board really did have an oopsie :eek:

Well I have a couple of questions before I head off to circuit training :eek: so gum could be yours!!!

Factions: a must or not? I'm a bit confused on how they work.

Open forums: anyone can jump in (once the character is approved) or is there an etiquette to it?

As for poisons, I am immune to most, my mother's cooking built that up over the years :D
See? My pies aren't poison! They just have a certain kick that only certain people can take... :p

As for factions, no. You don't have to join one. But it's fun to do if you like to get certain "benefits".... ;)

Tiana Feriss

New Member
I should probably confess, I have a rather dirty mind, I work with horses, stables are notorious for it. When you say "benefits" with a wink after it my mind plummets and tbh it barely ever gets high enough to be gutter level... what kind of benefits?
Well, some factions can give you fleets at certain ranks, for one. And if your faction is a little small, You can have all your buddies back you up in a campaign thread. Those are just a few of the regular perks........

Now, for dirtiness, it all depends. Do you like blondes, brunettes, or red-heads? :p

Fabula Caromed

Belle of the Brawl
Tiana Feriss said:
Factions: a must or not? I'm a bit confused on how they work. Open forums: anyone can jump in (once the character is approved) or is there an etiquette to it?
Factions are optional, though they can really help a new player acclimate to the site. It's a group of similarly-minded and accessible players who communicate with each other, so it tends to give a more structured feeling than just being on your own.

And the open forum is, appropriately, labeled Star Wars: Open Role-Playing. The others are for private RPs between a pre-arranged group of characters or for original submissions you want added to the site canon. OOC areas are free game, within reason of sanity.

Tharan Hatter

Purveyor of Spice, Wearer of the Chapeau
My oh my. This one is starting to sound like my kind of guy. If you ever need a mentor let me know.